Studio Ghibli - Music Collection (Piano and Violin Duo) 株式会社スタジオジブリ- Relaxing music song

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Composed by Joe Hisaishi
Performed by YUKA
arts :
- imgur.com/gallery/XRAfu
- www.ghibli.jp/info/013251/
0:00 The Merry-Go-Round of Life (From Howl's Moving Castle)
3:24 The Promise of the World (From Howl's Moving Castle)
7:34 Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa /From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
10:54 Nausicaa Requiem (From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
14:14 Kaze no Toori Michi (From My Neighbor Totoro)
17:39 Town Where You Can See the Ocean (From Kiki's Delivery Service)
20:45 On a Clear Day (From Kiki's Delivery Service)
24:13 Kimi wo Nosete (From Laputa Castle in the Sky)
27:49 Toki no Shiro (From Laputa Castle in the Sky)
31:52 Mononoke Hime (From Princess Mononoke)
35:47 Ashitaka and San (From Princess Mononoke)
40:33 One Summer Day (From Spirited Away)
45:17 Always With Me (From Spirited Away)
48:43 Sakuranbo no Minoru Koro (From Porco Rosso)


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Jul 7, 2019




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Studio Ghibli fans
Studio Ghibli fans 2 months ago
I don't have any rights on the music, so I can't remove the ads, the income goes directly (according to youtube) to the author of these masterpieces. Sorry for the ads
@Jerky is Perky gracias
Timotius Jonathan
Timotius Jonathan 22 days ago
@Jerky is Perky then eh wont have moneys
Timotius Jonathan
Timotius Jonathan 22 days ago
we just want your best we dont want anything serious, we're already happy when you upload a video
Mackenzie Mayer
Mackenzie Mayer 23 days ago
Cloee Emm Kojo I Liu Liu l I’ll look lol
Summer SO
Summer SO 26 days ago
Jerky is Perky ふ
Daroid7 5 hours ago
What makes Ghibli films are special (in my opinion) that some of the movie's ending doesn't have a perfect ending, that doesn't mean that their bad. For example, take a look at disney, every ending in their film's has a good ending. But Ghibli is more interesting. Let's take a look at Howl's Moving Castle, at the end of the movie, Sophie's curse is still active. And that's why ghibli is good at making these movies, even though some thing's isn't done, it's perfect and genius! Well done Ghibli. Thanks for making our childhood and the nostalgia..
Алиса Ломакина
(^∇^)ノ♪ ❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨
nour _
nour _ 6 hours ago
I'm sure my soul mate is probably listening to this too
Tanya Cañas
Tanya Cañas 16 hours ago
I feel every part of this songs and it's beautiful ✨
ivankath123 Aj
I don't think many people understand one of the most important words there is; life. Life could mean many different things. Maybe your life comes to your mind, or your friends, or your families. Or perhaps what you want in life. That's what comes up when I think of the word. It's your life, YOU are the main character of the game. You get to choose if you go here or there, buy that or not. You are controlling your little game. And perhaps your little game won't be so small. Basically what I'm trying to say, is that never forget what you want in life. After all, isn't that why we're here? To possibly make a difference? I mean, even if you change one person's life, that's already an accomplishment. I guarantee you that you have made someone smile, or laugh. You've probably made someone's day and they couldn't stop thinking of how fun and funny what you said or did was. I know that empty feeling that pulling you down. You feel like sinking as if there is nothing to hold onto. But you have to give it your all and pull yourself upwards. I mean, swimming; we learn it for a reason - so we don't drown. So don't let that feeling drown you. I want you to know that good is coming. You might not feel like it, but I promise you - it's coming. I used to feel that way. Nothing was working out. I cried at night, I cried when something didn't work out, or sometimes even when it did work out. But now, good has happened, and I realized that all those bad things led up to this. I worked hard and I didn't give up. So please, what I'm trying to get out of this - don't give up. Keep running, keep pushing yourself, the best is yet to come. It's COMING. So don't pretend as if its over, it hasn't even begun. Your spectacular life filled with joy and adventure is almost here. Get through the hard paths and soon a field will appear where you will be able to run freely. You got this. I love you. Please promise me that you won't give up. Promise me that you will keep running. Promise me.
Morgan Elena
Morgan Elena Day ago
I actually started to cry because I had not heard the Merry- go- round of life, (howels moving castle first song) in 10 years...
Schiar Lao
Schiar Lao Day ago
carmen vigo alfaro
Alexandra Wagstaff
I absolutely love Howls moving castle so when I heard the first notes, I melted.
Ernar Jandos
Ernar Jandos Day ago
These pieces deserve an oscar more than let it go
静香 Day ago
Diamond Ruby
Diamond Ruby 2 days ago
I don't know whether or not to listen to this music. It's elegant and beautiful to enjoy. But it give me a pinch of Sadness after it finish. Anyone feel the same like I do ?
Mahaghanie Scott
Mahaghanie Scott 2 days ago
Einahpets16 V
Einahpets16 V 2 days ago
I felt homesick somehow sitting at my own house.
caro 2 days ago
the typa shit i wanna fall in love to
Squadololo 2 days ago
my funeral needs this song
clara é hetero
clara é hetero 2 days ago
The Merry-Go-Round of Life its different and you know it
clara é hetero
clara é hetero 2 days ago
Im trying to study but now im just thinking about things that will never happen
Nadja Bolliger
Nadja Bolliger 2 days ago
1) riding a train to nowhere: I need the violin sheets! This is beautiful!!
Camila 3 days ago
I love this video more than anything, the themes of the ghibli movies give such a nostalgic feeling, and calms me down
Djo Hatake
Djo Hatake 3 days ago
Why so much Pub now ? Is really better without pub
Alve Jr
Alve Jr 3 days ago
Studio Gibli is always about quality
Cotton Skyiez OwO
Ana Beatriz Gasparino
Eu amo o studio Ghibli, suas músicas são fantásticas!!!!
Daniel Caniello
Daniel Caniello 4 days ago
School is hell
Martha Reyes
Martha Reyes 4 days ago
Bellas melodías que me transportan a otro tiempo!
Coal 4 days ago
First one sounds like USSR-movies' soundtracks.
CPM_SMRT 3 days ago
OUR movies
Chef in training
Chef in training 4 days ago
i changed the comment so now you will never know why it got so many likes
caunes andrew
caunes andrew 2 days ago
@Chef in training I thought the comments of this kind were actually originally good comments which were changed. I am deeply disappointed to learn that these are actually people farming internet points like this.
Chef in training
Chef in training 2 days ago
@caunes andrew thats the point
caunes andrew
caunes andrew 3 days ago
You got no likes dumbass
Kay 4 days ago
Castle In The Sky theme song is playing while I'm looking out the window watching rain clouds above.
Salty Crackers
Salty Crackers 5 days ago
Listening to this while writing in my journal and listening to music with light rain in the background makes me feel like life isn’t so bad. Moments like these make me cherish life more.
Maria Elena Perez Urroz
I love it, beautiful instrument!
Eliza Inoue
Eliza Inoue 5 days ago
Chyenne Reynolds
Chyenne Reynolds 5 days ago
I'm not too sure why but I am getting an overwhelming feeling of the need to cry. I'm not sad or anything, it's just something about this music that feels so familiar and homey. It's almost exactly the same feeling I get when watching Over the Garden Wall.
isabella kinville
i finally watch Howl's Moving Castle yesterday, since then i cant stop thinking about it. The second the movie ended i felt unlovable and the world felt gray and sad. I wish i could've been Sophie so i could be loved and happy. I feel so empty.
HotDogWater 6 days ago
The first time I heard this song, I never wanted to stop feeling that feeling
Laura Katherine Rojas Pardo
26:10 ¿A alguien más le recuerda a la canción de Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Ending?
M a l l o w s
M a l l o w s 6 days ago
Thank you Netflix for Introducing me these movies. I'm now obsessed with it.
springshowers 6 days ago
listening to the music swell in the laputa soundtrack portion of the playlist made me feel something, which was kinda nice. Thanks for making this playlist.
Andrés Guzmán
Andrés Guzmán 6 days ago
¿Soy yo o, cada vez tiene más y más comerciales este video?
Lil Aurelia
Lil Aurelia 6 days ago
I just restarted my laptop and somehow 40 pages of kuroo just printed out, and I wasnt allowed to print for a month just because i made a cardboard cutout that used up our printing use. Bitch it likes costs a dollar for each page. So I knew just the place to come. Running away from the belt
Spoonie 6 days ago
hardcore vibing to this as I write the backstory to my DND character, couldn't be more chill lol
Isabella Díaz
Isabella Díaz 6 days ago
The first is the best song
unwanted alien
unwanted alien 6 days ago
i can die in peace now..
Y e l l o w R o s e s
awww that´s nice
Amo estas peliculas de estudio ghibli!! se las recomiendo mucho
you C me rollin
you C me rollin 7 days ago
Tips for no ads just skip through the video and replay😘
Claudia Quiñones Campomanes
this change my life
Anya 7 days ago
Camila 7 days ago
Amé la colección
Sitâre Fezâ
Sitâre Fezâ 8 days ago
Listening is my favorite while cooking. Feels peaceful..🍀
{Gacha- Stxrś}
{Gacha- Stxrś} 8 days ago
listening too this makes me have these lovely visions of a Victorian girl dressing in a blue gown with flowers, in a white pillared building. Some others give off visions of a beautiful meadow at twilight., and a single person living in a small cottage away from the horrors of this world. Just being truly at peace with everything, and everyone around you, something that I hope too achieve.. have a good day/night. And, go too bed, it’s late, we will always be here for you when you wake up. Blessed be~
Pedro cabral
Pedro cabral 8 days ago
there might be multiple reasons a person clicks on this video. some want a soothing track to lull them to sleep. to those people: leave the comments and get the rest you deserve. sleep well. some are lonely or are feeling very sad. to those people: all pain ends eventually. the good will come soon enough. you can do this. some may be studying. to those people: leave the comments, I wish you good luck, you’re going to do amazing. some can’t stand the silence and the thoughts and tears that accompany the silence. to those people: take a deep breath in. now exhale. now say, “I’m fine. I will be fine. I am in control. I am okay.” to anyone who is reading this right now, i love you. and so do many others. you have nothing to worry about. take a breath and appreciate the good things about this world. everything is and will be okay. you’ve got this. and i love you.💕 ✨
arniepunch 2 days ago
thank you
こね 3 days ago
u called me out on the studying bit- *procrastination intensifies* also ty for this message... i appreciate it :")
Jazmine Easton
Jazmine Easton 3 days ago
thankyou so much for this. You are very kind and when you told me to stop reading comments cos im studying i went right out of here.
Tohid Bagani
Tohid Bagani 7 days ago
Hey man you made my day first this video and then you except for studies im the person with all the other categories combined you mentioned in your comment
KuMa villarroel sandy
Somehow this music gets me back to when everyrhing was fine... that time when i had a girlfriend and we used to watch all the ghibli movies...
rj 8 days ago
0:01 ...💌
Pelirroja 53
Pelirroja 53 8 days ago
debería estar haciendo tarea pero recién me vi las pelis por primera vez hace unos días y estoy obsesionada :)
EverSo Strange
EverSo Strange 9 days ago
Listen to this at 1.25x speed 👍
EverSo Strange
EverSo Strange 9 days ago
Turns out .75 speed works too
G.F 9 days ago
The Merry Go round of Life is my favorite one, it gives me nostalgia, peace and happiness at the same time. The soudtrack and the movie are a magical experience (literally) :)
are you okay
are you okay 9 days ago
hi stranger ! i am someone who travels from a video to another so theres a chance that you have already seen me or read my messages :3 how are you today? are you okay? you can tell me everything !! stop crying, everything will get better. you can try again and again and again, there is nothing wrong with trying, dear. stay with us, there will be a lot of amazing events and news that will happen in the future, it wouldn't be exciting to witness without you, the world won't be the same without you - always remember that. the sun may go down but it will always rise, you may think everything doesn't make sense and it's okay, it's normal, not all things have to make sense :) but don't give up, we can solve it together, we can not make sense together, we can fight it all together :) i hope i can meet you again, i know theres a possibility that we won't see each other again but i'm glad i got to know u, always smile and think positive, i love you stranger, you matter a lot to me and to other people, you might not know it but it's true. tell me everything next time, i'm willing to listen, i am very interested in what you think, okay? i have to say goodbye now, remember that life is beautiful. take care stranger !!
Shas Studio Inc.
Shas Studio Inc. 9 days ago
Love it all.
Miles Owen
Miles Owen 10 days ago
If you skip to they end of the video and replay it should get rid of the ads, that's what usually works for me and some others, if it doesn't work I'm sorry
sophia co
sophia co 11 days ago
Love the music:) thanks for sharing this:)
Skztg 11 days ago
Played this to my cat Now it’s totoro
Gabriel me
Gabriel me 11 days ago
watery static
watery static 11 days ago
40:33 makes me break down. It's so beautiful
Nancy_.millkytee 12 days ago
Sometimes i wonder what its like to fall in love with someone whom you can truly trust and a person who would do anything for you in order to not change. I lived in a world where I feel like I cant talk openly about my problems without getting judged for that. I get really excited over topics that fasinate me but everyone calls it weird. I tried being an other person but that didn't work out. I never met a guy who wouldn't tease me (in a mean way, almost bullying) i hate it all. I sometimes feel like Im not human anymore cuz im labeled as "the girl that always smiles and is happy" i sometimes even wish I was imminent to my own emotions, that would make my life easier
Sally Hope
Sally Hope 12 days ago
As someone who’s been in your shoes once upon a time, think of yourself as a planet and these years of loneliness as your formative age. When you look back on this time, it will be nothing but one of the first chapters in your story. Stay strong and walk through this storm. I’m rooting for you!
Nisreen Markho
Nisreen Markho 12 days ago
well i thot there would be ponyo in titbit its ok ;]
Juan Costilla
Juan Costilla 12 days ago
387 people missed the like button
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 12 days ago
tea with this music 100/10
chunky molerat
chunky molerat 12 days ago
For no ads: skip to the end of the video and then hit replay 💖
Rikarudo senpai
Rikarudo senpai 13 days ago
No me hagan caso, guardaré los minutos donde me quedé 24:13
Basic Llama
Basic Llama 13 days ago
Listening to SG music while adding to a book of shadows hits different🌛🌚🌜
Adan Zamora
Adan Zamora 13 days ago
I wish this was a playlist in spotify :(
Tsuyu Senshi
Tsuyu Senshi 13 days ago
Hello! I'm Tsuyu. Nice to meet you all!. This is my first cover:Sekai no Yakusoku. Enjoy it👇 ruvid.net/video/video-AsTSfYJIqKo.html 👍
mentita 13 days ago
just thanks
Marie the dove
Marie the dove 13 days ago
I've come to the conclusion that studio ghibli can make you like absolutely any music genre
Ksenia Rasputin
Ksenia Rasputin 13 days ago
I hereby declare this video to be the best video on youtube, and the honorable commentators to be the best of the kind, too.
Missak-chan 14 days ago
When i die, i wanna be reincarnated as a piece of grass in a ghibli film
ofe ramirez
ofe ramirez 14 days ago
D G 14 days ago
Sitting and coding my game to this music is so relaxing. Whenever I feel unmotivated a Ghibli film just kicks me right back into gear.
Kary Martinez
Kary Martinez 14 days ago
Me encanta..❤️
Nj Baring
Nj Baring 14 days ago
Hearing music compilation makes me want to live in a fantasy story♡
김다민 14 days ago
If you will make animation, u must understand the amazing instruments too
April Lee
April Lee 15 days ago
The Cat Returns the part where Baron and haru are dancing 💃
Techno 15 days ago
Studio ghilibi has the best movies and songs ever in my opinion. Thank you for making this collection of music for us. I hope everyone has a great time listening to this. Best of luck to you all.
vick maciel
vick maciel 15 days ago
Eu amo esses sons s2
Alyssa Shoemaker
Alyssa Shoemaker 15 days ago
Okay but why is studio ghibli perfection? I thought nothing in this world was perfect... guess I was wrong because Studio Ghibli is actually incredible!!!
Pundah 15 days ago
I'm just laying in bed with the lights off, earbuds in, and with my eyes closed. After about 10 minutes I just started tearing up out of nowhere. Ah, this is a vibe.
Cringe 15 days ago
sometimes I feel like I’m not worthy of happiness, but when I listen to this it reminds me of the beauty of life. I am allowed to be happy, I can be sad too.
Alcott Chan
Alcott Chan 15 days ago
This is arousing the supposedly non-artistic side within me.**sighs** The feelings, just how wonderful.
Yummy Dumplings
Yummy Dumplings 16 days ago
Such beautiful music.
grubbie chirp
grubbie chirp 16 days ago
Thanks so much for the one minute ad, I really needed that
Hana Banana
Hana Banana 16 days ago
Hey, you go back studying, stop scrolling through the comments :)
Lia uwu
Lia uwu 16 days ago
In the beginning when i hear the violin my heart have a BOM
jenn love
jenn love 16 days ago
Jenny Quan
Jenny Quan 16 days ago
it really started with an absolute bANGER
Ha Young Huang
Ha Young Huang 16 days ago
Is it just me, or is the violin slightly out of tune? Just me? Okay. Sorry to ruin the mood
manu gusmão
manu gusmão 16 days ago
eu: ai que vibe boa as músicas são perfeitas acho que vou dormir ad: vai não amor
Kayli LXY
Kayli LXY 17 days ago
Piano and Violin duo.. my beautiful asian instruments now
sahory arellano rivadeneyra
Hermosa musica, la adoro, me ayuda en mis tareas, son unas piezas muy relajantes, me encanta el anime tambien, es sin duda uno de mis favoritos.
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