Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya??? Today I'm surprising Nathan with his dream car, a brand new Aston Martin Vantage!! Love you baby, so happy to welcome this new edition to our family!
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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 29 881
The Coulson Crew
The Coulson Crew 10 hours ago
My dad has a db11 launch edition
China 13 hours ago
Why Nate is so hooot
J Benedict
J Benedict 14 hours ago
My wonder is how was the sex afterwards Jesus he was so shook
safe Elias
safe Elias 11 hours ago
Finally someone got my thoughts😂😂😂😂😂👌
Finn Jones
Finn Jones 15 hours ago
Its not suede its alcantara
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth 16 hours ago
13:11 sums it up. 4:26 was that Jeffree that said Hey Dude?
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth 17 hours ago
13:11 sums it up. 4:26 was that Jeffree that said Hey Dude?
Alistair C
Alistair C 17 hours ago
Why the fuck people watching hes videos I dont even know what to call him or her
daria chuu
daria chuu 15 hours ago
that's because we are open-minded, we can see his beautiful and genuine soul instead of wondering what's his gender.
X Tina
X Tina 20 hours ago
you can just tell how much Jeffree loves Nate.
dream unicorn
Umm, sorry but selling his car. Not cool. You’re doing this for him or views? Why didn’t you sell one of yours or get an additional one or ask him first before selling it? Kinda controlling and weird. He doesn’t look happy and no wonder.
Celeste Tibbetts
I love the sky he’s a billionaire I don’t get out much but I know Jeffrey Starr is he’s done an asshole tons of money loves his friends has a wicked relationship with a really handsome man but my problem is… Is he pansexual non-binary or Fluid like prince and boy George
Celeste Tibbetts
Not the sky I meant this guy
Matthew Huang
You are both friends lol
cneddy22 Day ago
Could “he or she” be any more flamboyant??
Christine Cook
Jeffree is so generous!
James Copeland
Yo! Diesel is cheaper in Cali than unleaded?!? That’s crazy!
Deym Nekohime
Sana Oil
Jamaya Howard
Song name at 9:13?
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Day ago
Courtney sch
Courtney sch Day ago
You both are so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰😋
Oyku Ayan
Oyku Ayan Day ago
Yok mu bu paranın bi sınırı aq
Ellie Role
Ellie Role Day ago
U and nate r so cute
fun met nina de wever
This is so cutie love you Jeffree ❤🔥
Beyza //
Beyza // Day ago
Bune lan amk ?
gabriella infante
Didi Soyinka
Didi Soyinka Day ago
They both have great taste in cars. Oh my God, Jeffree's laugh is so funny and contagious😂😂😂❤️
Kelly Paytas
Kelly Paytas Day ago
WOW I WISH SOMEONE LIKED ME ENOUGH TO BUY ME A CAR! ugh this is so sweet im so happy for nate this car is so beautiful like WHAT.... bitch better work
manzil hasan
manzil hasan Day ago
Is he really a boy or girl
Nele Wangemann
You could never have a plate like that in Germany 🤣
Dan Milsome
Dan Milsome 2 days ago
Aston Martin vulcans aren’t road legal ??????
You horrible gay
Alisha Castro
Alisha Castro 2 days ago
This is the ugliest faget ever
Axelle Caron
Axelle Caron 2 days ago
The price for gas in Canada, Quebec is like 1.20$CAN so for an American it's cheaper than that :0
naomie ramos
naomie ramos 2 days ago
gaddd that's my dream car too
Theluxebrunette *
Sad motherfuckers😂😂😂 I mean.
TheAwkward One
TheAwkward One 2 days ago
Lol that’s my dream car, you know you can always pop over to the uk and surprise me! Jk, love you! Btw you should defo join the AMOC , Aston Martin Owners Club, it’s worth it! Your the best! X
Chubz Morano
Chubz Morano 2 days ago
Happy nate he cant even hide his happiness....
Candice Vought
Candice Vought 2 days ago
So pretty!
Marvin Guzmán
Marvin Guzmán 2 days ago
Jeffre u suck your a gay piece of crap
Please Ask if u dont know
I'm so jealous.....you guys have a beautiful amazing relationship! So lucky!!!!
مجدي جعفر
ايش القرف هذا😠😝😝😝
Sara Reyes
Sara Reyes 3 days ago
One day I hope I can give back to the people I love like you do. You are so inspirational
Tanisha Wilson
Tanisha Wilson 3 days ago
Omg 4.19 is a lot! Compared to where I live! Everyone in my city complained about gas going up to 2.13
1400 Gang
1400 Gang 3 days ago
I feel like nates a cheater for sum reason
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez 3 days ago
Jeffreee!!! I’m coming to your show on October 5 can’t wait too finally meet you!!!! 💗 I wanna be entered to win your give away that ends tomorrow it would be an honor! 😩💕
Tyrese Chatman
Tyrese Chatman 3 days ago
10:39 period bitch 😝
Nicopony 3 days ago
Yo who is that chocolate cutie with Jeffree what’s her @ someone help plz
Erlandy Pierre
Erlandy Pierre 3 days ago
jefree hi how are ya
Michelle Bolieiro
LMAO. Nate is so down to earth
ivonne gonzalez
ivonne gonzalez 3 days ago
I love the way your dogs greet you!! They love you 😘 awwww they are so fuckin adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰
lilTREnay 3 days ago
Those gas prices have me planning my funeral!! Damn it's only 129 here 😓
Sue B
Sue B 3 days ago
He should have put BOND on the plate!
Sue B
Sue B 3 days ago
Jeffreestar - STOP saying you're DYING or the universe may grant your wish!!
Laura Selim
Laura Selim 3 days ago
Wow its only 2.00 here in ct
Time Traveller
Time Traveller 3 days ago
It's soo happy to see someone' s dreams come true. May all your dreams come true beautiful people
Becky Mitchell
Becky Mitchell 3 days ago
Jeffrey and Nate are so damn cute ❤️
BD gamer 420
BD gamer 420 3 days ago
You are girl
ASMR Soulshine
ASMR Soulshine 3 days ago
You are so giving
Telland Tips
Telland Tips 3 days ago
Wow!!!! Small youtuber here😍
Oh you are gay i was just going to make a joke!!!!
Marlie 4 days ago
How is Jeffree able to wear my grand pa’s favorite outfit and is still able to slay. I’m offended.
arilena jay
arilena jay 4 days ago
He's cold and uncomfortable
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