Sykkuno And I GASLIGHT The Lobby And Create A GRAVEYARD

Corpse Husband
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Jan 16, 2021




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Comments 100
M o r i n
M o r i n Hour ago
Corpse get me a....corpse sandwich and...a corpse juice and....a...ded human
ᄒᄒᄒ 5 hours ago
Chris. 6 hours ago
Joder, soy adicta a tu voz.
Treyway winston
Treyway winston 7 hours ago
Me, Corpse, @UCsTt5NIY5hJ8xPQVKaimjuw don't have faces
Min Haryl Baylon
Min Haryl Baylon 8 hours ago
Corpse and Sykkuno = Hades and Persephone 😂
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 10 hours ago
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John H
John H 12 hours ago
I love the way he censored telling Brooke to stfu, something fresh instead of just a beep. Keep at it Corpse, I've been a fan since your horror story days
Jodi Evaga
Jodi Evaga 13 hours ago
Hey jackson
Princess Oreo
Princess Oreo 15 hours ago
Who else loves how nice Sykkuno is?
Brock Jamal
Brock Jamal 18 hours ago
The spectacular cross perioperatively boil because dead bailly clip mid a plant freeze. spiritual, unknown pants
Khadija Aden
Khadija Aden 19 hours ago
Do ITttt
Rebekah Choate
Rebekah Choate 21 hour ago
Hiii corpse Idk if this is true but I just saw on snapchat that you are worried abt that not doing face reveal. Well I am just saying this.... Don't do it unless you want. I am not subscribed but I still think it is unnecessary for people to pressure you. Don't do it. You rock and you should be able to feel comfortable to have a good career and entertain people without having to have to see your face. Just keep doing your awesome self and rock on. 😊
The501stSold13r _
The501stSold13r _ 21 hour ago
Rae: Bobushka Corpse: Time to kill
AJ Zephyros
AJ Zephyros Day ago
Honestly if Corpse ever does a face reveal, it should just be a rickroll
Immortal Beast
i love corpse!
Daniel Turcin
I can't help but imagine Corpse looking a bit like an anime character. Black short hair, spotless face, maybe gray irises, black hoodie, some torn jeans, etc.
Peter Villanueva
Hes so cool im a fan of him
Peter Villanueva
I like and sub
Peter Villanueva
Corpse is so cool
Dazmui Day ago
He’s amazing his voice has that ability to make u couldn’t trust what u saw with ur own eyes
TheKatsKid Day ago
Is that Breaking Benjamin... no its Trapt
C822 Day ago
He will not show his face because he is too handsome.
Wolfie Parsons
Ok, ok CORPSE hear me out, soooo I was watching a clip of you being amazing, and YOU MENTIONED YOU MAINED REAPER ON OVERWATCH, WE NEED TO 1V1 HIM
Zoey's Cxnfessions
"I asked a bank teller whats your biggest fear" Corpse-2021
Kei TKA Day ago
That second round was literally psychological warfare on crack
Caleb S Dokwani
Corpse and sykkuno are absolutely mental😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏
-btk3- 2 days ago
Ash: gets killed Ash: “I can’t believe you done this.”
Dayra Davila
Dayra Davila 2 days ago
Corpse and sykkuno are the best team
mythical dragon
mythical dragon 2 days ago
Shut the (INTENSE BANG( up Everyone: OOOOOOOH
Brookiestories 22
Dude did corpse die or something he hasn’t made videos for awhile
Brookiestories 22
@Sakalah I respect that man 👌🏽
Sakalah Day ago
He posted a new video just a week ago. He doesn't have to pump out content every day like most big youtubers. If he did, it might take a toll on his already strained health.
Matthew Poyser
Matthew Poyser 2 days ago
Trying to change my voice to be like yours
Maya Owczarek
Maya Owczarek 2 days ago
Why do I love this and bc I’m did a tiktok with the song e girls ruining my life and I realised today on my b day that HE SANG IT now I’m in love
its mia
its mia 2 days ago
Gustavo Inostroza
The day corpse drinks a single zip of tea, his carrier is over
Joey Cantwell
Joey Cantwell 2 days ago
Corpse is amazing I am subscribed the best youtuber ever. I don't care if he doesn't show this face it is his choice . I don't watch his horror stories they are to scary. How are you corpse
Camden Therrien
Camden Therrien 2 days ago
me and my friend wants to make a moovie of you
Hamida Bekon
Hamida Bekon 2 days ago
Corpse I wanna add you on Among us
Kylle G_
Kylle G_ 2 days ago
Me: do u have a face corpse? Corpse: uhhhhh... no? :’D Me: well its okay I dont have brain cells u-u
Saad_WA 2 days ago
am I the only person that thinks that corpse voice is relaxing? I swear his vids are the BEST!
Ashley Nyambi
Ashley Nyambi 2 days ago
day 2 of asking corpse to make a draw my life video
Zuperdude7 2 days ago
i just discovered batman's youtube channel.
A R Marsden
A R Marsden 2 days ago
I like him to but his first vid when he talked I saw was about "a little girl on the side of the road" and it didn't scare me but my entire body got scared and had a nightmare that I'm not recovering well from
55MoonMess :P
55MoonMess :P 3 days ago
You can't tell if corpse is lying. his voice does go any higher.
Nicolas Carballo
Nicolas Carballo 3 days ago
Is Karl high?
Mendoza, Arlyn
Mendoza, Arlyn 3 days ago
Finally! I found your yt account. soooo happy. UWU
Sol Bakil
Sol Bakil 3 days ago
Oh woah... .sykkuno :no one else gonna simp for corpse IM GONNA SIMP FOR CORPSE "*KILLS*"
Audycia Ariah Cdebaca
Am I the only one but I want to play among us with them so badly 😩
Sunset_ Playz
Sunset_ Playz 3 days ago
Bruh.. your deep voice kills me but your already cool! I see you around gacha tiktoks 😅😂 your funny but scary
DEnderGamer456 3 days ago
hello how are you
Niccole Blackwood
Ayy corpse 🖤❤
Xx_Rømeø_xX 3 days ago
The dynamic duo we all knew we needed.
Cameron West
Cameron West 3 days ago
The astonishing scanner arespectively analyse because flag progressively smell throughout a public lycra. male, eminent glass
Keyry Zapien
Keyry Zapien 3 days ago
I love his voice it’s so deep
Simp Bad
Simp Bad 3 days ago
I love Brooke and CORPSE killing each other. It's hilarius!
Kids Bradshaw
Kids Bradshaw 3 days ago
Corpse is ...... Cool😎👍
LocalCalysta 3 days ago
Sykkuno has gotten so much better at being imposter hahaha
deku midoria
deku midoria 3 days ago
I hope that corpse will read this comment bcs i rly want to tell that who ever he looks or sounds like i d o n t fucking care bcs je seems so nice and he is funny plus je likes music soo i kinda Like that 2 bcs i l i t t e r a l y live for music i hope he likes hugs bcs i rly want to hug him . P.S: not GONNA lie i think ur coie is kinda cool hihi
TheSeoulActor 31
TheSeoulActor 31 3 days ago
Corpse and Sykkuno are the absolute best team ever UwU
Travis Acton
Travis Acton 3 days ago
Your music is so good
Nano Nyme
Nano Nyme 3 days ago
12:50 : "anyways, that was two weeks ago, bye !" that made my day :')
Bilal Guhad Osman
she talked about sykuno and he killed her right away LOL
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 4 days ago
Corpse is just so nice and cool and friendly and you can’t do anything but love him, I love you corpse 😌♥️ Corpse you deserve all the happiness and good vibes in the world, because you make so many people’s day better
Carell VIm Decierdo
Nice voice corpse
Arfgus910 4 days ago
Corpse why you not playing with Dream??
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 4 days ago
Hi Corpse, its me Katy!!
Amber Cole
Amber Cole 4 days ago
I love corpse
Mauludia Hena
Mauludia Hena 4 days ago
I love you corpse
•Minty• 4 days ago
I Love You :)
radiatorboi 4 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Corpse is overrated
Michelle Guerrero
No one asked.leave his channel then🤷🏻‍♀️
Ser Ryan
Ser Ryan 4 days ago
The amount of BM in this is amazing “It’s not corpse he’s clear he’a clear he’s clear he’s clear ahahahahaha
Arianna albert
Arianna albert 5 days ago
i listen to his musil evry day ✨✨✨✨
dreams_dude 5 days ago
Corpse is the BEST!!!!!!
among us wolf
among us wolf 5 days ago
corpse is the best among us player
Rich Pine
Rich Pine 5 days ago
Corpse saying, "What's your biggest fear" at 11:40 at .75% speed sounds scary cool lol
sreekutty sree
sreekutty sree 5 days ago
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Shylock 104
Shylock 104 5 days ago
13:29 Any crewmates around? Sykkuno: Well my screen technically said Impostor LOL
AshleyBae 5 days ago
Rae to Corpse: she meant a bad b*tch 😂😂😂
jasmine Velasquez
Love your videos corpse
KoalaGaming18 5 days ago
Lud: Nobody's dead?! *Dies* My favourite part lmao
Ava Allen
Ava Allen 5 days ago
I simp
REGEX Assassin
REGEX Assassin 5 days ago
Sykkuno: Karl is that Breaking Benjammin? 😂😂😂
drem 5 days ago
Like your vooce
Róbert Schritter
ive never simped over so many asian people before
Carrie Brock
Carrie Brock 5 days ago
Corpse how in the world your voice is so fucking dark
Antara Mohite
Antara Mohite 5 days ago
Alisa Khan
Alisa Khan 5 days ago
i literally came here to listen to Corpse's voice because i thought he sounds like my online art teacher. But corpse's voice is so deep...i just became addicted..
Elias Ricau
Elias Ricau 6 days ago
Hey small imposter idea : the returner... in a game with two imposters one of them would be the returner, he does not have any special skills and his goal would be the same BUT, once the returner dies, he takes over the body and name of one of the crew mates, of course the crew mate who’s body has been taken « dies » and becomes a ghost and no one would be able to speak (since the other crew mates would easily recognize the returner by his voice). Basically he would exchange his soul and put it in a crew mates body. Pros : fun way to put an extra task to the returner, who would then need to try to assimilate and imitate the crew’s soul he took over in order to not look sus, it would also put the « message » option in the spotlight since the only way everyone would be able to discover the true returner would be by his way of writing (not speaking of course that would be a little to easy). Cons: I guess it is hard to organize, and it would only be a game mode between friends (since strangers can’t really know the way of writing and doing stuff of each other). The new job of the returner would be the same as the imposter, but if he gets killed once again, he simply dies. There would only be one returner because having two of them would be slightly hard. If this game mode gets taken, I think putting it aside with the « jester » game mode would also be fun. Like if this seems interesting.
Scelohead 6 days ago
Omg 😂😂😂🤣 can you imagine being a teller at a bank and having someone with a voice this deep asking your biggest fear.
Roseanne park
Roseanne park 6 days ago
Corpse you new fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Mariyaa Saplee S.
I think I know who corpse is becuz there's a tamil actor who has his voice:)
Annabelle Bellerose
Corpse I'm the girl from omegle and I asked if you were corpse
Andrew C.
Andrew C. 6 days ago
Corpse sorry that people say if your ugly if you are IDC soooo sorry corpse :) !😁😁😁😁😁😁
Emily Cuevas
Emily Cuevas 6 days ago
ok, ok but when corpse said he'd hand deliver merch to sykkuno. my heart melted.
Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover 6 days ago
"it's not a bug, it's a birthright"
Brittany Cato
Brittany Cato 6 days ago
You are mean
Angel Gaming
Angel Gaming 6 days ago
Corpse: Shut the FUCK up Brooke Brooke: =-=
NikkoFromYT Official
If I ever grow up I want Corpse's Voice
Rissa Renee
Rissa Renee 7 days ago
These are hilarious and evil genius plays omg 🤣
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