Sylvester Stallone on His Old Beef with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Sylvester Stallone sat down for Variety's cover story and discussed how he likes to stay out of politics despite being mislabeled a Republican for portraying patriotic characters like John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. He also touched on his former beef with fellow star Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 2 414
Max Designs
Max Designs Hour ago
Why is he the only non Hispanic in the movie? Is the white genocide complete in that movie?
Ed B
Ed B 2 hours ago
He just has bad genes. Some 70 yr. olds look 55.
Arnold will always be #1 and Sylvester #2 that is the way it goes. Yes I know Sylvester as way more money that Arnold.
silvakle 5 hours ago
As I posted on the movie trailer: Screw Terminator (both Cameron and Arnold have long lost their ways: Cameron apparently spent too long with his head halfway up his keister dreaming of the next 14 Avatar sequels, and Arnold stopped caring about the franchise long ago plus has gone for pushing veganism AFTER he had his fill of beef and chicken of course). Stallone hasn't disappointed me in decades (last screwup was Get Carter), so even at over 70, I'll gladly see this (got my tickets already) and support his movies...
youtude y
youtude y 5 hours ago
245 people are about to get Rambo'd.
Rumblefish 7 hours ago
Face looks like a plastic surgeons bucket 😂
John Smith
John Smith 8 hours ago
Wow. The makeup is bad.
SrtJunkie 10 hours ago
Rocky sucked. Stallone sucks. How tf did this guy ever get famous?
PowermadNavigator 11 hours ago
"... so I can take anything, haha!" *camera switches to him sharpening one badass knife* all good, everything's fine... :D
Golden pen
Golden pen 13 hours ago
Fuck yeah!!! It’s not the last one!!!
kipling1957 14 hours ago
Big Stallone fan but the face work is hideous.
silvakle 5 hours ago
OK, so what? He's playing characters who have gone through hell and back (Rambo, Rocky), whom are supposed to look like crap in their latter years. It's fitting.
Z3 VT 14 hours ago
Lesson learned kids : Steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does NOT keep you young!
Doug G
Doug G 16 hours ago
Ego maniac. Sociopathic narcissist. Good story
DreamWarrior 18 hours ago
looks fuckin weird
Why he had his face worked on I have no clue.
sebastian walls
Rocky Balbotox
confuzler Day ago
When i'm feeling down, i watch Rambo, makes me feel great! For me, Stallone = Rambo. No matter how good the other movies are (Rocky, Over the top...). THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PLACE FOR YET ANOTHER RAMBO MOVIE.
Caz G
Caz G Day ago
C'mon Sly stop or my mom will shoot was hilarious and sweet lol, you and Estelle Getty worked great together...Arnie on the other hand may have tricked you into that movie but he sank that low to do 'Jingle all the way'! I'm gonna be honest Arnold in comedy dont mix, hes preferred by me as action guy only. But Sly you can do both good job 👍🤗
George Alexander
We thought the last time we saw Rocky would be in 2006. But he’s kept alive in the Creed movies.
MadMax382 Day ago
Rocky may come back as a boxer in his next film....
Love Unlimited
So much high level alpha going on in this healthy testosterone filled rivalry. 😂
Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas Day ago
Sly Italians are latinos.
Brian Swezey
Brian Swezey Day ago
Hey Stallone....Why are you against the 2nd amendment?????
Michael Vonhaven
Blood Rider
Blood Rider Day ago
He looks like some vegetable which is about to pop.
magnvss Day ago
His face is melting.
yes3443 Day ago
Sylvester's face looks like a melted candle.
The early rivalry was cute. Respect for aging out of it. Thanks for all the movies. Enjoy.
Pawel Hebda
Pawel Hebda Day ago
Big thanks for New RAMBO 200 year Stallone 👍
Adam Trend
Adam Trend Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Ra9Y5QCKw5s.html and enable subtitles
Ahmed 2 days ago
STaying Alive is a masterpiece!
Jesse's Muscle Marker
Am I the only one that cringed at the old lady in the thumbnail, then cringed again when I realized it was a Sylvester Stallone with horrible studio makeup on?
meat Ismurder
meat Ismurder 2 days ago
Was it a genuine dislike for each other? I heard Arnold could be a bit arrogant
Canalegrande 2 days ago
good looking for age, really!
Mein Kamph
Mein Kamph 2 days ago
This guy ran to Canada during the Vietnam War to avoid the draft. Then after starts doing rambo movies. He is a coward!
Mein Kamph
Mein Kamph 14 hours ago
@John Manco But its ok to take advantage of the after math of the war? He's a hypocrite!
John Manco
John Manco 18 hours ago
Is it possible that he didn't support a futile war effort that had zero sense behind it?
Uday Simar
Uday Simar 2 days ago
Puffy cheeks I heard is a sign of drug abuse. He was my hero at a time in life, however short it was.
Arnold is best..stallone just a buddy
TheMaxer03 2 days ago
Sly! Please come to our comic con in Salt Lake City - FanX.
TheMaxer03 2 days ago
This is why Hollywood now has no soul. Well-explained.
Kasimir B
Kasimir B 2 days ago
Is he turning into Paul McCartney? 🤔
spillerxxxxx 2 days ago
The Grinch? Oh no, it's Sly
Der Holländer
Der Holländer 2 days ago
Ugly little man
Mark Pubate
Mark Pubate 2 days ago
I have never seen him this old before! I bought an authenticated Rocky Balboa dvd in 2006 and then watched it repeatedly 100-odd times.
khan khan
khan khan 2 days ago
Love you for ever
khan khan
khan khan 2 days ago
Your a legend🌠🌠🌠
khan khan
khan khan 2 days ago
Love you Sir✨✨✨your my hero.
palmsbikegangs 2 days ago
i got to Philly at 4 am, then waited until sunrise, and ran those stairs at about 5:30 am. felt great!
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis 2 days ago
Old fart
Mikel G
Mikel G 2 days ago
They cut back and forth between young and old and hes getting old...
wilmer öberg
wilmer öberg 2 days ago
Bruh his face
David Houma
David Houma 2 days ago
4:24s-4:31s CMTFU!!!
Kazmix2 2 days ago
I love them both ! Like a lot ! They both are awesome! I can’t wait for Rambo Last Blood
Sexually Transmitted Disease.
I can't believe there's another one. And it was launched like yesterday. 20 september 2019. AMAZING. I never knew Sly was gonna do another one. I thought he stopped at the 2008 one. Thank you for telling me brother. Really appreciate it. ^___^ EDIT: I should've watched the whole video. It says right there. My fault. xD But... aaaaaanyway. xP
Keith Walker
Keith Walker 2 days ago
is that botox in his face?
Oldboy 2017
Oldboy 2017 2 days ago
Arnold is King!
creeator 3 days ago
They could’ve done Contra together !
Adrian 3 days ago
„FIST“ the best Movie from Stallone.
Anton Klassnyi
Anton Klassnyi 3 days ago
botox to go.
S O M 3 days ago
For me u was u will and u will be my last super hero and as u say there's no last for my epic Rambo lots of love and respect to this Man #SylvesterStallone👍
Richard Wood
Richard Wood 3 days ago
Such genuine respect for this MAN.
DonPascquale 3 days ago
wtf he looks like a monster, wtf this guy did to his face??? hollywood actors are wierd as fuck
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