Switching Rooms With My Sister for 24 Hours Challenge!! *i pranked her good

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So I'm switching rooms with my sister for 24 hours and guys I pranked her so good! This 24 hour challenge was super fun! What other challenges should we do? xo -Alisha Marie
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
AlishaMarie 8 months ago
So not only did I challenge ash to switching rooms for 24 hours but i also pranked her pretty good..hope u enjoy this video it was so much fun to film! haha xo -alisha
Kelly Zochling
Kelly Zochling Month ago
AlishaMarie hi
OMG Molly squad
OMG Molly squad 3 months ago
Love ya
peretshia Wongsowikromo
I love you alisha I'm you're biggest van
Ryan Coffey
Ryan Coffey 4 months ago
Hi. Luv ya. 😁😘🥰😍😜🤪🤣😂😊😉
Ipsita Jena
Ipsita Jena 5 months ago
Hey Alisha I am ur biggest fan
Johanna Fifis
She’s gonna keep it for a few days
Bob Tanner
Bob Tanner 2 days ago
Sister, Sister
Rhea Kumar Aggarwal
Cary May Floresca
Maybe she is gonna keep it for a bit
EmKH 1307
EmKH 1307 5 days ago
I love the relationship Ashley and Alisha have , which is so rare to find. Seeing their relationship really makes me wish I had one too
Jelly Bit
Jelly Bit 6 days ago
keep it
Olivia Newlands
Olivia Newlands 8 days ago
You guys are sisters?????
AlexisWeirdo 15 hours ago
You’re definitely new here
Kortni Todd
Kortni Todd 11 days ago
her room looks better now
IamAmogha 12 days ago
Oh my ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kyra Carlisle
Kyra Carlisle 14 days ago
Ashley: Oo this looks expensive... *uses*
Grace and Mollie
Grace and Mollie 15 days ago
Witkes Kids
Witkes Kids 16 days ago
kepp it
Whitney Mac
Whitney Mac 17 days ago
Where did u get ur vanity
India Forbes
India Forbes 19 days ago
Change it
Emma Komzik
Emma Komzik 20 days ago
Noelle Morse
Noelle Morse 21 day ago
The part when Ashely says “this looks expensive” 😂😂😂😂😂
yenning 22 days ago
OMG!!!!Alisha's outfit look sososososo pretty
Slime n’ more
Slime n’ more 23 days ago
I think Ashley is gonna keep her room like that I love it
books and bagels
books and bagels 26 days ago
I love Ashley’s room rearranged
George Sanchez
George Sanchez 27 days ago
She gonna keep it
Jasmin READER 28 days ago
I really like the new room! She should keep it ( i would)
Mia Boras
Mia Boras Month ago
Lina Lina
Lina Lina Month ago
I think that Ashley like the bedroom
Marian Lake
Marian Lake Month ago
This literally does not make sense but I know you already do a lot of like, clothes hauls and stuff...can you do like, a closet reveal?
Blonde Dora
Blonde Dora Month ago
Keep it giiiiiirrrrrllll
Bethel Girma
Bethel Girma Month ago
Sister, Sister😁💕
Nada Dragović
Nada Dragović Month ago
Zoe Katsiaficas
Zoe Katsiaficas Month ago
Farida Fakhr Eldin
2:16 OMG i saw the camera girl look in the mirror
AlexisWeirdo 15 hours ago
Rasika Gupta
Rasika Gupta Month ago
4:31 who’s that person
Estefania Monroy
She going keep it like that
Danielle Sutherland
Samantha Morales
I thought u forgot your toothbrush
Payton Rowley
Payton Rowley Month ago
I hope she keeps it
Irbe Bramane
Irbe Bramane Month ago
She’s gonna KEEP the room
Leia Howard
Leia Howard Month ago
I think she is going to keep it how it is
Zala Boc
Zala Boc Month ago
I like new room of Ashley
Zala Boc
Zala Boc Month ago
Alisha, is Chloe your dog? And i loveeee your room its beautiful
Kora Wills
Kora Wills Month ago
sister, sister
Espinoza Girls
Espinoza Girls Month ago
sister, sister
Elise Wolfe
Elise Wolfe Month ago
I think she’s going to keep it!!!! I love it😍 it’s so cute😍
Seetharaman Srinivasan
Kemp like this because I love it
Mina EDWARDS Month ago
Ella Balentine
Ella Balentine Month ago
hi i love you and i am your bigest fan i love you and i ws wondering if you can souht me out
Vittoria Di Amato
Keep it
riailip Month ago
i love you
Lyra Rothchild
Lyra Rothchild Month ago
I think she will keep it hopefully because you took your time on it
Seanna Blogs
Seanna Blogs Month ago
Keep it
Clair Crospay
Clair Crospay Month ago
Sister, sister
Gracey Botz
Gracey Botz Month ago
who else here are new youtuber? We can help each other..let's grow together!
Bullet Journalist
Sister sister
Just_Michelle's Films
Where did youre shorts come grom @Alisha? That short is amazing!💗💗
Brittany Rose
Brittany Rose Month ago
keep it
Lucy Madison
Lucy Madison Month ago
why was there mane and tail shampoo in the shower
James Kim
James Kim Month ago
I think she is going to keep it but i think she will get mad
Ajmal Hussain
Ajmal Hussain Month ago
Why is thereapictureofjojosiwa
Caitlyn Crabbe
Caitlyn Crabbe Month ago
I think Ashley is gonna keep her room like that
Leila Teycheney
Leila Teycheney Month ago
The cap in the middle of the hats is the highlight of this video
My life as Chloe
Jocelyn Pierce
Jocelyn Pierce Month ago
Lizzy Month ago
I think she’s going to keep it
Denis Bellanger
Denis Bellanger Month ago
Mara Brkich
Mara Brkich Month ago
Keep it
Trisha Ten Pei Wen
Omg ashley is so neat. Her wardrobe
Melanie Robinson
If you guys are sisters why do you have different last names Ps. No hate I love your vids ❤️
Olivia Lawrence
Olivia Lawrence Month ago
Melanie Robinson i’m pretty sure that Marie is Alisha’s middle name and Nicole is Ashley’s middle name if that’s what you were referring to. if not then i have no idea lol
Angela Atkins
Angela Atkins Month ago
Keep it
Becca Price
Becca Price Month ago
Keep it
Debbie Downie
Debbie Downie Month ago
Potty mouths
Helena Cruickshank
Macy Scharpf
Macy Scharpf Month ago
Alisa should do a channel with Ash
Rachel Gomes
Rachel Gomes Month ago
I think Ashley will keep it this way
Anais Paul
Anais Paul Month ago
where did you get the cactus on your vanity
Christine Lee
Christine Lee Month ago
Keep i5
Bella Denson
Bella Denson Month ago
You should do a switching lives for 24 hours with TK. And she could post your insta and stuff
Mofy Fernandes
Mofy Fernandes Month ago
I so wanna know why there are dead bolts on your doors? lol
Jason Rickard
Jason Rickard Month ago
Lol at 1:48 Alisha was trying to say something but it didn't happen
Aquapuppy 578
Aquapuppy 578 Month ago
I wish I can do that but I don’t have a sister only two brothers
MJ GoBonkers
MJ GoBonkers Month ago
1:25 i didn’t realize alisha’s light behind her bed moves is that juss me ?? 😂😝
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