t.A.T.u.: 20 years after! The main Russian music band in the world

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00:00 What will happen next - time will tell. Politicians are not born
02:54 Does Yulia Volkova agree with the party policy?
06:15 Reminder: Russia has a law on the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations
07:36 Advertising
10:07 not gonna know - we got caught
11:01 1999: archives
11:38 Lena Katina about casting. Song "Yugoslavia"
14:50 Why didn't Voitinsky stay in the project?
15:51 The moment when Shapovalov announced to the girls the concept of the "t.A.T.u.": “Show me the love”
18:43 Advertising
20:57 Shooting of the video “All the Things She Said”. You will be kissing
23:52 Parents reaction
26:10 Meeting with Lena's mom. "I did not consider it possible to interfere with her"
33:43 The first kiss of “t.A.T.u.” is on a par with the famous kiss of Brezhnev
36:06 Tour. "People were kissing in Baku"
38:13 Corporate parties: the fattest years
41:47 Is it true that Sting recorded a guitar part for the band?
46:50 Pussy Riot - Similarity
47:48 First big money. Japan
52:16 Moment when parents involded a lawer
57:50 Call me, when you come
01:05:03 Was Julia in love with Shapovalov?
01:06:22 Project "t.A.T.u. in China"
01:10:23 How the end of the fairytale was approaching
01:16:01 After the project ended. Fans wrote that Vanya is ill
01:26:07 Birth of children, personal life. The picture collapsed
01:34:00 Studio where Lena is recording
01:37:50 When Shapovalov started to go crazy
01:41:30 Matilda Shnurova even before meeting Shnurov
01:46:00 Volkova is a good candidate with successful positioning
01:47:50 Are Shnurov organic in politics? Artist and power
01:48:46 Julia lost her voice
01:55:41 Harvey Weinstein's actions as a producer. Attitude towards
02:06:41 Why so many changes in appearance? What did Yulia dislike about herself?
02:08:51 Why did the communication between Lena and Julia end? When did the rift begin?
02:13:03 Joint performance for the first time in several years
02:20:00 How much does Lena Katina earn now?
02:22:31 Where did it all go? Solo careers
02:26:14 How is Yulia making money now?
02:27:45 Why did Shapovalov leave the brand for Volkova and Katina?
02:29:54 Shapovalov spent all the money he earned on t.A.T.u.
02:31:15 Yulia Volkova's affair with a kingpin
02:33:47 It was a generation's appeal to the authorities.

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