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Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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Oct 5, 2018




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Comments 149 524
GamerBoy537 10 hours ago
You can play chess with me I’m also horrible
Isabella Ferraro
Isabella Ferraro 12 hours ago
I do
Carlo 13 hours ago
Its been 2019 and im 25 yesrs old. Still i don't know how to play pokemon cards i just collect them
Lil' Art Sylveon IsForSomeReasonOnYoutube
I refuse to believe this was a year ago
LunarGaming 15 hours ago
That’s what happens when me and my friends play....... anything
Cita Cabigas
Cita Cabigas 15 hours ago
My schoool tooo
Cita Cabigas
Cita Cabigas 15 hours ago
Me to im not that good to
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez 16 hours ago
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 16 hours ago
i saw your book at target
Nicholas Webb
Nicholas Webb 17 hours ago
James, I has the shiny charizard card
Numie cookie Bat
Numie cookie Bat 17 hours ago
Wait has anyone noticed in the skit it was the morning not “night” :/
The Random Iceberg
The Random Iceberg 17 hours ago
It’s fun watching this after TimTom and James chess boxing and can’t catch Harry
Maddy 559
Maddy 559 17 hours ago
Mr. Meme Guy
Mr. Meme Guy 17 hours ago
0.22 Me when i die form a bot in fortnite
yolcar funny adventures
By the way James you’re. Soooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!
yolcar funny adventures
(Song) I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yung forever
Yung forever 18 hours ago
The beginning of the video was my whole life
TinyWhiteBear 18 hours ago
you did a video with life noggin
King Harry
King Harry 18 hours ago
from NZ and didn't know shoots and ladders was another name I grew up with snakes
Parker Pettinato
Parker Pettinato 19 hours ago
That is not how you pLaY!!!!!!
Damien Beltran
Damien Beltran 19 hours ago
Psychopath 20 hours ago
My favorite card game is cards of humanity.... Not that anyone asked :’)
Coby Passmore
Coby Passmore 20 hours ago
Mommy why is brother screaming. shut the f##k up
Nathan Whitta
Nathan Whitta 20 hours ago
mtg is more complcated
Alif_ Pickle
Alif_ Pickle 20 hours ago
You have shiny charizard? I have pikachu EX boii
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 20 hours ago
My stepe drother is a bed weter to so yay its anoying i agry that yoer 1est grade techer that was stoped
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 20 hours ago
Im moving to arzona lol jk
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 20 hours ago
Jame im a coke person my self
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 20 hours ago
Mrs. Collad oh yay Snaks and laders !!!!!!!!!!!
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 20 hours ago
Im not ganna give mony to a grimanel
nicole silveira
nicole silveira 21 hour ago
I love yoer Canel
Spinel Your best friend!
When i beat someone at sorry i say « The name of the game »
Jr L
Jr L 21 hour ago
5:57 👌🏻
Aidan Segal
Aidan Segal 21 hour ago
Anna Gardner
Anna Gardner 22 hours ago
I a know how to play pokemon
Brooklin Charette
Brooklin Charette 23 hours ago
I'm not kidding!!!
Brooklin Charette
Brooklin Charette 23 hours ago
My brother plays it.... its TOLDLY cool
jimmy castro-ramirez
My brother know but I don’t and I beat him
Ultimate Drawings
Ultimate Drawings 23 hours ago
I actually collected a bunch of Pokemon cards too and hardly ever played... I would always play with my brother and we were much younger then. We were both really bad sports XD
TheShadowCat 156
TheShadowCat 156 23 hours ago
James: So if there are any youtubers who Want to fight my ( dunno how to spell ) Dragon square u
Till Ganschow
Yeah just wanted to mention that the chess Game you „won“ was a Tie.....
Shawdow_ Shot
What he not in jail and than he is
F_xio 26
F_xio 26 Day ago
8:01 oh men i feel so bad for the poor neopet, i mean , him said will be your friend 4 free!
Ronda Styles
Ronda Styles Day ago
Dat intro doh🤣
Carine Guillier
I know how to play pokemon
Yasmin Figueroa
Just why
Alverna. Settle
My name is Bailey rea birdwell
Alverna. Settle
I Love you videos you and your family is so funny and all was made my day you are the best person over make more funny videos
Mario Hernandez
I know how to play Pokemon
Junko’s Art
Static Night
Static Night Day ago
Bruh the mom is the biggest mood
Clinton Harris
> Doesn't know how to play the Pokemon card game and calls it complicated > Knows how to play MTG I'm so confused; Pokemon is like baby Magic in terms of a resource system and that's all you need to know
Irem Durmuş
Irem Durmuş Day ago
I think I am addicted to this videos
The Last Guardian 5
I've seen before, but I keep clicking on it again, just to watch the intro.
Blaze Nolan
Blaze Nolan Day ago
I know how to play Pokemon. Just ask if you want to learn 🐉
Ft, LifeNugget
ethan bennett
i can play pokemon
Roth Bell
Roth Bell Day ago
5:35 i do 1v1 noob
lag blue
lag blue Day ago
I know how to play pokemon
Richardo Milos
Talks about ancestral recall Mill deck players:U F O C K I N W O T M 8
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