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I'm Sorry...
℗ 2012 the [r]evolve group
Released on: 2012-08-07
Composer, Lyricist: Jesse James Rutherford
Producer: Justyn Pilbrow
Engineer: Chris Mullings
Composer: Zachary Abels
Mixing Engineer: Craig Silvey
Composer: Jeremiah Freedman
Mastering Engineer: Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz
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Published on


Jun 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Jovana M
Jovana M 24 minutes ago
*a song about bisexuality or smth* pansexuals: is for me?
Wiktoria Leszczyńska :]
The neighbourhood: Look! Its my song! Bisexuals: OUR song
CuRRy 45 minutes ago
Nina. C
Nina. C 49 minutes ago
Şevin Yalçin
my fav. song
Klein Annon
Klein Annon 2 hours ago
Ben Diaz
Ben Diaz 3 hours ago
How is this song bisexual?(IM NOT JUDGING)
Reidun Larsen
Reidun Larsen 4 hours ago
hello lgBt community
I_make_songs songs
I_make_songs songs 4 hours ago
Who made this this part 0:54 sounds like Ivan b sweaters song and this song is ok but not that good
ɐʇɐqᴉlǝɟǝu 4 hours ago
I was so obsessed with this song when I was younger... Now it all makes sense 💀
Holly Is Not Okayyy
I've been hearing that this is a bisexual anthem, and that's okay. But you guys shouldn't be saying that others can't listen if they're not bi. Your sexuality doesn't define what music you listen to. I'm straight and I absolutely love The Neighborhood, Cavetown, Mother Mother, ect. I'm also an ally since I have friends and family who are in the LGBTQ+ community. Hopefully this isn't rude, but I just needed to get that. You really shouldn't be judged or judge others for who they love.
Kid who sits in the corner
Listening to this because I listened to horror stories before I went to bed so now I need to get my mind off of them
Roblox girl :3
Roblox girl :3 5 hours ago
Lil Axl
Lil Axl 5 hours ago
Serena Howell
Serena Howell 5 hours ago
This song makes me feel safe and at peace. -A lesbian "girl."
No Tra
No Tra 6 hours ago
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.
injoy the waves potts
This is why half the people at my school are BI LMAO No joke tho..
A Person
A Person 7 hours ago
No one: ...... Literally no one:...... Me being pansexual me imagining a special someone while singing this: ITS TOO CCooOOOoOOLD FOR YOU HERE AND NOW SO LET ME HOOOooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOLD BOTH YOUR HANDS IN THE HOLES OF MA SWEATERRRRRRRRR
Victoria Dominguez
Victoria Dominguez 7 hours ago
ok but i'm lesbian sorry guys :(
Mellyssa Campos
Mellyssa Campos 7 hours ago
Why's everyone talkin bout bissexual people
Katlin Moycein
Katlin Moycein 8 hours ago
Question : how did this song become a bisexual song or a lgbtq song?
_k_a_t_e_l_y_n_ _t_h_o_m_p_s_o_n_
Hello my bisexual friends
Luis Alfredo Duran
Luis Alfredo Duran 8 hours ago
Los comentarios Bisexuales: THIS SONG IS MINE Yo, un manso ql que no entiende la letra de la cancion: Ta piola 👍
Ley The Mønster
Ley The Mønster 9 hours ago
Patzy Naily :v
Patzy Naily :v 10 hours ago
Por qué meten acá a los bisexuales?
clownarama 10 hours ago
we can all vibe to this song no matter your sexuality but do not try to claim this if your not bisexual :) thank you and have a nice day
nince 9 hours ago
u right im not a bi but i luv and support lgbtq+ this song issa bop
Aguss Mora
Aguss Mora 11 hours ago
All I am is a man I want the world in my hands I hate the beach But I stand in California with my toes in the sand Use the sleeves of my sweater Let's have an adventure Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered Touch my neck and I'll touch yours You in those little high waisted shorts, oh She knows what I think about And what I think about One love, two mouths One love, one house No shirt, no blouse Just us, you find out Nothing that wouldn't wanna tell you about no 'Cause it's too cold whoa For you here and now So let me hold whoa Both your hands in the holes of my sweater And if I may just take your breath away I don't mind if there's not much to say Sometimes the silence guides our minds to So move to a place so far away The goosebumps start to raise The minute that my left hand meets your waist And then I watch your face Put my finger on your tongue 'Cause you love the taste yeah These hearts adore, Every other beat the other one beats for Inside this place is warm Outside it starts to pour Coming down One love, two mouths One love, one house No shirt, no blouse Just us, you find out Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about, no no 'Cause it's too cold whoa For you here And now So let me hold whoa Both your hands in the holes of my sweater 'Cause it's too cold whoa For you here and now So let me hold whoa Both your hands in the holes of my sweater Whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa 'Cause it's too cold whoa For you here and now So let me hold whoa Both your hands in the holes of my sweater It's too cold whoa For you here and now So let me hold whoa Both your hands in the holes of my sweater It's too cold, It's too cold The holes of my sweater
nince 11 hours ago
guys...my cat just died...shes cold now...........
Arianna Miller
Arianna Miller 11 hours ago
i think im bi guys
Luis Carlos Martinez
Bisexual anthem? what you guys talk about? All I hear is a man who want the world on his hands...
Gu Sadboy
Gu Sadboy 12 hours ago
Não sabia que tinha esse final
thesweetisa 12 hours ago
I love the vibes of this song .. basically I love the song 🎶👄🎶
Rafael Carrasco (Student)
i like this song
Rafael Carrasco (Student)
i like this song
chale =/
Andrea Sanabria
Andrea Sanabria 15 hours ago
cada vez que escucho esta canción lo primero que se me viene a la mente es la hermosa voz de mi poderosisimo BangChan :"D
lucky_ c l o v e r
lucky_ c l o v e r 17 hours ago
we all vibin no matter gender or sexuality welcome and enjoy the song and vibe with us
Juliana Fabiola
Juliana Fabiola 17 hours ago
my favorite song 💕
Pepe Gurl
Pepe Gurl 17 hours ago
you dont even know how long was i looking for that song
nince 9 hours ago
awwe man congrats u found it finally
Bxbblegxm 18 hours ago
nobody: me in my room vibing in bisexual: 💃
_nobody _
_nobody _ 18 hours ago
Omg I her this song every time with my best friend haha we love it ♡♡
Nacho 19 hours ago
¿Por qué dicen que esta canción es para los bisexuales? A mi me encanta y soy heterosexual.
Usicoto 20 hours ago
I don't understand why it's supposed to be "the anthem of bisexuality." Does someone explain to me? ;;
problematicluv 20 hours ago
E1-Faculty 21 hour ago
And I thought I was lesbian after I kissed a girl. :,)
Terezka Orechovska
i cant stop listnening to this
:O Day ago
Why did this song become the bi anthem Istg if I listen to this song it’s cuz I like it not cuz I’m bi but nah the bi’s had to make it their property right 💀🤚🏻
The Floor Jungcock Humped On
hello LGBTQ community
ally claw
ally claw Day ago
this song hits different when you just lost a bsf and you’re currently left on opened at 3:00 in the morning 🥰
Harpy Pants
Harpy Pants Day ago
When I was younger I loved this song now I’m bi
Jazlynn Sims
Jazlynn Sims Day ago
I’m growing flowers in my room wish me luck 😊🍄🌷💿
Azul Beatriz Hernández Manriquez
bisexual entering the chat😈🤙🏼
No entiendo ni madres pero esta rebuena la canción 🎧 el aidan bebesito esta bien bonito 😍 si como no los coros por favor quien me acompaña a secuestrarlo
I'm not gay but this is pretty deep for girls
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma Day ago
hello, lgbtq+ comunity (sorry i cant spell
Frisky DaBunny
Yes I will be in a few hours a day for you a few minutes before you get home so you please do it fo r you please
CastMeme Day ago
Fun fact im wearing a sweater while vibin to this
The Musical Rat Shack
I love this song so much. It gives me good vibes
Incaztex Day ago
why do so many say there gay in the comments im not against lgbtq if anything i suppourt but i was listening to the lyrics and i dont see anything related to lgbtq
Rainy Dayben
Rainy Dayben Day ago
yeah i am a girl listening to this waiting for another girl to tell me if she likes me back, and what about it!? (on a less joking note i am terrified wish me luck krdfjfdllsdfj 💀💀) Uh update, she said yes so, pretty pog ngl 💖💖💀💀
lau coutinho
lau coutinho Day ago
eu achei que tinha algm batendo na portaKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK tirei o fone umas 10 vezes
a positive vibe, so good! 25/11/2020 A Brazilian here !!!!
Naomi Cham;-;
Eu no meu no meu quarto de boas com essa música no último volume Minha mãe: Vem comer pamonha Eu:Fumar maconha? Não
-b u g- m
-b u g- m Day ago
Wiff my toes in the sand Im sorry
Frida Paola Ontiveros Villarreal
Por que esta la casa alrevez?
Bunny _wolf
Bunny _wolf Day ago
* bisexuals have entered the chat *
Ava Pugliese
Ava Pugliese Day ago
im straight with good music taste. bet that.
Yamila Sandoval
esta cancion me pone tan feliz y a la veztan triste, en fin es perfecta
Lauren Lai
Lauren Lai Day ago
*_haha i might be bicurious or im a really confused straight help idk wtf im doinggggg_*
when your pansexual so you vibe to FLETCHER, Girl In Red, Hayler Kiyoko, Sweater Weather & Everybody Talks:✌💗💛💙🏳‍🌈✨ (comment if your Bi, Pan, Demi, Ace, Omni, Poly, Trans, Genderfluid, & Non-binary and like if you're other! EVERYBODY IS VALID NO MATTER SEX OR GENDER!!!!!!!!^^
I’m pansexual and Non binary and I love this song-
Kyoko Kirigiri
Lina c.S
Lina c.S Day ago
si amas esta cancion te pido porfavor ser mi amigo
Bella Hirsch
Bella Hirsch Day ago
I love this song sooo much!!!
Jaiden's World
lol idk but im lesbian and i jam to this is this ok????????
Ryxma_Hoshi Day ago
This song sounds like it would play in a store that suspiciously smells like jeans and shirts
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 13 hours ago
I mean as long as the jeans are cuffed 😂
M H Day ago
The moment you find out this song is from tik tok and you don’t even have tik tok
Are lesbians allowed?
Ellie Hudock
Ellie Hudock Day ago
Bi I mean bye 💗💜💙
Dai LeViouSA
Dai LeViouSA Day ago
Ezequielito be like:PORQUE HACE DEMASIADO FRIooOoOoO
jonas Carrizo
soy muy gey
Wasabi_TXT Day ago
Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of BangChan 😔
Luffy, O chapéu de palha
me: *straight* also me: *vibing*
Giovanna Weiner
oh hello fellow bis
The Police
The Police Day ago
if comment sections where somehow able to be gunrunned by an A10 this would be it
Itme_delilah 2 days ago
Hi to everyone who is bisexual and I have to say something I been Keeping it a secret but I want to share it with you that I’m bisexual and I proud of myself😌
Leah Lord
Leah Lord Day ago
Congrats I’m also a closeted.
irlbee 2 days ago
Hello lgBtq community... 😏
Marley Williamson
I came to the comments in hopes to find something from 2013 and I am highly disappointed
Chelis Garay
Chelis Garay 2 days ago
It sad becouse everyone thinks I'm bi becouse I love this song :( knowing I'm questioning my sexuality yet they make fun of me for it
Zoie 2 days ago
Lesbians:girl in red Bi's: sweater weather Gays:heather Straights:jAsOn DeRuLoOoO
sparrow grant
sparrow grant 9 hours ago
you straight up copied someone else's comment
ッAngiePieッ 12 hours ago
none of ur business
none of ur business 13 hours ago
@Ok boomer yeah
Ok boomer
Ok boomer 13 hours ago
nah not him 😒
none of ur business
none of ur business 18 hours ago
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 2 days ago
Iearning this song on guitar and the sheet music is literally labeld "Big Bi Song"
Valentina López
Valentina López 2 days ago
Bangchan t amo testraño t quiero mucho besitos a ti sos re bkano. Porfis cuídate siempre, best líder
FBI 2 days ago
Just Vibin don't mind me carry on Unless You'd like to join ? I don't mind OH one more thing You matter You are wanted You look good today Drink water We care We all do Goodnight, evening,morning you look cute btw LIKE RN GOD DAMMM DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT Hope I even made you a little happy I will be leaving now Goodbye 💙
Jenifer Guadalupe Cota Robles
el men que compro dinero por dinero :v 2:20
NSL Yeast
NSL Yeast 2 days ago
People: "This song is for bisexual people Me: Straight and chilling┌(・。・)┘♪
feitan simp
feitan simp 2 days ago
hisoka: touch my neck, and i tocuh yours, you in those little high waisted shorts, *gon* im sorry i watch hxh lol
Músicas De Chernobyl'-'
Tabom adolescente já entendi que você eh paralelepípedo de base hexagonal de 170 graus cada vértice de 19 à 35 centimetrossexual porque escuta essa música, não precisa ficar falando sempre
Kate Power
Kate Power 2 days ago
all the songs i listen to the comments are all like "Hey LGBTQ community" 😃)I hate these emojis oml
Alaney Murphy
Alaney Murphy 2 days ago
Me being lesbian and vining:🧿👄🧿
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