Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins
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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 45 191
Jennifer Park
Jennifer Park 4 hours ago
Hope the lads kept the outfits
GRAYSON !!! 5 hours ago
This whole video reminds me of white chicks😂
Marissa Riggs
Marissa Riggs 7 hours ago
I’m so happy shane did his series on Jeffree cause without it I wouldn’t know how cool Jeffree actually was😭
Oz A
Oz A 23 hours ago
28:35 apparently the videos they did with Emma didn't even happen now
Sun__Flower Day ago
I love how whenever jefree tells anyone the price of something the’re like take it back I don’t wanna ruin this it’s so funny
alexis wolfe
alexis wolfe Day ago
Jeffree is the definition of a boss bitch tfffff
Furkan Day ago
36:21 that sounded hot
Alice S
Alice S Day ago
You should have warned me about the taking off makeup part!! Everyone think I'm watching porn now thankkkssss...
Nikki Lee
Nikki Lee Day ago
ethan: oh wait jeffere: what? ethan: it says made with greek yougurt jeffere: no it does not. no it doesnt. where? maddy... maddy: what? jeffere: they're both gonna die. they just had dairy me: dies from laughing
Stevie Rodriguez
UPDATE: In 2020, the Himalayan Birkin has been sold for as much as $376,000 in an auction!!!!!!! NOW THAT'S A SMART INVESTMENT!!!!!!! 👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌
Jaycee Charlton
Jaycee Charlton 2 days ago
If we counted how many times they flipped there hair😂
king Kennedy2
king Kennedy2 2 days ago
His voice got deep when he said catch bro
Mak And cheese
Mak And cheese 2 days ago
Why the hell are the fucking hot as male and female it’s unfair 🤣
Kadicia Squad
Kadicia Squad 2 days ago
Jeffree called us poor in like all languages 😂😭
Selah Coles
Selah Coles 2 days ago
Don’t we just love how Jefree literally just throws a quarter million dollar bag at the Dolan twins
Megan Hollinshead
That manager dude knows how to hustle.
Hue Vong
Hue Vong 2 days ago
I can TRULY tell the Dolan twins apart by there voices
Teagan 13
Teagan 13 2 days ago
Jeffery fixing ethans hair was so cute
Marie Bo
Marie Bo 2 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks they look like Antonio Garza? Hahahaha
Ian Wade
Ian Wade 2 days ago
Omg theyre r like so hot with makeup😅
David Murray
David Murray 2 days ago
grayson: how many cookies will you eat jeffree: about 6 or 7 grayson: wow thats actually a lot im dying :)
Jeffery: Oh yea you get a DISCOUNT if you buy ten or more cookies Me: ....you dont care
Takyra Hill
Takyra Hill 3 days ago
this truly reminds me of white chicks I love thisssss
sai 3 days ago
they both look like if antonio garza made her eyebrows hella thin
Vasil Tzvetkov
Vasil Tzvetkov 3 days ago
I wish I would meet u guys you guys are my favorite youtubers
AntoEscobedo 3 days ago
jeffree looks HOT in this video
Sacha Laguna
Sacha Laguna 3 days ago
Sound effects are at 1,000
Sacha Laguna
Sacha Laguna 3 days ago
You can tell jeff loves the twins
Zainab Ralwood
Zainab Ralwood 3 days ago
The Dolan twins faces when there face baking look like potatoes hehe
Stephanie Coulter
I really appreciate how much respect the Dolans give to Jeffrrey
brinabrina 3 days ago
lipstick nick's t-shirt tho (idk if that's hw her name's spelled)
Zoe Charlotte
Zoe Charlotte 3 days ago
"i like barbie lizard"
Gaara's A Serial Killer
Jeffree's entire bag closet and ice draw called me broke and poor 🥺😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀.
Liz 4 days ago
The twins look like ugly girls ever 😂😂
Sakura Hancock
Sakura Hancock 4 days ago
Is it just me or do they kinda look like the rybka twins????
Melanie valles
Melanie valles 4 days ago
Jeffrey is me If it’s not a cookie what is it. Depression
Melanie valles
Melanie valles 4 days ago
OML the twins wo eyebrows
Melanie valles
Melanie valles 4 days ago
Imagine being so rich to make other rich people feel rich
Prisca Derighetti
Grayson: If it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it? Jeffree: Depression Me: Same
Lischkegirl 4 days ago
Jeffree is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.. he couldn't possibly be real..He has such beautiful taste.. I was literally having a panic attack when the twins walked in Jeffrey's vault closet.. 🤢🤮.. I would faint and then look like an insane person holding his bag so close because I wouldn't want anyone to do anything to it😳.. Don't look at this bag don't touch it don't smell it.. Don't... O...brush my hair please 😘🙅🏾‍♀️
statue of wendy
statue of wendy 5 days ago
31:52 two words: white chicks
Skye Cartwright
Skye Cartwright 5 days ago
ethan: *compliments jeffree* grayson: "he also has no eyebrows"
your local non-profitable YouTuber
I like how Jeffrey can buy a bag that's $56,000 and I can't even afford Dolan twin merch
Josh N
Josh N 5 days ago
Their faces are the scariest thing ever. Actually they look like Khloe Kardashian.
Kate Zielke
Kate Zielke 5 days ago
Jeffree get like 20 or 30 things at Louis Vuitton and I got my wallet from there are i screamed
Purnima Patil
Purnima Patil 5 days ago
The way she did their eyebrows simply reminded me how bad James did Shane's eyebrows in 'becoming Jeffree Star for a day'.😖😖
Humna Butt
Humna Butt 6 days ago
Why the hell i think they look like ANTONIO GARZA
bxri 6 days ago
Natural baddies 💖
Sapphire Bronze
Sapphire Bronze 6 days ago
33:49 I don’t think we have the facilities for that big man
KysKissMemes 6 days ago
“If its not a cookie in the morning what is it?” Jeffree: “depression” I FUCKING FELT THAT 😭😭
James Nunley
James Nunley 6 days ago
When my dad goes out and spends 100$ “ ughhhhhh every time I go out I spend 100$!” Jeffree comes home “ Nate! Guess what I only spent 1,000,000$ today a new record!”
Lola Silkstone
Lola Silkstone 6 days ago
Ethan:if its not a cookie in the morning what is it jeffree :scoffs"deppresion
Whit_dog1118 6 days ago
I wish I had that money
snigdha rayyy
snigdha rayyy 6 days ago
day 1 of stanning the Dolan twins
Savage Morgan
Savage Morgan 7 days ago
Baby.Serenityy 7 days ago
Grayson: if it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it 🍪❓ Jeffree: pffft, depression…😢 Edit: why is no one talking about this moment lmao
Gianna’s reborn land
Who thinks the Dolan twins makes a good girl
Avery Schulz
Avery Schulz 7 days ago
I love this so much because these are two straight up DUDES getting into full glam and embracing all things feminine with absolutely no shame and that's so important
weshly weshly
weshly weshly 7 days ago
Emily Quin
Emily Quin 7 days ago
So fucking ICONIC!!!!
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