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Thanks so much for tuning in! I decided to keep this video simple with reactions and transformations, so stay tuned to see more information about the budget and detailed DIY projects now that I have some more time to edit and crunch numbers. Please keep in mind that the design is not completely finished, we just did as much as we could during the month-long period to make for a great surprise!
Thank you so much for your support, I can’t wait to show you more home projects! We might have already gotten started with something.. :)
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Jul 11, 2020




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emilyrayna 27 days ago
So sorry about the late upload! Has been uploading for hours 😫 for those wondering about budgeting, I’m hoping to post something separate with those details as to not take away from the excitement of this vid! Thank you all so much for the support, stay tuned for more house/DIYs 💛
A2 Z
A2 Z 3 days ago
Good daughter !
Nourshan Khallouf
Ohhhhhhhj youuu are bessst girlll in the world, i wish i have one like you thinking of me when i am not thinking in myself. Great jobb and your parents are so fuc****ing prouuud of you sweety. I want to mention think i noticed that you all have a great emotions. Keep love each other. I am so glad of you i don't know why, but really made my day and made my heart clear. 💜💜♥️♥️💜😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗all the love in this world. God bless you🙏
Ringelsocke 9 days ago
Hi! Your video was in my recommendations. I saw "surprise", "parents", "dream home" and "budget" and thought, I give it a try. Then I read "tight budget and tight timeline, only 2 people, maybe 2,5..." OK, might be paint and new deko. Paint can do wonders and making parents happy is great. But WOW I was wrong! *What???* 😱😱 You did all that with 2,5 pairs of hands in ~4 weeks?? 😲😲😲 *KUDOS* 👍🏻 I wonder if your parents knew that you are doing something to their house or if they were clueless? And the sweetest was your mom standing at the (imaginary) door sill of the dining room, anxious to step in as if it wasn'tn her house. But eager to see everything inside. 😂😊
knoxiwalla 10 days ago
What you did for your parents was amazing. Such beautiful work! You should totally share your Venmo so people can help your parents get the rest of their house redone too! Great job, Emily! Much love. ❤❤
Hanan Bakeer
Hanan Bakeer 11 days ago
That's amazing, u are sooo great, I'm sure your parents are so proud of you👏 ❤
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen 4 minutes ago
Dad at the end of the video:” I thought you were going to paint a wall” Well she did... and $60k worth of renovations. 😂
Fides Picinich
Fides Picinich 27 minutes ago
I watched this video three times and cried all three times. 😭 this is absolutely beautiful! God bless you! The home looks fantastic!!
jacey j
jacey j 45 minutes ago
Chivell Mendoza
You did an amazing job. You open things up and gave them more space. I loved it and your parents did too.
Dawn Schiano
Dawn Schiano Hour ago
Job well done good and faithful daughter
Andrew Robinson
You are so talented and what a blessing to your parents, great job!
Falyn Wells
Falyn Wells Hour ago
You are an amazing daughter. I'm sure your parents are so proud of you! Keep up the great work
luisa viscarra
luisa viscarra 2 hours ago
You and your parents a cute! 😭🥰❤️
Short Spin
Short Spin 2 hours ago
Wow guys... 😳All best wishes to you and your families from the bottom of my heart. You so deserve the best in life. I wish you in the future have same wonderful children as you are!
Catie Parry
Catie Parry 2 hours ago
What a truly amazing job you all did! It looks beautiful! What a gift and what parents to raise a daughter like you 😘❤️
David Welty
David Welty 2 hours ago
Just removing the CD’s gave them more square feet!
Jasmine Brown
Jasmine Brown 3 hours ago
:’) this is amazing
BAMF Custom Creations
This is AMAZING! I’ve been following along since the beginning and I love their reactions and all the hard work you put in!
Hariata Hema
Hariata Hema 3 hours ago
So heartwarming. Congratulations!
RCKMSCKM 4 hours ago
*Nailed It!!* Great job!! Your parents were so happy!! Enjoyed watching.
lunacat45 5 hours ago
I’m so glad and thankful you brought us on this journey. I found you on TikTok and have been following since. I love that’s you stressed the importance of the mini bar and then your parents ran to it LMAO. May you continue to bless other families with your work like you have your family.
Nurul Nabila Razmi
Nurul Nabila Razmi 5 hours ago
You are amazing daughter. I wish i can do the same to my parents
Katie Johnston
Katie Johnston 5 hours ago
Tiffany Rosselli
Tiffany Rosselli 5 hours ago
Your parents are lovely! You Mama seems a bit overwhelmed and your Dad is in awe. It's a wonderful thing that you, Dillon and your helpers have done for them.
Gh Boi
Gh Boi 7 hours ago
The dog be like WHY U LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT HUH 1:28
Azula 8 hours ago
Omg your parents are so cute!!! They’re so grateful and sweet. What a cute family!!
Ashley Steeves
Ashley Steeves 9 hours ago
Your parents are so proud!! You did an amazing job. Well done.
Amelia Grace Delorenzo
Girl, you were born to do this. I've been following your progress since the beginning, and I can't believe how hard you worked to bless your parents and bring your own visions to reality.
Livs Logo
Livs Logo 9 hours ago
You and your boyfriend did awesome 👏🏽👏🏽
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 10 hours ago
Your parents are the cutest! And y'all are so nice! You can tell they really loved it and you thought a lot about what they wanted. 🥰💗 So cute!
K Lewis
K Lewis 10 hours ago
What an amazing gift you gave yr parents, they are adorable and very grateful
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez 10 hours ago
Aim 4aCreativeLife
Aim 4aCreativeLife 13 hours ago
Ok...now we need to see some of your dance skills! Pull videos out of the vaults!
Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo 15 hours ago
There should be more people like you in this world 💕
mycupoftea12 16 hours ago
How proud you must feel! I am about to be rude and ask how you came up for the money to do your parents home over. You have excellent taste - KUDOS TO YOU!
yousef baghdady
yousef baghdady 17 hours ago
Grace Higgins
Grace Higgins 17 hours ago
Your parents seem so sweet! I teared up at the end 🥺 What an amazing gift
Sophia Heming
Sophia Heming 20 hours ago
This is beautiful! It radiates love 💕
Hafdís Sigurdardóttir
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ They must be a great parents and you a great daughter ( and son inlaw💪) for doing this for them ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You all did amazing job 👍👍👍👍 Thank you for letting us see your work and thank you 🙏 to your parents for letting us be apart of it 👍❤️🦋🦋🦋
K H 23 hours ago
Fantastic makeover! You did a beautiful job on each room. What a wonderful and loving gift for your parents! All the best in your future endeavors!
Farah Ahmed
Farah Ahmed Day ago
The fact that she gave no credit to her boyfriend that did a lot I-
Sarah Kazimer
Sarah Kazimer Minute ago
She literally credits him on the first slide by name. 0:33
Morgan Byrd
Morgan Byrd Day ago
You did such an amazing job!! So talented!!
Lydia Skorseth
I will personally fight anyone that has something mean to say to your parents. 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ You can see their love for you throughout this whole video, it is truly heartwarming! Their genuine reactions are priceless. ❤️
Monana Day ago
You guys did great! Big hugs from Sweden 💗
Wow, wow, wow!!!! What an amazing job!!! Girl, you have some amazing talent. I’m excited to see what’s next.
Grand Pa
Grand Pa Day ago
Brought a tear to my eyes. Be blessed by the divine. 🙏👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💫💫💫💫💕💕💕💕💕💥💥💥💥💥💥🥰🧘🏻‍♀️🇵🇷
Mayo Ferrano
Mayo Ferrano Day ago
Good job Emily!
The Organic & Natural Vegan
The dog is thinking 'where the heck am I ???' 😂
Johnny Macanas Jr.
God bless your kind heart. 🙏❤️
TL W Day ago
What a lovely family...the house looks beautiful. Also I really loved how you did the before and after parts. I really enjoyed watching this. Thanks.
You’ve made your mom and dad so proud girl, what a beautiful remodel, I’ve really enjoyed your TikTok’s and this reveal video was awesome, can’t wait to see more! You rock!
It's very good and inspiring video👍
Melissa L
Melissa L Day ago
“I thought y’all were just painting walls” lol 😂
Mia Enns
Mia Enns Day ago
Incredible job! That kitchen flip is lovely
Cindy Cheney
Cindy Cheney Day ago
NICE but I don't know about all the White
Michelle Getty
Awesome, just awesome!
Tammy McCarthy
You are a super grateful child and an amazing job both you & Dillon did. This is what the world needs POSITIVITY
First Last
First Last Day ago
This is every bit just beautiful!! And you are the best daughter with the best friends ever! Do it, girl. You have great ideas, vision, implementation.
Sam Asbury
Sam Asbury Day ago
This warmed my heart, you can really tell how much it meant to them 🥺
Kylie michelle
Lena Keller
Lena Keller Day ago
You're a great kid...😃
Diana Lehr
Diana Lehr Day ago
You did a fabulous job! What an honor to your parents. You are a gem!
daniela fa
daniela fa Day ago
You are so talented, my jaw dropped. And I loved your parents reaction, they look so happy! 💜
Lissa Mak
Lissa Mak Day ago
This is insanely impressive
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