TAEMIN 태민 '이데아 (IDEA:理想)' Dance Practice

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Nov 14, 2020




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dill pickle
dill pickle Hour ago
tfw you watch his dance practices so much you start to recognize the backup dancers
K-Dragon 2 hours ago
The more I see IDEA the more I realize he really went and made a compendium of his own greatest stage choreos. With most artists the more you watch a video the more you start to pick up on tiny flaws etc, but with Taemin the more you watch the more awesome it gets - also the more devastating because it really is the end of an era. Korea + JP are his main fanbases so I get that he may focus there, but I hope he does a US Tour before he enlists and fully breaks into the western market
Mart Eer
Mart Eer 5 hours ago
this whole performance... i'm obsessed
jiminee pabonojams
jiminee pabonojams 12 hours ago
이 안무영상은 왤케 view 없지!? 나 진짜 소름도닸어
Pixel Sticks
Pixel Sticks 16 hours ago
what a treat it would be to actually sit in that room and watch Taemin or SM dance practices
KHCHENLE 16 hours ago
I wosh i can dance like taemin!!
Mici Adams
Mici Adams 18 hours ago
I wanna kiss the choreographer
비틀 22 hours ago
안무 너무 예뻐 진짜ㅠㅠ
Cstich Day ago
Can we have 1M and more for #Taemin #SHINeeIsBack2021? 💎👑
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 10 hours ago
Let's try our best 😚👍🏻
Shaira Jane Timajo
Shaira Jane Timajo 23 hours ago
dora_ae_f -
dora_ae_f - Day ago
my eyes can't keep up...this is awesome 🤍
Liliana Diaz Quintero
Oye una de esas chicas te gusta
Erica Cella
Erica Cella 2 days ago
still here because this coreo is just amazing
너는슈퍼주니어 아니야?
와 미친 태민태민 하는 이유가 있다 와..
Emily MT
Emily MT 3 days ago
Taemin's dance practices are so satisfying to watch Taemi the best dancer
Kang SlayGi
Kang SlayGi 3 days ago
Yall don't understand I'm addicted
Maritza Ferrer
Maritza Ferrer 3 days ago
ltmltmltm ltmltmltm
Korea’s main dancer
حيدر عباس
تيمين وراقصي يدعسون ع كل راقصي الكيبوب
حيدر عباس
animrev 5 days ago
0:00 props to our hero who began the song and stayed still for 3 minutes and 28 seconds...
i love hyeongjun and dongpyo with all my heart .
.. he made this look like it's easy oh my god how is he so chill 😳
The Purple Bear
The Purple Bear 6 days ago
Okay. So I was literally trying to learn the dance just 5 minutes ago, I wasn't even getting the steps right........ I was dancing through the first chorus when I literally heard a SNAP and it was from my body, I'm not sure if it were my shoulders or my spine, I'm not even sure if this is me or just my soul typing 😭😭😭
Voeid 6 days ago
Taemin too fast, even light is shook
Zony Na
Zony Na 6 days ago
Underrated opinion: The backup dancers should be honored and noticed because they are skilled enough to follow up Taemin
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 6 days ago
I'll never get tired of watching this
Oana Elena
Oana Elena 6 days ago
The dance is so beautiful that I wish I could dance. Is addictive watching it! The problem is that I'm stiff as a stick =))
caramel kookies
caramel kookies 6 days ago
Is not even out of breath
햄님밖에 없다
안무 진짜 예쁘다... 턴 감사합니다..
ten hyuck
ten hyuck 8 days ago
I was so shocked watching this, he is on another level omg
Maite Peralta
Maite Peralta 8 days ago
Dios taemin baila muy bien 🥵🥰👌
Genesis Sirius
Genesis Sirius 8 days ago
There is a female here that is a choreographer named Rian. She is the one with the cropped sweater. She has her own RUvid channel as well. GIRL CRUSH !!! 2:24 She is the one on your far left. With the high bun/ ponytail. (Dancer Rian's Jobby Hobby) is her RUvid channel. 3:08. The girl that is holding Taemin here.
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 8 days ago
Also I think Simeez (the blond girl with a ponytail) is in the same dance crew 🤔 You can see her often in Rian's videos!
Jennifer Juarez
Jennifer Juarez 9 days ago
Quiero aprenderme la coreografía pero creo que moriré en el intento jajsja
Dhea Nabella
Dhea Nabella 9 days ago
Taemin's legs are really taper, I can't turn away from itಥ‿ಥ
Naomi Gomez
Naomi Gomez 9 days ago
Taemin always has the best crew of backup dancers. top dancers dance together
Genesis Sirius
Genesis Sirius 8 days ago
YES ! One of the females here is a choreographer named Rian. She is the one with the cropped sweater. She has her own RUvid channel as well. GIRL CRUSH !!! 2:24 She is the one on your far left. With the high bun/ ponytail. (Dancer Rian's Jobby Hobby) is her RUvid channel. 3:08. The girl that is holding Taemin here.
Zeynep Karal
Zeynep Karal 9 days ago
Taemin you are my MESSIAAAAAH. love you
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 9 days ago
Hampir 2 bulan belum genep sejuta juga :(
Emngnya kenapa?
Violet 10 days ago
끝내주게 멋있네
anna ayala
anna ayala 10 days ago
i love you
Cstich 10 days ago
If you have watched the dance practice, you are an awesome fan of our Super Lee Taemin! 👑❤️🔥
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 10 days ago
Yes thanks to those who are watching this daily 🥺 You guys are the best 💕
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
SHINee is back
Yesenia gaspar ulloa
Yesenia Gaspar
Yesenia Gaspar 11 days ago
SHINee is back
웅이빵 11 days ago
0:31 (killing me) 부분 손 안무 디테일 진짜 장난안치고 수십번 넘게 돌려본다. 역시 짬 어디 안가네
Sharanya Upadhyay
Sharanya Upadhyay 11 days ago
his duality. that's it. that's the comment
3619배종희 13 days ago
아... 샤이니에 올라왔구나..
Sophie Amara
Sophie Amara 13 days ago
y'all as a dancer im not joking when i say this is SCARY good. this dance actually legitimately terrifies me im serious-- just tHiNkInG abt attempting it in the way taemin does makes me wanna cry but ik imma still try bc im a dumb hoe
spinebreaker 13 days ago
Luka 13 days ago
1:59 Don't mind me, I'm just here to learn the choreo
microdino 13 days ago
ending of taemin's dance practices : dancers on the floor, taemin jumping and giving a heart to the camera
마리아María 14 days ago
Gracias a NI-KI ENHYPEN y Taehyun TXT. Pude descubrir a este talentoso artista. Un fan más se une .
K-Dragon 14 days ago
another episode of Taemin's shoes = 1/3 of his body weight
Ysabel Almeida
Ysabel Almeida 15 days ago
Se mueve como Michael Jackson...es el mejor n
Danielle Whyte
Danielle Whyte 15 days ago
usually when watching dance practice, my eyes are drawn to the backup dancers because the camera is more still than a stage performance (also the focus is mostly on the artist while on stage anyway) , and I can see the skill and technique of the backup dancers. but my eyes were glued to this man taemin the WHOLE time. I mean he glides , like GLIDES with each move.
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 14 days ago
What can I say Taemin is the best dancer in kpop and it shows! His "backup dancers" are also amongst the best, most of them are choreographers (2 of the 4 who created the dance for Idea are dancing with him in this). Usually when kpop artists promote, they will have a dance crew (and choreographers) that the company reaches out to. SM don't have dancers, they work with independent dance crews from various studios that they also share with all the other kpop companies. Taemin did that too for most of his career: working with different male & female teams for each comeback (except for his tours ofc). But for ACT1 & ACT2 promo he used a team that is made out of individual dancers who are themselves from different crews (if that makes any sense 😭). Like none of these dancers work together usually, which is very rare! And that's because Taemin wanted the best of each teams and even independent choreographers that don't belong to a dance crew at all.
Arshad Hussain
Arshad Hussain 15 days ago
in the end when he smile its make me cry🥺❤
5HINee Forever
5HINee Forever 15 days ago
Taemin & his dancers are the definition of PERFECTION !!
Taeyong's pinky toe
I sliped just by watching
Belen Monaco
Belen Monaco 15 days ago
La concha de tu madre te amo tae min
Korean’s Playlists
Bailey Sok choreography proud of her💕
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 12 days ago
@Auntie67 Oh sorry I actually thought the blond guy worked on it too 🤭
Auntie67 12 days ago
@Huynh Lan Actually only Kasper dances with him, the other 3 choreographers are not Korean and didn’t take part in MV and promotions :)
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 15 days ago
She did amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 But don't forget the 3 other choreographers who worked on this too. 1 of them is dancing with him 😉
bless me achoo
bless me achoo 16 days ago
the whole vid: ☠🔪⛓🔗 the end: 💖🌷🌺💘
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 16 days ago
People don't watch this because they know they can't copy him
Erica Cella
Erica Cella 2 days ago
MGJ Bling
MGJ Bling 16 days ago
King King King TAEMIN I Love You
김은아 16 days ago
이태민이 춤젤잘춰 ㅠ 정석이야 완전 박자 딱딱맞고 잔동작 하나하나 완벽하게 추는거 너무 멋져 ㅠㅠㅠ
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 17 days ago
The n°1 dancer in the kpop industry
Morena Belén Argüello
La de rodete la de rodete 💞😍😍💞💞💞
tigertatze 17 days ago
anyone else baffled this video didn’t get more attention?
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 17 days ago
I was but then Famous dance practice (which is also one of his best, quality wise) had the same problem as it took us lots of time to get to 1M, so I'm not surprised ...
jungkook vocals
jungkook vocals 18 days ago
Uma das melhores coreografias do kpop
a d
a d 18 days ago
Liesl Gravador
Liesl Gravador 18 days ago
Taemin im here again in 2021 hahaha
Ano Cu
Ano Cu 19 days ago
his back up dancer in this song are really gorgeous
Kyungsoo Do
Kyungsoo Do 19 days ago
Im here again after the SMTOWN concert
lama. 21 day ago
2:00 this part make me cry in every time.
lama. 21 day ago
This is magical you just get into it.
fcrnd 21 day ago
tan sequisimo ♡♡♡
Zay Mamie
Zay Mamie 21 day ago
I still can't get the part where the ladies walked in out of my mind
rosicler ventura
rosicler ventura 21 day ago
Que sincronismo perfeito.
حيدر عباس
Line 21 day ago
Taemin + black hair...
KC _13
KC _13 21 day ago
Soo proud being a fan..
shawol zpc
shawol zpc 22 days ago
Best DANCER my baby cheese !!!!
jerico paule
jerico paule 22 days ago
Bias: Taemin Bias Wrecker: Kasper hehe
Huynh Lan
Huynh Lan 22 days ago
I actually love that you can see each of the dancers' individuality in their ways of interpreting some aspects of the choreo. Their stage outfits are also all different (except for the feathery ones) which is so cool. It's definitely not something you see often in kpop dances.
Kim Mingyu
Kim Mingyu 23 days ago
King taemin still d'best, no one can beat him
김서진 23 days ago
1:59 난 여기가 왤케 좋을까 saranghe ❤️
Cheryl Chihana
Cheryl Chihana 24 days ago
cutie Taeminnie is so cute
Rayinda 24 days ago
So proud of my babycheese
Lucy Xu
Lucy Xu 25 days ago
This is THE hardest dance I've ever learnt. I've just put out a dance cover of it and I would really appreciate it if you guys check it out!
Martina Zrile
Martina Zrile 25 days ago
The fact I’m taller than this man scares me
Clau Alma
Clau Alma 25 days ago
Llegué a este video por #NI_KI de #ENHYPEN
taem m
taem m 25 days ago
Legend of kpop,,, king of dancer,, sweetest person in the world
han. 25 days ago
Taemtation hiu
Taemtation hiu 25 days ago
This is so sharp
옴뇸뇸 25 days ago
미쳤다 진짜...
38 toqur
38 toqur 25 days ago
와 다들 진짜 빡세게 춤추신다...
taemint vy
taemint vy 25 days ago
*I will not be biased. Honestly I can say Taemin is the king of kpop. Not because of hype and popularity but because of his experience, his performance, his capacity, his capability and all. He even dubbed before as the Idol's Idol because even Hyungs and Maknae's in the industry admires him. And until now, off cam, when idols met him, the way they talk you can see their respect to Taemin. He is the best dancer on whenever generation he start until now he maintains that status. I will not compare Taemin to my bias or yours because I know he's on top. Shawol or not should recognize that coz that's the truth.* ❤️
litchi soda
litchi soda 26 days ago
like putty in his own hands
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