Surprising a Fan With His Own GOBLIN!!!

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Congrats John!!! Thanks to dfkitcar.com/ for the fantastic work on the car and www.bfgoodrichtires,com for supplying the Mud-Terrain KM3 tires! This thing's a beast!
Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/demolition-ranch
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!

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The Tactical Texan
Bro, love your stuff!!!!!
stevo pena
stevo pena 10 days ago
I dont wanna sound like that guy but nice to see a guy that could afford his own get it. Rich guy gets other rich guys awesome goblin.
R Scott
R Scott 11 days ago
Just can't unnerstan'bc 145 dislikes. What the heck?!?
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 14 days ago
All of you guys are so easily gullible if you believe this is a random pick lol I don't blame him for picking this guy it's the perfect person to have it rather than a person that can't afford to maintenance it but it's cringe af that he trys to fool everyone into believing this was a random pick. Do it for the content I guess
JonesBright 17 days ago
Love this channel 👌👌👌🇦🇺😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Thomas Alamar
Thomas Alamar 20 days ago
This is life.👍
KiefTrev 21 day ago
Well that wasn’t the Pimp My Ride reaction I was hoping for 🥴
Billy John
Billy John 23 days ago
How do I get one😂😂
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson 23 days ago
I think you should do it again so we can have a nother chance for us like we if you agree
roadsweeper1 24 days ago
Only thing id change about that goblin... who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to put cloth covered seats in an open offroader??? First thing I'd do is get those seats changed for something other than cloth, leather, plastic, whatever, or even just a professionally fitted waterproof recovering. Something you can just wash down. Those seats are going to get wrecked, or take 3 days to properly wash and dry them, everytime you get them covered in muddy water.
Azone123465 24 days ago
Needs basic fenders to save the driver and passenger from excess mud.
B real
B real 26 days ago
Would have been nice to see the winner was actually random instead of rigged. I wonder how much bunker brand vs this guy bought to win a goblin.
Lateframe 20 days ago
You mad bro...
Mike doyle
Mike doyle 26 days ago
Great music selection.
Mushroom Hatters  Adventers
of course a rich guy wins it
Mushroom Hatters  Adventers
weres mine
Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur 26 days ago
That's how I remember that part of Tennessee. SO GREEN!
iShoot Trap13
iShoot Trap13 27 days ago
Was that game of thrones shirt a limited run?? I need one
mobile madness
mobile madness 27 days ago
What if that dude commented on my comment
Creasedjoker99 27 days ago
Yeah Tennessee!!!
gdog1195 28 days ago
Needs mud flaps
mobile madness
mobile madness 27 days ago
gdog1195 no it doesn't it would look ugly and not right if he did
AH Davis
AH Davis 28 days ago
mobile madness
mobile madness 27 days ago
Malcolm Lang
Malcolm Lang 29 days ago
iceman0502me 29 days ago
Don't tell Mere about the lady in the van!
dalton Keith
dalton Keith 29 days ago
What part of Tennessee was that
Charles 29 days ago
Johns channel ruvid.net/video/video-F-g9P0C9sR4.html
DiverseEagle Month ago
This guy older than u haha and he has a fk mansion
Dr. Novane Cote
Dr. Novane Cote Month ago
what was the point of the moving truck?
Martin marty
Martin marty Month ago
Benward Vlogs
Benward Vlogs Month ago
10:59 don't tell Mere
mrowca29 Month ago
You need finer vids
Chris Mortimer
Chris Mortimer Month ago
What a fantastic guy!!! Enjoy fella...
trey yergin
trey yergin Month ago
Who else here rides dirt bikes or races gnocchis or motocross
bobbycone2 Month ago
Hell yeah! So awesome to completely fuck that thing up in the mud! Good times!
Every Day I’m Struggling
Seems set up to me
bitkarek Month ago
this thing got to the right hands...
cmrka cmrka
cmrka cmrka Month ago
rich people winning stuff = no fun
jimbo111589 Month ago
I like how this dude was "randomly" selected.
John Brock jr
John Brock jr Month ago
On this episode of Nitro Circus...
Chewy Lewy
Chewy Lewy Month ago
1:46 a mountain in texas?!
#TeamLoboVape Month ago
Bro this of got season is lit
Tanner Warren
Tanner Warren Month ago
You need to go back there and rip it up for some videos with him
fluffy the god
fluffy the god Month ago
One gun I wanna see u shoot is called a jackhammer
timothy chapman
timothy chapman Month ago
Where's the bronco
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll Month ago
12:04 My thought exactly. haha like who else would have been able to use it to it's full potential?
Stephen Mitchell
Super heart!!! Sharing the Joy...Thanks!!!
olafs olafs
olafs olafs Month ago
I want that buggy
will walters
will walters Month ago
I swear rich people get more expensive shit for free
rydeen450 Month ago
Brian Reinhardt
Brian Reinhardt Month ago
I know familiarity with a vehicle and John was WAY TOO FAMILIAR with the Goblin. I smell a setup and it stinks.
Peter Reichert
Peter Reichert Month ago
john has a great property to play with it, perfect winner and he enjoyed a lot. Good choice, Matt! Happy easter to everyone! ( because I´ve watched it today, not earlier )
Hackaboom Month ago
do you know how many starving kid you could have with all that grass you destroyed
Arkansas Mud Kings
Dang I need to get out riding again!
Matt Thatsme
Matt Thatsme Month ago
whats up with the bronco? and.....wheres the nightmere now after the wreck?
Glenna Kelly
Glenna Kelly Month ago
How is Mark and uncle
Mad Max
Mad Max Month ago
Bens firearms has spammed me with 87 emails so far since the barrett thing....
Cloudy 4L
Cloudy 4L Month ago
i know literally everywhere he was going here in this video he drove past the exit to go to west town mall monka s
Daryel Ingram
Daryel Ingram Month ago
I didn't know you were in Knoxville, wish I could've met you
toxic Laboratories
Bring the ultra 4 to his house lol
ThePogFella Month ago
thought u might like this.... ruvid.net/video/video-0HYOGs_kr4c.html
W. McMaster
W. McMaster Month ago
fenders. lol
Trucks, Legos, and Tractos
You are really nice
Bandsmen Month ago
Damn what a car! Did Matt get car sick 🤮?
Natoshia Bahner
Natoshia Bahner Month ago
You will get 10000 dollar if you can break into it form just Dustin
Natoshia Bahner
Natoshia Bahner Month ago
You should try to shoot a "unbreakable box"
Peyton Walters
Peyton Walters Month ago
Knoxville Tennessee?
J and J Paranormal
That's good I'm glad someone that was already rich got the goblin
J S Month ago
You should take a few psi out of the tires
Bennie Hendrickx
Little tip make a grip to hold on to on the inside of the cage. So people have something to hold on to. And if you roll it there hand won't get crushed between the ground and the car.
Crispp Ratt
Crispp Ratt Month ago
feel bad for the third wheel guy....
joseph seprish
joseph seprish Month ago
Were is the Ford bronco?
blperoc Month ago
That Goblin is not really made for hard core offroad. Open exposed air filter is no good for that.
Mr Smith and the Outdoors
So awesome as always with the Carrikers! #muchlove
Sam Hall
Sam Hall Month ago
Hey Matt. Found a website called plan b supply and I think they're based near you. Could be a good website to have a look at as they could make the humvee even more worthy as the vehicle for the demolition king
Alex Hunt
Alex Hunt Month ago
What's going on with the bronco
robert berry
robert berry Month ago
the folks at goblin will be proud
Kevin Skillin
Kevin Skillin Month ago
Love your shirt, but I bet a bunch of people got worried when someone wearing a shirt with a gun and the word “terror” got on the plane
Dalton O'Brien
Dalton O'Brien Month ago
Hey Matt, my boxer Brody was just sent in for X-rays. He’s 8, results said he has a tumor on his heart near his lungs, and can’t be removed. They are giving him medication, any idea how long I might have left with him. Adopted him when I was in college. Thank you.
robert berry
robert berry Month ago
I C white knuckles lol
Mike Martin
Mike Martin Month ago
Wicked!! A rich guy is given a goblin for free by another rich guy! Awesome!!
Pete Lasko
Pete Lasko Month ago
Hope that’s his own dirt!
Michael Mcginnis
Congrats john i love Tennessee got family there and in sc im a wv boy love the woods
David Chalifoux
David Chalifoux Month ago
John christianed his Goblin. Needs a bath. Lol
David Chalifoux
David Chalifoux Month ago
Nice driving
tjfrench03 Month ago
Just take the ultra 4 out there and play.
azur bleu
azur bleu Month ago
Matt is a real Pro . Don't tell Mere
Aidan O’Malley
#TeamLNP haha, love that such an awesome guy got the goblin
FatBoySlim37 Month ago
I'd put a little more aggressive tires on it but other than that, dude had a blast driving it I bet
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres Month ago
why is he the best rally driver 🤣🤣
You need a roof cover & doors maybe that will stop It from getting ruined with all the mud on the Inside!!!
Ethan Pruitt
Ethan Pruitt Month ago
Welcome to one of the greatest states in the country!!
NickC Month ago
I want the game of thrones shirt, but it's not on the bunker website!
Upshift Z71
Upshift Z71 Month ago
Roguekriger Month ago
Should bring the Ultra4 there next time, y'know cause why not
Andrew Sellers
Andrew Sellers Month ago
When do yall think we will get another bronco update?
Ian Rouse
Ian Rouse Month ago
A big upgrade from a 90s DeVille
Max’s Slave
Max’s Slave Month ago
6:44 that was a cool edit for some reason
gpaac Month ago
What would’ve happened if the winner lived in an apartment
Randy Little
Randy Little Month ago
He needs a SHOOTING RANGE then it would be perfect......
chaseyoudown99 Month ago
I know you were holding on to the Goblin, but you didn't have to flex on us that hard XD
Darryl Drax
Darryl Drax Month ago
Awesome 👍 😉🙏✌💞🐶💞👍👌😊
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