Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins
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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 43 479
Olivia Cline
Olivia Cline 49 minutes ago
I adore the way they edit their videos!!
Victoria Horton
This video has me rolling 😂 I freaking love them
Amanda 2 hours ago
Morning Meat Toast💯😜I love it!
Britney Ortega
Britney Ortega 2 hours ago
October 2019??
Amber Banner
Amber Banner 2 hours ago
Loved this. The twins looked like WWE Divas 😂
Scootronic 2 hours ago
Then jeffree twins, and,,,,, dolan.
NINA DEANGELIS 2 hours ago
Daniela Berse
Daniela Berse 2 hours ago
this is a weird version of lazy town
Summer Morris
Summer Morris 3 hours ago
"if it's not a cookie in the morning then what is it"? "Pffffffff.... depression" Felt that
Tessie Mammele
Tessie Mammele 4 hours ago
After watching the thing with Shane Dawson, I now realize they are faking their feelings. 🥺🥺🥺 Anton’s else think of that?🤯
E.A.G champ
E.A.G champ 4 hours ago
That guy who was like "you can't put a price on happiness" "you break it you bought it" filled me with so much rage. Not every has more than $5 in their wallet
abby weaver
abby weaver 4 hours ago
Ugh I love Jeffree when he gives people his lifestyle it’s so cute!! 😂 and seeing him interact with the twins is adorableeee I love the Star Twins🥰
abby weaver
abby weaver 5 hours ago
Divi kay
Divi kay 5 hours ago
White chicks pt 2
Ramsha Dolan
Ramsha Dolan 6 hours ago
33:43 hahahahahaha
“Uh don’t say that” lmao!!
Morgan Sproat
Morgan Sproat 6 hours ago
jeffery: *eats McDonald’s in the morning* me: “Please let me live your life”
Marcielle Gosselin
Marcielle Gosselin 6 hours ago
I just love how sweet the Dolans are. I also love how Jeffree acts with them. Watching this, though, I’m hoping that the Dolans have a strong financial specialist who’s guiding them to make strong money decisions.
Mandi Younger
Mandi Younger 7 hours ago
If you can’t tell them apart, just look at their necklaces
Nikole Ribeiro
Nikole Ribeiro 7 hours ago
for Jeffery star to have so much money, it would be nice to see him having a home chef to cook very healthy delicious food, than mcdonalds and taco bell!! I think he deserves better than that lol
Benjamin Cao
Benjamin Cao 7 hours ago
13:10 Grayson looked like a model
Mahana Gurung
Mahana Gurung 7 hours ago
i love how they got excited over the gum ball machine🥺
Rachel Beth Acker
Rachel Beth Acker 8 hours ago
The Starlets
Desiree Juntado
Desiree Juntado 8 hours ago
Lowkey the Dolan twins look like they can be the rocks daughters
Laila Rodriguez
Laila Rodriguez 9 hours ago
Grayson saying it’s coming was😂
Natalie Miett
Natalie Miett 9 hours ago
Them in the gowns made my jaw drop
Claire Bradley
Claire Bradley 9 hours ago
Jeffree has my whole heart
Grace Bartels
Grace Bartels 9 hours ago
I get nervous when I buy a $65 dollar hoodie
Ma Be
Ma Be 10 hours ago
They look like Rihanna 😂
Vanna 12
Vanna 12 11 hours ago
if it’s not a cookie in the morning then what is it? Jeffrey: depression
Luna Song
Luna Song 11 hours ago
If it wasn’t for their body shapes it would be more difficult to tell the different. And I’ve been watching since like 2015/16
Erika Gonzalez
Erika Gonzalez 11 hours ago
This was awesome. My 1st Dolan video and I wasn't disappointed.
Luna Song
Luna Song 11 hours ago
Not even kidding the advert that popped up when he passed them the red bull was a boy called Ethan playing on a pinball machine...
Mslightningbre 12 hours ago
“These are my sisters, E Star & G Star 😭❤️”
Stacey Staser
Stacey Staser 12 hours ago
8:30 MOOD
Mats Petterson
Mats Petterson 12 hours ago
I must admit, I'm getting that freaking yellow tracksuit! Who's with me? LMAO. :D
Lala Raga
Lala Raga 12 hours ago
“i just wanted to say hi, i didn’t want to see her anatomy” that ToOk me !! 💀
Điya 12 hours ago
their is greek yogurt in it wait WUT?! NO U KIDDING ME... shook.
Paige Beneteau
Paige Beneteau 12 hours ago
im kinda surprised jeffree didn't buy them anything, i thought forsure he was getting that black bag for one of them
Jenkkbeauty 12 hours ago
Love this
Malaya Canchela
Malaya Canchela 12 hours ago
28:36 .......When the Sister Squad dressed up as each other...Ethan was Emma....
Paige Beneteau
Paige Beneteau 13 hours ago
at 18:00 when he says "ouh i like barbie lizzard" im.......
Karla 13 hours ago
**the star triplets making me want to shave my eyebrows off for 38 minutes straight**
fun in funerals
fun in funerals 14 hours ago
You know the Twins are feeling gorgeous. They keep flipping their hair back.
Yasmin 15 hours ago
gluing the brows in the wrong direction made me cringe so hard
Light Maiden
Light Maiden 16 hours ago
They're such augtangers. Lol.
Kenique Daley
Kenique Daley 16 hours ago
He looked like Simon Cowell for a second
Not a perfact artists
At 16:10 I was like put that bag back
FaZe Lottie
FaZe Lottie 16 hours ago
Are you to gay? Idc if you are because: *I'M GAY DABUDEEDABUDAA*
Phoenix Hoadley
Phoenix Hoadley 17 hours ago
Phoenix Hoadley
Phoenix Hoadley 17 hours ago
I smiled so much watching this
Justina George
Justina George 18 hours ago
But soon I will look like a fabulous alien lol
Kani Avril
Kani Avril 18 hours ago
I can't even afford to have jeffree's morning. 😂
Molly Clarke
Molly Clarke 20 hours ago
Only the Dolan twins would say they thought the dresses had good ventilation
Olivia Prisk
Olivia Prisk 20 hours ago
They should tern into Nate for a day
Molly Clarke
Molly Clarke 20 hours ago
I learnt so much about fashion from this one video
Molly Clarke
Molly Clarke 20 hours ago
Everyone: *hides something they get embarrassed by* Jeffree: *hides massive pinball collection*
Andreas Clarence
Andreas Clarence 21 hour ago
Sylvia Valenzuela
Sylvia Valenzuela 22 hours ago
Brittany Salazar
Brittany Salazar 22 hours ago
You guys talking annoying 😒😒😒
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