Switching Lives With Mia For A Day!

Thomas Petrou
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Switching Lives With Mia For A Day!
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Jun 21, 2020




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The shluv fam edits
Celvin I did the same test to it hurts so bad and it goes up your nose to your brain 🧠 and I am just 9 bro and I am a girl I am in forth grade BTW when I did the test I did the same exact same thing I laid down on the floor 🀣
Simra Mahmood
Simra Mahmood 10 hours ago
So if no one is commenting i will FlUfFy pIlLoSWE
Phoenix Coronado
Phoenix Coronado 12 hours ago
My parents got testes and my mom said it felt like it touched her brain 🧠
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox 13 hours ago
We love how high pitched chases voice is
Brooklynn Hardy
Brooklynn Hardy 13 hours ago
Fluffy pillows
Ariella Kerr-Kierulff
β€œk0uvr, can you not cough in my outro?” β€œI was drinking my drink to annoy you and some ice came up.” β€œWell that’s what happens” and average conversation for them.
The A Vlogs
The A Vlogs 17 hours ago
Fluffy billows
Dayana Cornejo
Dayana Cornejo 20 hours ago
michael saying something else and the woman start laughing
Dayana Cornejo
Dayana Cornejo 20 hours ago
charlie at the end is smiling with a bloody nose like is nothing
Kenzy Ledo
Kenzy Ledo 23 hours ago
I love it or the vatu
Maysoon Hammad
Maysoon Hammad 2 days ago
How does Thomas feel ok I did it once I cried my Tony lopeey out
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 2 days ago
Finally we see Avani smile πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•πŸ˜€
Nancy Tillson
Nancy Tillson 2 days ago
I don't know why Calvin is scared if it goes to your brain then he has nothing to worry about πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜…
Roumaissa Rahouti
Hilary Wugalter
Hilary Wugalter 3 days ago
Playboyz Gamemasterz
Playboyz Gamemasterz
Me:ded Me:ded
Rainbow _plays
Rainbow _plays 3 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Iana Reyes
Iana Reyes 3 days ago
The Katie and Sophie show
When the strongest man in the house is scared of getting his legs waxed. I died omg πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
XXdarksideXxx Xxdarkside
Fluffy pillows
Deboreah Olaoluwa
Fluffy pillows
Deboreah Olaoluwa
Me when Michael said: oh daddy πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜‹πŸ€ͺπŸ˜šπŸ˜›πŸ˜™πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡
Clara Malfoy
Clara Malfoy 5 days ago
4:43 LMFAO-πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Morgan Hackworth
Morgan Hackworth 5 days ago
No one Absolutely nobody: Thomas: this is chases impression of the chameleon from the movie sing Chase: HeReS yOuR cOfFeE mR MOoN
Daisy Botello
Daisy Botello 5 days ago
can someone tell me why charli is bleeding????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Addison Whitehead
fluffy pillow
Mary Pelebo
Mary Pelebo 5 days ago
Soooo no one’s gonna acknowledge the fact that he’s been copying the outro of another RUvidr named Michael Persad. I guess it’s only me who noticed then 🧐
Tandia Stanford
Tandia Stanford 7 days ago
Sunflower Emma
Sunflower Emma 7 days ago
Floffly pillows (πŸ˜‚)
umm is it only me but charli has blod on you mouth
dini anggraeni
dini anggraeni 8 days ago
Yaremi Ordonez barreto
Fluffy pillow s
sherry florez
sherry florez 10 days ago
Thomas . There's more seats nikita Nikita . I have a seat on Tony Me😱she seating on Tony yesss
Jasper Rey
Jasper Rey 11 days ago
Paulina Farina
Paulina Farina 11 days ago
fluffy pillows
lacey deans
lacey deans 12 days ago
for some reason i think Charli's bloody nose is fake lol
karin kartoredjo
karin kartoredjo 13 days ago
Chase at the beginning is EVERYTHING ❀❀❀❀❀
Dhannaharo Dhannaharo
Fluffy pillows
Queen Williams
Queen Williams 14 days ago
Sydney Horton
Sydney Horton 14 days ago
Is that bloody nose real
Amazing Ashlyn
Amazing Ashlyn 15 days ago
At first I thought this was an ad for Ring
Latte Bear
Latte Bear 17 days ago
How did Thomas not flinch or nothing
Chad Blakeley
Chad Blakeley 17 days ago
What happened to Charlie
Marilyn Luces
Marilyn Luces 18 days ago
hold on, hold on, is avani still in the hype house?
Kennady Vlogz
Kennady Vlogz 18 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Dayana Cornejo
Dayana Cornejo 18 days ago
woah charlie at the end so funny
Dayana Cornejo
Dayana Cornejo 18 days ago
a bloddy noise and smiling like nothing is wrong haha
Russell Hackett
Russell Hackett 19 days ago
do more videos with lil huddy
Eseta Tuputala
Eseta Tuputala 19 days ago
fluffy pillow
Itz Maddie Here
Itz Maddie Here 19 days ago
fluffy pillows
R Park
R Park 19 days ago
I looooove chase
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 19 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Star Bailey
Star Bailey 19 days ago
Michael's laugh omg I'm dead πŸ˜‚
Lemon Demon
Lemon Demon 20 days ago
The beginning tho-
Vmin CrushYT
Vmin CrushYT 22 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Alanood Alghafli
Alanood Alghafli 22 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield 22 days ago
Thomas says good morning everybody and then you look at the window and it’s pitch black errr good midnight ever boy Thomas
k.j Evans
k.j Evans 23 days ago
What was chase doing in the beginning lol
Sherrie Cabatic
Sherrie Cabatic 24 days ago
"oh daddy"
The Cow Twins
The Cow Twins 24 days ago
*Chase makes out of a Sericurty camera and makes eye contact with it and then they door magaicly closes an locks it self * : AYE NO NO NO-
Joselyn Maldonado
Joselyn Maldonado 25 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Eri _
Eri _ 25 days ago
Chase be like:πŸ¦ŸπŸ¦—πŸ¦ŸπŸ¦—πŸ¦ŸπŸ¦—πŸ¦ŸπŸ¦—πŸ¦ŸπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€
Louisa Krivak
Louisa Krivak 25 days ago
Fluffy pillows πŸ˜‹βœ¨
jayjay fam
jayjay fam 25 days ago
Wht happend to charli
yuna Lee
yuna Lee 26 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Bella B
Bella B 26 days ago
Fluffy pillows
Erika Kugawa
Erika Kugawa 26 days ago
Charles nose bleeding at the end I feel so bad and I will comment : Dluffy pillows
Tiara Duran
Tiara Duran 26 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about chase play with his catqπŸ”«πŸ–€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Savannah Plays Roblox
Fluffy Pillows
Ashley Jimenez
Ashley Jimenez 26 days ago
I love how Chase is embracing his inner crackhead πŸ˜‚πŸ₯ΊπŸ’™
Shushii Cookies
Shushii Cookies 26 days ago
ngl chase is a whole mood
Paige Walker
Paige Walker 27 days ago
covid test hurts i have had 3 hurt
joselyn rodriguez
joselyn rodriguez 27 days ago
How Michael said oh daddy I mean sh*t
Ella Harding
Ella Harding 27 days ago
fluffy pillows
Olivia Li
Olivia Li 27 days ago
No one: Calvin: this is why Thomas is a man
Stacy Bejarano-Herna
u look ugly
angelichase 27 days ago
fluffy pillows
angelichase 27 days ago
omgggg. chase is so adorable. β€œ i got ur coffee mr.moon. β€œ 🀍πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
angelichase 27 days ago
omfgg. literally the beginning: chase is adorable. 🀍πŸ₯Ί
LD 27 days ago
This is probably one of the funniest vlogs I have seen πŸ˜‚
Charlotte Xox9722
Charlotte Xox9722 28 days ago
fluffy pillows bois
_mwah :-]
_mwah :-] 28 days ago
In the uk they put it down your throat
Rihanna Cobaxin
Rihanna Cobaxin 28 days ago
Fluffy pelows
Danica Samson
Danica Samson 29 days ago
Not gonna lie if you made a whole video of footage from the circle I would watch it and be thoroughly entertained
Megan Lancaster Lancaster
CALVIN IM GETTING MINE that’s not helping meπŸ₯Ί
Roblox_ For_life
Roblox_ For_life 29 days ago
It hurts when get waxed your legs but it doesn't hurt when u get punched so fast I dont get it
Amy Tan
Amy Tan Month ago
Chase:pull pants**😁 thomas:open door** saw chaseπŸ˜‘close door** chase:ayh ayh ayh im just playing im just playing
Did y’all realize this is the only thumb nail that Thomas didn’t make THE face
shyla Bland
shyla Bland Month ago
My name is shyla
Scarlett Ellis
Scarlett Ellis Month ago
thomas: spell canceled me: l i l h u d d y
Life With Oreo and Vlog
* Nikita enters car * * Sits on tonys lap * Thomas: "Nikita,We have more seats,You know?" Nikita: "I like this seat!" Me: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS NIKITA GO COLLECT TONY ILL GO COLLECT RYLAND"
Flo J
Flo J Month ago
Charli huni are u ok
Silke & Siam
Silke & Siam Month ago
Gloria Francisco
If you want to stay safe from coronavirus then stop partying during a pandemic
Gabriel Dos Santos
also i tbh think that chase and michael are one of the most fucking funniest in your videos
Finn Rowe
Finn Rowe Month ago
Fluffy pillows
Drama Queen
Drama Queen Month ago
Calvin and micheal was just to funny 😭😭
Kim wayne Dungca
1 ghost
1 ghost Month ago
No one: Chase: *dances with cat*
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