Summoner Showdown 6: Last Fight | League of Legends Community Collab

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Summoner Showdown and Hyun's Dojo present Last Fight. Who's next?
Animated by Terkoiz ruvid.net/u-Terkoiz
Voice Acting by
AntiRivet ruvid.net/u-tankith
StephanosRex ruvid.net/u-StephanosRex
SFX Input by Hyun ruvid.net/u-hyunsdojo
Music by KRALE ruvid.net/u-kraleofficial
*Created in Collaboration with Riot Games*


Published on


May 21, 2016




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Comments 100
Paolo Carrillo
still my favorite animation
Rosana Marques
Rosana Marques 3 days ago
jax and dreivani
Mich Lin
Mich Lin 10 days ago
X9 twisted fate
Notso-original 11 days ago
If Jax also had a murdering intent like Fiora, she's be dead in the next minute.
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 20 days ago
Why am I here oh yea cause Of Vasto Lorde ichigo kicking my ass
Antonio 22 days ago
video ruim mano mais sorte nap roxima blz
gorillafighter 23 days ago
Jax is supposed to be thick what happened?
Hunter Sergeant
Hunter Sergeant 23 days ago
Jax: gets stabbed Also Jax: “oh no, anyways...”
Alvaro Araújo
Alvaro Araújo 23 days ago
Ou Seja Jax trapaceiro kkkk
The Fast
The Fast 25 days ago
right through the counterstrike
Scratched Disk
Scratched Disk 26 days ago
I'm really bummed to have missed Irelia's fight!
PogCraftOfficial 26 days ago
Jax: *gets stabbed through the chest. Also Jax: oh no, anyways...
Janilson Correia
Janilson Correia 27 days ago
if Jax wanted to kill, Fioria would die in the first 3 seconds. XD
Александр Логинов
good fighting!
H.H Edits
H.H Edits 29 days ago
All fiora until jax buys triforce
Exorith 29 days ago
this make none sense at all
TheNoobKing Month ago
Temple Jax his best skin.
Shade Keigar Blacksky
"I once saw him beat 12 armored soldiers on a bridge.... with a lamp... A *fuc*ing* ...... *lamp* ....."
Ezequiel Gomez
Ezequiel Gomez Month ago
Report fiora troll, dont use parry
Steamed Month ago
Aaaaaaaand he’s already at full health again from that fight.
Hungry Otaku
Hungry Otaku Month ago
dale Cruz
dale Cruz Month ago
jax got his 8 stacks thats why fiora lost
Goose Month ago
Fake : he had a real weapon
eric eagle
eric eagle Month ago
Can anyone translate what she spoke...😀
Sirswitz Gaming
Sirswitz Gaming Month ago
Still good even after 4 years
Tùng Hoàng Văn
Report tf
ye Month ago
I wish jax was less fatter in game i want him to be like this more
Herohalv4 Month ago
gg team diff, tf fed the jax
Adi G
Adi G Month ago
N i c e
station992 Month ago
What a bullshit now i remember why i downvote. Using weapons of other champion what a shitty stupid IDEA IS THAT. Fck this.
your game
your game Month ago
TF throw jax a golden card:"is this even a real weapon?" Later he win thank to it
Kael Yahir
Kael Yahir Month ago
-Jour dis morto bene -You in vinegar, bitch
AMTJ Month ago
fiora final game : i can kll some guys jax final game : :D heheheheh so you chosse death
0_0 Month ago
can any of you baguettes translate what fiora said
John Andrew Meule
If fiora use her old ult she will win haha
fabrizio falcioni
Report fiora noob, didnt parry tf W
Kurami Month ago
Uhhh Jax is nowhere near fat enough
Nasah Month ago
Cjozm S
Cjozm S Month ago
Was that yasou on the ground???
Maria Salete Carneiro
who fed jax?
Arti Month ago
Dawid Bieryło
Dawid Bieryło Month ago
Jax is just better than fiora what to say
journalist Month ago
This animations for sure in 30 fps or less
Ильнур Вайс
-My name is Fiora of House Laurent, And this is my bridge. Jax grinned beneath his mask. -Finally, an opponent worth fighting! ("None Shall Pass") -Меня зовут Фиора из дома Лоранов, И это мой мост. Джакс усмехнулся под маской. -Наконец-то, хоть один достойный противник! ("Никто не пройдёт")
Blu3ClowN Month ago
RK Month ago
Right through the counter strike
ThatGuy Doc
ThatGuy Doc Month ago
So in other words Fiora loses because twisted fate had to be an asshole and try to interrupt?
Sergey Tarashnin
i think jax will say alright,alright, alright:D
Aleksandar Milić
In the game fiora counters jax and she wins(i had the fight vs jax and i won as fiora)but i like the way they made the fight bcs jax isnt easy kill but fiora isnt too
Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
As a Main Toplaner i can tell this is what the Toplane looks like when the jungler aint hiding in the riverbush
17 - 10N - José Valente
I dont understand why TF help Jax wuth the card
Enes 2 months ago
Damn fiora
Bibelot_Le_Hobby 2 months ago
"preparez vous a mourir" this sentence is wrong there is two mistakes. The good version is "préparez vous à mourir"
DatDragon Boi
DatDragon Boi 2 months ago
Watch the fight in 0,25x speed. I love that you can clearly make out all the movement and strikes. It so detailed!
Ayalus 2 months ago
Fiora: I'm sorry I don't speak school shooting
LCK_5_Worlds_LEC_0 2 months ago
muay thaiaia
muay thaiaia 2 months ago
in lol lore Jax never lost a battle
Virgo's Window
Virgo's Window 2 months ago
1:44 this is perfection
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 2 months ago
This dude could animate a whole. League series, I get this is a series on yt but I mean a full on series it's so good
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller 2 months ago
Triple or nothing means even if flora wins tf gets nothing. So he is risking more why? Not a smart gambling move. Massive flaw in the dialogue.
Idris Ali
Idris Ali 2 months ago
Akame and Naruto
Akame and Naruto 2 months ago
Polnareff vs Ebony Devil be like
yourIjika 2 months ago
This is honestly how Top Lane feels like everytime lol
Ozi 2 months ago
Other lanes:peaceful,just farming Meanwhile toplane:
big quack
big quack 2 months ago
God fucking help us if we can do anything about Fiora!
Janrich De Ausen
Janrich De Ausen 2 months ago
According to the lore jax is a troll it is one of ezreals notes
Dou Month ago
No,it isn't,is a human
Patty Romusa
Patty Romusa 2 months ago
Me : turn on the subtitle because i dont understand french Subtitle : in french Me: blyat
Weird Jesus
Weird Jesus 2 months ago
nice try fiora
Jerry Green
Jerry Green 2 months ago
1/6/3 Gragas: I bet our Jax wins 1/7/4 TF: nah, feeded Fiora is op 12/2/1 Fiora: je ne pa la baguette 7/0/2 Jax: imagine if it was a real weapon... Who’s next?
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming 2 months ago
Keep your grind STRONGG 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Andrés Delgado :v
Andrés Delgado :v 2 months ago
So... He has a real weapon
Hilton GT
Hilton GT 2 months ago
This is all wrong Jax never wins against Fiora
Roman Posner
Roman Posner 2 months ago
This is toplane in a nutshell
Agrihon Oberjorn
Agrihon Oberjorn 2 months ago
Decent fight animation they both had an understanding of there weapons reach and the limitations of said weapons flora using her epee to slash and try to get a jab in while jax seemed very comfortable with the trident using all bits of the spear and not just the points having the momentum flow between eatch strike low amount of feints but well it’s a cartoon but the best part was the end a good grasp on while your attacking your also likely to be attacked aka some one extends the defences too much stabbing your shoulder stab em in the neck or face or heart if ya can grapple em and that a fight does not end until your opponent can not move or refuses to TLDR good fight
Rafachidi Vet
Rafachidi Vet 2 months ago
It s soo food animation
Ahmed Mahdi
Ahmed Mahdi 2 months ago
I like that man
Zubarus 2 months ago
jax is 100% Hashinshin :)
Lian 3 months ago
Its Ooonnn
Carlos Emanuel
Carlos Emanuel 3 months ago
Fiora win
chaton roux
chaton roux 3 months ago
it sucks that jax doesnt have more cosplay/videos/interrest about him
RHG DUELIST 3 months ago
Riot Games Community and the Hyuns Dojo Community is more better than the other Community
Eternal 3 months ago
Fiora ♥
Give me subs Or give me ded
Notice how Jax only used the blunt end of his spear and never the edged part, this was just a game to him
Chatoic Chaos
Chatoic Chaos 3 months ago
When top lane was epic.
Gaze73 3 months ago
How did Jax just ignore being stabbed through the gut? Instead of dying he laughs.
TheTrueMC 3 months ago
Damn fiora used all of her abilities when jax didn’t even use his E and R.
Zetsuno 'o
Zetsuno 'o 3 months ago
He actually used his R at 2:50
Piotr Klocek
Piotr Klocek 3 months ago
Its showing how easy champ to play is jax :p fiora slayed that one
sol mais leão
sol mais leão 3 months ago
nick link apenas
Jonaquim Augusto
Jonaquim Augusto 3 months ago
Jax: **Press R** Fiora: **chuckles** i'm in danger
Assassinister 3 months ago
Jax win bc he used weapon instead of a lamp
Андрей Смирнов
Весело, только при равном уровне игры Фиора убивает Джакса.
Marc Bou Saleh
Marc Bou Saleh 3 months ago
anyone else glad fiora didnt win?
Kosoku •
Kosoku • 3 months ago
What is the title of the soundtrack?
Cristian Ramos
Cristian Ramos 3 months ago
Fiora : Préparez-vous à mourir A Princess Bride reference. Well played guys.
Faze Kuai
Faze Kuai 3 months ago
Right Through The Counter Strike
CES - Rex
CES - Rex 3 months ago
I watched this frame by frame7 times, just to admire the work put behind it
Sheikh U
Sheikh U 3 months ago
"Laurent's are born, with blade in hand"
Oi Josuke i just made a google account
My boi jax pulled that reverse uno card on fiora
hnif ziz
hnif ziz 3 months ago
Gragas said tobias,did he mean tobias fate?
Firestar Jain
Firestar Jain 3 months ago
Wait it shouldn't have knocked her off. Yellow card stuns right
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