Super Smash Bros Fun - Moo & Lui vs Basically & Nogla

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Outro: "Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]" by Bunnymajs


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Dec 16, 2014




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Comments 80
Christian Preciado
7:47 Moo has a oopsy mouth o.o
Clinton Reeves
Should try the mii swordfighter. With the right specials, it's OP as Bowser.
Wyld Kayt
Wyld Kayt Year ago
This is funny because my main is either link or toon link...My brothers is Bowser and Ganondorf
bioshock_4 Year ago
Button Mash when spaceship picks you up
Adjective Noun Number
I hate this video It should’ve been longer! :D
Frozen Applejuice
You guys know share stock is a thing
Mel Joker888
Mel Joker888 Year ago
2018? 😁 I'm rewatching a bunch of old vids ❤
Luke Sauer
Luke Sauer Year ago
The new smash bros game will be out in december moo snuckel big fan
MMMOOOOORRREEEEE!!! pretty please
Krombopulos Michael
2 smash vids isn’t enough
Mighty Arbok King
Dat scream Marcel made
Pokèmon Gaming227
Anyone for 2018
melanie joannou
basically i do nogla and moo calibre
It'sMe Year ago
Hopefully they play Ultimate when it comes out!
Oof Bois
Oof Bois Year ago
I’m a toon link main
Antonyo337 Year ago
Wait, Moo is a Toon Link main?? Let's go!
B Ledger
B Ledger Year ago
I swear Lui is just H2ODelirious in disguise.
Colonel Kernel
Marcel should have been yoshi
Colonel Kernel
Peyton Hemphill yes he is
Scotty178 Year ago
Them good oldies
victorb rivera
Too link is my main too👍
_TbS_ Year ago
Play brawlhalla with the crew on steam
First Last
First Last Year ago
Ahhh before bayo
Galaxy Seven 7
Nogla: your good, your good... when nogla doesn't even know how to play and spams specials
Omar Flores
Omar Flores 2 years ago
Please make more videos like this
visionprovider 20041004
TL is my main
koga924 2 years ago
"They're the tanks from Advance Warfare!... Err... The good one." **insert 90s kids meme***
We are venom
We are venom 2 years ago
I wanna fight stop being a bitch ass bitch.
We are venom
We are venom 2 years ago
Dr Mario i hope u have friends in the er ow.
Luke Feaster
Luke Feaster 2 years ago
What system are you playing on?
Gabe Richardson
Gabe Richardson 2 years ago
Moo I hope you and the others play Smash for the switch.
Stanley Taylor
Stanley Taylor 2 years ago
I’m going to be honest, you guys aren’t really good at the game. But don’t let that bring you down because you have time to improve in your life.
Guadalupe Lopez Martinez
I love it and i am a kide
MassiveCunt 2 years ago
Leroey 78
Leroey 78 2 years ago
This is the second video i heard moo curse.
Alath Masster
Alath Masster 2 years ago
Wow. You guys sucked
Kody Price
Kody Price 2 years ago
Duher sounds like a pokemon and the male is a Duhim and it evolves into a duger and a dugid and the finale evolution is a Noglaer and a Noglaum and it’s a grass_psychic type
Xavier Mendoza
Xavier Mendoza 2 years ago
What is a bitch ass bitch 🤣
Slivko Station
Slivko Station 2 years ago
I think this was the first time I heard Moo swear
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez 2 years ago
Good j on at winning
Retaliation032 2 years ago
Wait why is the captions Chinese/Taiwan wtf
LordOf Kingdoms
LordOf Kingdoms 2 years ago
Whos wathching in 2017-2018
Brian Vargas
Brian Vargas 2 years ago
Donky Kong and Diddy Kong are not brothers Diddy Kong is donkey kongs son
the gaming brother's
Bet moo can I play with you I have smash bros too
Benjamin The Hunter
Normally I see Marcel winning these matches, I guess not this time Oh wait this is an old video and he won those matches 3 years after. Derpety derp lol
Steven Bernal
Steven Bernal 2 years ago
I'm back on October 26 2017
Henry 2 years ago
So 2014 Moo says things like Home run bitch and I'm s h o o k
Barack Yombama
Barack Yombama 2 years ago
A time when moo cursed
the Frozen helmet
the Frozen helmet 2 years ago
Nogla I really want to fight you in Super Smash Bros 2 V two, me and my friend versus you and a friend
Polaralo 2 years ago
This video is one of the few times Moo swears.
Isador Talamo
Isador Talamo 2 years ago
Lui is the only one here with a least some skill god this is why I never play Cloud cause if I battled you guys the battle would end so fast
Kevin Roman
Kevin Roman 2 years ago
When lui was alive
rip lui's channel.
Stefany Pinedo
Stefany Pinedo 2 years ago
keep training and you be beater at it
Ian Contreras
Ian Contreras 2 years ago
I like twilight princess link
Pamela Baccus-Shepherd
Hey moo snuckel I put you in tomadachi life
MiniMosasaur 2 years ago
toon link is also my only
Toadster 64
Toadster 64 2 years ago
Anyone wanna friend me? My ID: KeldeoGamer Tell me yours ^•^
KimmyPlays RobloxChannel
Moo your outro is amazing!!
canehdian bacon
canehdian bacon 2 years ago
This game is my childhood. It's not worth getting a WiiU though
Suni Tea
Suni Tea 2 years ago
I played as Toon Link and named myself "MooSnuckel" and guess what?! I won!!
big nut
big nut 2 years ago
should've rolled
Torrfin 2 years ago
toon like is actually a descendent of like from ocaraina of time according to the hyrule historia
NellyJ 2 years ago
He's not my main he's my only😂😂
dad-nseperry 3 years ago
mooui combo
Steve Estrada
Steve Estrada 3 years ago
not only but he's my only and now i have no friends
Julio Fernandez Jr
Julio Fernandez Jr 3 years ago
Marcel Dr. Mario is stronger than Mario but Mario jumps higher than Dr. Mario
Fatima / kid Ope
Fatima / kid Ope 3 years ago
Andrew Wooden
Andrew Wooden 3 years ago
ToTheMoonGaming 3 years ago
When the face appeared at 7:00
FourNine 3 years ago
5:44 Marcel: NOOOOoooOOoOOOOooOoOoOoOOOOO !!!
shadow the wolf
shadow the wolf 3 years ago
DustNon 3 years ago
do more with link
Brielle caffaro
Brielle caffaro 3 years ago
at 3:06 that NOOO sounds like delirious doesn't it
YoungMcShan2 - Gaming & More!
Am I the only one who is wondering why there is Taiwanese Captions available?! XD
Moved to nocturtree
Am I the only person who plays this on the Cube?
Wiseguyforeal 3 years ago
Dude, Lui sounds a lot like Delirious in this video. just listen to him.
LottieLynx 3 years ago
why doesn't lui upload anymore?
KingWolf 32
KingWolf 32 3 years ago
I was so triggered at the fact kept on saying son ITS THE SAME GOSH DAM PERSON!!!! AHHHHH ####TRIGGERED
Moved to nocturtree
KingWolf 32 They did it for the video.
BloodMoon BloodFang
you uys do realize that toon link is the Wind Wakers link no links son or brother. you 4 stupid shits
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