Swapping Girlfriends with Tfue

FaZe Banks
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Switching Girlfriends with Tfue, Corinna, Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks | Sunday Vlog #8
● Watch Tfue's Video Wednesday: ruvid.net/u-TTfue
● Corinna: ruvid.net/show-UCcedwvr7BdBSzTnCouzG-yQ
● Alissa: ruvid.net/u-AlissaVioletYT
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 80
TeaWap Year ago
DM me for scissoring footage
Marvin Tobar
Marvin Tobar 14 days ago
Soo.... what’s your PayPal
skream 15 days ago
John Johnny
John Johnny 24 days ago
Andrew Joe
Andrew Joe 26 days ago
TeaWap right here
boltz Month ago
i mean...
Shelby Spears
Shelby Spears Hour ago
Banks looks like Noah Cyrus.
WWEXVERSE 23 hours ago
Why is there a lebanon flag at the beginning of the video?
I Sub to everyone that subs to me
4:22 the Siri got me lol
Christian Shaw
When banks haven’t posting in a year...
Dontes Dyett
Dontes Dyett 3 days ago
whos here 2020?
Boxxaa Rich
Boxxaa Rich 10 days ago
Ruben Bello
Ruben Bello 12 days ago
who is still watching this because we miss them seeing them together
Streamzkid 12 days ago
Subscribe and like me or else James Charles will kiss you!
Streamzkid 12 days ago
DM me for 100000 vbucks!
Johnathan Budhram
Johnathan Budhram 12 days ago
I was like wtf ho did Siri activate
KlGaming Ak
KlGaming Ak 13 days ago
Literally they are so bored Guys:In the game's center 😆😆😆😆
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 13 days ago
Anybody know the song that starts playing during the concert
Ali A
Ali A 14 days ago
I’d honestly pay to see that porno😂😂😂
Challenge to get 100 Subs with no videos
8:50 Well... This is awkward
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez 15 days ago
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez 15 days ago
Kevin Gomez
Kevin Gomez 15 days ago
Who’s that baby in the back
T7 Duck
T7 Duck 17 days ago
Moselle 18 days ago
Haha ha ha...
Na31M 18 days ago
Jules Alex Char
Jules Alex Char 18 days ago
Bro why do you have a lebanese flag in your room
Yung Dusk
Yung Dusk 20 days ago
4:19 I actually thought it was siri
Spaceman 20 days ago
Who’s here after both being broken up?
Rishi Games
Rishi Games 20 days ago
5:03 hickey alert
Matthew Meier
Matthew Meier 21 day ago
the man i wanna be when im older, is the man you are today #fazebanks al de way #Faze Up
Super Gamer
Super Gamer 21 day ago
I honestly feel bad for tewap 🤣
HGP Makkapakka1
HGP Makkapakka1 21 day ago
Why is the a baby in your bed in the start
Ballinn 22 days ago
may i be the 11000th comment?
Rich Too Raw
Rich Too Raw 22 days ago
4:19 I was like what 😭
Lucasdoherty 10
Lucasdoherty 10 22 days ago
yes sir
The KingELP35
The KingELP35 23 days ago
Is Tfue bi not that anything is wrong with that but is he?
Jared Easton
Jared Easton 23 days ago
He never knew it was going to happen 2020 may
Jair reimann
Jair reimann 23 days ago
This video didn’t age well at all
Taisen Acfalle
Taisen Acfalle 23 days ago
Do yall see the hickey on corrina
Skreetツ 24 days ago
ahh toatally not awkward now ( alissa and banks arent a thing) (tfue and corinna arent a thing) ( and banks and tfue had beef) yeah I don't think its awkward its cool
GoodGuyBabis 25 days ago
Before the Dark Times
Brian Sladen
Brian Sladen 25 days ago
Imagine having the life of banks I know he won’t see this but I fucking love you do my h keep up the grind ily
Marissa Barth
Marissa Barth 26 days ago
Loaf dog
Marissa Barth
Marissa Barth 26 days ago
Little did they know they were with a faze member #fazemarshmello
JD Roberts
JD Roberts 26 days ago
Nooby- Pw
Nooby- Pw 28 days ago
Wait whatsup with the lebanese flag there in the background?!
Squid Punt
Squid Punt 28 days ago
Alissa: let’s make a porno Me: please.....
Petar Momcinovic
Petar Momcinovic 28 days ago
Good old days
ATC PRODUCTION 28 days ago
Really miss you guys being together 😢
Hadi Ammar
Hadi Ammar 28 days ago
0:24 i see lebanon in the back‼️
Kingkai 29 days ago
Who else thought that was real 7:12
albert soto
albert soto Month ago
Xpired Month ago
Who has this in their recommendations 2020?
Yt Veduavenger
Yt Veduavenger 20 days ago
Xpired me
RaVeAfteRaVe M8
RaVeAfteRaVe M8 Month ago
Omggg skrilleeeeex
No Name
No Name Month ago
What's the reason for getting the IV drip? Does anyone know what's the benefit? Can someone let me know please.... Just curious
Vybez FN
Vybez FN Month ago
When coronavirus weren't here...
Eduardo Villalba
Who's here after tfue and corinna broke up and banks cheated on alissa...
johnny2 thumbs
johnny2 thumbs 9 days ago
Eduardo Villalba banks did not cheat
Jaygau26 _
Jaygau26 _ 19 days ago
I just miss banks😢
lore rojas
lore rojas Month ago
LMAOO i know even banks and Alyssa are back together
CycloneBullet Month ago
If your just now finding this out where tf have you been. This happened a while back
Chrome Month ago
Who else thought siri actually went off
Shaw4Life Month ago
And now there both not dating then LMAO
Will Pettit
Will Pettit Month ago
7:42 did that get anyone else?
Kenan Bonilla
Kenan Bonilla Month ago
Where is the part where I asked
Ti Month ago
This aged well.
xXthe_joker05Xx Month ago
At 9:16 she's moaning
NXZ Xender
NXZ Xender Month ago
R.I.P FaZe Tfue :(
Vincent Anthony Rafols
How far can these people go to make content? Let us find out. 😂
Zaid Daoud
Zaid Daoud Month ago
9:18 ur welcome
Liesl Vrey
Liesl Vrey Month ago
Your trash
xd RoamingKnight
Non of this aged well like at all
absolute trashcan
uhhh banks was at 5 mil then and now hes at 5.3?? whats happening bro
The_real_G 13
The_real_G 13 Month ago
Alissa juuls
Alexander GIF
Alexander GIF Month ago
1:15 song?
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 13 days ago
I’m looking for it as well
M S Month ago
This video aged like an old mans ball sack
Fornite Bot
Fornite Bot Month ago
I wish Corina was my bitch
qtgraal옻 Month ago
Banks is Goated 🐐🐐😂
Ed Gamer
Ed Gamer Month ago
مين شاف علم لبنان
boltz Month ago
this whole video just didn't age well tfue and banks aren't buddies anymore tfue and corinna aren't together (im pretty sure) banks and alissa aren't together
Chris -_-PR
Chris -_-PR Month ago
Ik bro , damn time pass and things change😔
Jake Tutera
Jake Tutera Month ago
bro the fucking knocking sketches me out
Rockydude456 Month ago
These video is just so fucked now in every way lmao
J3bac Month ago
imagine good vlogs like this:(
Phone Zone
Phone Zone Month ago
Are u lebanese? Just askin cz it is behind you
Joshua Mercury
Joshua Mercury Month ago
10:55 😂😂😂😂
Thi Huynh
Thi Huynh Month ago
Corrina is tfue’s ex and in the vlog squad
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Month ago
Is it just me or he is giving 2017 Logan Paul vibeesss.....like with the hand motions and facial expressions..
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