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(25 Nov 1970) One of Japan's most famous authors, Yukio Mishima, committed harikiri after leading a raid on the army headquarters in Tokyo.

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Comments 24
霞葉月 11 days ago
1:23 一人、口元クチャクチャとガム噛みながら棺を運んでるように見えるんだが、気のせい?
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
“The very instant the blade tore open his flesh, a bright disc of the sun soared up behind his eyelids and exploded, lighting the sky for a moment.”
chikarcas 6 months ago
1:00 those faces
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 7 months ago
If Mishima had succeeded he would have transformed Japan in a better way. Looking at modern Japan being even pushed by the USA to be more assertive, it's now clear that Mishima's goals were no different from that of Shinzo Abe.
MisterApol 8 months ago
Bailey Morton
Bailey Morton 4 months ago
MisterApol I mean fair, great writer though
Tom Hadler
Tom Hadler 9 months ago
0:15 the ghostbusters were in attendance? Also, RIP. Seppuku...an honourable but absolutely mental way to go
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Year ago
This guy was a tormented with his sexuality, lack of height and small physique, and resorted to racist, racist ideology.
Demetrius Karavasilis
Demetrius Karavasilis 11 months ago
@Rui Rui, the only thing +Andrew Lee knows well is to discriminate groups of people with different mindset /lifestyle than him. He wants to persuade he is not a racist himself, but he attributes his own racist nature at his target. He is an overt narcissist. My response actually does not addressed necessarily towards you, but to readers who might feel offended by narcissists rude behavior. Guys, don't make the mistake of responding to such kind of creatures. They are vampires who suck the energy of their target. You will end up being exhausted, having lost your time. Enjoy your time!
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Year ago
@Rui Rui I didnt know anything when I read him at 19. Now I know quite a lot. I speak Korean fluently, familiar with Japanese. Lived in Asia quite a bit. I also dont have hello kitty, last samurai weeaboo notions of everything and anything Japanese. Mishima was brilliant but he was a tortured soul who subscribed to moral equivalent of neo Nazism. Interesting but he was racist. Most Japanese dont think highly of him either and find it curious that Mishima has such a following among westerners.
Rui Rui
Rui Rui Year ago
You clearly don't know anything about Yukio Mishima. 😂
Honour to Mishima from Italy, your former Allied. Tenno Heika Banzai
Ken Penalosa
Ken Penalosa 3 days ago
Bigfanm3new Year ago
Its called seppuku
Montgomery Webster
Montgomery Webster 2 months ago
Jisatsu (自殺) and jiketsu (自決) as well. As you might expect, there are a lot of words for "suicide" in Japan - jisho.org/search/suicide
g e m i n i
g e m i n i 3 months ago
Harakiri is just term for suicide Sepukku is ritual to take life.
Sir Griffith
Sir Griffith 5 months ago
@v00d00xtr3m3 you're an imbecile with probably no other goal in life than to have a car and family. You wouldn't understand.
Kaneda 6 months ago
Harakiri and Seppuku refer to the same thing
ThatSpookyMan 8 months ago
It can also be referred to as "harakiri"
Sumana Ghosh
Sumana Ghosh Year ago
San mishima the real saiyan
Komrad Pepenovski
This is the Alt-left of tomorrow
definitely not ethan
tf do you mean alt-left
Bailey Morton
Bailey Morton 4 months ago
Mishima was a pseudo-fascist who wanted to give full economic and political control of Japan to the Emperor, not really sure how he was alt-left
Kirijo Cafe
Kirijo Cafe Year ago
I can understand where Mishima was coming from but he also needed to understand that the Meiji period was over and that the emperor should not be seen as a living deity anymore. Before then he was simply a prominent figure in Japanese society when the Shogunate ruled. Westernizing both made Japan and ruined it
CheckItOut x
CheckItOut x Month ago
@Rupak Savan it's basically a US territory now
Rupak Savan
Rupak Savan 6 months ago
how is it ruined?
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
Japan is the oldest existing empire on the planet.... Westernizing just industrialized Japan.
XanltheCSG Year ago
Truly a unique man who chose a unique death for unique reasons. Not healthy by any means, but admirable. Rest in peace, Mishima-san.
SmilyaceStudios Month ago
@lucifer morning star He sought to return power to the emperor and instill a spirit of nationalism of back in Japan, you know the same nationalism that turned Japan from a medieval reclusive state into a superpower that could technologically rival even Europe.
Montgomery Webster
Montgomery Webster 2 months ago
Can you be a bit more explicit or link to an English article about Mishima's views? I'm only familiar with his literary work. @@Gale Barreth
Gale Barreth
Gale Barreth 3 months ago
@lucifer morning star Good point! We shouldn't romanticise Mishima and treat him as something he's not. But that works both ways, and we shouldn't label him mentally ill for having extreme views that seem insane, and disturbing. We can disagree with people with extreme views, even if they have good reasons for their beliefs, and we don't need to delegitimise their views by saying they're mentally ill. Maybe there is evidence of a possible mental illness that i'm not aware of, so bare that in mind, and let me know if there is please. I agree with you that it is good his demands were not granted though. Idk. what do you think?
Jovan Lee
Jovan Lee 6 months ago
@Astolfo fan the idiot who wants to die and waste it's life and one more student that gave much more potential? You are an idiot and delusional
lucifer morning star
@Astolfo fan A scuicdal maniac is the embodiment of Japan?,this guy would've turn his country into a shit hole if his demands were granted
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
All these people dismissing the fact that he knew he would not succeed.. Just window shopping for another excuse to denounce nationalism... All of you take pride in Democracy and do not realize that you are shepherding yourselves into a world that lacks an identity. No unique culture or past.. No story to tell. Just bees in a hive. He was not the only one who saw this. There are a plethora of books by many people from all cultures that you so called "intellectuals" gleefully ignore.. With pride, you ignore the warnings of authors from your own culture. None of you people would have the bravery to die with honor. None of you can even scratch the surface of what he spent his life writing about. None of you can even begin the act of searching for a soul because you lack one. You cannot be blamed for your ignorance or lack of meaning because you have been conditioned to live this way. You search for happiness in material or animal pleasures. You lack the understanding of the sustained joy that is brought through meaning... A meaning that is bought through fighting for a cause not for yourself, but for the continuation of traditions. You would rather throw it all in the fire and dance around the ashes because that is what is expected of you. Only in the last seconds of your life, you will realize how much of your life was wasted in fruitless pursuits of pleasure and dismissiveness towards what made you unique.
Marvelous Dex
Marvelous Dex 2 months ago
@Alif AF *N*
Nhan 3 months ago
im late but loved this discussion
carrito1981 5 months ago
That's nice honey.
Peter Kelner
Peter Kelner 11 months ago
@Alif AF Trump is not racist, but you are BIGOT!!!
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
@Kollin Stokes Same to you, bud. Though, I think our ancestors and fortune are smiling upon us now. We cannot let them down.
Alif AF
Alif AF Year ago
Hero racist nationalist deserved to death by using suicide beheading (Seppuku). What a waste. Emperor of Japan will not accept it.
Kollin Stokes
Kollin Stokes Year ago
Chores Galore I like you
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
@Alif AF No hard feelings.. I have no energy for hatred. I make banter, but it is not out of spite.. it's just how I speak.
Alif AF
Alif AF Year ago
+Chores Galore I'm so sorry about "racist bigot" because I'm bad mood on my job.
Alif AF
Alif AF Year ago
+Chores Galore 'Banzai' meaning Long Live Emperor of Japan.
Alif AF
Alif AF Year ago
+Chores Galore do not say about 'Holocaust'. It's very sad about horrible massacre by Fascist.
Gillan Baclayon
There was no way Mishima’s coup would have succeeded without the support of the Japanese people and the SDF. The US Forces would have also crushed it.
Bailey Morton
Bailey Morton 4 months ago
Mishima wanted to kill himself the coup was just a vehicle towards it, read Runaway Horses by him. Great book, he was deeply troubled though
Vasco Tank
Vasco Tank 4 months ago
What was the point then?
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
That was not the point.
JKL Year ago
so pretty much a ultra-right nut head killed himself in front of camera? good for Japan!
Bailey Morton
Bailey Morton 4 months ago
He’s one of the greatest writers to have ever lived and his suicide has just as much to do with war guilt, not winning the Nobel prize for literature, and his inability to accept his sexuality as it does with politics
If he succeed North and South Korea would take caution. And United States would increase it's Military Forces throughout the Pacific. And Soviet Union too.
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
North and South Korea are working on unification, and they both have a common enemy with Japan... It's a small Country called China. Now, who is allied and sells arms to the Pacific countries including Japan and South Korea...? That's right, America.
patrick Katalenas
japan should indeed go back to their roots, however they should see to the prevention of the mistake of allowing a fascist militarist faction from taking over the government.
iamblt 6 months ago
@Chores Galore In a way, yes. He was trying to stage a coup.
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
@Kirijo Cafe Did Mishima advocate for war?
Kirijo Cafe
Kirijo Cafe Year ago
What exactly do you mean by this? It's one thing to follow bushido again. But no one wants the wars of the Sengoku period back
antichristliche Aktion
Indeed, they should go back to their roots thanks to degenerate antifascists.
Principality of Belka
God what an idiot. The world has changed Mishima and you can't run away from it
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
Japan has a military now... Nothing has changed. You are slipping on the times that make up the short moments of your life.
Blondi Year ago
Nothing ever changes you cunt
Jay Rilley
Jay Rilley Year ago
Another man with brilliant tallented and charisma given away everything he had just to bring ww2 back. What a idiot.
CheckItOut x
CheckItOut x Month ago
@XanltheCSG which is stupid, why would you submit yourself to authority?
XanltheCSG Year ago
Mishima hated Hirohito and publically denounced him many times. He was trying to restore the position of emperor as a political force, as has been Japanese tradition in different centuries.
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
Everyone should read this comment and see that this person is not informed on the ideology that brought Yukio here. It was not about bringing back war.. It was about restoring the ancient culture that was lost from the war. How foolish you are...
antichristliche Aktion
Are you retarded?
Yakovlievich Year ago
The photographic negative of Dostoevsky's Possessed. What was dark for them was light for Mishima Yukio, and what was light for the Possessed was dark for Yukio. But still the same pointless need to destroy. Still the irrational hatred of society. Ending only in death.
John Q. Public
John Q. Public 2 months ago
What a dim view of Mishima's vision - no doubt there are still Dostoevskyian 'Demons' around to this day (some might argue more than ever) but Mishima was not one of them. His philosophy was far more traditional and life-affirming than the pure nihilists Dostoevsky was referencing (e.g. Nechayev and co.)
Peter Sorensen Guitar
You can see in some of those policemen's eyes they believe in his cause but aren't - like him - brave enough to do what he did.
Vasco Tank
Vasco Tank 4 months ago
@Peter Sorensen Guitar how can you tell? It was reported the soldiers where irritated in which they started booing and jeering him.
Spongeofdoom yes
Spongeofdoom yes 8 months ago
Fred Neecha braver than you or I I’m sure.
Fred Neecha
Fred Neecha 8 months ago
There is no bravery in the narcissistic, faggot, emperor wannabe....
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
@Dogmeat1950 You could say that Mishima was 40 years ahead of his time. A visionary...
Dogmeat1950 Year ago
@Ryan Davidson fuck no they shouldn't have. It would have gotten the USA brought back into the streets of Japan. USA wasn't gonna let that shit happen while having a USSR near by. Japan followed the right path. and now their able to build up a better military and government and be ready for the chinese
Louis Kajzer
Louis Kajzer 2 years ago
He was good. I wish there were more people like him
Chores Galore
Chores Galore Year ago
@JKL Your comment shows a complete lack of respect for life... May I ask if you are willing to give your life fighting these 'nut heads' and 'fucktard' people?
JKL Year ago
true thing bro all nut heads should follow suit and kill themselves like that fucktardㅅㅅ
Kriskazam Year ago
Have you read his books? He's a genius but he needed some serious help and needed to learn to accept change. And be careful with what you wish for Yakov, Mishima's been getting popular again lately and I no doubt know there'll be a lot of impressionable young people who want to emulate their own version of this event
Kriskazam Year ago
He knew he wasn't going to be successful in restoring imperialist japan, the entire purpose of this was to choose an aesthetic and symbolic way to die. He wanted to become a vessel and a martyr for everything courtly and warriorly (i know that's not a word) of old japan. He was also unhealthily obsessed with youthfulness and hated seeing his body getting older, so he wanted to find the most beautiful way he could to get rid of himself. In the end, I'm not sure whether he'd be proud or feel guilty if he was successful in launching a fascist coup.
Principality of Belka
If there were people like him Japan would have reverted back to it's imperial goal of conquering all of asia and if that happends then new forced labour camps and mistreatment of civilians and POW's will exist again
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