Taking A Nap For 20 Million Subscribers

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Seriously thank you everything.
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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez 12 hours ago
I love how Kermit took the whole blanket LMFAOOOOO
Zari G
Zari G 22 hours ago
Marbles making sure to clean his pack before he goes to bed but stopping when he gets cuddles from his Momma is so sweet
Stealthy Starfish
Stealthy Starfish 22 hours ago
Can we get a Jenna and Pewdiepie collaboration
Corey Cooney
Corey Cooney Day ago
*dogs trying to get under a blanket and snuggle their master* *the master is wearing a beanie* Me:BOLT FLASH BACKS
Roni Koivu
Roni Koivu Day ago
”Sorry, I had to cough” really hits different these days.
Maritza Reyes
I've been here since 2015. It's been lit every step of the way
didnt know i needed this video in my life until it came into my life
Mei Chip
Mei Chip 2 days ago
Yes jenna, take a nap
Nyan Cat1304
Nyan Cat1304 2 days ago
Jenna: *Take a 20 minute nap* Four million people: Oh hell yeah
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick 2 days ago
The autocorrect SENT MEEEEEEE 🤣🤣🤣
Maddy Arana
Maddy Arana 3 days ago
The amount of people that have unfortunately died worldwide of COVID-19 is 1.7% of how many people who are subscribed to Jenna.
Carla Visentin
Carla Visentin 4 days ago
We love a queen who doesn’t need controversies for views
Estefano Taraborrelli
I always keep coming back to this video to see the amount of views it has. You know Jenna is loved when she can upload a video of her trying to nap and have so many views. 05/22/2020 - 4.039.205 views
Micro Tasker
Micro Tasker 4 days ago
Retitle this to 'Dogs Guard Mommy'.
Skylar Lay
Skylar Lay 6 days ago
i would just like you to know i’m quoting you for my graduation message. “i just want to be selfish and take a nap because that, to me, is how i would celebrate something.” i’m honestly excited to use this and quote you because you are an inspiration to me. also, that quote represents my whole being, so thank you.
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 7 days ago
6:25 XD 🐕
Karim El-houssami
oooohhhhhhh What's going on at 5:15 ???
Karrie Vogel
Karrie Vogel 8 days ago
Anyone else find it creepy that 4 million people watched her sleep???
nate .w.
nate .w. 8 days ago
Who’s watching in the hell that is 2020
Amb Castner
Amb Castner 9 days ago
Cermet wiggling under the blanket is the funniest thing tbh
Boba._. Tea
Boba._. Tea 9 days ago
Yall ever just realize that the possibility that some of her or, anyone subscribers may or may not have died and will forever be subscribed?
Shayla Gaylarneau
Shayla Gaylarneau 21 hour ago
Toggie 11 days ago
Did anybody get so tired when they watched her like lay down- like I'm so tired I could go for a nap RN-
xMaia Finley
xMaia Finley 11 days ago
legends only.
Share Dem Smiles
Share Dem Smiles 11 days ago
This is one of the most adorable videos ever. I realize I’m late but this is just what I needed during self isolation.
Ruthieルシ •
Ruthieルシ • 11 days ago
I love how low effort Jennas content is. It feels like she is just so chill with us that we’re like a dumb family. Literally a video of Jenna sleeping and we’re all here 😂
Chris 13 days ago
Kermit ripping the blanket off jenna so he can lay under it, is a mood
Katie Dorn
Katie Dorn 14 days ago
Jenna: I think there should be more sleeping content ASMR: Am I a joke to you?
ItsMeTaco 14 days ago
Me watching this whole video lmao
Mollie Raye
Mollie Raye 15 days ago
Me rn at work
Harper the Service Mutt
Harper the Service Mutt
How many people watched the whole thing from the beginning to the end
Harper the Service Mutt
See people subscribe because your not like most youtubers and ask for people to like videos and subscribe to them
Rachel Barre
Rachel Barre 18 days ago
Peach was so precious when she was just lying under the blanket I didnt even know she was there until jenna lifted it
Jillian McGauley
Jillian McGauley 20 days ago
When she motions her hands at marble and says “come here” and marble kinda hobbles his way over like “okay mommy” it’s so cute 4:29
perfect weirdo
perfect weirdo 20 days ago
I like how when one dog ruins Jenna's nap they ruin it for the other two dogs too.
Clarissa Salinas
Clarissa Salinas 22 days ago
You know when I was younger I found jenna’s channel and thought that it was dumb. Now im older and “wiser” and now I realize that she is so funny and cute!!!! 💕💕🥰
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 22 days ago
I’ve followed Jenna since I was in high school and if anyone needs a nap, it’s Jenna. She works HARD.
Naiya Delprat
Naiya Delprat 25 days ago
Jenna : I'm grateful but stop following me i said no
Sarah Dorman
Sarah Dorman 25 days ago
I want to know where she got her couch
Jillian s
Jillian s 26 days ago
Been here since the beginning xoxo i have loved every video uve ever made xoxoxo Ur always my medicine to make me happy
Jillian s
Jillian s 26 days ago
Uve proven time after time after time....afterrrrr time. That u litrally can do anything u want on camera and its damn entertaining and good content haha i love u my spirit animal haha
The dog from Marley And me dies
Yes get that sleep queen u deserve it 🥳
Jayden Au
Jayden Au 28 days ago
Other RUvidrs: OMG GUYS WE HIT 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I COULDN’T BE WHERE I AM WITHOUT YOU GUYS!! AND THATS WHY WE ARE GIVING AWAY AN IPHONE 11 PRO MAX!!! Jenna: Omg we reached 20 million subs! thank you guys so so much! to celebrate i’m gonna take a nap
dancequest05 28 days ago
I actually was laughing at how real this is when trying to nap with your dogs.
Soleil Ortiz
Soleil Ortiz 28 days ago
jenna sounding like glados in the last parts
David P
David P Month ago
I would love to sleep with my pocketpit Darby. But she is 17 years old and I roll around a lot. Don't want to hurt my sweet baby. She has a bed right next to mine. In the morning I put her up on the bed for 10 minuets until the alarm. Shout out to everybody who adopts pound puppies because thats where I got Darby
Emily Hill
Emily Hill Month ago
shhhhh guys come on.... she's trying to sleep
AnimalMad Month ago
I love how this has 4million views 😂💝
caRMex Month ago
Did anyone else hear Jenna's dream out loud .it scared me and shook me to the core
GreenJacob 18
GreenJacob 18 Month ago
Aw look at the dog
first name last name
paranormal kermitivity
Littlepickle Month ago
Jenna Marbles is probably the only youtuber that can sleep on video and still get millions of views LOL
aliciaejwhite Month ago
jenna’s dogs shaking off sounds like bob ross whacking his paintbrush to clean it
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
been watching you since 4th grade and it’s one of the best things that’s come out of me clicking subscribe to anyone’s channel
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
i hope one day i get to meet you
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
i literally don’t watch vids for a little to stack me up so i can binge
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
jenna i love your content wholeheartedly
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
7:20 marbles eyes came straight out the office
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
one of the few youtubers whose content aged well🥰🥰🥰😚
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
‘not be conscious’ mood.
Kulani Okamura
Kulani Okamura Month ago
i will forever love you💟 also ‘idk if this goes against youtube guidelines’ i’m crying
Levi Mead
Levi Mead Month ago
I love how each dog took a turn to bother Jenna
eli Month ago
she said she doesn’t know if this violates community guidelines or not but i think she forgot she single handedly invented youtube and the algorithm so i think she has a pass
Ashley Stacey
Ashley Stacey Month ago
I have that blanket
madddy.dawg Month ago
I will always treasure this video because this was my first Jenna Marbles video that led me down the Jenna Marbles hole/marathon. Now I am a subscriber and i am loving her content. I’ve even started talking like her 🤧👏👌
Help me
Help me Month ago
yo the amount of likes on this video of 𝑎 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑡𝑦 𝑡𝑤𝑜 𝑦𝑒𝑎𝑟 𝑜𝑙𝑑 𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑦 napping.... well deserved.
AnnieStrooo Month ago
I come back to this video when I’m having a really rough anxiety attack about once a week and it literally calms me
Sara Clark
Sara Clark Month ago
who needs diazepam when this exists
alizasucks Month ago
i really was trying so hard to be quiet i’m-
Poor wiggly blob under the blanket. Lol
Hannah Cheng
Hannah Cheng Month ago
i'm gonna watch this tonight as ASMR
Emma Lehrman
Emma Lehrman Month ago
I’ve been watching you since elementary school, I love you Jenna ❤️
Andreas Christoy
Only Jenna could make a video where she sleeps for 10 minutes straight get 4 million views.👸queen
Andrew Month ago
Kiba Wolfe
Kiba Wolfe Month ago
Bike seat head ass type dogs lmfao
Kaisha Lynn
Kaisha Lynn Month ago
Damn. Now I wanna take a nap.
Bear that's a Dave
This was awesome. It was so real. Trying to nap when the turd nuggets don't want to....
Bear that's a Dave
Lol OMG everytime I try and nap when my turd baby's not tired! I know this pain!!!
Legominder Month ago
Not completely related question: Can anyone tell me what exactly makes the noise when dogs shake like in 10:03 ? The ears? Cause the stretching skin alone shouldn't.
maria garcia
maria garcia Month ago
Legominder yes their ears hitting their bodies lol
Miranda Pyle
Miranda Pyle Month ago
Your dogs are so cute 😭 I ant handle it
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