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World of Tanks T110E3 PC Gameplay Replay. T110E3 Tier 10 American tank destroyer.
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Map: Minsk
Damage: 10630
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 16
T51B1 17 days ago
5:11, exactly why EBRs are broken BS
Reg Jennings
Reg Jennings 21 day ago
WOW a full load out of SKILL ammo, and he is seal clubbing T8 with it, what a legend!!! Why is this replay here?
Vercetti 27 days ago
Playing tier 10 against tier 8 is like beating up a kindergarden
Jonathan Musser
Jonathan Musser 29 days ago
That E75 TS who kept pulling out sideways in front of an E3.... LOL
Igor Djokic
Igor Djokic Month ago
E 3 IN TAER 8?
It's Ollie Again
It's nice of the enemy to sit side on in front of the E3 lol
Suryo Bramasto
Suryo Bramasto Month ago
t110e3 with APCR can easily penetrate AT 15 strongest side but no damage against EBR 75 from behind??? RNG are you drunk?
Wheel of Fortune lol
しげさん Month ago
I want that enemy team every game
Onur Boz
Onur Boz Month ago
Even the game with the most fraudulent players in the world cannot be as unfair as this game. because this game itself is rigged. The match matching system at first is rigged. I'm not even talking about the lie called Rng. My 85 year old grandmother or 10 year old niece can do 10k damage against such machine bots and human bots. ( 3:10 ) ( 3:42 ) ( 2:05 ) ( 1:53 ) ( 5:53 ) Need more?
Onur Boz
Onur Boz Month ago
@dake NG 3:10
Onur Boz
Onur Boz Month ago
In addition, if we do not make our voices heard about what we know it is, it will always be so. For example, if only RNG was really random, as Wargaming said, and it wouldn't be good if it didn't eat the other players' right?
Onur Boz
Onur Boz Month ago
@dake NG Why? The game is nice and I want to play. Why wouldn't I criticize your bad points? After all, this game is international and plans to appeal to everyone. So if this was a private server, I wouldn't mention it anyway: D
dake NG
dake NG Month ago
then if this is your opinion, stop playing this game or watching it.
Burak Kutlu
Burak Kutlu Month ago
So easy
HUMAN AS Month ago
I love your tanks :)
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