Surprising FaZe Rug With HIS OWN STUFF For Christmas! *Did He Notice?*

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Dec 19, 2019




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Comments 100
craig bowley
craig bowley Month ago
Workers? That was one guy.
Swizzy Beatz
Swizzy Beatz 2 months ago
that'd be so fun
Mena Elkhouli
Mena Elkhouli 3 months ago
Pooja S
Pooja S 4 months ago
Brawadis perfect set of Male friends including Brian and Denis.
Yaneli Sanchez
Yaneli Sanchez 4 months ago
i love seeing mona my dog
Kianne Food blog
Kianne Food blog 5 months ago
Sooo rug is gay 😂🤣
thepredattor 41
thepredattor 41 5 months ago
Phoenix Suns suck the Lakers are better
Deleted this account Yup
twenty twenty here
PLR Spangles
PLR Spangles 7 months ago
nearing 5 mil brutha
Danielfoxo99 8 months ago
Lucien L
Lucien L 9 months ago
Νικος Παπαδοπουλος
Baklavas and gyros is not Afghan food
Ali 10 months ago
Same I hope 🤞🏽 one day I have a group of friends like @brawadis
Anthonybtw07 10 months ago
David Montano
David Montano 10 months ago
Anthoney killed it with the general save some time I'm dead😂
OBEY 786
OBEY 786 Year ago
Who noticed that Brian used that thumbnail for his worst vs best review food places
Keyanna Matthews
Who’s watching during quarantine - COVID-19
Damian Ramos
Damian Ramos Year ago
Fuck the suns
Game Creator
Game Creator Year ago
At 9:10 i thought my phone fucked the earphones a the brandons voice was coming from the phone
Duckyhits Year ago
your so mean
Dude Anything2
Who else had No idea Romeo owns his own restaurant 😳
Ivan Espinal
Ivan Espinal Year ago
The intro tho I need a haircut even tho I got one yesterday
ChinØ Flakø
ChinØ Flakø Year ago
They arE higH asl
天狐 てんこ •Tenko
9:11 I thought I didn't put my headphones on
joceline rosales
“I wear fruit of the loom” 😂😂
Jason John Cruz
Romel's finest Food✌
Delyyy Year ago
My name is kamal
l7 Year ago
i don’t think he noticed
Jah UpNext
Jah UpNext Year ago
Pronounced “gyro” super wrong 🤣🤣🤣
Edgar Colin romero
Brian was more happy than he should of been
Alli needs help Playing
Give the pink Gucci to jackie
RandomThings! Year ago
Here for Brian’s reaction & absolutely loved it!!! “WOWWW, I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS!!!” LOVE YOU BRIAN! 😍😍😍❤️😂😭🤪🎄🥳😘 xxx
Vorce Year ago
The one thing about having a Mexican family that’s good is when it comes to Christmas
SadBoiStewie Year ago
Love your videos
Mike Shelikoff
I want Booker to be my dog
AADash Year ago
Bro your life looks so fun
Youssef HANY
Youssef HANY Year ago
Brandon:he is a multi millionair and he is not letting me keep a 200$ pink flip flops
Jax hug
Jax hug Year ago
Ryan St John
Ryan St John Year ago
Dwight: Sorry got penis’s on the brain, also Brandon with Brian’s boxers
II Amare II
II Amare II Year ago
Bouta unsub just cause Brandon has no content
Its Linney
Its Linney Year ago
Brandon says every night he looks forward to Booker but he forgot to mention Jacki as well 😂🤣🤣😂
JayP Year ago
I hope you feel better 💯
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Year ago
I ❤️the “RugRats😍” This Is what I call “real👀 brotherly”❤️”
The Cheeba Lounge
I’ve been thinkin this for monthsssss but is the house still haunted?
Lola DDR
Lola DDR Year ago
Plus dennis Fab 8
Shaun Southard
Love your videos Brandon. Have a wonderful Christmas and God bless you and your family
Robin Saucier
Robin Saucier Year ago
When Ali walks in looking like a pokemon trainer..lol. 😆
Chronic Vids
Chronic Vids Year ago
Emmanuel G
Emmanuel G Year ago
who else tired of seeing stadia adds
Alonzo J Sanchez
The beginning of the video made me laugh for sure it made Brian laugh to
Texas-2020 Year ago
When he puts Faze rug and not my brother 😑
Richard Chacko
Hey Brandon, I love the videos where you hang out with your boys plz do more of these
AndreYT Year ago
Aaidan Sanchez
I wear fruit of the lime 😂😂
Alvaro D
Alvaro D Year ago
He said Calvin Klein is boujee but it’s like 8 dollars😂
Angel Martinez
Almost 4 mil😱
GamerFuz !
GamerFuz ! Year ago
Watching brawadis videos that have cars racing in them💯best videos
Gl adys
Gl adys Year ago
You said mervins😂😂 that store don’t exist anymore lol
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz Year ago
bring back dennis
Genesis C
Genesis C Year ago
4EVER Year ago
This nigga Brandon gay for looking at Justin ass 😂 and saying "that's an ass "
lauren Year ago
it’s so funny how every video they fight over the pink gucci slippers 😂
Neilo Year ago
Only og were fruit of the loom
Swaggy Nat
Swaggy Nat Year ago
Yo I had to keep on going back to the part when Jackie told rug that the slides were for girls and he was upset and told her u don’t have to expose me like that 😂😂😂
TheKing 23
TheKing 23 Year ago
Brian: Oh more Gucci Random Person: Oh my gosh I’m going to die GUCCCCIAHABDBBSHSBB
Axel Camacho
Axel Camacho Year ago
4:44 Booker “F U, Gucci”
Rash Year ago
For some reason every time I feel love, I instantly feel the grief of losing a loved one. I get so saddened that Brian will miss his brother so much when he's no longer in this world, the way he shows his love to him is very cherishing. I can't even imagine how hysterically sad Brandon would be if Brian died. Man wtf is wrong with me.
Viviana hernandez
Are you and Denis still friends?
Efe Ekmekçi
Efe Ekmekçi Year ago
" Bekleyva "
Elvis Chilel
Elvis Chilel Year ago
Where’s Dennis at??
Ivan21 Year ago
15:02 hella awkward
vMulla Year ago
The way he said *Gyro* ..
No bang today?
K҈i҈l҈l҈ Me please
thats mest upppp
Swift Thrill
Swift Thrill Year ago
What type of dog is booker
SyCoz Ghostz
SyCoz Ghostz Year ago
Who else misses Dennis? Like if so
Periko -
Periko - Year ago
Even your friends hate you lame ass
Periko -
Periko - Year ago
Fake video
Periko -
Periko - Year ago
Lame !!!!!!!!! Fame digger
Periko -
Periko - Year ago
Lame dude dose things for other people but no his actual family
Alijah Coiner
Alijah Coiner Year ago
U should ask rug to recruit u for faze
Cattaleya Jane Fiel
Fadi Year ago
6:57 he’s a millionaire and he won’t let me get $200 shoes Lol your a millionaire to brawaids
Ali Ozdil
Ali Ozdil Year ago
show us more of Alis car
kin loopy
kin loopy Year ago
Bro this brothers are funny
Preston Atkinson
Clemson tigers
Princex DR
Princex DR Year ago
Yo brawadis do a song
Govind Jayaprakasan
Brandon why don't you do a prank on Jackie with Booker
Y. King
Y. King Year ago
Romell own a restaurant or he works there?
Javi Bolivar
Javi Bolivar Year ago
When he kick booker toy 😂😂😂
Christina Protic
Great video!😊🏀💜
MaSHeNE Boi Year ago
LMAOOO ´´jackie u dont have to expose me like that´´ 6:05
Lucero Ortiz
Lucero Ortiz Year ago
Where is Ale
Pa Houa Yang
Pa Houa Yang Year ago
Does anyone know the editing program they use for their videos?
Juan Alvarado
Juan Alvarado Year ago
Bro u humble asf!!!🙏🏽 keep striving
Alejandro Rodriguez
All jokes but doesn’t brawadis hair line look fuck up 😂 like if agreed 😂
NK_294 Year ago
Afghanis know bolani is🔥🔥🔥
Monique S
Monique S Year ago
Someone needs to buy Brandon a carpet cleaner for Christmas 😂
Jordyn Renea
Jordyn Renea Year ago
I wish Dennis would visit ): I miss them together
this is not what it looks like