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1941: Second lieutenant Ivushkin who just graduated from tank academy and was sent to the war zone, is charged with a suicidal mission - with one T-34 tank and a small crew he must stop a dozen of top-notch German tanks from attacking a nearby city. Miraculously, he succeeds but gets captured.
1944: Ivushkin is confined in a concentration camp in Germany where he has been for all those years. Wermacht establishes a new training center for its elite armored forces using the latest T-34 as a running target. Ivushkin is offered to become the commander who operates that T-34 and pick his crew from fellow camp prisoners.
He agrees only because he has a much bigger plan in mind - a daring and carefully planned escape that would have seemed impossible. Those were the times of unforgettable bravery, fierce fighting, unbreakable love, and legendary miracles.
Director: Alexey Sidorov
Writer: Alexey Sidorov
Cast: Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Vinzenz Kiefer, Irina Starshenbaum
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Aug 15, 2018




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Comments 1 863
Michael Dib
Michael Dib 2 days ago
Al Sameer
Al Sameer 5 days ago
റഷ്യ മൂവി ഫാൻസ്‌ ഉണ്ടോ
Amaury Cruz
Amaury Cruz 6 days ago
Excellent movie 🎥 🍿
MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster
Let's give some enemy prisoners a 30 ton tank to run over stuff with. That sounds thmart.
ElChinito 10 days ago
Película de T-34 En Doblaje Original al Español ruvid.net/video/video-9wnCrMlaOpE.html
иосиф квантов
its real story of world II war my grandfather was a warrior and he well-known this heroes ///Glory for heroes
ALeX Zupan
ALeX Zupan 12 days ago
stupid sci fi movie
Sonemberg Glayson
Sonemberg Glayson 13 days ago
Ótimo filme! assistindo 2020...
Bdog 13 days ago
Iam not even joking I saw a Japanese version of this t34 trailer and they literally have a cast of the girls und panzer to do the narration XD
Veerus 14 days ago
No kidding, this movie is amazing. The writers have balls, but not as big as us historians want them to have.
เฮ้ย!! ช่องไรวะ
Manuel Carrasquero
Manuel Carrasquero 16 days ago
ElChinito 10 days ago
Película de T-34 En Doblaje Original al Español ruvid.net/video/video-9wnCrMlaOpE.html
Vincent Laitano
Vincent Laitano 16 days ago
Great movie. A trained movie, very good production. The T 34, if it had that technical capacity of modern tank. I had real capacids from the modern tank. even that certain projectiles slipped. Very good. I don't think I can compare Fury too much fiction, because the Sherman tank was basically a rolling stock. and had no participation in battles like KURS
Staliony s.
Staliony s. 17 days ago
War thunder My teamates with Panther tanks: Relax only have one T-34-85 in enemy team T-34-85:
riki r
riki r 19 days ago
the best no1
Mr Merica
Mr Merica 21 day ago
Not gonna lie the girl was actually really pretty
Scotty2Hotty 1
Scotty2Hotty 1 27 days ago
Might be good, but always remember the basic rule on Eastern Front WW2 movies: if more German soldiers die than Russian ones, it's historically inaccurate.
Nobody4president 18 days ago
Scotty2Hotty 1 - What was it, like 2 or 3 to 1?
Trabant P601
Trabant P601 29 days ago
This is honestly my favorite movie ever. Which is surprising considering I have to focus on the subtitles to understand what they are saying
kim jong un
kim jong un Month ago
1:48 ruining films with romance 101
Oleg Chernov
Oleg Chernov Month ago
what a shitty shitty movie
No Way
No Way Month ago
Wow, funny comments by russophile jerkoffs. Will there be any scenes with the nkvd blocking units shooting there own troops in the back, penal battallions . Not one stop back. Bang in the back, glory for the motherland, for Stalin !
Geyster Month ago
It was good film... But its like 5/10... 10/10 can say only soviet lover boy.... Lot of things didnt make sense but yeah... you can enjoy this movie.
Music and Game
Music and Game Month ago
for anyone want to see this from player of WOT (World of Tank)
Minh Vo
Minh Vo Month ago
Well a veteran crew of a T-34-85 and a commissioned Panther taking out 4,5 Panthers manned by recruits is more believable than 5 tank crews fighting off a SS battalion.
Ronny Schmidt
Ronny Schmidt Month ago
Der T-34 war geländegängig im Schnee, Eis und Schlamm. Mit der 85 mm Kanone war er auch einem Tiger gefährlich. Er hatte einen 12-Zylinder Diesel mit 500 PS, 50 cm Kettenbreite ... und es gab ihn in Massen. Kettenglieder konnte man mit Hammer und Meißel wechseln. Wem das immer noch nicht reicht, sollte mal nach Beilrode/Sachsen kommen. Hier steht so ein Fossil.
Inquisitor Krieger
Does every ancillary story have to be a fuckin love story??
DJ DZK Month ago
First half of the trailer: Ok, this is just a regular war movie... Second half of the trailer: *tank spins around in 2 seconds*
rescuer 347
rescuer 347 Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-oH5rNCGK5bc.html somthing about russsians tanks ...Not propagand like this film about t34 in germany terytorry
Mewantsnax __
Mewantsnax __ Month ago
This looks like a Warthunder trailer
NoFixed Desk
NoFixed Desk Month ago
I'm here because someone just vandalize the polar bear
Amaciado. Month ago
That was *Clearly* a T-34 on the snow
1000kariokaa Month ago
Super film !
rescuer 347
rescuer 347 Month ago
Best SF what I Saw in my Life .....propaganda and lie russsians history. Just SF
Evgheni Gordienco
"propaganda and lie"???...Why? ... Give an answer.
Keegan Foster
Keegan Foster Month ago
Just watched this never seen a trailer or nothing it was absolutely incredible!
Zbigniew Gotkiewicz
Mogli pokazat na koniec kak ich SMIERSZ rozrieliwajet.
GreyFox Month ago
bloody good movie
Artur Piwowarczyk
Dobry film, brawo!!!!
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Month ago
fuck anti german propaganda movie nr 574367357538875937586756678897865345
Einstein.186 Month ago
Seen it. Its excellent...
Franco Mancadori
A comic movie
Riski Janwar
Riski Janwar Month ago
Fuck IMDB why this rate 6,6
Zizi Essal7ie
Zizi Essal7ie Month ago
Another pro allies tank film! After Fury now T34! A Sherman beats a Tiger??? A T34 beats a Panther??? Germans shown as dumb fighters??? The Germans always were stronger in equal numbers!!! And the tankers were lot better!!! Michael Wittman and Kurt Knispel kicked allied and Russian tanks ass!!! Why not make a film about them Hollywood??? Can't handle the truth that the Germans were superior in training and materials??? FU American and Russian propaganda film industry!!!!
S Gal
S Gal Month ago
Nazi asses of Wittman and Knispel were kicked. Relax
Ocrilat Month ago
Holy shit this looks great!
petru fedeles
petru fedeles Month ago
another bullshit...
S Gal
S Gal Month ago
@petru fedeles - "Romania started the war because your USSR took our Basarabia and North -Bukovine" OUR Besarabia??? Ha ha ha. Russia gaind this territory after the Russo-Turkish War (1806-1812). Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire only in 1877. in 1918 Romania seized Besarabia during ceivil war in Russia. In 1940 the USSR returned it. By the way Bulgaria returned *Southern Dobruja* and Hungary returned *Northen Transilvania* . Why Romania did not start war on those countries? - "About historical prostitutes I think you no longer may speak when 20mil people where russian war casualties." The USSR has lost 27 millions people. 9 mil were soldiers. The rest 18 millions were civilians who were killed and tortured to death (probably by your ancestors), died of starvation and disease. - "The truth is that if you don,t get any american and british supplies you, will never win the war" During the harderst 1941 the USSR received *1.5%* of lend-lease help. << _It does seem that the Russians could have won the war on their own, or at least fought the Germans to a standstill, without any help from the West. Such relief as they derived from our participation-the distraction of a few enemy units, the supply of a large quantity of material-was marginal, not critical. That is to say, it affected the duration but not the outcome of the struggle_ >> *Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-45 by Alan Clark*
petru fedeles
petru fedeles Month ago
@Evgheni Gordienco Romania started the war because your USSR took our Basarabia and North -Bukovine and ended like this because of your comunists who made a party in Romania and rules until 1950.About historical prostitutes I think you no longer may speak when 20mil people where russian war casualties.The truth is that if you don,t get any american and british supplies you, will never win the war...and final,T34 was about 20000 pieces lost(WIKIPEDIA).
Evgheni Gordienco
Can you tell us about your "heroes"?)) Romania started the war as a faithful ally of Nazi Germany. But ended this war already as an ally of the Anti-Hitler Coalition.)) You are historical Prostitutes. Always. And that is a fact.
Michael Perkins
Michael Perkins 2 months ago
Stor Röd Maskin
Stor Röd Maskin 2 months ago
1:06 Gta 5 Death Sound
Soundwave 16 days ago
IMuRahn Matt
IMuRahn Matt 2 months ago
1:51 In real life it's exploding In World of Tank appear a annoying sound *WE DIDN'T EVEN SCRACH THEM*
-Space_Ranger 2 months ago
I used to play with this tank in World Of Tanks, it was Tier V T-34
alpha zee
alpha zee 2 months ago
This movie is availebI in hindi/Urdu language..?
Michael Wall
Michael Wall 2 months ago
Looking forward to being allies with Russia again vs the EUROTRASH
Boom Boom
Boom Boom 2 months ago
maaaaannnnnn I wanna watch this
Matly 2 months ago
La peli esta en español latino o no?
Alusia Yt
Alusia Yt 2 months ago
Me: *I need this in Polish*
Steve Iliev
Steve Iliev Month ago
Alusia Yt hi! Watch “the four tankers and the 🐕 “ instead! 😃 Cheers 🍻
Andrey Galkin
Andrey Galkin 2 months ago
Is this the Russian parody of Fury 2014? Iron curtain at it's finest in the 21st century 👍🏻
Michał Kaczorowski
Michał Kaczorowski 2 months ago
This movie is MUCH better than Fury. Fun popcorn flick without stick in ass like Brad Pitt crap ;)
Bamboozled 2 months ago
Military Vehicle Advisor: Gaijin Entertainment
Pedro T.
Pedro T. 2 months ago
Speechless...! More please...!
New Tube
New Tube 2 months ago
First film to show physics of penetration of armour,just brilliant.if you liked this you will like WHITE TIGER.
Baron papa
Baron papa 2 months ago
1:32 russian bias confirmed
Barnibus Snaples
Barnibus Snaples 2 months ago
Everyone slamming its realism.... bro, most of the people in these comments grew up in the country that made the movie Pearl Harbor.
Michał Kaczorowski
Michał Kaczorowski 2 months ago
It's fun popcorn flick without pretending to be accurate. I love real Russian WW2 veteran tanks used and nice replicas of German's
岡八郎 2 months ago
Mick Carson
Mick Carson 2 months ago
This movie is a total flop if you ask me. What year was it, when did it happen? 10 millions wasted on imagined crap that is fiction based on a game, especially when there is a bitch involved among a group on attractive playboy squabbling over some fictitious event that didn't even exist. A movie for today's retards who know nothing about WW2, whereas older people, the sons of actual war survivors see it as bullshit that is trying to make their future generation (you and your sons) believe that there was an event, a story, an occurrence just like this film - had happened somewhere during the history of WW2. What bullshit in my opinion. Next 20 years the bullshit artists will probably make another film involving war against the Germans in some fictitious nonsense crap and involving youthful heros and heroines (always the type of hunks and playboys and attractive women fighting for a cause, blah blah blah) and always against the Germans. It seem that the Germans are, or will be, cursed forever. But, let's look at the real life possibilities instead of thinking Germans were little wimpy people, think about how they valiantly fought not one nation (Russia), but many others (they almost took the entire Europe and North Africa hadn't the US and their amassed allies interfered. Think of the possibilities on what would Germany have achieved hadn't the US and it's Allies butted their noses out because I believe Germany would have easily won the war. But no, the cheating side of the story was that the US dogs and their Allies doglets were biting the Germans asses at Normandy, while the Soviets dogs who were almost beaten by the German armies in 1941 and were spared by the rash northern winter where the Germans had the misfortune of being low in ammo, bogged armory and tanks, hungry and sick soldiers, were forced to retreat back to Germany while the Soviets then followed after the retreating Germans like angry dogs, but we're met by heavy German resistance, the more they continued to follow and kill, the more heavy resistance appeared, until the Soviets were defeated to the point of further attempts and abandoned the fight, until late 1944. Then in 1944, the sleazy Soviets had discovered by spying that a mass invasion by the US and all the Allies were to occur, hey prepared for the mother of all wars invasion, decided to, not to join the US but to pay the German back a massive revenge, fuck the US, their battle was for Mother Russia because the Germans had intruded in the country in 1941. And with the US and its Allies at war, it would be helping the Soviets greatly if the US and it's Allies will exterminate half of the German might at the Normandy landings and invasion. Of course, WTF did you expect with the German might now being in full scale war against the US might and the might of 26 other nations that signed a treaty with the US as Allies against Germany. Of course if youre Germany and have all these dogs biting your ass off from all corner, you would probably not stand a chance if the other Soviet dogs sneakly aproached from the East of Germany on the way to Berlin will bite and chew what's left on your bones, there is no way of fighting back (has anyone ever survided an attack of 26 Wolves, plus, plus? No). So, think before you're talking complete shit because the war at the end of 1945 was staged to make it look like the US had won the war, really? Yea, yada yada yada... but not along when you considered that 26 other nations had joined in against one nation, the magnificent and highly advanced small country, Germany, whose superior technology was way better than other nations that now use German designs stolen after 1945. US and its Allies against a single, minuscule nation, Germany, against more that 26 other nations combined, you call that a fair war? And the Soviets, who invited them to join the US and it's Allies to fight with them? Nobody, they went solo against the Germans as a pay back of the 1941 war. And, for 3 years the Soviets had ample time to amass enough weaponry, better tanks, another 2-3 millions of new recruits in preparation for the eastern D-day. So, while D-day was happening in Normandy, the Soviets were approaching Germany at the eastern front but we're surprised that a length of the River Oder was heavily defended by the best of German military and weaponry that, after 4 days of fighting, the Soviets lost over a million soldiers and Germans lost more than 12,000. But, the Soviet had another half a million to spare and numerous weaponry, including several tanks and cannons still in service, but the capture of Berlin resulted in over 70,000 additional Soviets dead. So, real events are considered real stories, but in movies, there is no such thing as real, especially when the scripts in a story for making a movie is bullshit that today's generations have no idea on the horror of WW2.
S Gal
S Gal 2 months ago
Damn! It remindes a hysteric of some nazi bitch. "US and its Allies against a single, minuscule nation, Germany, against more that 26 other nations combined, you call that a fair war? " << In May 1942, Roosevelt told General MacArthur, " *I find it difficult ... to get away from the simple fact that the Russian Armies are killing more Axis personnel and destroying more Axis materials than all the other twenty-five United Nations put together* " ... Up to 1944, the USSR had almost singlehandedly battled the German military. Until the invasion of Normandy, the Red Army was regularly engaging more than 200 enemy devisions while Americans and British together rearely confronted more than 10. Churchill admitted that it was " *the Russian Army that tore the guts out of the German millitary machine* ". >> - The untold history of the USA - O. Stone, P. Kuznik p. 111 "while the Soviets dogs who were almost beaten by the German armies in 1941 and were spared by the rash northern winter where the Germans had the misfortune of being low in ammo, bogged armory and tanks, hungry and sick soldiers, were forced to retreat back to Germany" << In Apr 1941 General Blumentritt told the general Staff that Soviet officers were incompetent that defeat might be achieved in " *fourteen days of heavy fightin* "; a month later he spoke of " *eight to fourteen days* " against an army of "ill-educated, half-Asiatic fighters" >> The Dictators - R. Overy p. 490 Dude your nazi ancestors underestimated the USSR and soviet people. As for you, you must pray for a soul of tovarish Stalin for not letting americans and brits to castrate all germans after the war!!!
Evgheni Gordienco
Evgheni Gordienco 2 months ago
On the role and contribution of the USSR in the defeat of fascism. Facts that you may not like.)) These historical facts, Western historiography and propaganda are carefully hushed up or roughly distorted. So. In 1941 - 1942 years more than 3/4(!) of all German troops fought against the USSR, in subsequent years there were more than two-thirds(!) of the Wehrmacht connections on the Soviet-German front. After the opening of the second front, the Eastern Front remained the main front of Germany, in 1944, 181.5(!) German divisions operated against the Red Army, 81.5 German divisions opposed the Anglo-American forces. On the Soviet-German front, military operations were conducted with the greatest intensity and spatial scope. Out of 1418 days, active fighting was going on -1320; on the North African front, respectively, Out of 1068 - 309; on the Italian front, out of 663 - 49. Spatial scope Soviet-German front was: the length of the front line was (at different times) 4 - 6 thousand km, which is 4 times larger than the North African, Italian and West European fronts combined. The Red Army defeated 507(!) German-fascist and 100(!) divisions of allies, almost 3.5(!) times more than OTHER ON ALL FRONTS OF WWII. On the Soviet-German front the German armed forces suffered more than 73%(!) of the losses. Who was an ally of Germany and fought on the Eastern Front against the USSR: Romania, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia. In addition - separate military units from Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia. Two Polish legions fought against the Red Army on the side of the Nazi Germany. We (the USSR) fought with the whole of Nazi Europe. Against us fought: the Russian Liberation Army (ROA) under the command of General AA. Vlasov, the 15th Cossack Cavalry Corps of the SS of General von Pannwitz, the Russian corps of General Steiffon, the corps of the Lieutenant-General of the Tsarist Army P.N. Krasnov and a number of separate parts, formed from citizens of the USSR, on a national basis. Two Ukrainian battalions, created in the spring of 1941. Battalion "Nachtigal" and the battalion "Roland". The following were formed: "Turkestan Legion", "Muslim-Caucasian Legion", "North Caucasus Legion", "Georgian Legion", "Armenian Legion", "Kalmyk Legion", "Volga-Tatar Legion", formations from Crimean Tatars. List of prisoners of war who surrendered to Soviet troops during the war. The Germans - 2 389 560, the Hungarians - 513 767, the Romanians - 187 370, the Austrians - 156 682, the Czechs and Slovaks - 69 977, the Poles - 60 280, the Italians - 48 957, the French - 23 136, the Croats - 21 822, Moldovans - 14 129, Jews - 10 173, Dutch 4 729, Finns 2 377, Belgians 2 010, Luxembourgers 1653, Danes 457, Spaniards 452, Gypsies 383, Norwegians 101, Swedes 72....and these are only those who survived and were captured. The losses of the fascist bloc (Eastern front) consisted of 8.6 million people, of which 7.4 million(!) - fascist Germany, 1.2 million(!) of its satellites in Europe. By the way...639 776(!) military men of the Japanese army (including Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Mongols, etc.) were taken prisoner by the Red Army in Manchuria, South Sakhalin and Korea. Killed - 84 000 military men of the Japanese army .Yes, yes, we also fought against Japan. Destroyed and burned 1,710 Soviet cities and towns, more than 70 thousand villages, more than 6 million buildings, 32 thousand enterprises, 65 thousand km of railways. The USSR lost at least 26.6 million(!) of its citizens in this war. Irretrievable military losses of the USSR are 11 444 100 people, of this killed soldiers - 8 668 400 people, the loss of civilian population in the zone of occupation - 13 684 700 people (of them: deliberately wiped out by the Nazis and their allies- 7 420 400 people, died in forced labor in Germany - 2 164 300 people, died from hunger, disease and lack of medical care - 4 100 000 people). And yes ... feel the difference: The United States lost 418,000 people during World War II. For all the time and on all fronts. In the United States, not a single house was destroyed, not a single civilian was injured. In the Great Patriotic War, Great Britain lost a little more - 303,240 people. The historical role of the USSR in the Second World War lies in the fact that the Soviet Union was the main military and political force that determined the victorious course of the war (primarily in Europe), its decisive results. The Soviet Union took the brunt of the struggle against the Hitlerite army. This is an indisputable fact. Like you it or not, "buddy".
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