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Aug 20, 2019




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Comments 59 755
Marvel For life
Marvel For life 4 hours ago
Who else cried when heath did
Srinithya Sthothrabhashyam
they cried as much as the breakup video
joaquin ramirez
joaquin ramirez 10 hours ago
Bro why does this even have any dislikes, like who the fuck is like “ooohhh this dude buys another dude a car and it’s the best fucking thing ever but now I’m offended” *dislike Like go fuck your self cuz HEATH GOT A NEW CAR BABBBBYY
bella n nessa
bella n nessa 11 hours ago
this is my favorite video of you
Carl Henryk
Carl Henryk 13 hours ago
Guess we better cut here and starting filming using this lead up to the marriage haha
russodidit !
russodidit ! 14 hours ago
David could have a 15 car garage instead he has a really long driveway for his 15 friends to park their brand new cars. I aspire to do that.
Jonny Owens
Jonny Owens 14 hours ago
I watch this video like once a week😂😂😂
Kyleigh Bear
Kyleigh Bear 15 hours ago
I’m crying so much but it’s happy tears
Deidre Morgan
Deidre Morgan 16 hours ago
David chuckling every time he surprises someone with someone gets me every time. It's the absolute best.
spider soldier
spider soldier 17 hours ago
Best surprise EVER
Crandall Horutko
Crandall Horutko 19 hours ago
Supuneet Singh
0:39 when this music goes up you know what's coming down
Chingiz Day ago
David: giving a 1million$ + car to a friend for free My friends: hesitate to give me a bubblr gum
Tyler Jacobson
This shit hit me bro heath never cry’s bro you got him straight hyperventilating crying and happy bro David making his best friends dreams come true that’s crazy and awesome keep the grind up David
J G Day ago
Remember when David gave him a fake lotto ticket for 5 grand? I think this makes up for it
Is the person in the back of the Tesla a boy or girl?
Brianna De Jesus
Omg I actually cried , David’s the best friend that I wish to grow up to be like . He’s absolutely amazing I love him so much my heart melts when he cries & when his friends cry 🥺
Mason Crosby
Mason Crosby Day ago
Every body speeds in his videos
Sonia Joseph
Sonia Joseph Day ago
i'm not crying, you're crying
Marina Smallis
Marina Smallis 2 days ago
“I hope he cries like this at our wedding” 😂💙
Marina Smallis
Marina Smallis 2 days ago
I wish I had a best friend like David!! 🥺❤️
scotty K
scotty K 2 days ago
love this video but dang ea is still dirty
PeachHazel7 2 days ago
So selfless 😭💙
Noah Alila
Noah Alila 2 days ago
Petition to get David to have a video with ALL the cars he’s given away to his friends!
Fan_XxxTentation Crisapulli
Now you have to give Zane a McLaren
Perla Q.
Perla Q. 2 days ago
Has david bought scotty a car yet ?
Nepustus 2 days ago
Other companies: thank you for agreeing to partner with us, here's a t-shirt and a mug EA: so here's a lamborghini
霆鋒 MATT 3 days ago
at first, I thought "who the hell will give away his Lambo like that?!" but then you see Heath actually crying he definitely love that super car more than David that reaction totally worth it
Gabija Katkute
Gabija Katkute 3 days ago
Scot is still boring
ben m
ben m 3 days ago
I love the way he laughs like a happy dog 😂 2:40
pEpPA piG
pEpPA piG 3 days ago
“no no no. can I sit in it? noooooo” Heath 2019
Siam Hossain
Siam Hossain 3 days ago
Dobrick Have a big heart ♥🔥
FreedomRunner 765
I get surprised with an Xbox David surprises people with luxury cars
delta rodgers
delta rodgers 3 days ago
this is how many they say f word. 1 like =1time
Katie Moehring
Katie Moehring 4 days ago
Heath is the BEST member of the Vlog Squad. Absolutely love him and Mariah.
ItsGaming Pokemon
Viktoria Tarnai
Viktoria Tarnai 4 days ago
what’s the song called when he shows the lambo at the beginning at 0:43
Titanic rising
Titanic rising 2 days ago
Here's the link bro ---> ruvid.net/video/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
Paige Elizabeth
Paige Elizabeth 5 days ago
Oh my god when he started cry wow I was already crying but my hearttttt
Lauren Cook Week it
2:40 When he says ‘actually’ you can hear how emotional he is getting 💞
Mckenzi Smith
Mckenzi Smith 5 days ago
Heath deserved it and Matt deserves to go to Japan if he hasn’t yet ✊🏻✊🏻
Terri Koerner
Terri Koerner 5 days ago
Awe I cried
Megan Isaac
Megan Isaac 5 days ago
I never cried so much seeing heath’s reaction.... pure lOve😭😭😭😭
Jack Tejre MLGY
Jack Tejre MLGY 5 days ago
thats fucking awsome
Ivanna Z
Ivanna Z 5 days ago
I still cannot believe this vlog even happened, the sweetest thing David has ever done is this, that’s his best friend and he got such a genuine reaction from him, so much so they both cried. Amazing job David 💎
TheBeaverguy21 6 days ago
My first thought would be "how the fuck am i gonna pay the insurance on this" lmao. That thing is like $1500/mo
BRIANNA ROWAN 6 days ago
Who ever did not cry when heath got his can is not a true fan
Quin Mulligan
Quin Mulligan 6 days ago
This is dope
Kim Keiter
Kim Keiter 6 days ago
Dude his reaction is seriously the best one. 💯
Mat Campos
Mat Campos 6 days ago
Best Car Giveaway Reaction Hands Down!!!
Edward Reichelt
Edward Reichelt 6 days ago
Btw I'm in my back yarrd
cearafaith 6 days ago
heath has had such a strong glow up
Phill_ YT
Phill_ YT 6 days ago
Your such a good person
Emma Hinkle
Emma Hinkle 7 days ago
mariah is the third wheel in the back
Jazlynn Campos
Jazlynn Campos 7 days ago
OMG I have the same bracelet as David
Daniel Hurley
Daniel Hurley 7 days ago
When you showed Zane and Matt the car you didn’t even record scotty😂😂
Zane Maddux
Zane Maddux 7 days ago
sfrasi 8 days ago
I love coming back to watch this😢💙
oscarina ponce
oscarina ponce 8 days ago
Awww this is the sweetest thing!! God bless david!
Brenda Rivera
Brenda Rivera 8 days ago
Why can’t I have friends like David
Ruchika Khanna
Ruchika Khanna 8 days ago
i fuckin love david ugh dude, you're very kind
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