Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 Finals

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Watch as two top platformers, Abdallah and The Completionist, compete in the Finals of the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019!
Learn more about Super Mario Maker 2! bit.ly/2JJQyzh
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 80
manuel vergani
manuel vergani 2 days ago
Where's the triple sheel jump 👎👎👎
Windows XP
Windows XP 8 days ago
They course don't have ?-BLOCK and BRICK-BLOCK only P-SWITCH
MrBen4853 12 days ago
Worst playera, TERRIBLE commentators...
iixaylin !!!
iixaylin !!! 14 days ago
I just realized that this Abdallah guy has a yt channel...
FizzlePop 19 days ago
Bruh has "The Completionist" even touched a Mario game? Like, run across the blocks instead of slowing jumping of individually climbing, and both of them clearly don't know how weight works.
PuffyTow Gearald
PuffyTow Gearald 22 days ago
Habibi nani is in this
Jassy Rahal
Jassy Rahal Month ago
RYUKAHR would have won this !!
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 26 days ago
This used to be a new game
sans top
sans top Month ago
to easy easy 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
CJ Wilson
CJ Wilson Month ago
half of this video is the just Abdallah and The Compleshionist getting killlled
kwa Month ago
The best commenters ever!!!!
GH Streams
GH Streams Month ago
YES! ryukahr!
GH Streams
GH Streams 19 days ago
Maker Man X oh. Ok
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 19 days ago
@GH Streams That's the Completionist....
GH Streams
GH Streams 19 days ago
Maker Man X buddy, he’s in the thumbnail
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 26 days ago
I only see Abdullah and The Completionist
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 26 days ago
What where
Zero Two
Zero Two Month ago
Nintendo. Where's Desbug?
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 26 days ago
@Zero Two alright
Zero Two
Zero Two 26 days ago
@Maker Man X Ok. (This was a joke)
Maker Man X
Maker Man X 26 days ago
This was 2019 and desbug is entertaining but he is not really an expert
Anna Madtes
Anna Madtes Month ago
I’m so happy you’re the one
Sina Almassi
Sina Almassi Month ago
did they ever publish this level for the public?
Raging Dwarf
Raging Dwarf Month ago
My switch had an error and forced itself to shut off..... I haven’t been able to turn it on for over 2 weeks...... now I get depressed when I see a Nintendo video
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Month ago
Back when there was fun E3 events, now we just get corona...
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Month ago
4:37 “Complesionist not too far behind” Literally 70 seconds behind
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Month ago
Abdallah teabagging lol
ricky agustian
ricky agustian Month ago
wow are they only invite noob ? it seems like they will fail even in "Auto" kaizo level ..
Latiosi190 Month ago
Why does this make it look very easy, but in some extreme levels
0MindSwept0 Month ago
I wonder if these guys play better ‘at home’, some of the mistakes that were made seem kind of like “why did they do that?” and it makes me wonder if they would make them not in a competition 🤔🤷🏿‍♀️
_._._Tudor _._._
I really just want to see a Ryu vs Poo vs Panga
tgchan Month ago
what a nightmare of a game... TORTURE~!! Mad respect for people who can endure it lol. Thanks god for time shifting&insta saves in NES / SNES online ;p
Snσ αηgεΓ
Snσ αηgεΓ Month ago
they do this and yet they don't support ssbu tournaments.
Kevyn Aguilar
Kevyn Aguilar Month ago
The yo-kai-Watch master won ?
Pat Rick Starr
Pat Rick Starr Month ago
The yo Kai watch king now has a new title, the Mario maker champion.
hunkopilus1 Month ago
someone:dies against goomba Crowd:OOOOOOOOOOOOH
gunnar ohrn
gunnar ohrn Month ago
Why does the completion at suck
AngelFire550 Month ago
They should really make these open tournaments online weekly or daily. Itd be a great mode to play
Jorge Lazaro
Jorge Lazaro Month ago
I didn’t know this was a thing until today and now I’m sad I couldn’t be a part of it
crayton Month ago
7.5 min? Not to brag but damn I’m pretty sure I and like half of us could beat that with ease
When in the crap did they do Super Mario Maker contests??
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Month ago
Weird level I want to play
Dae-ho Kim
Dae-ho Kim Month ago
진짜 세계관 최강자들의 싸움이다..
Aaron Sheoran
Aaron Sheoran Month ago
Ryukahr should've been invited to this
후이후이tv Month ago
녹두로 출전해랏ㅋ 우승ㄱㄱ
volcano pussy
volcano pussy Month ago
This match need dunkey
Szabolcs Nagy
Szabolcs Nagy Month ago
Looking at these guys playin,made me think about DashieXP ACTUALLY really good at this game. Just sayin.
JuicyOrange Month ago
Why does Abdallah look like Steve Cash
Eli Kopelman
Eli Kopelman Month ago
this would've been better with the 3.0 update. just sayin...
Julius Taal
Julius Taal 2 months ago
Wait is Nintendo sponsoring this tournament? Angry smash bros noices
Ville Saarivirta
Ville Saarivirta 2 months ago
This is just minecon but with mario
Ved Kedia
Ved Kedia 2 months ago
im happy for jirard
linus fat tips
linus fat tips 2 months ago
Chessy Copter
Chessy Copter 2 months ago
Who made that level?
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 2 months ago
whaere can you get those headphones
TJ13 2 months ago
Swinging crane? BOUNCERS?
QiQx11 2 months ago
عبدالله المجد 💙
Zady's Real Estate Entrepreneurship
what is the course ID here? lol
Michael 2 months ago
I've could've done better then these guys
Beef Boss From Wii Sports
I bet Nintendo doesn’t like Abdallah anymore since he promotes cheating in Animal Crossing now
Conejo Negro
Conejo Negro 2 months ago
Quienes son esos mancos!?
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez 2 months ago
Of course Abdallah wins he is so good at games
daniel efc
daniel efc 2 months ago
that audience is way too excited, going mental over every jump
Marco S
Marco S 2 months ago
These are the finalists? They didn't even seem that good.
Jasten nroway
Jasten nroway 2 months ago
مبروك عبدالله
Chrisdrau 2 months ago
How are they so bad. How do you not know that you can run over the blocks?
Carter Tarter
Carter Tarter 2 months ago
7:21 I don’t think that’s a koopa...
ljbros95 2 months ago
Does anyone know how I can play that level?
Mattcho Productions
Mattcho Productions 2 months ago
We all know some of us could complete that in half the time
z z
z z 2 months ago
Becky Peacock
Becky Peacock 2 months ago
Do the commentators actually know what donut blocks are 4:13. Watermelon looking bouncers? LOL
MetaKaios 2 months ago
That's not what a 'donut' is in the context of Mario. Those are the falling platforms. =/
Shikikan Deutschland
remember, the true gamer is lil' kirbs
Hoppy 2 months ago
Queenie & Dean family
Interesting, need to get the kids to try this competition
FARZAM YT 3 months ago
complitionist looks depressed
Rifxi Kurniawan
Rifxi Kurniawan 3 months ago
Cat mario please
Tw rge
Tw rge 3 months ago
trash players
Supreme Seregios
Supreme Seregios 3 months ago
Cheers for Abdallah.
Chris Bradford
Chris Bradford 3 months ago
I had no idea this was a thing
Isaiah 3 months ago
Omg, i cat even win a ninji speed run
Kaylib Nichols
Kaylib Nichols 3 months ago
hjönk hjönk Abdallah won
Szabolcs Nagy
Szabolcs Nagy 3 months ago
You they got nothing ont dashie xp bro.
•Blue Yoshi•
•Blue Yoshi• 3 months ago
Player: *dies* Audience: *OOOOOOHHHH*
Jr Carclay
Jr Carclay 3 months ago
The most useless of tournaments! This is what real gamers ignore because it is full of trash gamers.
Carlos Andres
Carlos Andres 3 months ago
This is about life, you loose you keep trying until you learn to do it well
Carlos Andres
Carlos Andres 3 months ago
This is how human learn
Patinho 3 months ago
I need to get invited to these. I used to be so good at Mario 1 and 2
Black 4 months ago
They were both so bad at the game....
Shavan 4 months ago
They're not very good at the game
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