Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm switching lives with the Dolan Twins and becoming Jeff Dolan! I wanted to give myself a huge challenge and try and live like someone who has a completely different life than me. Ethan and Grayson took me on a whole day of adventures and what they do on the daily... Buckle up and join me on this insane journey!
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
darishell 34 seconds ago
Jeffree as a man is literally A KEN DOLL , Barbie WHOOO!??
Keely Clark
Keely Clark Hour ago
When he jokes about Nate leaving him. 😳😬
Viahn Green
Viahn Green 2 hours ago
jeffree's face at 19:13 when they said no legs
Maribel Ramirez
Maribel Ramirez 3 hours ago
WhySoFine SG
WhySoFine SG 5 hours ago
21:44 No one: Literally no one: Me: OMG the nails~ *opera voice* the nails sweety~~~~ ohhhnooooo br KeRpUlllll
WhySoFine SG
WhySoFine SG 5 hours ago
Jeffree looks ATTRACTIVE AF😶😶😶😍😍😍😂😂😂
Idk Lollollol
Idk Lollollol 5 hours ago
why does jeffreye look like ruby rose as a male
Emellie Kendall
Emellie Kendall 5 hours ago
The look really grows on you.
Brittany Ponder
Brittany Ponder 9 hours ago
I feel like I'm so far behind in this series lol I love catching up
yura yaa
yura yaa 10 hours ago
Jeffree looks very handsome 😭😭
Asania Aphane
Asania Aphane 16 hours ago
i am sorry but seeing grayson and Ethan walking in slow motion made me open my mouth so wide, and then I see jeffree's legs . oh god, no disrespect but bruh. i tried so hard not to laugh
Kim Dodd
Kim Dodd 22 hours ago
Me seeing all his shoes realizing and I have 2 pairs and that’s all😂😂
ktdrhr Day ago
those dudes are the douchiest people alive lmaoo
「 단아 」
Ik Im not the only one who felt uncomfortable when the girls asked for a pic. EEEK I curled in my crusty skin shell.
Krümel Pikachu
and now the dolans are vegan
Miah Rae
Miah Rae Day ago
Honestly Jeffree just looks like a masculine lesbian... I’m not mad ab it LMAO
Simeran Samra
you should totally switch lives with Nate!!
Elisa Olivan
Elisa Olivan Day ago
Can Jeffree stay like this lol
Claudy White
Claudy White Day ago
Why are the Dolan twins so cute 😔 and Jeff was drinking the wrong drink😂
Carmen 27
Carmen 27 Day ago
Guys Jeffree looks like Ruby Rose..
Adii. _.
Adii. _. Day ago
10:27 even the dog said OH MY GOD
Myana Mystic
Myana Mystic Day ago
Ok but like Jeff Dolan is hot
Pumba Day ago
Markiplier looks good dint know he changed his name to jeffre
DannyAlion Day ago
I love how postive Jeff was about littarly everything even while eating no flavor chicken 😂 we need more positive daring people!!
DannyAlion Day ago
Omggg lolll jef looks like a fine ass f-boys that break your heart 😂 it looks so good!!!
Gemini Work
Gemini Work Day ago
I love Jeffree like this in fact I’d date jeffree like this!!
Genessis Day ago
James left the chat
Aubree Grace
Aubree Grace 2 days ago
he looks like edward cullen
gaby 2 days ago
ok I can’t be the only one who sees ruby rose from jeff
Kookie A.R.M.Y
Kookie A.R.M.Y 2 days ago
Yo, you looked amaaaaazing as a dude 😆💓😆💓
YourLocal Gurl
YourLocal Gurl 2 days ago
Is it just me or can y’all hear the song “como te voy olvidar” in the back when they eating Ice Cream Minute 36:03
Aidyn Studlo
Aidyn Studlo 2 days ago
“We’re not vegan” intense foreshadowing
Veronika Sturm
Veronika Sturm 2 days ago
13.10 your legs are soooooo thin
Aurora Vee
Aurora Vee 2 days ago
Jeffree: what if he leaves me ...well that didn’t age well
Shahida T
Shahida T 2 days ago
jeffrey looks like kris jenner
LilpapiLongLegs Tee hee
He looks like lilhuddy
Erick Castillo
Erick Castillo 2 days ago
People Will hate me but Star looks better as a dude!! This video is wild. I love the Jeff tho. ❤️❤️
Hick Strong
Hick Strong 2 days ago
I bet your father is very disappointed in you
Kangenkamuselalu 2 days ago
Annie E
Annie E 2 days ago
uh... so Jeffree a dude who we all see as a woman, trying to be a dude and forgot to take his nails off,
Jada Daniell
Jada Daniell 2 days ago
you legit look like my older cuz lolllllllllllllllll
Erik Mnojan
Erik Mnojan 2 days ago
I swear to God Jeffree is literally me in the gym whenever I go... so awkward but I get him🤦🏻‍♂️😂 he’s so funny!!!
Dana Bdair
Dana Bdair 2 days ago
bruh the slow-mo killed me and who is watching this bored in quarantine 2020 lol
jazmin 2 days ago
legit nobody: dolan twins after everything: “it’s for the gains”
Arleth DeAvila
Arleth DeAvila 2 days ago
i love the tattoos
Naomi Amerischool
The car montage went hottest, hot, uncomfortable
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez 3 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed their license plate???
BAILEE SAYLOR 3 days ago
What is his magic he eats candy 24/7 and is a skinny legend
Layla Arp
Layla Arp 3 days ago
Why did he kinda look like kris jenner
Kitty nita
Kitty nita 3 days ago
Jeffrey looks so handsome in this video. I feel like... Woooah. But I still respect this person 😁
Konstantinos N.
Konstantinos N. 3 days ago
DontClick MyAccount
So uhh.. why was this on my recommended?
Destinyyy 3 days ago
When jeffree fell from the first handstand I felt so bad
Liz A Garcia
Liz A Garcia 4 days ago
Ok but Grayson’s arms look huuuge🤭🤭 you guys are adorable
Selina Zhu
Selina Zhu 4 days ago
26:46 "I'm the pickiest eater" eats candy and junk food daily
Erdbear Rocks
Erdbear Rocks 4 days ago
Why is this so amazing
Azul Borrasca
Azul Borrasca 4 days ago
Wow what a handsome boy.
Bekah R
Bekah R 5 days ago
Why did Jeffrey lowkey look like kris Jenner
sister shook
sister shook 5 days ago
Jeffrees face when they say no dairy XD
Klariane Rosa
Klariane Rosa 5 days ago
2020 is way harder baby
xXSunnySkyzXx GL
xXSunnySkyzXx GL 5 days ago
If you think 2019 is crazy, u got a storm coming ur way in 2020
Nik Pudding
Nik Pudding 5 days ago
0:19 Lol what you saying about 2020?
rose c
rose c 5 days ago
Bed is so pretty
ETN kobo
ETN kobo 5 days ago
The Dolan triplets
Ana Pius
Ana Pius 5 days ago
After this, I wish Jeffree was straight.. Wow
Abby Emerson
Abby Emerson 5 days ago
8:48 he looked like Edward scissor hands 🤣
Felicia Rios
Felicia Rios 5 days ago
First time seeing this video. And Jeffree looked like Winona Ryder(with her pixi cut).
Chloe Allerston
Chloe Allerston 5 days ago
kris jenner vibes
Gracie Burrup
Gracie Burrup 5 days ago
Bro I am dairy free to twinzies
Halia Mick
Halia Mick 5 days ago
who else thinks Jeffry and James would be a good couple
Corryn Guilliams
Corryn Guilliams 5 days ago
He looks like souyer off of Piper rockels squad
Team Austin JTA
Team Austin JTA 5 days ago
I love the twins but they seem really boring to be around. Honestly
Sylvia Liszewski
Sylvia Liszewski 6 days ago
I’m just now realizing that you and my sister would literally be best friends, your mannerisms are SOOOO similar
pandaa321 6 days ago
omg he looks like Edward Scissorhands before they cut the wig
Brooklynn Galvez
Brooklynn Galvez 6 days ago
3:21 Jeffree predicted the future and its sad
M. Kaibigan
M. Kaibigan 6 days ago
Jeffree almost looks a lot like a dude always on the basketball court but i keep staring at his nails hahah
Sonika Dkhar
Sonika Dkhar 6 days ago
Still looking cool even as a guy😍😍😘😘
Sugandha Juyal
Sugandha Juyal 6 days ago
I love Jeffree more after this video
Madison is not ok
Jefree: 2019 has been crazy Me: **laughs in 2020**
Cindy Mc
Cindy Mc 6 days ago
He's look so hot only Jeffery can do both
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