Sub Urban - Freak (feat. REI AMI) [Live]

Sub Urban
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Sub Urban - Freak (feat. REI AMI) [Live]
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 2 330
Sub Urban
Sub Urban Month ago
Out of practice, quarantine’ll do that, forgive me lads. Follow me on twitch for more live content www.twitch.tv/suburbanstreams/
Skylar Gorman
Skylar Gorman 2 days ago
No wonder you sound. Diffrent but you still give the feel
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy 7 days ago
I can tell -_- it gets stuck into your head when you listen to it 500 times full volume
evil knievil
evil knievil 11 days ago
Your live voice is really good
gilson nascimento
gilson nascimento 12 days ago
gilson nascimento
gilson nascimento 12 days ago
Twilight/ /Midnight
Buying his merch is also a genius move ;0 be a genius and buy his merch today.
grazi KAWAI
grazi KAWAI 5 hours ago
very cool
grazi KAWAI
grazi KAWAI 5 hours ago
what do you do in your free time
Geroge Sosa.m
Geroge Sosa.m 11 hours ago
A huevo por que me quitaste mi comentario >:v EH wey
Wendy Pearson
this song and cradels made u one of my fav song artitst
Lilly Gian
Lilly Gian Day ago
This song is immaculate way better than Billie to be honest your so underrated
Deyaan Liyanage
Wt is this song cradles is way better i mean in my own way rlly
Senna P
Senna P 2 days ago
Him singing in high pitched voice is a mood
Paul Bachelin Brasseur
Very good
Samuel Chura Garcia
Que crack, siempre escucho su música
Honey Waffle
Honey Waffle 3 days ago
nobody: Really nobody: Sub urban: *dance
Keira Sweet-Brown
you so much better live you should stop adding stuff in to make your voice sound better.
Ailin kun űwů
Ailin kun űwů 4 days ago
My fovorite 😙
Paula Maria
Paula Maria 4 days ago
Algum brasileiro?
Ducea Tuna Ard
Ducea Tuna Ard 4 days ago
Melody Cavendish
Melody Cavendish 5 days ago
Hermoso, arte Ya quiero verte en conciertos grandes ❤️ Tienes mucho talento y un futuro muy grande Keep going to if you'll achieve a lot, you're supported by thousands of people 💕
Glitching Ninja
Glitching Ninja 5 days ago
REI AMI sounds like she is saying Banana
Mary Army Agreste :3
El único comentario en español xd
heidy mendo
heidy mendo 6 days ago
Por que ching*d*s apenas me voy enterando de el che talentaso que se carga
Chloe Tizon
Chloe Tizon 7 days ago
I love the na na na xd
Ana Silva
Ana Silva 7 days ago
Amooo❤️❤️❤️ dá pra sentir a emoção nas suas músicas!!!
Rita Cassya
Rita Cassya 8 days ago
Dila Ateş
Dila Ateş 8 days ago
hot .d
Usha Rani
Usha Rani 9 days ago
SUB URBAN - SING IT RE AMI MANNIEQUINES- is he talking to me 😐 But Sub urban so cooooool ❤️❤️
Artesanal Jundiai
Artesanal Jundiai 10 days ago
If the text below was not explicit I'm sorry '-'
Artesanal Jundiai
Artesanal Jundiai 10 days ago
Hello, I'm Brazilian and I'm using translator to be able to communicate, let's get to the subject, I love the songs thank you so much for showing me these bellicose songs, we younger Brazilians love gringa music so thank you very much
Botshelo Kwadi
Botshelo Kwadi 11 days ago
I live you Sub
Nezuko -chan
Nezuko -chan 12 days ago
Am I the only one trying to buy mannequins to put in my room orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
LAGGY MAN 12 days ago
The True guy I accepted (Sub urban)
PaltitaPLT 12 days ago
PaltitaPLT 12 days ago
PaltitaPLT 12 days ago
PaltitaPLT 12 days ago
IGN ƜƠԼƑ 12 days ago
Suburban : the next big thing in music industry 💯 mark my words
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 13 days ago
Me in my bed just watching this like👁👄👁
Red 13 days ago
This is so awesome!
OseloX Noodle
OseloX Noodle 13 days ago
welcome to our freak show haha my favorite music ı love sub urban
Yadira Malespin
Yadira Malespin 14 days ago
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 14 days ago
I can't stop listening to you songs 🤦
Fran S
Fran S 14 days ago
I guess this is what quarantine does to Sub Urban, mannequin audience
Janeth Rodriguez
Janeth Rodriguez 15 days ago
OMG I LUVV U:3 UR SO GREAT I know 2 songs. Cradles'and this
koala loves Roblox
koala loves Roblox 15 days ago
Your like a insane killer but in a good way Now that's a dumb comment
꧁Kitsune Ԟun7w7 ꧂
My favorite
Kauany Nunes
Kauany Nunes 17 days ago
Eu brasileiros
なお 17 days ago
Sokhna B. Bamba
Sokhna B. Bamba 17 days ago
Omg this was Was almost a good as the music vid!!
Alisa Pearce
Alisa Pearce 18 days ago
Dang he’s good at dancing 😂♥️♥️❤️
-hey abelhans! -
-hey abelhans! - 18 days ago
Ninguém absolutamente ninguém ninguém mesmo Vai curtir my comentário É e br
Lobo Herido
Lobo Herido 18 days ago
Latinos me escuchan
Iris damas
Iris damas 18 days ago
I jus realized he used auto tune for “Freak show”
Mattinio3 Gaming
Mattinio3 Gaming 18 days ago
He sounds so different without autotune
Eden Beeden
Eden Beeden 18 days ago
When your favorite movie is The Greatest Showman but you're edgy
•Magical Berriez•
I- I thought I was the only one- this comment needs more likes- lol!
joao s7
joao s7 19 days ago
i love you
꧁кลμяล кลωลเเ꧂
Only three letters... Wow...
Celice Conceição santana
The and yes brother
UwU 19 days ago
_Eclxpse 月食
_Eclxpse 月食 19 days ago
I'm in love with him lol
Wiktoria Ostrowska
Wiktoria Ostrowska 19 days ago
people say this isnt real music, but if screaming into the microphone in a raspy voice to make death metal is music, the this is music too.
Daweirdo Gacha
Daweirdo Gacha 20 days ago
WOOoOoOoOoOooOoOoo I wuv dis
Dianna G
Dianna G 20 days ago
I love you vids
ARCX 07FF 21 day ago
Creo que soy la única que habla español en los comentarios
ah re
ah re 20 days ago
lil_Laiysha 21 day ago
whoah you put alot a work in the real song
mahi ermias
mahi ermias 21 day ago
It is currently 1pm where I live and I have been on my phone all day watching this in repeat. I think I broke the repeat button
Zetita Gamerus
Zetita Gamerus 21 day ago
One day I think I ran into Sub Urban on the street, but I didn't say anything or greet him because I wasn't sure it was him.
Алан Кист
Петь не умеет,а оригинальный трек чистый.
Greninja11 22 days ago
its eather cradles or freak... or both
Alli Cuiris
Alli Cuiris 22 days ago
“Learn with your eyes boy”
"SING REI AMI" I cant-
Hanen Bouaziz
Hanen Bouaziz 22 days ago
ariadna sanchez
ariadna sanchez 22 days ago
Kim Anh Nguyen
Kim Anh Nguyen 22 days ago
Clifford Desiderio
Clifford Desiderio 23 days ago
Ethan Playz
Ethan Playz 23 days ago
It’s sounds way different when you are preforming
olivier Dc
olivier Dc 21 day ago
No autotune on this one
Marwan Pro 777
Marwan Pro 777 23 days ago
Your voice is not nice but in the original music your voice is nice
olivier Dc
olivier Dc 21 day ago
law chan 7w7
law chan 7w7 23 days ago
Isolate live
Summer Jackson
Summer Jackson 23 days ago
The mannequins be like: 🕳👄🕳
ariadna sanchez
ariadna sanchez 22 days ago
👁 👁 👅
ariadna sanchez
ariadna sanchez 22 days ago
ĐĀKŚH GŪPŤĀ 23 days ago
''You are wasting, you are wasting all, of your time finding a cure if there is no disease"applies the same to that of the audience on the concert in which u sang cradles song.
Dan TDM 23 days ago
ItzBluewolf YT
ItzBluewolf YT 23 days ago
This song is so good it's got me singing without lyrics
Aaron Voler
Aaron Voler 24 days ago
Oh nanana oh nanana oh banana
I love you your music has such great meaning and your music videos are so genius out of this world and perfect I like how you embrace yourself as different to everybody else and that’s why you are where you are we love you sub urban 💕 and the person who you will grow out to be.😌❤️
Skwiky Le oof
Skwiky Le oof 24 days ago
Hearing Sub Urban without autotune, ah! Perfect! I like Sub Urban's voice without autotune! It's so relaxing in a way. ^_^
Jose Martin
Jose Martin 24 days ago
You haven’t uploaded in
Jose Martin
Jose Martin 24 days ago
So long good to here u again*
꧁ᴍɪᴀ ɴᴇᴋᴏツ꧂
This guy is crazy? ;^;
Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez 24 days ago
No se ingles pero me gusta
Cristian Andrada
Cristian Andrada 24 days ago
Nanana buenardo
Osiel Castañeda
Osiel Castañeda 24 days ago
Ovidiu GG
Ovidiu GG 24 days ago
el perro mata pacos
Sin autotune canta horrible
Speedy Baguette
Speedy Baguette 25 days ago
*sing it REI AMI* *god she goes so hard* quality content I’m looking for during quarantine.
prostochlen01 25 days ago
buzz for the ears
helena QwQ
helena QwQ 25 days ago
Will there be a concert in Poland? The evaluation of this 1000000/10
ARYA,exe 今
ARYA,exe 今 25 days ago
Sausage 25 days ago
We appreciate the singing for Ubran rei
Mymusic YT
Mymusic YT 26 days ago
agus Urquieta Zapata
Is Perfect i love the song!
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