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Thank you Borat for coming over!! I like you
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Miss ya'll !!

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Oct 21, 2020




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King Jeez
King Jeez 53 minutes ago
david i didn’t want the whole world to see this on tiktok so if you’re still helping people out i thought i would share my story right now me my mom and sister are currently struggling we have to move out and my mom only has a 900$ rent budget we’re just struggling to find a house and it would mean the world to me if you just replied to this i feel bad asking but love you man
James _
James _ Hour ago
were is #DIZA
Kung fu Benny
Kung fu Benny 4 hours ago
Imagine being being so rich that you can fuck up your testla for a bit and even the people who aren’t in on it just stand around laughing
Jack Pegher
Jack Pegher 4 hours ago
Szeretlek David
Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson 6 hours ago
this is the most fucking cursed video i've ever seen
raid 8 hours ago
Please upload on you're main channel i miss it
SEMTEX 10 hours ago
SEMTEX 10 hours ago
King in the castle king in the castle, i have the chair i have the chair
Бахтияр Маликов
I like Borat. He makes people get intrested in my country.
Smooth Spark
Smooth Spark 16 hours ago
jiujistu b
jiujistu b 17 hours ago
My name is david dubrovnik 😂
Jay Hurley
Jay Hurley 17 hours ago
I’m going to go home and fart into a shoebox.
Neko harucosplay
Neko harucosplay 18 hours ago
Ok hear me out. Borat and Jet do a video together
Chole Craig
Chole Craig 18 hours ago
This has liza koshy energy(yes I know her character was based off of Borat). what a weird wrap to 2020
Morelight Travel
Why he doesn’t upload any videos now? Anyone know the reason?
Levi Miller
Levi Miller Day ago
My face hurts I needed that laugh
gerard . A
gerard . A Day ago
If he stays a week in your house you will need to move to another house 🤪🤪🤪.
Animus Day ago
m1rka YT
m1rka YT Day ago
ali Day ago
Self Reminder ; Know, that this worldly life is no more than play, amusement, luxury, mutual boasting, and competition in wealth and children. This is like rain that causes plants to grow, to the delight of the planters. But later the plants dry up and you see them wither, then they are reduced to chaff. And in the Hereafter there will be either severe punishment or forgiveness and pleasure of Allah. Whereas the life of this world is no more than the delusion of enjoyment. ( Q.s Al Hadid : 20 )
zeke chen
zeke chen Day ago
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Archer Pracht
Archer Pracht 2 days ago
My name is David Debovrikc I have my own box.
brown batman
brown batman 2 days ago
I am actually from Kazakhstan, I live in Almaty and I do find him funny but I don’t feel comfortable watching this video
Kristin Thomas
Kristin Thomas 2 days ago
David's WELCO... CCCCCRRRRRRUUUUNNCH. Tesla door broken
Yutong Jiang
Yutong Jiang 2 days ago
Racist. Bats from Wuhan.
😂 lol that was funny
Dxcan D
Dxcan D 2 days ago
pause at 0:16
Aahmerica 2 days ago
I'm just now updating myself on your 2nd channel and I'm so sad I didn't now sooner lol
3rdperspective 3 days ago
She is possesedxD
rayoloco5000 3 days ago
allah uakbar borat
Samantha salazar
Samantha salazar 3 days ago
David can I get car please
Are you that Salazar from pirates of carebbian
Руслан 3 days ago
When dictator 2
johme54 3 days ago
Is that really Sacha?
Deffy Duck
Deffy Duck 3 days ago
He's the kazakhstan version of the Nelk boys
Cecilia Murrillo
Cecilia Murrillo 3 days ago
I wonder how long it took them to clean up the gumballs😂
Nukappiaaluk Kaspersen
You can see her smile in the car
kevin attinasi
kevin attinasi 3 days ago
It feels like this vlog was pubblished ages ago... or is it just me?
Michelle Arias
Michelle Arias 4 days ago
Love you David😚💞
griffin lay
griffin lay 4 days ago
This Vlog was better than the movie ngl
burbur durp
burbur durp 4 days ago
A Silva
A Silva 4 days ago
AMAZINGGG Borat is life
charli's favorite
i feel like borat smells like smokes (ciggies)
Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
I guess he is no longer excited about utube...
secret secret
secret secret 4 days ago
Liza koshy too and david dobrik too
Albert 4 days ago
when are you coming back :(
Jacob Sally
Jacob Sally 4 days ago
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FARTMAN Fart 4 days ago
amazing video David but who’s borat? I asked my mom and she said it was a very inappropriate movie that I couldn’t watch until I was 16-17
SrySra Dark
SrySra Dark 4 days ago
Vaxa Moroz
Vaxa Moroz 5 days ago
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borat car ran in to his door lmao
hydro 5 days ago
make a vlog
hadia alamz
hadia alamz 5 days ago
Oohhhh myyy goshhhhhhhh I just saw this now your telling me i have been watching vlog squad rewind since his last video in March when he was posting already
Charlie Glynn
Charlie Glynn 5 days ago
david im watching every vlog in order AGAIN to get me through this lockdown...thanks
PixersKev Production
WAWAWIWOU. BORAT -- 2006-2020 --
PixersKev Production
Travis Green
Travis Green 5 days ago
David Dubrovnik
Enchanted Rage
Enchanted Rage 5 days ago
Dear David, we miss you😔
Lilya Atanassov
Lilya Atanassov 5 days ago
I wish this happened to me 🥲
Jay's Vlogs
Jay's Vlogs 5 days ago
Ummmm... just a random question do we even know how many ILLEGAL/ stupid things the vlogsquad has done. Lol. 🙃
BlueFoxLol 5 days ago
we miss u
Jacob R
Jacob R 5 days ago
This is the closest thing we’ll get to a vlog but I’ll take it
Kyler Thomas
Kyler Thomas 6 days ago
Borat sounds like my Chinese grandfather
SnurdBurglar 6 days ago
If Borat 2 takes place 10+ years later, he'd be the oldest person in all of kucek and possibly all if Kazakhstan.
Tommy Goncalves
Tommy Goncalves 6 days ago
Chris Koszo
Chris Koszo 6 days ago
This was funnier than the movie!
Kris B
Kris B 6 days ago
This is how you promote a movie.
Emmet Wilson
Emmet Wilson 6 days ago
That girls life is complete lol amazing hahaha
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 6 days ago
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Landon Jines
Landon Jines 6 days ago
The no remnant of jew killed me
JOHN CENA 6 days ago
JOHN CENA 6 days ago
Ashton Shilly
Ashton Shilly 6 days ago
we got pump faked
Cameron Kay
Cameron Kay 6 days ago
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Kraken 5883
Kraken 5883 6 days ago
1:14 wait a second......
Nadya Karafezieva
sakshi joshi
sakshi joshi 7 days ago
This is just like when David took Helga to Newyork. Love it.
Don’t worry I have a bomb
It’s hilarious that, sash Barry Cohen the guy who wrote and plays borat also played king Julian from the the goddamm Madagascar movies.
Josh Guevara
Josh Guevara 7 days ago
What happens when he actually breaks shit like that? Does the company give out compensation or some shit😂
Cibu 96
Cibu 96 7 days ago
Kaylee Rose
Kaylee Rose 7 days ago
please come back.
Jack Percy 2.0
Jack Percy 2.0 7 days ago
Pure Gold.
HodgePodgeSee 7 days ago
Is it just me or do all the laughs they do seem really fake?
Jade Singleton
Jade Singleton 7 days ago
I love how he just gave no fucks and broke the Tesla door and gumball machine. Cracks me up. Sacha is too funny.
Experience 4
Experience 4 8 days ago
Borat is America's Bean
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez 8 days ago
Why does this whole thing seem staged 😭😭
Josef Lucas
Josef Lucas 8 days ago
That’s gotta be so fun to hangout with him!
Ha Real
Ha Real 8 days ago
Borat 2 was very disappointing
eating nemo
eating nemo 8 days ago
I clicked because of Borat but this guy has the most punchable face I've ever seen.
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 8 days ago
I enjoy time with David Dobrik! My moviefilm was GREAT SUCCESS! Please come to Kazakhstan so i can do the interviews with you! VERY NICE!
bertiness 8 days ago
This was funnier than the actual movie
B C 8 days ago
I am going to have to pick you a subscribe
Dannah Cuizon
Dannah Cuizon 8 days ago
macy mccourt
macy mccourt 8 days ago
Little did u know borat started covid
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie 8 days ago
day vid dab brick 2
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 9 days ago
David we love you and don’t forget about your fans plz
outro tears
outro tears 9 days ago
i miss the vlogs 😭
Marsel Zara
Marsel Zara 9 days ago
Jacob -_- Idk
Jacob -_- Idk 9 days ago
He look like Pablo escobar also hehe 420 is the time lmao
justin hernandez
justin hernandez 9 days ago
My favorite video at the moment😂😂
123 plush gamer
123 plush gamer 9 days ago
I feel like he whole video at the beginning was scripted XDXDXD Borat is so funny!
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