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1941: Second lieutenant Ivushkin who just graduated from tank academy and was sent to the war zone, is charged with a suicidal mission - with one T-34 tank and a small crew he must stop a dozen of top-notch German tanks from attacking a nearby city. Miraculously, he succeeds but gets captured.
1944: Ivushkin is confined in a concentration camp in Germany where he has been for all those years. Wermacht establishes a new training center for its elite armored forces using the latest T-34 as a running target. Ivushkin is offered to become the commander who operates that T-34 and pick his crew from fellow camp prisoners.
He agrees only because he has a much bigger plan in mind - a daring and carefully planned escape that would have seemed impossible. Those were the times of unforgettable bravery, fierce fighting, unbreakable love, and legendary miracles.
Director: Alexey Sidorov
Writer: Alexey Sidorov
Cast: Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Vinzenz Kiefer, Irina Starshenbaum
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Aug 15, 2018

Alexander PetrovViktor DobronravovVinzenz KieferIrina StarshenbaumAlexey Sidorovwwiitanksfurymoviefull moviewatchtrailerwarbattlegermanynazienglandusarussianenemyattackrussia




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Comments 1 774
Charles Wolf
Charles Wolf 2 days ago
pathetic russian shit...
Evgheni Gordienco
Your mommy gave birth to shit. Just a piece of stupid shit.) And further. For you, ignoramus. Find and read information about the Kummersdorf test site. The problem with morons like you is not that you don’t know anything, but that you don’t want to know anything...."wolf")))
Ibne Shad
Ibne Shad 3 days ago
Hecking best tank fight movie ever!!!
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 4 days ago
Mwangi Irungu
Mwangi Irungu 4 days ago
Raiden Dot
Raiden Dot 4 days ago
Now I'm craving to play World* of Tanks :(
Jakub Martinec
Jakub Martinec 4 days ago
such a bullshit
Sachin Tyagi
Sachin Tyagi 6 days ago
I'm from India and watch this movie in Russian language... It is beyond language
Kir Bulychev
Kir Bulychev 6 days ago
P1X3L 7 days ago
I feel like WW2 will soon become like Iliad. Russians and americans will have half gods fighting for them and germans will become some weird trolls in the caves.
Shane Solar
Shane Solar 8 days ago
I love how they make the Russians look like angels in war movies and the Nazis look like evil mad men when by and large it was the exact opposites thru most of the war
Evgheni Gordienco
Shane Solar You finished idiot.
S Gal
S Gal 7 days ago
@roki buča <<The entire German campain in the east was defined by Hitler's claim in March 1941 that he was waging a " *war of extermination* ". ... On 13 May 1941, a decree on wartime military jurisdiction was published, *which removed crimes against civilians from the sphere of courts martial and suspended any obligation to punish offences against "hostile civilian persons" committed by soldiers* . ... hostile acts by civilians were "to be silenced on the spot by the most extreme methods". ... granted German forces immunity from prosecution in advance if they did so.>> - The Dictators - R. Overy p. 514
roki buča
roki buča 8 days ago
this movie is just another Russian propaganda I don't say Nazis was a good guy but still every war story about Russians describe them like total badass and god
Petr Vrtel
Petr Vrtel 10 days ago
an unbelievably stupid movie about fiction tank fights during WW2. Sort of Russian propaganda about tank model T-34 which should be competitive against German Tiger :-DDDDRed Army did not win any tank fight, proven by old US and German photographs. I’m sorry about Russian people and their history and poor country L THeir biggest enemy is just Putin himself.
S Gal
S Gal 9 days ago
Petr I looked at the photographs under microscope, and discovered that russians did not take Berlin. Pleas informe "Die Welt" this sensation
Илон Маск
Илон Маск 10 days ago
Мы русские, с нами бог!!!
Bias movie
NoiseOfNetrino 15 days ago
By the time Russia makes "olympics" for tanks :O
Epitacio Fonseca
Epitacio Fonseca 15 days ago
Marz Longma
Marz Longma 15 days ago
If Michael Bay was Russian...
Mkvenner91 15 days ago
I'm here because Hideo Kojima shared this movie on his Instagram page. This movie looks sick.
History Girl
History Girl 16 days ago
This is my new favorite movie. It is 110% Amazing.
Misho Papava
Misho Papava 18 days ago
Battle of Tanks T-34 Movie Best Scenes Slow Motion - Reaction ruvid.net/video/video-8NKTKEeL6N0.html
Eric Scionti
Eric Scionti 18 days ago
Lol captions on kinda fucked that up
ahmad badrul
ahmad badrul 19 days ago
After this movie will they make another movie about other tank?
ZobPlayz Zob
ZobPlayz Zob 19 days ago
Its a pretty nice movie tbh
33kaus holokaust
33kaus holokaust 24 days ago
Bolshevik rats...
Evgheni Gordienco
Evgheni Gordienco 19 days ago
Little rat your mother gave birth.
Billy Bons
Billy Bons 21 day ago
Western bastard.
SauerkrautLover 24 days ago
Kommandant, are wir in Stalingrad?
Mack Ehrlich
Mack Ehrlich 24 days ago
Rafffaellka Wattpad
До сих пор обожаю смотреть этот ахуенный фильм, аж слеза покатилась за нашу страну :")
AsnBlox [ALT]
AsnBlox [ALT] 25 days ago
Nothing penetrates Stalinium.
Matej Cro
Matej Cro 29 days ago
This is way better than Fury
Dima Dimqa
Dima Dimqa Month ago
А фильм то хорошим оказался. Пропустим завывания отовсюду про "нету историчности". Фильм динамичный,.цепляет сразу и не дает отвлечся. Интересный. И как тут не вспомнить War thunder,.прям напомнило мне тамошние бои там в режиме Реалистичных Боев слепые противники сплошь и рядом
jokerci11 pokemon11
tam arsivlik filim savas sahneleri sanki gercek gibi olmus yönetmen çok iyi oyuncuları iyi uyarlamıs çok iyi bir filim.
Chuck Lotro
Chuck Lotro Month ago
This movie literally encapsulates the delusional bullshit of RU monkey bias in World of Tards er Tanks nah fk dat Tards.
Alfredo Jonstone
Oh I am so on for this. Wartheunder the Movie. "Ura!"
Iain Warren
Iain Warren Month ago
The T-34 doing a Tokyo Drift was my favourite part of the trailer
Fag Master
Fag Master Month ago
Lemme tell you this movie was filled with errors and propaganda, Prauge wasnt even liberated in 1944 btw
Fag Master
Fag Master Month ago
@S Gal Do believe so, if I remember correctly they were going to head to Prauge which was held by the Czechs. Think thats what they said. Which is just plain out unhistorical
S Gal
S Gal Month ago
Do they say in the movie Prague was liberated in 1944?
Kasia Seta
Kasia Seta Month ago
Great movie
polska pl
polska pl Month ago
100% ściema
Suren Kalantarian
This movie is a joke
PanzerNinja Month ago
Russian bias
דוד Month ago
I kind of liked the ending, a last show of respect between two fierce enemies.
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F Month ago
Why am I the only one that has a feeling that FAST & FURIOUS franchise will copy this movie in some way.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
I’m surprised the tank commander wasn’t a transgender biracial non binary lesbian. So refreshing to watch a film without blatant leftist propaganda in it. Are you listening Hollywood?
S Gal
S Gal Month ago
@Pavel L. *Alan Mathison Turing* was an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist. Turing played a pivotal role in cracking intercepted coded messages that enabled the Allies to defeat the Nazis in many crucial engagements Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts; the Labouchere Amendment had mandated that "gross indecency" was a criminal offence in the UK. He accepted chemical castration treatment, with DES, as an alternative to prison. Turing died in 1954, 16 days before his 42nd birthday, from cyanide poisoning.
Pavel L.
Pavel L. Month ago
If I'm not mistaken, in the times gays were castrated or imprisoned even in the England. I don't know about US... but...
X D Month ago
Gary Sturmabteilung
Propaganda film filled with flashy CGI, not better than any other propaganda film made by Hollywood.
John Davis
John Davis Month ago
Screw 🇺🇦 Ukraine. This movie sounds like something worth telling. But your pal Nazi Germany lost in WW2.
Typical Youtube Commenter
Another idiotic movie portraying war as some sort of kids video game with flying tank acrobatics and gun barrel fencing. In reality you were stuck in cramped, dark, steaming hot, stinking metal coffin, fearing a fatal round hitting your tank any moment from a firing platform you couldn't even see. If you want to watch a real good war movie, watch "Come and See" or "When Trumpets Blow" and from the German perspective, "Stalingrad" (the 1993 film, not the 2013 shitslop).
Not all Gaming
Not all Gaming Month ago
after the film ill play War thunder 24h X,D with panther :P
Александр Иванов
Ооой блять какая же это все хуйня. В чем смысл?)
Moonless Night
Moonless Night Month ago
Looks like a good movie
Alex tepe
Alex tepe Month ago
The Russians clearly did all the dirty work for the western allies during the war.
Not all Gaming
Not all Gaming Month ago
USA planned well X,D first call hitler and give him the power call chirchill for harrass hitler for invade poland recall hitler for attack URSS then go for holiday party in berlin X,D great USA best warlord = shit
Akash Suresh
Akash Suresh Month ago
I saw this movie but sadly in English dubbed. I WANT THE RUSSIAN ONE!. my god this movie has some cool shots.
Elvis Zandoval
Elvis Zandoval Month ago
This was a great awesome movie!
Antonio Adielma
Antonio Adielma Month ago
Did not know about this movie! Anyone else know good Russian movies?
The End
The End Month ago
english plese
Evgheni Gordienco
"T-34" with English subtitles: gostreams.to/t-34/ The translation is very superficial, but there is no other...need to skip ads and watch
KUY Chanel
KUY Chanel Month ago
Phanter โหดสุดใยยุคนั้น
Beef Stu
Beef Stu Month ago
5/5 loved this movie! So good. They did sugar coat what happens to the tank crews when they get hit by armor piercings shells. Watch it
GxjojoGx s1050313
Awesome another fury movie
Rich Smith
Rich Smith Month ago
Saw 'Fury' in a theater. SO disappointed. Jeez. I've seen movies from Russia, Finland, Germany, and others, that were fantastic. Then you consider films like 'Pearl Harbor'......good Lord, I wanted those hours back....
prakash chinnatambi
I am from tamilnadu India This movie is really good
S Gal
S Gal Month ago
If new territory were to be acquired in Europe it must have been mainly *at Russia’s cost* , and once again the new German Empire should have set out on its march along the same road as was formerly trodden by the Teutonic Knights, this time to acquire soil for the German plough by means of the German sword and thus provide the nation with its daily bread. For such a policy, however, there was only one possible ally in Europe. *That was England* . Only by alliance with England was it possible to safeguard the rear of the new German crusade. A. Hitler - MEIN KAMPF - p. 119
About Time
About Time Month ago
Refreshing to heard Nazi soldier with out oxford accent.
Laurelbush Month ago
I watched this three times in three days- great film.
Adrian Jowitt
Adrian Jowitt 2 months ago
Hitler should never have taken on Russia until he'd beaten Britain. He may have won in that scenario
Subham Sen
Subham Sen 2 months ago
Where to get full movie?
Evgheni Gordienco
"T-34" with English subtitles: gostreams.to/t-34/ The translation is very superficial, but there is no other...need to skip ads and watch
White343 2 months ago
Russian Bias: The Movie
737tech 2 months ago
Excellent …. Much better than Fury...
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas 2 months ago
This film is incredibly good!!
Saturasi Group
Saturasi Group 2 months ago
best and beautiful movie ever
Psalmas 2 months ago
I regret wasting my money on this glorified lieing disappointment
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
go watch "The Death of Stalin" 2017 by Armando Iannucci. Sure u ll like that kinde of puke...
Wally 1970
Wally 1970 2 months ago
Idc what anyone says or thinks , the Germans were amazing !
totas2000 2 months ago
What a Crap, what a bullshit ! Not only German Tanks, but also the Crews were MUCH better ! They were better trained and had better equipment. When Russians still communicate with signal Flags (!!!), all German Tanks, but also the light armored Vehicles were fully equipped with radio equipment. The aiming Optic was generations ahead, the fire rate 3-4 time higher and also the Tactics of the Germans was far more considered and effective. There was only point in which the Russians were better and that was the sheer number ! The hit ratio was from 1:3 up to 1:7 in some Battles. So, it´s clear this Video is Russian Phantasm, far away from the Truth :D And, sorry, but all this Russians in the movie looked more like the alcoholic robbers than soldiers ! Uuuuh, Men, you can literally see how they smell :)
Evgheni Gordienco
Evgheni Gordienco 2 months ago
@S Gal )) The word "idiot" refers to - @totas2000
Evgheni Gordienco
Evgheni Gordienco 2 months ago
@totas2000 Do not write that "Soviet tanks were much worse." Don't lie, "buddy". It is absolutely not correct to compare the Soviet tanks, released at the very beginning of the 30s with later German products. The new models of Soviet tanks developed on the eve of the war were as good as the German ones. This applies to medium and heavy tanks. The fire rate and optics of the new models of tanks were not worse than the German ones. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many factories had to urgently move inland (whole factories), away from the theater of operations, with the release of new models of tanks were problematic. And further. Why did the "German crews were better trained"? Because at the time of the attack on the USSR, the Wehrmacht already had a rich combat experience. He already had the whole of continental Europe and a large number of defeated "opponents". This is a significant factor. Your words about the "alcoholics" will not comment. It is immediately evident that a person has a problem. Your diagnosis - animal russophobia on the background of congenital oligophrenia. And medicine in this case is powerless. But this is your problem :) And further. Never forget where the war eventually ended. In Berlin.
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
@Evgheni Gordienco in 1941-42 t34 was not equiped with radios as far as I know.
Evgheni Gordienco
Evgheni Gordienco 2 months ago
What are the "signal flags", idiot? On the T-34 were already radio stations. Especially on T-34-85.
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
If you finde that russian soldiers looked like robbers or alcoholics, let it be. But they stopped and defeated "The First Europien Union" under the rein of Hitler.
Don Robert
Don Robert 2 months ago
I was looking for T-34 in wot blitz 😐
NaVI S 2 months ago
Russians made good movie 👍🏻 Translation sub moving too fast
Eyad Awwad
Eyad Awwad 2 months ago
It's exactly a silly Indiana movie..
xx DON_ROB xx
xx DON_ROB xx 2 months ago
The best war movies are the germans.
Destraex Destraex
Destraex Destraex 2 months ago
Where can I get this film on blu ray?
Gazgub 2 months ago
hahahha the irony, a russin film, show Germans Mistreating Jews..... as if Russiasn have been so kidna to jews..... RIIIiiiggghhhhhttt....
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
The irony is that the Americans inspired and financed Nazis. Henry Ford did more than supply trucks for the German military; he also helped the Nazis hone their hateful ideology. In 1921, he published a collection of anti-Semitic articles titled *The International Jew*, which was widely read by future Nazi leaders. Hitler hung a portrait of Ford in his Munich office and confided to a Chicago Tribune reporter in 1923, "I wish I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections. We look on Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing Fascist Party in America." In 1931, he told readers of the Detroit News, "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration." The Germans also drew inspiration from the ill-fated US flirtation with eugenics and "racial hygiene" in the 1920s and 1930s. Hitler later informed his Nazi colleagues, "I have studied with great interest the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injuriours to the racial stock". - The untold history of the United States. O. Stone, P. Kuznick p.79 -
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
clown if u did not watch it shut up your shit hole. there r no jews in this movie at all ...
Michal Bukvai
Michal Bukvai 2 months ago
So Obi Wan fought in WW2 before turning Jedi...
MegaKaiser45 2 months ago
So the Russian Fury.
danga NSK
danga NSK 2 months ago
i'm waiting for this movie for a long time!
신영환 2 months ago
김정은 할아버지가 저거타고 남한을 침공했단다....
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