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As we’ve just wrapped up our first ten years as a company, we wanted to enter our second decade with a video that highlights what Supercell games are all about: friends, fun moments and fantastic memories - for everyone.
Supercell is a mobile game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. Since our launch in 2010, we've brought five games to the global market - Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. Our goal is to make the best games - games that are played by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years and remembered forever.
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Oct 26, 2020




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Comments 100
GEORGE Westhiner
GEORGE Westhiner 3 hours ago
GEORGE Westhiner
GEORGE Westhiner 3 hours ago
In Brawl stars
GEORGE Westhiner
GEORGE Westhiner 3 hours ago
Supercell i lost my account
Rosalba Gutierrez
Rosalba Gutierrez 5 hours ago
Solo a mis amigos les das y a mi no
Rosalba Gutierrez
Rosalba Gutierrez 5 hours ago
Supercell por favor me das un brawler
Kaobi Ugwu
Kaobi Ugwu 5 hours ago
Supercell: we make games for everyone Russians: *allow us to introduce ourselves*
أنور ألشيباني
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Missing from 2015
أنور ألشيباني
Hello I have a missing account from 2015 linked to Facebook
Jiajie Ceo
Jiajie Ceo 7 hours ago
I have problem on entering the clash of clans and brawl star game today.
Jiajie Ceo
Jiajie Ceo 7 hours ago
Please enlighten me in this issue. Thanks.
Jiajie Ceo
Jiajie Ceo 7 hours ago
Brawl star lose a lot of games, because of this problem. Stuck on the same screen.
Brandon 17 hours ago
Ngl i thought the name was pronounced SUP, ERC, ELL
Yasir Clarin
Yasir Clarin 17 hours ago
Supercell can u give an discount at the clan castle low it into 200k ty
A stupid dude
A stupid dude 21 hour ago
0:39 S A N D I N T H E E Y E
Elvin Seferli
Thanks to Supercell for wanderful games!
Adil Bilal
Adil Bilal Day ago
I played every games of Supercell All of them are very amazing games
Harshit Tiwari
I love Clash Royale Brawl Stars Clash of clans All of them are addictive
Carlos Escobar
David Duran
David Duran Day ago
hay day esta con madre si o no rasa
Susi Miranda
Susi Miranda Day ago
return the brawl stars box gems
MATHEUS YT 2 days ago
Dá um like se você vai me dar
MATHEUS YT 2 days ago
Tenho o ID supercell
MATHEUS YT 2 days ago
O nome da minha conta é Minato
MATHEUS YT 2 days ago
Supercell pode me dar gemas grátis por favor sou pobre não tenho dinheiro para comprar
Rabi3 Rabi3
Rabi3 Rabi3 2 days ago
Respect for supercell to make these games with hard work
BradynLee09 2 days ago
I’m gonna make a video of me downloading all these games, I don’t even have a lot of storage so I’m making a a grave for iPhone XR storage
The Gaming
The Gaming 2 days ago
boom beach
Rawa 2000
Rawa 2000 2 days ago
supercell can you trust me
Kiruha Pro
Kiruha Pro 2 days ago
Суперссел уберите у меня лаги в бравле бесит
SON IŞIK 2 days ago
shadow dark
shadow dark 2 days ago
Supercell why I don't have one braving doesn't vupai
shadow dark
shadow dark 2 days ago
In braval elders
Баярто Б
Баярто Б 2 days ago
Pliz Brawl pass
كاتانو /katano
Pedro Fortunato Lopes
Brawl stars and hay day loveeeeeee
Pedro Fortunato Lopes
Supercelll loveeeeeeeeeee
Pedro Fortunato Lopes
Supercell foreverrrr
alejandro gg
alejandro gg 3 days ago
Баярто Б
Баярто Б 3 days ago
Баярто Б
Баярто Б 3 days ago
Pliz Brawl pass
Carlos A Carbajal Malacara
0:48 i want this as a new intro
Артемий Слышкин
Как узнать пароль от суперсел айди ?
El Primo
El Primo 3 days ago
North Korea: Excuse me?
Aras Cakır
Aras Cakır 3 days ago
Rushe waarss
younes younes 9
younes younes 9 3 days ago
Berat Yumrutepe
Berat Yumrutepe 3 days ago
Supercell free gems😓
king game of everyone
i just love game clash of Clans and clash royale
A crewmate
A crewmate 3 days ago
I hope no one looks at my plans while I’m sleeping...
Santiago Basallo
Santiago Basallo 3 days ago
supercell me regalas algo en brawl stars cumpli años y no te dije : o
CyberLunox 3 days ago
Team SuperPoivre. #superpoivre
AMONG US PH 4 days ago
Clan games rewards just put a potion of spell and book of everything becoz dont have in gold pass grrrr.
Infinite Noyan
Infinite Noyan 4 days ago
Bro plzzz ad the bkash in coc The I well got the gold pass esaly I'm from Bangladesh
Reyhan Yüksel
Reyhan Yüksel 4 days ago
I want to brawler but supercell nat gıve brawlers
Rt Bv
Rt Bv 4 days ago
SHØCK W4VE 4 days ago
Some of them are too repetitive
GeorgeTDM 4 days ago
Pc gamers:😐
ashi kush
ashi kush 4 days ago
My id has got hacked by me
Eduardo Solis
Eduardo Solis 4 days ago
Que universo de personajes tan carismáticos están creando.🥰
Vitalina Solotova
Hello Deni! I am play Brawl Stars!! It is good!!!! I'm Russian!!! How can I contact you?
Christopher Garcia
COC has no content to make noobs better
Ree 5 days ago
“we make games” *understandable. NOW GET TO THE POINT*
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 5 days ago
All of this games are just garbage
Efe Güven Profesyonel.
dear SUPERCELL team 2PYUQLUU This user is insulting me Etc. can either silence him or ban him, can you know thanks
Tiken waikhom
Tiken waikhom 5 days ago
Why didn't coming varifiction code plzzz help my issue
brawl stars
Crazy SparkzZ 气࿐
Dont feel bad am saying that supercell is not famous now
Don't Touch UwU
Don't Touch UwU 5 days ago
Do you do new game?
Uprising Ballistic
I miss an old coc where we can chat in global..
Benrey 5 days ago
I hope no one looks at my plans while I'm sleeping =]
сделай сам
Emin Can
Emin Can 5 days ago
Mobil oyunlarda dünya 1.si
JWD MX 5 days ago
Clash royale so nice ♥️
we look forward to your new game
The best game of SUPERCELL is clash royale and clash of clans and brawl stars
Night TheFallen
Night TheFallen 5 days ago
Sooooo is anyone gonna talk about the guys that look like gangsters but are actually playing Hayday?
ANGIE KUN 5 days ago
those games are better than others
Error 6 days ago
Мне вольт сегодня выпвл
Kahraman Oyuncu
Kahraman Oyuncu 6 days ago
Hey :)
Ferid Aliyev
Ferid Aliyev 6 days ago
Please New Game SUPERCEL games the Best SUP ERC ELL
Frosty 6 days ago
Supercell_New Game You saw? 05.10.? Its 10 may 2021!! New GAMEEE
Aj Alfio
Aj Alfio 6 days ago
Make a game called "supercell family" It have all supercell games
Rachel M
Rachel M 6 days ago
Thank you!
ILon II 6 days ago
I love brawl stars
FNAF и Всё такое
SUPERCELL 6 days ago
Supercell Mortis💔😔
Joao paulo Santos
Manda brauler supersll por fa vor senao vou sesistalar o jogo meu nome e gui005k5 e ca fotinha eujenio manda la para min
Pretty cuts
Pretty cuts 6 days ago
Oh I love brawl stars the most😆😉
THE BESTッBS 6 days ago
GG for bOomBaZzO
Agustin Vega
Agustin Vega 6 days ago
Supercell me puedes traer un número del paz en brawl Star porque lo tengo y tengo a muchos brother si me faltan pocos en el que llevó a estar en la temporada 4 que ya voy a tener al que cuando ya esté en el 30 con Lou
Brendan Mooney
Brendan Mooney 7 days ago
hey supercel i have voice lines for spike. When the round starts, spawns: ,,spikey spikey'' ,,time to spike things up'' ,, time for a litle spike'', when spike attacks a brawler: ,,hit it with a spike'' ,,spiked ya'' ,,you got spiked!'' when spike kills a brawler: ,,i just want a hug :('' ,,bye bye'' ,,that was a litle spikey'' when spike gets hit ,,hey watch where you spike!'' ,,colethe stop it!'' ,,ouch'' when spike gets killed: ,,why ya spiked me why?'' ,,why'' ,,i pulled to many spikes'' ,,noooooooooooo'' when spike uses super: ,,spikes spikes everywhere'' ,,lets play spikeball'' ,,watch out spikes incoming''. i hope spike gets a voiceline the voice needs to be high for sakura spike, robotick for all robots spikes and a bit lower from skaura spike voice for spike and mask spike. 1question how long it will take and can you do it spikes need atlest squeks! cuz rosa got a skin why spike doesn't have a voice?
bizler erdem
bizler erdem 7 days ago
Supersel supersel id den birisi hesabımımı kulanıyo
Miraz Jnr
Miraz Jnr 7 days ago
My supersell I'd is hack please sir help me😭
buğra yavaş
buğra yavaş 7 days ago
Brawl starss
man with no plan
man with no plan 7 days ago
Everyone: how are you still alive? Hay Day: I have no clue!
Filip Vranić
Filip Vranić 7 days ago
Can you pleeeeeeeeease give me new brawler becose I haven't got a new brawler for almost 2 monts? I ve' ben opening sooooow much mega boxes and I neveeeeer get a new brawler! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
LePepe mayor baq9 X
Supercell algún know
Irmak 1717
Irmak 1717 7 days ago
Karekter verir misin mega açicam
Fwoggy Wibbit
Fwoggy Wibbit 7 days ago
You are one of the worst game developers in history
Mario Tovar Villarreal
Supercell Por qué no prenden en el último camino de trofeos a León
💜💛BRAWL STARS💛💜 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I AM FROM AZERBAİJAN 🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑🖑
Alexis Cheiranidis
0:52 there is a clock that writes (5:10)I think that they hoing to release a new game
Костянтин Данилюк
Brawl stars 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻👍👍👍👌😻😎
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