Super human interview

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If super humans had to apply for hero jobs, but all of their powers are trash.


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Aug 20, 2018




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Comments 80
Sha Amilli
Sha Amilli 13 minutes ago
Cat guy was most epic 😂
Luke Alphawolf Gacha
“I can levitate things.” “Only with my hands though.”
Kunal Tanwar
Kunal Tanwar 2 hours ago
Get ouuuutttttt
Shawn 4 hours ago
Get oooooouuuuuuuuut
Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney 4 hours ago
luthifer01 4 hours ago
plz do s part 3
Chris Dunston
Chris Dunston 7 hours ago
What is the song that plays for the guy who summons centipedes? That joint is 🔥 🔥 🔥!
Ezekiel Immanuel
Ezekiel Immanuel 7 hours ago
cat man said "question is,who's gunna win" like a real mad scientist. he should appear as a reject who comes a villain. Do a villain skit
de cat
de cat 7 hours ago
SmithOnMe 8 hours ago
I can speak to animals, but only in Korean, but I can’t understand Korean.
Andy B
Andy B 9 hours ago
The spider guy and the centipede guy are gonna become villains and team up
poisenbery 9 hours ago
Time loop wasnt his power His power was putting someone else into an alternate timeline
Humzah Aslam
Humzah Aslam 9 hours ago
That one piece track took me back (Like I was in a time loop) because I haven't watched it in years now
Moral E.
Moral E. 12 hours ago
Based on how surprised he gets when a person with good superpowers shows up, I take it the company or whatever he works for is made up of mostly lame/ineffective heroes.
Davonte Jones
Davonte Jones 13 hours ago
Imagine the people applying decide to become villains since they were rejected
Nkese Collin
Nkese Collin 14 hours ago
"He B L E E D I N G"
SmooveTYB 14 hours ago
Xx$p!n@chL0rd75xX 15 hours ago
I can turn 13% bulletproof
God 15 hours ago
Who in the fuck would create someone and give them the ability to summon spiders ? Not me, I’m not that evil.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 15 hours ago
Kristian Utomo Tobing
The cat guy gonna be useful in Istanbul.
MoleculeXmolecule 16 hours ago
Invisible guy needs to invest in a small trampoline to help him do a backflip.
Lezlight K
Lezlight K 16 hours ago
lol he just backflipped and destroyed himself.
Elliott Vaughn
Elliott Vaughn 17 hours ago
I just love the enthusiasm when he's like "TIIME LOOOP!!!"
Millie Sukishima
Millie Sukishima 22 hours ago
My power is mind control... But like... I need to *Ingest* their DNA... like blood, spit, hair...- *GET OÖÖŒUUUÜYYYEEEĒTTTTTTTT-*
Stuff And Things
That would also be my reaction if somebody could summon spiders
Stuff And Things
And that centipede one
kerb Day ago
i feel like summoning centipedes or spiders would actually be a pretty good super power, summon a whole army of centipedes and spiders to terrorize your enemies
WormyBobcat 3
My power is invisibility Can you show me? No Why? Because you can’t see it
Mohammad Zafar
That "GET OÙÙÙÙÙÙT" got me dead 😂😂
sPoOn Day ago
Think about the spider summoner guy if there is a spider the person can just command the spider to get t f out of there.
66-33 Day ago
I can spawn spi- GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!
Unimportant Guy Jutsu
Wait if you have trash short term memory doesn't that mean your memory is good
Izayakun with Naruto Uzumaki
I summon spiders GET OUT I summon centipedes points at door
Izayakun with Naruto Uzumaki
Hey im here for the interview
Øcean 『S̷k̷i̷e̷s』
Imagine I wrote something really funny.
Jade Day ago
Rewatching this now the spider guy is actually the most usable lmao
Stomobro!!! Day ago
Theirs something wholesome about him saying “Get OoOuuuuuutt”!
Aaron flores
Aaron flores Day ago
I mean the first guy DID distract him
Sam I'm the pirate I'm White tiger queen
Yo! Wtf how did the guy disappear into then air, 😮😲
Black Lives Matter.
POV : You here your next door neighbor yelling GET OWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT You open their window and see This.
N.A ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ
All I’m gonna say is: YEAHHH SU-PER-HU-MAAAN
Tig FN
Tig FN Day ago
The reason spider dude and centipede are villains bc they got there feelings hurt
Rice noodles
Rice noodles Day ago
So many super powers....
Xen Day ago
I can run, but it's only possible if there is wind
Giorno Giovanna
My power is to put anyone into an infinite death loop
Chroist Alisma
Deluxional Day ago
hey i’m here for the interview
Ride The Gamer
I'm Not Actually Him
Legends says he's still in the time loop.
“Somebody call nine won won!”
Mhao Yeager
Mhao Yeager Day ago
I can summon spiders* BANG I just did the world a favour
Lunmang Valte
Invisible Caleb: Bleeds The interviewer: Somebody call 911! Me: I thought you were 911
iivogelchen Day ago
Omg. That legitimately scared my cats. As soon as the fighting cats happened, cat ran away ; A;/
PemutihLezat -
Dad’s be like: My power is to disappear from existence and come back when my children won the lottery
Jayjay Myers
Jayjay Myers 2 days ago
Chase Rhea
Chase Rhea 2 days ago
Hi I want to see the guy that can manipulate light waves!
LenixLand 2 days ago
Someone probably thought about this already, but...What if all the guys that failed the interview will become villains
Pepper_ Slay3r
Pepper_ Slay3r 2 days ago
This is literally that one movie with the people
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez 2 days ago
I can fly, but only for a half of second every time and I can only get up slightly high every time.
Hayden B
Hayden B 2 days ago
Get AAAoooooUuuT
Emperor Palpatine
2:45 Gotta love one Mother Sea Kinda sad though..
Ramenis_life 1
Ramenis_life 1 2 days ago
Alanis Z. Rosario Rivera
2:27 Kaneki is that you?
Marek Sojak
Marek Sojak 2 days ago
Duckiting 2 days ago
The second guy is perfect for the phantom troupe
Lorsipol 2 days ago
The red guy’s power seems promising
Lorsipol 2 days ago
I love how the time loop guy said “ TIMELOOP!”
Lorsipol 2 days ago
I can send messages to other people... But only with a phone
Megan DAVIES 2 days ago
imagine being the *one* guy at the end... *legend has it he never finished his interview*
lol 2 days ago
One of the best sketches on his channel.
Demon Core
Demon Core 2 days ago
It's actually izanami
Dearwoman 3 days ago
really enjoying these vids. Real life Lols
Rat Rat
Rat Rat 3 days ago
"I can make cats fight each other" Right off the bat I was dead
Alpha raccoon
Alpha raccoon 3 days ago
*Oh no he blEEEEEdin*
Jampolo 3 days ago
I can fly but I'm terrified of heights
Alas It's the end
"I do this all the time" "I cant turn it off" Something doesn't seem right...
Lorsipol 2 days ago
If he can’t undo it
Lorsipol 2 days ago
How did he get out the first time?
Andrew Conner
Andrew Conner 3 days ago
Hey I’m here for the interview
Stephen Lam
Stephen Lam 3 days ago
No context: GeT oUtOooOoOoO
LightAngel YT
LightAngel YT 3 days ago
I can grow my body parts back, as long as it's a small cut
Radiiant 3 days ago
What's that song at 2:46 from? It sounds so familiar...
Radiiant Day ago
@Aaron Z thank you :)
Aaron Z
Aaron Z Day ago
Its from one piece yo, when merry died
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