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New content approaches! Joker joins the playable roster, and updates in Ver. 3.0 include additional functionality, such as a stage builder, video editing, and Smash World integration.
Learn more about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass! bit.ly/2Gr8ZXj
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Apr 16, 2019




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3:37 You are welcome
So In the original trailer it had life will change but it's not in smash
Fer R.
Fer R. 2 days ago
3:38 You may thank me later
Bvg Tf DDT re4
Bvg Tf DDT re4 3 days ago
Mario and bowser #ex scene please
Bvg Tf DDT re4
Bvg Tf DDT re4 3 days ago
Donkey and #ex with sonic pleasr
Bvg Tf DDT re4
Bvg Tf DDT re4 3 days ago
Joker dc joker #ex scene please
Rudy858 3 days ago
Bvg Tf DDT re4
Bvg Tf DDT re4 3 days ago
You're gay
ana rita nunes
ana rita nunes 4 days ago
Reggie Fils-Aimé
I got to say Joker is my favorite character in Smash
Jim Peri
Jim Peri 5 days ago
if only P5R had come out sooner. We could've had Raoul instead
The Awkward High Schooler
If persona 3 was in smash: and for his side b HE SHOOTS HIMSELF
flynn windlan
flynn windlan 7 days ago
Bloody Gaming
Bloody Gaming 8 days ago
1:26 Her: Is That Even Allowed??? Me: Yeah I Think So Cutie, Don’t You Know Who Lady Palutena Is?
Primal 9 days ago
3:38 Meme time.
XxMocha 10 days ago
Farida Nagiub
Farida Nagiub 10 days ago
Give me my Boi waluigi if Wario is there so is waluigi
Bvg Tf DDT re4
Bvg Tf DDT re4 3 days ago
You're gay
Anqwan Collins
Anqwan Collins 12 days ago
A third SEGA character
Connbfb 9 days ago
who is the 2nd?
NUNUNG FUADI 12 days ago
stupid joker
Goku Son
Goku Son 12 days ago
Persona 5 scramble on switch please
Freddo 13 days ago
15:12 Final Smash activation sound played twice lmao
菊地美穂 14 days ago
Perkilator XIII
Perkilator XIII 14 days ago
Man, to think it was a year ago that Joker -crashed the servers- got released for Ultimate.
Spectrum 14 days ago
4:20 "These are NOT even their final forms!" Dragon Ball Z Fans: I see what you did there!
emcee munchapussy
emcee munchapussy 15 days ago
9:42 can we just talk about this? Why is Mario's recovery so weak?? You'd think the guy literally named "Jumpman" would have a stronger recovery, if not one of the best in the game! This guy is down there with Little Mac for Pete's sake!!!
Lorenzo Pabòn
Lorenzo Pabòn 15 days ago
*G* *U* *N*
i remember filming this. it was really hot out. i waa dying of heat. -Akira Oh come on, Joker, it wasn't that bad! -Morgana morgana, you were probably in the trailer for maybe 5 seconds. i was performing gun and knife specials and all-out-attacks. you were there for a taunt. -Akira
Jackbuilder Smasher
Coming back and this was hella hype. Easily the best
BRistian 16 days ago
*This trailer slaps differently once you play Persona 5.*
Jackbuilder Smasher
Yeah but finish Royal and *THEN*
Chips And stuff
Chips And stuff 17 days ago
Persona 5 should be on Switch Mementos is the freshmaker
Jackbuilder Smasher
Mementos theme should be in smash
Akira Kurusu and Morgana
How come Ryuji said “Seriously?!” instead of “for real?!”
Gommodore64 21 day ago
3:37 You're welcome
Luis Bjerre
Luis Bjerre 22 days ago
Joker really? There are WAY more iconic games in Nintendo Consoles Rayman, Crash, Shantae, etc. how many games does Joker Have?
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 5 days ago
@Browniehugs he's just some kid who's salty that their character wasn't the first character added into the fighter pass.
Browniehugs 5 days ago
Why are you complaining now. This came out a year ago
Jackbuilder Smasher
Luis Bjerre No, Smash celebrates more than platformers. RPGs like Persona have to be represented, especially with it being a Game of the Year nominee.
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 19 days ago
Actually, the persona series has a lot of spin offs mainline games and even has a fighting game, Persona really helped define the JRPG genre and although it's not as known as the games you mentioned, it became beloved by many people and he clearly deserves a spot on the fighter pass.
J 22 days ago
Nerf pls, I would rather take all my public hair one by one then play against a joker
Osinacho GAMER
Osinacho GAMER 23 days ago
I often confuse Sojiro Sakura with Masehiro Sakurai, anyone else?
Osinacho GAMER
Osinacho GAMER 15 days ago
Aww, thx
Jackbuilder Smasher
No but good comment
Dolphiniz 25 days ago
So joker’s basically a pokemon trainer with a gun. Ok
Jackbuilder Smasher
T0X1K / with Incin revenge
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 19 days ago
I wouldn't say that, more like if Cloud Limit and Lucario Aura had a baby
Queen4infinity TV
Queen4infinity TV 25 days ago
Cobranger the one sent me here
SBPR, just a random Cartoon&Nintendo fanatic!
The first day this patch released, I originally thought Stage Builder was greatly improved from both Brawl and Smash for WiiU. Now at this point, I really hate it because Ultimate holds back Stage Builder's limits with Training Mode, Custom/Special Smash and Camera Mode! A restriction that wasn't a thing in Brawl, nor Smash4! (-_-)
ばぉさBalosa Blitz
3:38 4 his Nutral special he wheilds a GuN!!!
Brian Vaira
Brian Vaira 28 days ago
It would be nice if they added a few more songs. Take Over, Daredevil, and Counterstrike would fit perfectly for Smash.
Jackbuilder Smasher
If they added Akechi with the extra songs, that would be great. Either Final or 6th Palace as a stage would be great
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
@Brian Vaira yeah I'd love that too, but I'm just saying that the chances of that happening are little to none
Brian Vaira
Brian Vaira 18 days ago
T0X1K / if they decided to do a music dlc pack later on, I’d happily pay a couple bucks for it as long as it had a lot of music. I’d also love it if they added music from Final Fantasy Remake, If Square can be less stingy with the rights.
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
Scramble and Royal were made after Joker's release so if they were to be added in smash, it would probably be in the next game but yeah I agree they'd be cool too.
Edo Legal
Edo Legal 29 days ago
This is the nearest to getting stando in smash
Personaboi123 29 days ago
1:24 *cough cough* palutena down B
CrazyComedyKid Month ago
"He's got a knife and a gun" I never thought I'd hear that in a Nintendo video.
Giro and Karin
Giro and Karin Month ago
You know after playing Joker A LOT in Smash Bros, I might pick up a copy of Persona 5. I heard the game is pretty cheap now.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia 13 days ago
@Giro and Karin i would wait a few months then, royal is a much better experience
Jackbuilder Smasher
But Royal. It’s so much better
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
@Giro and Karin I reccomend it, it's a good game and a great way to start yourself in the Persona series
Giro and Karin
Giro and Karin 28 days ago
@Brian Vaira That's the thing. I'm kinda on a budget right now.
Brian Vaira
Brian Vaira 28 days ago
Giro and Karin I’d recommend Persona 5 Royal over the original version. It’s more expensive, but there is a lot more content and quality of life improvements.
Kyle Shepherd
Kyle Shepherd Month ago
i love how ryuji is aware that arsene is the worst persona
FA FH Month ago
With Royal out, not anymore 🤣
pokefan 01
pokefan 01 Month ago
Please Nintendo collaborate with atlus X persona 5 royal for swich
Wesley Wilson
Wesley Wilson Month ago
so one of the ice climbers is just a persona
Anti Amourshiper
Kirito from SAO in Smash.
Navzyx-kun Month ago
Stand User: Joker Stand Name: Arsene
KOG The Master
KOG The Master Month ago
To this day Joker is still fun to play as RIP Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch
Yechiel Pernecita
I remember when stage builder first came out and I thought it was awesome but then the NSFW stages attacked
Waffle Sauce
Waffle Sauce Month ago
" a counter that's also a reflect. Is that even allowed!" Palutena:Hold my aGe ApRoPrIaTe DrInK. Edit: because smash is for good little boys and girls.
Wamble Month ago
Don’t worry about watching the entire video, all you need to know is that *for his neutral special he wields a gun*
Jake Lound
Jake Lound Month ago
A year later and this man still reigns
A year later and having gotten into Persona thanks to Smash, this is now even more hype to me
TechyCatz Month ago
Im bored and rewatching smash reveals. I was not disappointed
Ezray&Meowth Month ago
4:20 Joker: This isn't even my final form witness GOLDEN JOKER!!
zenyxx Month ago
O H M Y G O O O O O O O O O O O D ! ! !
Alfonso Flores
Alfonso Flores Month ago
Who else prefer this type of character presentation?
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
I kinda prefer the Sakurai presents, we get to see that cute nerdy side of him and I love when you can see that he likes to put passion in those presentations
xSuperPigx Month ago
“You sure he can handle this?” “I mean, he’s got a knife and a gun” Cause a gun is gonna work against an oversized crocodile with a cannon
Gavyn Kneeskern
Gavyn Kneeskern Month ago
Holy crap its been a year since joker came out
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis Month ago
Happy one year anniversary, fearless leader! (removes mask) *PERSONA!*
El Papu Pro
El Papu Pro Month ago
K-leb Harper
K-leb Harper Month ago
I can’t believe a year has already passed, it feels so nostalgic and I don’t know why
PedroV Month ago
1:39 Best part
Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke Urameshi Month ago
One year pog
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno Month ago
Man one year of maining of joker and him becoming my favorite character and making my friends mad at me. it’s been a great year
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
Yeah, I'm glad smash added him, I got introduced to persona because of smash and I love the series now.
Hyper The Great
Hyper The Great Month ago
Damn, it’s been a year already. Time flies
E Month ago
One year ago, Joker, arguably the most hype Fighter Pass character, was shown off. We never saw it coming, especially his take over of the competitive scene.
Gapplez Month ago
it feels like yesterday since the great server crashes occurred. happy 1 year anniversary to smash ultimate's first fighters pass character!
Harry Month ago
It really has been a whole year, huh. Let’s take the time to appreciate Sakurai and everyone else who has worked on this amazing game.
Electro Light
Electro Light Month ago
Poor Akechi, he’s only a costume and a spirit. Not in the final smash like everyone else
Supermariojjk K
Supermariojjk K Month ago
This was one year ago today
mrwors101 Month ago
One year since everyone lost their minds
UmbrumSoldier15 Month ago
Can't believe it's been a year today, since this video was released!
K. Bro
K. Bro Month ago
“An attack that can also reflect? Is that even allowed?” Literally every fire emblem character: am i a joke to you?
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
No, it's more Palu and K. Rool because they have both a reflector and counter
God Sammit
God Sammit Month ago
It's been a year already and now I feel old
Sir Seliph
Sir Seliph Month ago
I just realize that Haru had only 2 lines the entire trailer
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
It just goes to show that Atlus will give her no screentime what so ever
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
@robador de lonches profesional yes the one with the feather on her hat
robador de lonches profesional
The background girl?
Who still loves this trailer in 2020?
Bob dot
Bob dot Month ago
Nick is a unpaid nintendo # i c k sucker
阿軒Nick Month ago
"loser" "jerk" "unpaid nintendo # i c k sucker" Can you make up your mind already?
Francis Angelo De la Fuente
Ann: He’s got a knife and a gun I’m sure he’ll be fine Me: Hmmm I sense the confusion between the Bayonetta series and Persona series Edit: Glasses=Mask
T0X1K /
T0X1K / 18 days ago
That was actually Makoto who said that, I just wanted to correct you before you get hit with a storm of comments
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