Super Mario Maker 2 - 10 - What The Fricking Frick

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Ben, who was intentionally misnumbering the episodes in protest of Arin not telling the Chad story, finally caves to the pressure and numbers them correctly. We did it, everybody. We finally stopped Ben.
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Jul 16, 2019

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Comments 1 264
outstanding failure
you guys don't remember "look at my eye-resume: 30 years experience in jackin off!" ?? im disappointed
outstanding failure
honestly, mario maker is my favorite series. so many hilarious moments came from it :')
Josh Riley
Josh Riley 6 days ago
5:16 Arin: "One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut that door. Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight..." Me: *It's free real estate.*
Phoenix every thing
You got it
James Fish
James Fish 11 days ago
My favorite bit from the first Mario Maker Series is Joke Yoda. Listening to Arin's (not so) slow decent into madness is delightful.
xbon1 13 days ago
u guys gotta supercut it after like the 3rd death or sumthin, watchin repetition isn't too fun.
Rivers Schmidt
Rivers Schmidt 15 days ago
Is 8 and 9 missing?
Mega Radar
Mega Radar 15 days ago
no just not in the playlist
Ash Skypotter
Ash Skypotter 16 days ago
11:27 look at Yoshi's face... (He's in the bottom right corner.)
Peter H
Peter H 17 days ago
Can't wait for that GAY GRUMPS spin-off! xD
Lagnova Comics LAGNOHTA
Somehow no one is talking about at 12:17
Vinchenzo marinostyle
I was so excited to hear Arin say fricking frick and I have to say I was satisfied with the fricks Thank you Arin, very cool
Matthew Tashos
Matthew Tashos 17 days ago
This stage is unreasonably dumb for the sake of a silly challenge
Randomfools 18 days ago
Dude, I felt that last fall Arin. Try getting to the end of one of these 2% cleared or below courses and making one wrong move when you see the flag after hours of playing it and then having to start all over. Happened to me two times and I actually broke something. Pretty much everything at 3% cleared or below is designed to induce rage. Especially speed runs with vanishing timed blocks. The creators who don't provide checkpoints after difficult areas on these courses are the absolute worst man. It's fun to watch videos of fails but it's hell to actually play these.
VoidInkedPen 19 days ago
that sound arin makes at the end was amazing
The Fedora Queen
The Fedora Queen 19 days ago
does anyone know why they’re avoiding cursing?😂
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 19 days ago
Arin, we all know your...history with slot machines and gambling.
Pulle Rubskursnurbir
austin hillard
austin hillard 20 days ago
I might be wrong but can't yoshi flutter
Sierra Hill
Sierra Hill 20 days ago
i am so offended at the so much intense language in ths episode my name is karen my 3 kids are now traumatized nd got polio because the language weakened their immune systems thanksssssss yall got us yOLKED
Knightfall8 20 days ago
lol arin forgot yoda jokes
Tyler Holbrook
Tyler Holbrook 21 day ago
I wonder if Arin realizes if you push jump as you come off of any of those you jump higher?
Tenneny T
Tenneny T 21 day ago
It's so satisfying seeing Arin finish though... I mean finish a level, I meant finish a level he's struggling on haha *cough*
Tenneny T
Tenneny T 21 day ago
There's not gonna be a checkpoint
Emily Elizabeth Anderson
Am I the only one that immediately thought of the yoda jokes when they mentioned the SMM 1 playthrough?
Steve McGee
Steve McGee 22 days ago
RaysFTW 22 days ago
Like 4 episodes on the first half of an episode and an entire episode on the first jump on one. Arin, there’s no shame in playing levels that are within your, uh, skill range.
Crystal KayNine
Crystal KayNine 23 days ago
Any Mario Maker moment that Shoocharu or someone else has animated is my favorite
xXBlackKZoruaXx 25 days ago
Whitney L.
Whitney L. 25 days ago
12:03 best Adam Sandler impression ever 😂😂😂👌
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh 25 days ago
kyle Ken
kyle Ken 25 days ago
I will miss Ben's reign of terror.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 26 days ago
I got that reference Star Bomb for life.
purple pandae
purple pandae 26 days ago
Just the tip 🍆
Axe Cannon
Axe Cannon 27 days ago
So did they get flagged for cursing? I've been out of the Grump game for a while
Ps1 hagrid mate
Ps1 hagrid mate 27 days ago
On this video I got an ad called supper mario
Emma J.
Emma J. 27 days ago
Katherine the Aroha
I misheard 'several deaths' as 'sniff me Clarence' at 1:48 and spat on myself laughing. I'm easily amused.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 28 days ago
Quality Shark
Quality Shark 28 days ago
The lack of a question mark in the title peeves me to the core.
TheOGPotato 28 days ago
Mauttism 28 days ago
Just watched the Super Beard Bros episode where they made this, curious to see how far Arin gets
nin10dorox 28 days ago
MerpDaDerp830 28 days ago
*everybody chant!* we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story we want Chad story... please?
Barndon Clur
Barndon Clur 29 days ago
Shoot the ones on the left, please
Nex Enzy
Nex Enzy 29 days ago
I'm just gonna put this Starbomb reference timestamp right here 0:51
Graham R
Graham R 29 days ago
Ah, I had forgotten how poorly made and uncreative Ross and Girards levels are lol
Jo v. Z.
Jo v. Z. 29 days ago
we appreciate your protest Ben!
OrangePingu 29 days ago
so you wont cuss.....but you have no problem making sexual af noises..ok
Tyson Kazemba
Tyson Kazemba 29 days ago
F in chat for each yoshi that sacrificed for mario
Travis Stindt
Travis Stindt 29 days ago
That Starbomb ref WOOT
Vortex Films
Vortex Films 29 days ago
Arin just turned into a squid demon at the end
Blue Streak Studio
Blue Streak Studio 29 days ago
Me three and a half minutes into the episode: YOU CAN STAND ON THE PLANTS Me after five and a half minutes: Please let Danny play
DrinkGameRepeat Month ago
Arin went full Tasmanian Devil on us
Zion Benitez
Zion Benitez Month ago
“That’s the duality of man” followed by “fudge” was the true duality of man.
shinkei_wu Month ago
Not a fan of the no swearing game grumps. Where can we send complaints to RUvid? Maybe a patreon so video demonetization doesn't matter?
Kenan Von Kaiser
This Level Is Easy I Beat It In My First Try!
Dustin Bulow
Dustin Bulow Month ago
Mario maker 1 episodes created some of the best moments. The coat story, Laura Schmidt, Arin's breakdown over the spiky jump stage, shoot the goo, joke Yoda. So many...
Mr.Red-panda Month ago
14:46 your welcome
Cloudy Day
Cloudy Day Month ago
Dan... Don't be a quitter, I love ya
Cloudy Day
Cloudy Day Month ago
Okay it's been 14 minutes... Give up
Ben Morris
Ben Morris Month ago
Hahaha twards the end of the episode yall sounded like yall belong on big mouth lmfao
Julia M
Julia M Month ago
Please play twilight princess
Benutzername Month ago
Dan going: "There you go!" when Arin dies gets me every time
JoelTheParrot Month ago
This is painful to watch, I would never want to play this level.
nidoqueen106 Month ago
You guys thinks the ceelbratory diaper was the best scene from old mario marker. For me it was Political Sugar Crips Bear!
InfinitCheez™ Month ago
Joke yoda
Matt k
Matt k Month ago
SC SC Month ago
Hey guys could you play my first level and give me feedback? It’s fun with some challenge in it HFB-BG9-RHG
Russell Gronbach
Arin you should do more Yoda jokes
Tiny Month ago
12:03 is GG animated material.
Kevboard Arts
Kevboard Arts Month ago
how does Arin still not know the most basic rules and mechanics of Mario? wtf?
Mace Stampede
Mace Stampede Month ago
Comparing Ross' and Jirard's level is like comparing the Kaizo Mario Hacks with the VIP MIX Mario Hack Series. One of them is really intricately and well designed with a bunch of finesse and interesting alternate ways to eventually find and get through hard parts. And the other is just a simple gauntlet of unpleasant tasks, unruly and byzantine, boiled down to asking for nothing less than pixelperfection, with an endless cycle of certain death & restart, punishing the simplest, tiniest mistakes.
RamenAndBleach Month ago
Jirards levels are not fun to watch in my opinion.
LordLukasGaming Month ago
why are 8 and 9 private?
Nocturne 03
Nocturne 03 Month ago
I see our theories about Ben and the chad story were correct
The duality of Man Fudge
Nocturne 03
Nocturne 03 Month ago
I totally forgot about the celebratory diaper thing. I mainly associate mm1 in grumps with nice coat, yoga, and Laura Schmidt
Tasku Roskis
Tasku Roskis Month ago
Can you play my level id: WY5-FN4-6GG please
Lukee Poo
Lukee Poo Month ago
Heard a rumor that you guys were censoring all your videos now and I started watching this video and you're both just saying frick and heck. Had me worried, boys.
Kalliblast Month ago
Some levels I remember they didn't finish. Correct me if im wrong. P is for Pain Swim the Musical The yoda story one Probably one of Ross' or Jirard's levels, I'm sure.
Mary ._.
Mary ._. Month ago
Yes Ben has been stopped.. but why did they convince him with something... maybe now we will get the chad story
Archem Month ago
It's incredibly frustrating to hear them faux swear the whole time. Like you're waiting for the tension to be released and the "joke" to come to an end, but it never happens.
Dimension Arcade
Play my level! I know you won't beat it! KJT-PS6-N0H
Subliminal Scientist
IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO USES THE WORD CONFUZZLED?! Edit: They remembered the gay brothers. i remebmered it as soon as they said i dunno and they said it after. X3 this episiodes a keeper.
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