Surprising My Friends!! (I CAN WALK AGAIN!!)

Aaron Burriss
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Doctor said I can walk again! Well sorta, still waiting to see what the MRI says but at least I can get out of bed now without crutches!!

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Feb 28, 2021




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Comments 336
Akshra Anisha k
Akshra Anisha k 13 days ago
Awhhh. Roni: Nooooo u poor thing u are waddlng like a penguin Aaron: I'm not a penguin
Jungkook7 Month ago
what hap
Qeenara Alifaningdyah
Poor Aaron
Sanjey Wassabi
Sanjey Wassabi Month ago
Elizabeth Cazares
Elizabeth Cazares 3 months ago
sometimes you sound like Alex 😀 and good for you that you can walk again
Diane Horton
Diane Horton 3 months ago
roni is flirting with u
Jackie Borgen
Jackie Borgen 6 months ago
Poor Aaron but also yay Aaron. I broke my foot in January and had to wear a boot for 2 months. Getting close to end of April and still in pain and using a cane.
Crystal the Weird Potato
I'm glad he's ok, but i want to know what podcast he was on :p
Bethany George
Bethany George 6 months ago
Wait what? What happened?
Mariah _Alt
Mariah _Alt 6 months ago
Is no one talking about the part roni ask why hes birtday ballons is still there and he said its special to him cause no one really give him ballons is that right sorry if its wrong
sophie cole
sophie cole 6 months ago
I understand your pain I broke my Sunday and I broke it in two different spots in so I’m gonna leg cast all the way up my thigh and I can’t see my toes and I’ve been out of school for a week now
pranjali swami
pranjali swami 6 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed that Aaron almost called roni 'babe' Bro he realized later and stopped but I really love you'll both together I love them 💗
Ndahigwa Abdul Ruboya
Ndahigwa Abdul Ruboya
Yamilet Marin
Yamilet Marin 6 months ago
It a nice harness🤣
Bahati Issa
Bahati Issa 6 months ago
Imagine Loosing
Imagine Loosing 7 months ago
my knee is shaking just imagining it happen to me
Sami Conley
Sami Conley 7 months ago
Roni looks great.
ThaoAn Phan
ThaoAn Phan 7 months ago
This gives me Miguel Diaz vibes lol
Jhenica 7 months ago
roni and aaron's relationship is a thing 🥺
Haleigha Reyna
Haleigha Reyna 7 months ago
Get well soon
Giselle Z
Giselle Z 7 months ago
felt like i was intruding on a convo when aaron facetimed roni hahahahaha
Gollayan KristenDianne
I just lost my appetite
Gherkim 7 months ago
I am cute bear
Barbro Virtanen
Barbro Virtanen 7 months ago
Came here from Tara's Kul old video's. Broke my hip and femur, like a year ago. One leg has become 2 cm shorter. So i get how you feel. Best wishes
Daissy 7 months ago
Me: (sprains my ankle in gymnastics by doing a front handspring and landing wrong) took 1 month to be able to walk Aaron: (sprains ankle) walks after a week or something Me: wow im a baby 😂😂😂
Laith Ali
Laith Ali 7 months ago
Do you have insurance?? I'm uninsured so I never go to the doctor.
Sammy21star 7 months ago
Aaron you are amazing
Sammy21star 7 months ago
Ransford Rowe
Ransford Rowe 7 months ago
Aaron walking like a penguin but it's still walking without crutches.😀Another stage passed on the way to a full recovery.
Funneh Bunneh
Funneh Bunneh 7 months ago
Me being scared Aaron will get hurt when walking.."WATCH THE DOOR,ITS GONNA HIT YOUR FOOT!~ theres something wrong with my keyboard i cant close the "
Harriet Bulmer
Harriet Bulmer 7 months ago
roni seemed so concerned.. she’s so sweet omg
Dircia Da Costa
Dircia Da Costa 7 months ago
Some time my mom arm is sick
CrimeMaster GoGo
CrimeMaster GoGo 7 months ago
You or Alex, should dye Guppy blue again :)
Jason Kabanuck
Jason Kabanuck 7 months ago
Kefla!! 🐶
ツ r̶a̶y̶a̶a̶n̶
Ayy yh fouseyyyy
Brenda Raya
Brenda Raya 7 months ago
4:20 I thought he almost said I love you 😲 I got so happy thinking he did.
Violet Danielle
Violet Danielle 7 months ago
Although Aaron face look young, his body is old 😆
Andy 814
Andy 814 7 months ago
2 masks??🐑🐑
Cobe YT
Cobe YT 7 months ago
The way U and JP talked through gal issues is amazing
Caitlin Chua
Caitlin Chua 7 months ago
Im so glad Aaron has recovered, atleast he can walk now🚶‍♂️
JJWSVTK abi 7 months ago
5:15 the way she's just frozen lmaoo
MichelleT-22 7 months ago
I love you aaron! Happy your healing so beautifully especially those toes hahaha I’m 100% joking.
Krønê Vøn Høênhêïm
Gwt well soon though
Brandon Vazquez
Brandon Vazquez 7 months ago
What happened to you?
Tatyana 7 months ago
What happened between him and JP?
Helena Bleau
Helena Bleau 7 months ago
Kristen Sequeira
Kristen Sequeira 7 months ago
Roni's expression was priceless 🥺😂❤
Kristen Sequeira
Kristen Sequeira 7 months ago
I'm so glad to see the progress
Dalina 7 months ago
What happened to his foot
Dana Raeburn
Dana Raeburn 7 months ago
“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:21‬ ‭NLT‬‬ Get better soon.
ho yeon jung
ho yeon jung 7 months ago
Ronron 🥺🤍
Homely Food
Homely Food 7 months ago
Hope you get well soon🙂
Simi !
Simi ! 7 months ago
6:02 I thought he said “so it’s that pain of a chicken tender” lol
VDGL 7 months ago
What the-
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez 7 months ago
I love that your foot is doing better and that you are atleast able to walk slowly again. I hope soon you will be able to do more things and your gootbwill be back to normal. I love watching your videos. Love you Aaron.
cherish. 7 months ago
haircut looks good aaron!! get well soon
Julio 7 months ago
Best thing for muscle pains or fractures is Called " Ubre de vaca" a spanish cream product stronger than bengay
kkami’s mom✨
kkami’s mom✨ 7 months ago
"What? That's a good thing. That's a good thing right?" "what? that he threw a bottle at my foot?"
KKs’ Corner!!
KKs’ Corner!! 7 months ago
I thought the title said I can’t walk again! I was like what noooo 😩😩 Haha 😂
juriiiily 7 months ago
"ahhww your wattling oh my little penguinnn" "I'm NOT A PENGUIN!"
Brandon Morel
Brandon Morel 7 months ago
Me the whole video: DONT STUB YOUR TOES!
All Smiles
All Smiles 7 months ago
Take care and get well soon Aaron
koko 7 months ago
roni is so cute 😭
SwaggyFruit 7 months ago
Ronis face the whole video 👁👄👁 Congratulations Aron for being clutches free😃
troy murrell
troy murrell 7 months ago
airon you could have told roni u were filming so she could make her self feel pretty even if she was beautiful and looked perfect to us, it's important SHE feels pretty.
Lilli myp
Lilli myp 7 months ago
"I'm not a pinguin" "Are you sure?"
AniaKulii 7 months ago
Roni if you are reading this dw girl, you are beautiful :)
Alexia Lim
Alexia Lim 7 months ago
I can relate to you Aaron. I injured my knee recently and I was on the couch so much, I can walk now too. I hope you feel better Aaron and recover soon ❤️
Himeca Pamintuan
Himeca Pamintuan 7 months ago
Roni looks beautiful 😊
hihi :)
hihi :) 7 months ago
Love. How he cals Roni first
hihi :)
hihi :) 7 months ago
Love how he calls Toni fitst
hihi :)
hihi :) 7 months ago
Carol Tassin
Carol Tassin 7 months ago
"Be True & Be You!"
Roxana go
Roxana go 7 months ago
We Love Having Supportive Friends :D
sunasbigtoe 7 months ago
A Love Productions
A Love Productions 7 months ago
Glad to see you're doing better! I remember my ankles looking like that! You're at that twitching faze of healing lol. Where it feels with better to walk. But sudden movements stop you in your tracks.
virline honore
virline honore 7 months ago
ur waddling like a penguin 😂😂
Aakanksha Tiwari
Aakanksha Tiwari 7 months ago
Aaron can walk again!! I am so happiiieeee! Yaayyyyy💜
Loveleen Sabharwal
Loveleen Sabharwal 7 months ago
I'm so glad you're walking again... Just don't put much strain on yourself. Sending u love
EcuadorianChris Gaming
My man can walk again!! LETS GO!! Also why did you do your bestfriend dirty like that... Girl had the Vaseline... LOL Anyways keep it up brother!!
Cheryl Chan Yen Wern
Awwww Love You Aaron! Can feel the pain from watching it, take very good care of yourself
Fireball 305
Fireball 305 7 months ago
Let’s gooooo
harshini 7 months ago
Random Fandom
Random Fandom 7 months ago
So happy for u aaron
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 7 months ago
😂You Alwayz Puttin’ #Ronii On Blazt😂🤣... Good On Da Recovery💯... Letz Get 2... #1.5Million⚠️
Bell 7 months ago
It's a good "step" Being able to walk, its important..... just thought it was funny
Stefanie Dizon
Stefanie Dizon 4 months ago
@Aaron Burriss the way aaron gave thanks to someone for understanding the pun, cute 😂
Aaron Burriss
Aaron Burriss 7 months ago
Thank you!! I didn’t think anyone would catch the pun lol
Pranet Singh
Pranet Singh 7 months ago
Congratulations for walking🎉🎊🎉🎊
Ameerah kissi
Ameerah kissi 7 months ago
awww i ship so hard
Marcos-Lesly Marin
Marcos-Lesly Marin 7 months ago
This is so dam cuteeeee awwwwwwww 🥰❤️😂🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😋😩😘😍
joanna H
joanna H 7 months ago
Roni: “That’s a good thing, that’s a good thing right?” Aaron: “What? That he threw a bottle at my foot”
allie westbrook
allie westbrook 7 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about how he was wearing 2 masks or??
allie westbrook
allie westbrook 7 months ago
At 1:00
nyla white
nyla white 7 months ago
I love how genuine you are with us Aaron. I wish you the best and I hope that you are wayyyy better soon!!
Isy's World
Isy's World 7 months ago
Awww poor Aaron. Good for him here can walk sort of now. Hope ur foot heals soon.
Potato Person
Potato Person 7 months ago
Aron: I got a new hair cut Me: I LIKE UR CUT G ✋🏼
Saarthak Kumar
Saarthak Kumar 7 months ago
Yo, it is seriously so fuckin' weird that your subscriber count is not going up!!! Your channel should have more subscribers!!!
JV 7 months ago
The doctor said it's okay.... It just hurts ALOT that's it 😅🤣🤣🤣
lori friel
lori friel 7 months ago
Ahh the concern for your well being on Roni’s face was so unbelievably sweet. Melt my heart ❤️.. I am happy they said you can walk on it but please just be so careful.
BIG CHINA 7 months ago
Aaron always making 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 content
Thannya Zaguirre
Thannya Zaguirre 7 months ago
I know how you feel dude I had the swollen ankle and my feet was in pain too way back in high school so I know how it feels
bias-wrecked 7 months ago
Aaron: Hairline fracture Roni: Hairline? Aaron: Hairline *tries to demonstrate* Roni: Aaron, What's wrong with your hairline?! Aaron: Roni?!.....
æKarina have some A T I T T U D E in her. sus
Roni is always in the vid 💜
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