Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I'm surprising Nathan with his dream car, a brand new Aston Martin Vantage!! Love you baby, so happy to welcome this new edition to our family!
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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 30 882
Mar Ponte
Mar Ponte 10 hours ago
I don't like it.
Don K
Don K 17 hours ago
Life styles of the rich and famous bad ass ride.I got to get back to my Sightseeing Sally vids
lhnean insideOut
why is nate so cute🧐😦😘
Via Infinity
Via Infinity Day ago
It's still in Jeffree garage I think, I just saw it in his IG story, a glimpse. It wasn't Nate from the beginning, it just lend it to him.
9cage Day ago
Via Infinity Yes. True. It is not very nice that Jeffree just took Nathan’s car. I would also assume that the new i8 was also Nathan’s next present.
Raphael Hervier
It says surprise my bf with HIS dream car , they broke up why is jeffree keeping it
idkchocolate 2 days ago
What ...
Netp 123
Netp 123 2 days ago
Omg Haha
Heather Gundry
Heather Gundry 2 days ago
I love you Jeffrey. You're a wonderful and fun guy.
River's Edge
River's Edge 2 days ago
They Car is Jeffree's, confirmed on Snapchat and Instagram.
biseksüel rahibe
and they broke up:D
sudz Day ago
ben biseksuel imam
pure love
pure love 2 days ago
i feel like jeffree loves him so so so much! like more than his own life almost.
Mubarak imtiaz
Mubarak imtiaz 3 days ago
7:39 lookin amazing
Khalil Alashy
Khalil Alashy 3 days ago
Jeffree’s screams are everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️
C Wy
C Wy 3 days ago
Lols too bad he didn't get to keep it after the break up
9cage 3 days ago
C Wy yeah I thought the same
Sin Siner
Sin Siner 3 days ago
Lucky dude !!!!!
Shaun Thredgold
Shaun Thredgold 3 days ago
Can u show us your house plz
Toni Morrison
Toni Morrison 3 days ago
Natan seems so uninterested after the test drive when Jeffree starts talking about their plans for the night, just look at the scene
RobloxCommandoPolite 1234
*me wishing to get dream car* *hears familiar car sound* My Mom:SURPRIZE!!! Me:OMA GAAAAAAAA!
Hibaaq Barcelona Tv
please subscribe to my channel my friend
Mckenzie Wheeler
Mckenzie Wheeler 4 days ago
Nate and Jeffrees hair= cosmo and Wanda
drawingangel2 6 days ago
Jefree, I don't think that that was very nice to sell Nate's Bentley like that without his consent... Instead, you should of sold one of your cars to get him another one. Please be more considerate towards others feelings next time and not to take him for granted....
Iqra Waseem
Iqra Waseem 6 days ago
I just came here for the comments
Joseph Dobbs
Joseph Dobbs 6 days ago
4.19 a gallon. You got me fucked up.
Laurentiu Gbr
Laurentiu Gbr 6 days ago
Who keep the car ?
Sindi Mendoza
Sindi Mendoza 7 days ago
Bitch ass. Nigga broke his heart 😭😭😭
Sindi Mendoza
Sindi Mendoza 7 days ago
I love him
CG741 Graf
CG741 Graf 7 days ago
The start of the end. That was my car...obviously not.
Andre Dippenaar
Andre Dippenaar 8 days ago
See how quickly he dropped his phone when Jeffrey walked in on him, Probably a grindr boy😄😄😄
pure love
pure love 2 days ago
what does that mean? that he is secretly on grindr?
Patty Garcia
Patty Garcia 8 days ago
Sooooo!!! Fake
Given Mahlangu
Given Mahlangu 8 days ago
Shame he really loved his Bentley
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 8 days ago
So is it his or yours lol
ASMR Newbie
ASMR Newbie 9 days ago
He said it’s not just his car it’s “OUR” car because Nathan was there for the money, nothing more the guy likes women. Jeffery has known this, that’s why he used expensive things and money for him to stay. It got old quick though you can have the most expensive things thrown at you and if you’re not happy it won’t last long. He wanted out finally.
papi peter
papi peter 7 days ago
@ASMR Newbie k
ASMR Newbie
ASMR Newbie 7 days ago
papi peter ha ha whatever makes you sleep at night fool anybody Can see it, that’s why they had threesomes so Nate could have a woman. It was about the money LMAO
papi peter
papi peter 7 days ago
@ASMR Newbie fr... if only it *was* the truth
ASMR Newbie
ASMR Newbie 7 days ago
papi peter truth hurts
papi peter
papi peter 7 days ago
Chun_ Li
Chun_ Li 10 days ago
I still didnt understand why they broke up
Original G
Original G 10 days ago
The fact that it sounds like that stock, jeez beautiful
Renee Peter
Renee Peter 10 days ago
are you a boy all a girl i am a hater
Katie Davis
Katie Davis 10 days ago
why does jeffree legit look like a glam grandma here its a look i love it
Love JuiceWRLD
Love JuiceWRLD 11 days ago
jtorres304 12 days ago
does anyone know where Nathan got that outfit it’s pretty nice lmao
dave young
dave young 12 days ago
Fucking Mint’ still one of my fav videos
Ireland Souza
Ireland Souza 12 days ago
🥰 awwww 🥰 you are amazing ✨Beautiful beautiful surprise!!!❤️✨
Hec†or G.
Hec†or G. 12 days ago
Meanwhile all I can afford is a Kia Soul..
xxx_Majus_xxx x
xxx_Majus_xxx x 12 days ago
Are you a girl!??
Emma Chubb
Emma Chubb 12 days ago
who else can feel the heat through the screen..
HEX 13 days ago
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard 14 days ago
Who is here after the breakup video and now noticed Jeffree surprised him w/ a car the same day as a planned date night. (maybe trying to work on/ spice up the relationship and/or romance? Also, was it just me or did Nate seem a little bummed Jeffree just sold his Bentley without him knowing. He said that the B was his favorite car and Nate is right that they're two different kinds of cars. The Bentley is more of an everyday driver and the Aston is not. Also, trivial side note but a Bentley Continental GT costs about $200k whereas the Aston Martin Vantage is the "entry level" Aston Martin and costs about $130k.... Maybe I'm over thinking it but I think this was a little glimpse into their issues. Power dynamics, working on their relationship, Nate's awkwardness with the camera (that's no secret just an example on display), etc. etc. I don't assume to know or think that Jeffree wears the pants or made decisions like that on his own. (It's just a car after all). But the "we" when referencing Nate's car was also just made me wonder if that stuff was ever an issue.
Akhone Chizo
Akhone Chizo 15 days ago
His dogs are luckier than me
Lelovena Gaming
Lelovena Gaming 15 days ago
so you sell the fav car that your boyfriend got.. :( thats sad actualy... and you buy a matching bag with it for yourself o_o .... thats weird my friend Jeffrey... I am not poor with money and got myself in a luxurious relationship.. but if he sells my VW up! for a lambo.. im mad...
Question Mark
Question Mark 16 days ago
I’m so mad I would take the keys back I’d feel like he used him for the money
william porter
william porter 16 days ago
See... give them everything and they still breakup with you. Use you. Nate really ain’t shit and will never be anything.
L1 5 days ago
Worse than that, jeffree set him up in cannabis biz michigan. Nate's gonna be rich in his own right cos of jeffree
rajat Dubey
rajat Dubey 16 days ago
Still can't get is he male or female pls comment me
King B
King B 8 days ago
Nurawra Associates
Nurawra Associates 17 days ago
Nurawra Associates
Nurawra Associates 17 days ago
U shet guck
Nurawra Associates
Nurawra Associates 17 days ago
Autumn Saldana
Autumn Saldana 17 days ago
I'm so sorry these two broke up Nathan is from our hone town G.R so we always are going to be team Nate. I will not be happy to see the new guy at all. I still have my fingers crossed they can work thi gs out after some time apart. If not I wish them both the best.
JENNIFER BHL 18 days ago
Ameth Cabrera
Ameth Cabrera 19 days ago
Melanie Azueta
Melanie Azueta 19 days ago
Jeffree you are so nice 👍🥰
Tonya Love
Tonya Love 20 days ago
I need a car😞😞😞😞 and any makeup you don’t want anymore 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Cindy D
Cindy D 20 days ago
Omg such cute couple and both are good looking! Btw that car is sick !!!!
jasmine riley
jasmine riley 20 days ago
Goes to buy a new luxury car.... but complains about $4 gas 😂 goal asf
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