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Jul 11, 2017




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Comments 512
Lilja 6 days ago
The outfits are pretty but this isn’t grunge
Šhïvâ 23 days ago
When people wear band tees and don’t really know the band at all, like not even the name of their most popular song, it makes me a lil mad ngl. Also you just didn’t acknowledge Aerosmith at all lmao 😂
LunarWolf 26 days ago
omg i used to watch you play IMVU when i was like 9
Vianca Rica Umali
i thought you were gonna say you like/know aerosmith lol
Amber Allen
Amber Allen Month ago
I like ur taste in cothes
Heidi Nützmann
Heidi Nützmann Month ago
Girl I get that those clothes are trendy but please don't call them grunge style... I can hear Kurt being dissapointed on todays generation when it comes to style
Lorelei Sample
Lorelei Sample Month ago
I LOVE THE XXX SHIRT!! May he Rest In Peace, I’ve only listened to him for 3 years but damn.
Kaylee Owens
Kaylee Owens Month ago
Do you even listen to Aerosmith and iron maiden
amber rivera
amber rivera Month ago
i hope to god that she listens to the bands on her clothes and not just got it. looks great tho.
Avacado Gibimsii
Are u strugggling with sneezeing
Girl could wear a trash bag and look cute tf
make out hill
make out hill Month ago
Fat selena gomez
La Mermelada De Jimin
You look like Selena Gómez ♡
Chloe Hardey
Chloe Hardey 2 months ago
3:57 dayyyum thos boobies be looking fiiinnne👌🏼🔥
Serenity Trueblood
Serenity Trueblood 2 months ago
does it ever upset anyone when you see people trying to be grunge for purely aesthetic reasons? like they'll wear black clothes, jean jackets, and rock band tees but know absolutely nothing about the bands they wear and don't care about the grunge/punk/goth lifestyle they just care about the trend. it makes me quite upset just because you'll see a very good band tee that people who actually appreciate their music would like but instead, they are used to be "edgy" in a basic persons wardrobe.
Kobey Heigns
Kobey Heigns 2 months ago
Grunge is when you turn up the distortion on your unit shifter to make it sound angry
Red Phobic
Red Phobic 2 months ago
Drexlee Razon
Drexlee Razon 2 months ago
those shirt are so damn cool
ezhel06 2 months ago
JiMiNs HoE
JiMiNs HoE 2 months ago
When you say really negative untrue things to make you feel better about yourself
Tiny Soft goth
Tiny Soft goth 2 months ago
Where are you from? I don’t recognize your accent gurl
sadboihours 2 months ago
that moment when i actually enjoy these bands and shi and they’re just used as aesthetics
JiMiNs HoE
JiMiNs HoE 2 months ago
I just like the clothing
lotus 2 months ago
love ur content lmao
Jazzy J
Jazzy J 3 months ago
Are there stores to buy grunge clothes at that's not online?
screlyx. 3 months ago
nice body. don't wear clothes that rep something you don't acknowledge.
Pretty Girl #
Pretty Girl # 3 months ago
Why You Are so cute & PRERFECT :(
Maria 1907
Maria 1907 3 months ago
Maria 1907
Maria 1907 3 months ago
Do you even listen Aerosmith?
Kaitlin Lennox
Kaitlin Lennox 3 months ago
You look awesome in everything your not fat at all girl yeah we all love McDonald's though I get the seriously crispy chicken burger nonspicy with fries and drink it's the best thing ever
Kimmy Possible
Kimmy Possible 3 months ago
yeah no shit the safety pins hold the shirt together
Bailey Wilbanks
Bailey Wilbanks 4 months ago
*buys an aerosmith shirt, doesnt even acknowledge aerosmith* alrighty
LM Slawik
LM Slawik 23 days ago
My initial thought
spooky parrot
spooky parrot 2 months ago
Fr 💁🏻‍♂️
Kelly Linda
Kelly Linda 4 months ago
Ok I don't have friends that would accept me in those type of clothes and it gets me annoyed because my whole closet has those types of clothes and all I can wear around them is like these 3 basic colored shirts I have
Ki_5 4 months ago
Is she from the UK?
uru Fudo
uru Fudo 4 months ago
Sunkissed Nae
Sunkissed Nae 4 months ago
Got kind of bored watching this so decided to skip to a point I thought would be interesting. And boom, you were wearing X merch and giving him his props. I suddenly have to subscribe. 💗
kat skye
kat skye 4 months ago
trash 4 months ago
do you even skate
Melancholy Beetle
Melancholy Beetle 4 months ago
It's Just Mel And Hab MSP
You look good in everything sis 🥰🥰
M. 5 months ago
you look like selena gomez
V class the best :4 Don’t h8 me
1:57 where can I buy this t-shirt
Arvid Sk8
Arvid Sk8 6 months ago
Violeta Radenkovic
Violeta Radenkovic 6 months ago
Idk why but you remind me of Selena Gomez 💁
Yesenia Alonso
Yesenia Alonso 3 months ago
Omg same I was surprised that there wasn’t much comments talking ab that
Barbora Matlova
Barbora Matlova 6 months ago
Why you look like Selena Gomez. Why you remind mě of herrr
kvlt kid
kvlt kid 6 months ago
do you even listen to Iron Maiden
Worst Username In the World
I also saw her wear one of Aerosmith, she literally just wears band tees just cause she thinks it looks cool 😧😒
LeTs gEt tHis sAdDo tO 100 SuBs
Where did she get the thrasher shirt from ?
Paweł Rzechowicz
Paweł Rzechowicz 6 months ago
Im a fat bitchh ( thats so me XD )
Momo 6 months ago
Thrasher 😒
Matty boii
Matty boii 6 months ago
She really said XXXTentacion made metal smh dope outfits tho
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson 6 months ago
When the rocky horror Jean jacket goes unnoticed and appreciated
okay izy
okay izy 7 months ago
the pink velvet outfit... you look freaken stunning
Mr.Woosh 7 months ago
do you even listen to areosmith? lmao
•KimEun Ah•
•KimEun Ah• 7 months ago
Gurl. You rock every thing! I cant even look good in a pair of Jeans. How to be youuu?
Catarina Botas
Catarina Botas 7 months ago
Do you even sk8?
sickusername 7 months ago
Dude you've literally got the same size jeans as me (i live in the uk and ive got a 10) and your stomach looks fine! Kepp doing what your doinngggggggg
depression sucks_101
4:15 when my friend says u eat to much I be like..
Rickornichon 666
Rickornichon 666 8 months ago
Wtf you look like Selena Gomez😨
Aesthetic BunBun
Aesthetic BunBun 8 months ago
hey just wondering where did u get ur thrasher shirt the one ur wearing throughout the whole vid?
selly Lover
selly Lover 8 months ago
You looked amazing in everything, especially in the pink set !!
Alyssa Gordøn
Alyssa Gordøn 9 months ago
she didn’t even know who aerosmith was 😭💀😂
Dreamer Heart
Dreamer Heart Month ago
Let them be, if they like the design so it be. They don't need to know everything they wear. Seriously just let people wear what they want
spooky parrot
spooky parrot 2 months ago
LMAO FR, I was like 🧐?
queenoftheanimals 2 months ago
It's really cringe.
audrey hawkins
audrey hawkins 5 months ago
ikr it kinda upset me
happy face
happy face 5 months ago
Worst Username In the World very true
Cute_Starberry_pie 9 months ago
your style is sick bro *clap clap calp*
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