Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Overview Trailer feat. The Announcer - Nintendo Switch

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Join us for a whirlwind overview of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, hosted by none other than…The Announcer?! Who better to guide you through the game than the voice of the menus himself! Time to get amped because gaming icons are about to clash in the ultimate showdown you can play anytime, anywhere. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch!

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Nov 20, 2018




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Terence Vabian
Why does Sakurai hates Wauluigi?
MuhammadCrafts 6 days ago
Man it’s been 2 years and now we get the last character (SAKURI has to pick waluigi we need all the characters like waluigi)
Abshir Warsame
Abshir Warsame 8 days ago
giv waluigi his own game nitendo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vintendo 13 days ago
Where is WALUIGI
SPeetahNJ 14 days ago
Sakurai please don't add Not a Nugget to Smash Bros. as final DLC character
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
@SPeetahNJ If you're think about the DLC, I'm pretty sure they choose the character beforehand
SPeetahNJ 11 days ago
@woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ of course not, but there was still the risk even if very very low
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Haha you really think they would
ErikWithAK 15 days ago
Man I miss the early Smash Ultimate hype
Purple Guy
Purple Guy 15 days ago
For god's sake, Nintendo. PUT WALUIGI IN SMASH BROS!!!!!
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen 17 days ago
I got all the characters lol
hridhaan wadia
hridhaan wadia 21 day ago
why is among us not in super smas bros ultimate
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Because it became popular in 2020
21 day ago
Did anyone else watch these videos the day before you get the game?
PokerToad 22 days ago
Projectile Characters are so unbelievably overpowered
a normal tv series
a normal tv series 22 days ago
Waluigi in smash now
The KidBoy HD Channel
Can you put Goku in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? He would make a perfect choice for Smash!
positively neagitive
God I swear if the next fighter is all might Sakuri is just a weeb like us
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Japanese people can't be a weeb
Julian Winther
Julian Winther 29 days ago
Nintendo can you add the imposter or baldi i would be happy with any of the fighters i mentioned.
My Dad
My Dad 29 days ago
"I *THE ANNOUNCER* invite you to smash-" Me: " *if you insist* "
Abisay Perez Martinez
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot amigo amigo el amigo del amigoVerdad me lo das me lo das para mi casa le pueden vender MercadoLibre y lo puedes comprar lo puedes comprar y lo dejas a mi casa de un regalo de para Ethan para
luwis the boss
luwis the boss Month ago
Ive heard this guy swear
Jacob CHU
Jacob CHU Month ago
Delyla de Castro
7:11 Fighters without amiibo, you say? Fear not! They're in development!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Month ago
It's so weird hearing the announcer talk normally in full sentences
tides Month ago
release shadow
shakwana gary
shakwana gary Month ago
Can you put a Freddie fads bear in super smash bro‘s
Cheese balls
Cheese balls Month ago
Why is the Kirby amiibo so expensive?
Mad Weegee
Mad Weegee Month ago
0:11 Why isn't that said at the title screen of the game?
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Because Nintendo
Neron Henry
Neron Henry Month ago
They should bring eggman
Muslim Me
Muslim Me 2 months ago
What if they added purple castle crasher
megapokekid1 2 months ago
Xander must of had fun doing this.
Sonja will Williams
Sonja will Williams 2 months ago
My milk is going to goes through my nose if I laugh
Sonja will Williams
Sonja will Williams 2 months ago
I meant to say through my nose I try not to laugh so that doesn't go through my nose
Sonja will Williams
Sonja will Williams 2 months ago
I'm going to try not to laugh so the milk doesn't go through nose
Ivan12 The Pichu
Ivan12 The Pichu 2 months ago
Can’t wait!
2 months ago
Umm why don’t you add sponge bob and Patrick in super smash bro’s those are from Nickelodeon 🧽⭐️
Ronzell Ash
Ronzell Ash 2 months ago
Do I have to have nintendo online to play this game? Since I don't plan on having an online subscription. And does this game have an "end"? I'm looking for a Mario game that'll keep me occupied for HOURS since I finish games so quickly. 🥺
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Only for online matches
Princess Twilight Sparkle
No you don't need too but for online matches you need it. And this game has tons of content and DLC.
Raystarbazzar 1995
Raystarbazzar 1995 2 months ago
Ft. Master Hand
• Kruatheshow •
• Kruatheshow • 2 months ago
0:10 why couldn’t this play when the game got to the title screen… :(
SuperUi 2
SuperUi 2 2 months ago
Is it me or does announcer sound like all might
Evan Hernandez
Evan Hernandez 2 months ago
So many memeries
Evan Hernandez
Evan Hernandez 2 months ago
The time you realize not everyone is here
Teddy Cross
Teddy Cross 2 months ago
6:24 "Everyone is here!" Waluigi: Let's rethink that.
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Do you understand what he really means by "everyone is here"?
Jack Ya Boi
Jack Ya Boi 2 months ago
This guy must really enjoy his job
Make marvel HULK in the game
Shadow and Sloth
Shadow and Sloth 2 months ago
Plot twist: Sakurai is secretly master hand and the announcer is secretly crazy hand
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 2 months ago
Why is this announcer so extra. Brawls announcer was so much better. This guy is just trying way to hard it’s annoying.
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
sucks for you then
Butter Stick
Butter Stick 2 months ago
This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 2 months ago
And other dlc battle
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 2 months ago
Kazuya joins the battle
Rachel Payne
Rachel Payne 2 months ago
I want you to add waluigi because he is more than a
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
more than a...?
Ananda Matos
Ananda Matos 2 months ago
shut up and take my mmoney!
Moonlight Comet
Moonlight Comet 2 months ago
It’s been a few days since Kazuya released, yet, here I am.
Hrehaan and hridhaan Studios
Also among us. ?
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
Nah, the DLC characters are probably all chosen, and Among Us gained popularity in 2020, so they probably won't make it in. Maybe in the next game if they are able to keep popularity.
Nathanael Bernis
Nathanael Bernis 2 months ago
Me watching this when Kazuya is released
Ahmad harraz Ahmad Haszrul
The Super! Smash Bros! Go! Mini! Fot! Fome % Tome! GO!
KG 2 months ago
How did we get here
jose vitorino
jose vitorino 2 months ago
PLUS ULTRA !!!!!!!!!!!!
jose vitorino
jose vitorino 2 months ago
Magalor 3 months ago
The Announcer asking if he has overtime gives me Dededarn Live.
SIERRA STARKE 3 months ago
Of the last one
SIERRA STARKE 3 months ago
Pick sora please Nintendo
SuperJack 348
SuperJack 348 8 days ago
GodEr0z 3 months ago
looks cool and fun but theyre all over the place. headache awaits me
Jacob Chang
Jacob Chang 3 months ago
I also even heard that Xander Mobus reprises his role in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as both the ENGLISH ANNOUNCER and the ENGLISH VOICE ACTOR OF MASTER HAND AND CRAZY HAND (returning from Super Smash Bros 4). So Mobus is the 4th and onward announcer in the Super Smash Bros series. That is, since he was the announcer in Smash 4 and returned as the announcer in Ultimate. This is likely because (Smash Wiki reference), the previous 3 announcers (Jeff Manning, Dean Harrington, and Pat Cashman) the ones who are the announcers in Super Smash Bros N64 (N64/Wii VC), Super Smash Bros MELEE, and Super Smash Bros BRAWL, they were "in the 50's". And Cashman, he is the oldest of the four announcers. He was 58 when he (in BRAWL) was the announcer and the English voice announcer of Master and Crazy Hand. (NOTE: Also, Cashman was the announcer in "Bill Nye the Science Guy" on PBS.) When Mobus was the announcer and voice actor of Master and Crazy Hand in Smash 4, he was 21. And he was 28 when he reprised his role in Ultimate. So with all that said, Ultimate's announcer is the same one from Smash 4. And it is Mobus.
Jacob Chang
Jacob Chang 3 months ago
At 1:11, it is revealed that in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, there are seventy four playable characters. Without including DLC, there are seventy four (count Pokemon Trainer as one character). In Ultimate, there are seventy four playable characters and one hundred and three playable stages (without including DLC). However, in this game, there are 8 characters available from the start. And this is just like in the original Super Smash Bros. There are 8 starter characters and 66 unlockable characters. The starters are only the characters from the "Original 8" in the original game. The starters are Link, Yoshi, Fox, Mario, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Samus. The other 4 characters from Smash 64's "Original 12" (C.Falcon, Jigglypuff, Luigi, and Ness) are reverted back to being unlockables. If you look at Smash Wiki, it is revealed that Palutena (from the Kid Icarus universe) is the last unlockable character. If the "World of Light" method is not used, Palutena is unlocked by doing Classic with Kirby or any of the characters in his unlocking tree or by doing VS. Mode matches with Palutena being the last unlockable character to unlock. So I think by VS. Mode matches, it starts with Ness (yes, Ness is the first unlockable character) and finishes with Palutena (the 66th and last one).
Miza 3 months ago
I Want Announcer To Be Next In Smash Bros
Fredi Cela
Fredi Cela 3 months ago
Big Hand
Big Hand 3 months ago
The Cinnamon Of A Snickerdoodle Dessert
Kazuya In Smash Ultimate
The Gold Mario
The Gold Mario 3 months ago
who knew the announcer would later be a dlc character (Joker and announcer have the same voice actor)
KPBroseph 3 months ago
this looks so fun
qolau mumiu
qolau mumiu 3 months ago
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qolau mumiu
qolau mumiu 3 months ago
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qolau mumiu
qolau mumiu 3 months ago
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Alessandro Rojas
Alessandro Rojas 3 months ago
Kazuya in smash
Elo_NoLastname 3 months ago
Announcer ordering McDonalds: Hello i would like some (echo) *FRENCH FRIES*
Diane Delmar
Diane Delmar 3 months ago
X of All Trades
X of All Trades 3 months ago
They are more than 74
D Munoz
D Munoz 3 months ago
Can you put Sakurai in Smash?
Sanjin Topalovic
Sanjin Topalovic 3 months ago
Im so happy Sonic is in super smash Bros ultimate
Cole Speedy
Cole Speedy 3 months ago
Shazeb Ahmed
Shazeb Ahmed 3 months ago
lol incinaroar is busted
pichu hernandez
pichu hernandez 3 months ago
super smash bros heroes in 2023
😂2020 The Sequel lol😂
Mr. Sakurai, if you're reading this, I have only 2 words to say: Thank you. Thank you for Inklings, Piranha Plant, Banjo & Kazooie, Minecraft Steve, Sephiroth, SANS?!?!, Cuphead, etc.
Diego Bernabe
Diego Bernabe 4 months ago
Pongan cuties 😃
Grandios 4 months ago
This was on my recommended 2 years later
Ayana Sells
Ayana Sells 4 months ago
Why don't you add rayman he would be cool
Canário tv games
Canário tv games 4 months ago
Oliver McKay
Oliver McKay 4 months ago
The astonishing forgery superficially wander because news occasionally clean anenst a overt language. sore, sudden swan
bill cipher
bill cipher 4 months ago
It’s allmight
Connor Couvrette
Connor Couvrette 3 months ago
Joaquin Benitez
Joaquin Benitez 4 months ago
¿Pero van a haber muchos más personajes como maglor?
Indudhar Lucky
Indudhar Lucky 4 months ago
Is it available in phonr?
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
what do you think
Mr gamer 2
Mr gamer 2 4 months ago
I have the game
Toadette Gamer
Toadette Gamer 4 months ago
Bad game
woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ
I- I agree
Bunny Crossing
Bunny Crossing 4 months ago
Nobody cares if you hate every game ever.
The banana lord Who rules all
Toadette is so salty because she isn’t in super smash bros
Sam Shiffer
Sam Shiffer 4 months ago
Just improve lol
Big Boy Obi-Wan
Big Boy Obi-Wan 4 months ago
God, I love this game
Xcalibur 4 months ago
Why does he sound like a Spongebob character? Or is it just me?
FreshPikachuMemes Official
Another whip, and I use thunderstorm
Mr Goose Guy
Mr Goose Guy 4 months ago
LMAO kinda love The announcer voice
The Shark Gamer
The Shark Gamer 4 months ago
just put waluigi on smash for crying out loud weve been waiting forever its just a charecter its not like if you put him in its the end of the world
Bandana Waddle dee
Bandana Waddle dee 4 months ago
Please bandana dee:( I love him
4 months ago
I can't believe this game is 2 years old!
L L 4 months ago
can you use one joycon( either left or right) to play in handheld mode screen? Just wanted know since I'll be going on a road trip with friends. ://
Christian bandicoot
Christian bandicoot 4 months ago
And the chavo?
Christian bandicoot
Christian bandicoot 4 months ago
Christian bandicoot
Christian bandicoot 4 months ago
Y el Chaco
Virtual Turtle
Virtual Turtle 4 months ago
help all I can hear is Prof. Membrane from Invader Zim.