Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins
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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Syri Albrett
Syri Albrett Hour ago
Just to help u out ethan is the one with the star necklace and grayson is the one with the jstar necklace Ur welcome
Marina Hohler
Marina Hohler 4 hours ago
i love this so much!!!!!!!!
dana albomayah
dana albomayah 6 hours ago
dana albomayah
dana albomayah 6 hours ago
Brooke Scully-Davis
who is here 2020 with all the drama and shane and jeffree gets exposed. i cannot watch this vid the same anymore
official Julie barron
Who is watching this in 2020
Brady Millard
Brady Millard 13 hours ago
I can’t believe this was nine months ago like WHAT
Ivet Ivet
Ivet Ivet 20 hours ago
They call me poor in 1000 diferents languages
RugRats YT
RugRats YT 21 hour ago
I just fell in love with Jeffrey star.
Taylen Moore
Taylen Moore 22 hours ago
At 15:07 Grayson did laugh just like Jeffree and he threw his hair back. That sent me into intergalactic space😂💀💀💀
Hannah Harrison
ethan really just HAD DAIRY- IM CRYING
Aminah Ebrahim
0:00 2:13 36:19
Rachel Bowerman
11:46 Jeffree screaming 😂😂😂
Jaea Styles
Jaea Styles 2 days ago
Is it just me or do the boys look like the white chick girls with pink hair?😂💘
kc 2 days ago
16:06 that bag costed more than my 4 bedroom house
Alexa Reynoso
Alexa Reynoso 2 days ago
uh don’t say that
Popcical 0374
Popcical 0374 2 days ago
the fact that Jeffree has more bags than i have friends..
Arezou Hossein
Arezou Hossein 2 days ago
36.12 close your eyes and listen.... ooop
Jenelle Clado
Jenelle Clado 2 days ago
this is my first time getting grayson and ethan mixed up
Rosie Ava Sofia
Rosie Ava Sofia 2 days ago
Jeffree: “These are my sisters” James: I-
insane anima
insane anima 3 days ago
Why does Jeffrees ex look like ninja
Kaicia Easter-Marsh
So jeffree became Nolan?
Army limelight 101
I am eating taco bell as they were
Shasha Shamsina
Shasha Shamsina 3 days ago
Alexio Briones
Alexio Briones 4 days ago
best ever food review show
Billie's Fanforever
"Catch bro" "Ahhhhh Ahhh" "Haha" Me:😶😶😶🤯 U r literally throwing $300,000
Billie's Fanforever
Jeffrey: Maddie!!?? Maddie:WhAt??? "Their both gonna die they just had dairy" 🤣🤣😅
total BRUH moment !!!!
Ava Saager
Ava Saager 4 days ago
Jeffree is a mood
nikolas kintal
nikolas kintal 4 days ago
36:13 moaning while taking off the makeup
Liviosa Little
Liviosa Little 4 days ago
Have the sister squad and Jeffree star all come together. It would be the best vid ever.
total BRUH moment !!!!
how sad of a person are you to stan a racist 🤠
Crazy Edits
Crazy Edits 4 days ago
TRIX 4 days ago
That seller said "You can't put a price on Happiness" He straight scamming Jeffree.
TRIX 4 days ago
How the Dolan Twins have fallen. Feel like a millionaire for a day, but be gay or be straight and have your own money. I choose Straight.
Gutori Gutair
Gutori Gutair 5 days ago
This video reminds me of the movie white chicks
doombuggy123 5 days ago
Jeffree eats so much sugar I have to wonder if he’s into opiates. If you know, you know, and plus he’s referenced that kinda shit in his pallets. I bet he gets the best shit. Fucker.
doombuggy123 2 days ago
K C opiates make you crave sugar and more people gain weight while on them than lose it because they also make you more sedentary. Jeffree obviously doesn’t eat enough to be overweight which could be another reason he always craves sugar, but idk. Just saying, being underweight is not a symptom of opiate abuse.
K C 4 days ago
People always thought I was into that but I just have a high metabolism.
Adriano Campisi
Adriano Campisi 5 days ago
ngl the guy that worked at louis Vuitton was so annoying, like he thinks just cuz he works there he's so high and mighty, like relax ur not lol
Aretha Edjemuare
Aretha Edjemuare 5 days ago
This did not age well…
Itskelseyyy Day ago
total BRUH moment !!!! Uh.. I agree about the Jeffree part because of the actions he makes now but the DOLAN* twins are fine and if you don’t like them don’t watch them
total BRUH moment !!!!
THANK YOU!! im tired of seeing all of these bots praising jeff stink and the donal twins
Jayda Nanai
Jayda Nanai 6 days ago
Yall the funniest people The twins like:100,000 WOW I think there is an EXPLOSION Jeffree like: it is nothing
Tamara Monster
Tamara Monster 6 days ago
When their eyebrows yet glued, they totally look like a young george micheal!
Alex Dorin
Alex Dorin 6 days ago
Omggggg this video is sooooo funny i loved it hahahah
Tangeriiine 6 days ago
why does Grayson look kinda like Nicki Minaj lmao just me that thinks that? ok. 😔✌️
Hannah Kempster
Hannah Kempster 6 days ago
oh how the turned tables
cascada122321 6 days ago
Dolans are sweating now that they know Jeffree has tea on them and will leverage this “friendship” when he sees fit. Jeffree’s fans meanwhile will look away from any racist manipulative past and present behaviors of his. Lmao
ebony anne
ebony anne 5 hours ago
Look up the drama channels, Sebastian Williams is probably the best one. Aside from his racism and lipstick nazi stuff, and his constant lying, he has thrown shane Dawson under the bus since he has had some very serious drama happening. Jeffree has been heavily involved in it, but has stayed completely silent through the entire thing. He brought up the 'James is a predator' thing in an interview, claiming he has a voice memo from a victim, and Tati came back saying Shane and J* put her up to the James Charles video but he still won't say anything. Its actually crazy and may take a while to get the full story since its been going on for months now 😅
Malia Michelle
Malia Michelle 13 hours ago
Davy Land
Davy Land Day ago
cascada122321 can someone inform me of what’s going on?
ebony anne
ebony anne 3 days ago
He probably threw money at them and then convinced one of them to make the voice memo on his phone incriminating JC. I hope they speak out soon and take the power away from Jeramiah starfish, whatever it is he has on them.
Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan 6 days ago
3 icons in one video..... to hot to handle!! love your videos😩💕😘😘😭😭
rado.s 6 days ago
delete this
Dace productions2
White Chicks much😕
Dace productions2
Ok nvm Jeffrey is funny😂
Dace productions2
Where's James 😕
Rawad Arwa
Rawad Arwa 7 days ago
i love Jeffrey.....but sadly i can't relate....zara & h&m are the stories i count as high class and shop in on special occasions....I've been to chenal & Gucci and managed to buy 3 item's in my life....sorry store are hecking expensive where i live and my wallet has been broken since the day I was born so yeah..other stores are like unrealistically unaffordable 4 me...please tell me im not the only human like this....
Jk.its_Ava 7 days ago
Why is this literally white Chicks the remix
Cici Damara
Cici Damara 7 days ago
36:21 G: OH THERE IT IS, IT'S COMING E: Um.. don't say that. I'm gonna get out of the bathroom.
Cici Damara
Cici Damara 7 days ago
36:21 G: OH THERE IT IS, IT'S COMING E: Um.. don't say that. I'm gonna go to the other bathroom.
Cici Damara
Cici Damara 7 days ago
28:29 Why do those guys look like young Ethan and Grayson
AvaOlogy 7 days ago
dude they’re twins, yet I swear Ethan is prettier as a girl😂
Joshua Nugroho
Joshua Nugroho 7 days ago
I think to be more like jefree u need to be pale af
Karen Eatock
Karen Eatock 7 days ago
Nicole Lawson
Nicole Lawson 8 days ago
Probs best you delete your videos with jeffree & Shane ....🙃
Ana Hyanki
Ana Hyanki 8 days ago
4:37 i died
Hailey Troxell
Hailey Troxell 8 days ago
11:55 when Jeffree Star sounds like a literal guy
dyno tinsley
dyno tinsley 8 days ago
Okay cuz I can barely tell which twin is which
Natalie Corts
Natalie Corts 8 days ago
Madi: trys to poison the dolan twins Jeffree secretly: WHY THE PHAQ DID IT NOT WORK! Also Jeffree: oh im glad you're okayy 😁😒
Kevin Coreas
Kevin Coreas 8 days ago
so y'all unfollow JS but still have this video up?
Leslie Dayana
Leslie Dayana 8 days ago
This is actually content
hollycrappozzle 8 days ago
I literally don't care what Jeffree did cuz he knows his mistakes he's done and it was yeaaaars ago SO I STILL LOVE JEFFREE WITH ALL MY HEART
Candy Fiend
Candy Fiend 4 days ago
Randomness 101 it’s probably a child and they don’t understand the cruelty of racism yet. They are too young to comprehend it. That’s why I only brought up someone almost dying because of him, they’ll probably understand that the most.
Randomness 101
Randomness 101 4 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-IdGWdWE7-k8.html I suggest you watch this if you want to know what’s wrong with everything you just said. It wasn’t “yeaaaars” ago. Why are you willing excuse so many bad things about a person all for mediocre content and products?
Randomness 101
Randomness 101 5 days ago
You don’t care about what he did because it was “years” ago? Wtf? You basically said “I’ll excuse racism and sexual assault allegations.”
Candy Fiend
Candy Fiend 8 days ago
He made someone almost kill themselves because what he did was so emotionally traumatizing. It was almost a year ago, that’s not that long ago. I recommend you watch someone else.
Prema Phoolwani
Prema Phoolwani 8 days ago
Who’s here after they unfollowed him?
Luke Seeto
Luke Seeto 9 days ago
You guys are awesome
Isabella Muir
Isabella Muir 9 days ago
Jeff Dolan sounds like a name that a rich dude who invented some weird shit and got really famous off of it would have lmao.
Chloe Rose Faultner
Jeffrey is the more sassy, diva version of Sue Sylvester from Glee
Emily Vogel
Emily Vogel 9 days ago
Honestly I am quite traumatized from this, I can’t unsee it.. 😟
Holly Nelson
Holly Nelson 9 days ago
Why was this video ever made and why is it still up?
Mer Bish
Mer Bish 9 days ago
Had to come back and say that my impression of Jeffree was right. I knew he was a snake, but after watching this video of him with the boys I saw a different “likable” side of him. I came to the conclusion that Jeffree was one of those that knows how to be charming and genuine, how to make people like him but was still a snake on the inside...and I was right 🙃
ruth metz
ruth metz 9 days ago
gotta love boys who are so comfortable w their sexuality
Phantom Bill
Phantom Bill 9 days ago
omg look at the thigh deference's 13:29
Vaughan Lewis
Vaughan Lewis 9 days ago
someone needs to rob that studio and throw everything in a fire, the amount of wealth is sickening
Totie Gav
Totie Gav 9 days ago
Yea I could not tell who was who and also I only tell from there hair and there face
Sweetly Teaful
Sweetly Teaful 10 days ago
Is it just me here in 2020 that feels like their collabs were kinda awkward and/or tense....just a little.......just me.......ok😅
hi_itsmehhh 10 days ago
My mom doesn't even buy me over 20 dollar shorts 💀
Trust :None
Trust :None 10 days ago
I officially love this video😭❤️ y’all just got me through my anxiety attacks I love y’all
Kayla Slaughter
Kayla Slaughter 10 days ago
Delete this
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