Strongman swaps diet with wife for a day | Ft Eddie Hall

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall
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Watch my wife consume my diet for a day eating nearly 8000calories and also watch me almost die from starvation... 1200 calories for me😢
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Mar 1, 2020




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Eddie 'The Beast' Hall
Thanks for all the ongoing support guys. We are soon approaching 1 million subs, can you believe it?! Team Beast want to create an epic video for you guys as a thank you. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, please drop a comment below. Big Love ❤️👊🏼
Alt Fit
Alt Fit 17 hours ago
When she swells to 15st you getting a divorce?
Ronald Burkes
Ronald Burkes 12 days ago
dude your cold for this, you know she cant eat all that food!!
ABALLO'S WORLD 23 days ago
You are a truly man, GOAT. 💕❤💯🙏🏻😇👌🏻
Palestine Videos
next challenge swap each others underwear for the day
diana prince
diana prince Month ago
I love this, you guys amazing, this is the first time watching your channel I'm hooked now
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox 2 hours ago
If you crossed paths with this guy in public, you’d probably look at him and think he would be an a**h***. It’s really great to see that you can become a real physical force, able to to great things and still be a pretty humble nice person! It’s so fun to see how him and his wife and family get along so great! Keep it up Eddie, y’all are a great motivators!
ImWeqzy 3 hours ago
killed me how he woke her up to force her to eat the meal picks her up carrys her to the kitchens and says go make the food haha
Richard Ballantyne
Richard Ballantyne 3 hours ago
why use a tablet to hydrate...just drink water ....am i undertanding this correctly that strong men just eat calories and dont care about their health? im surprised these guys dont just drop dead from heart attacks ( not that i want u too mate...im just speaking generally, i think ur a great guy)
locked83 6 hours ago
The beast son is THE MAN and his family is fucking amazing hes my bud in my head lol
lots andlots
lots andlots 6 hours ago
The sad thing about all of this is that poor child that will gain weight and be OVER weight just like his dad from fried upon fried meaty food.
lots andlots
lots andlots 6 hours ago
M8 if you don't change your food you will probably face many diseases, heart disease, diabetes high cholesterol the list goes on. Gains can be made from clean food what you eat is death on a plate
Devin H
Devin H 8 hours ago
When The Beast smelt the protein shake why did I think of Wabbit season when Bugs said "It stinks, nice and good"
Xanni 9 hours ago
‘vegetarian’ then eats eggs
Antonis N. Misoulis
Antonis N. Misoulis 12 hours ago
Mayo on Fajitas sounds so wrong lol
Agamp 13 hours ago
His poor wife lol watching her eat his food is making me feel fat
Mr. jaf
Mr. jaf 14 hours ago
eddie has to be the greatest dad of time
Oj Omay
Oj Omay 14 hours ago
Bro he needs to do that slapping thing against the dumpling
Hongy 14 hours ago
whats wrong with her face
Feloniouschild 15 hours ago
Holy crap I have never seen anyone cut up toast before !!!
tangled 33
tangled 33 15 hours ago
She actually did a fucking good job of that! Fair play to ya Alex!
Ryan Cornelius
Ryan Cornelius 16 hours ago
tell her to get the airplace off her face plz
Ryan Cornelius
Ryan Cornelius 16 hours ago
did she steal christmas looking ass girlfriend
Dillon Warman
Dillon Warman 16 hours ago
Shes gona poo so hard
Burritoless Codec
Burritoless Codec 18 hours ago
Man I am a big guy going on 250 and go about 6 miles a day and can hardly eat 2000 calories this man eats 5000+ wtf
offsage 70
offsage 70 19 hours ago
this is just you two torturing each other
chloe 19 hours ago
Imagine dropping your morals/ethics for a video
Daniel Rodney
Daniel Rodney 19 hours ago
Anyone know the song at 4:00 ?
Nijsten Rijvaardigheid
I am seriously amazed by how the both of you coped with this challenge and kept high spirits.
Noah Heuvelmans
Noah Heuvelmans 19 hours ago
Poor cat
Charr Churl
Charr Churl 20 hours ago
Him after breakfast: I’m starving! Her after breakfast: I’m going to be full for a week and diabetes.
Gork Skoal
Gork Skoal 20 hours ago
But were you hydrated?
Vicky M
Vicky M 21 hour ago
aww you guys are so cute together!
Ransom Mathis
Ransom Mathis 21 hour ago
So when would you eat this much food? Like that is a lot of calories, how many times a day should you work out on a diet like this?
Hejsan På dejsan
Hejsan På dejsan 22 hours ago
Your wife is a godder! You to Ed.
Michael F
Michael F 22 hours ago
That breakfast was WAY more than 1000 calories lol.... try 2000 minimum. The beans alone were around 500. Great video as always!
The Gaming Reaper
The Gaming Reaper 23 hours ago
Omg this was intense not gonna lie. Thought it would be lame but then I was like wait a sec. This chick is like a twig. This man is a giant monster. There's no way she can eat that much. And he's gonna starve to death 😂😂 but damn she did great and so did u mate. Good on ya. Now eat 2 tons of meat lol
Maxim 23 hours ago
This is the most spoilt child I've seen in a while.
Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca 23 hours ago
We discovered the Pudge 05:27
Stephanie Blase
Stephanie Blase 23 hours ago
She's a champ. I would've thrown up after breakfast
Sean Cronin
Sean Cronin Day ago
How about a paintball day you and your mates against your wifes would be great to watch
Do Sky diving I'd love to see the Beast of the skies!!
Pc Creep
Pc Creep Day ago
15:25 does he spill the water? Im so curios
Steph Goodman
Fair play to Alex she absolutely smashed the eating 🍽 👏🏻
Are you trying to kill her???
Gaia Day ago
5:37 a car of a man, named eddie the beast hall => does not eat the crust of his toast
Elias Tannous
15:25 anyone see him knock his glass of water
Abdullah Bashmail
16:57 "Would you seriously eat this much fungus on a daily basis?" Dude I think she is trying to even out the amount of meat you eat in a single day for the sake of the vegans out there xD. It was pretty funny how he said it, haha.
roberdanger Day ago
hard to say whats more impressive, him eating so little or how much she ate. wow lol
Frank S.
Frank S. Day ago
I'm pretty sure the breakfast was more than just 1.000 calories. :D
Machine gun Mike
Your wife is not human. Omnivore means eats anything can also mean eats everything. No meat, NO HUMAN!!! Wife not human. LOL J/K
Darius Serrano
This was amazing and so much fun to watch. She did an insane job, my god. Wooooow.
Virginia M
Virginia M Day ago
Where is your son during tea? Is he sleeping already?
Damien Stone
Damien Stone Day ago
I was just waiting for her to throw up and/or him to pass out
Nateybeats Fan Page
the worlds strongest man doesn't eat his crust? WOOOOOOW haha
Storyteller Nylan
This is actually fun to watch and really charming.
Laurie Northland
gets a ginger beer but "never drinks" lol
thomas davis
thomas davis Day ago
Love this relationship
bnenomore Day ago
Mayo on fajitas?!?!
D4nnyBoy60 Day ago
Does the camera lady get food aswell? XD
Brayden Dodt
Brayden Dodt Day ago
I feel sick for her watching this
Nikhil Day ago
She probably shat a wooden log the next 3 days
HolyWhisp Day ago
Saying "Garlic Bread" like Peter Kay. Gotta be done
Kameron Day ago
Does his shakers ship to the U.S.?
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Day ago
The SAS entry challenge
Vibez- FISHY
Vibez- FISHY Day ago
22:44 is that a cat 🐈 or a dog 🐕?
on foe nem grave
Bro how can you eat like that
Vibez- FISHY
Vibez- FISHY Day ago
on foe nem grave right
Mounir B
Mounir B Day ago
Official Channel
Eddie is such a nice guy so humble and genuine
Brooke Proffitt
Brooke Proffitt 2 days ago
Orange Art Sovereign
At breakfast when he kept going “nope” I started dying
sampoteste 2 days ago
Way too funny. Thanks for posting. Stay strong!!!
Stephanis Niekerk
Hey man I think 🤔 you sould try to do everything she does a day the kooking cleaning washing shoping everything that would be a huge challenge please
Utopia 2 days ago
Both of them are eating really slow
heddu you
heddu you 2 days ago
How much food can you put in ur wife throughout a day haha! Great vid
The_not_pro_guy 2 days ago
If you look at 15:26 Eddie definitely spilled the water there but it was cut just before we got to see such a good moment. Had to rewind cause I didn't catch it the first time. Would've been a little funny to see.
Mutesi Kitoto
Mutesi Kitoto 2 days ago
Eddie did u eat smthing later on😊
rottendreeuhh 2 days ago
I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a while lol
chris henderson
chris henderson 2 days ago
2nd dinner? your like half hobbit half giant arent you?
vicentemoretti8 2 days ago
Solid meat (flesh) and liquid meat (dairy and eggs) are the same animal cruelty and havoc to earth and body.
Caitlin Whisenhunt
Props to both of them through this! Both such good sports.
Christian Jannin
Christian Jannin 2 days ago
On 15:23 I think he spilled his wine or whatever
Ben Sorohan
Ben Sorohan 2 days ago
Have ssex
michelle sanders
michelle sanders 2 days ago
vegetarian but she eats eggs🤔 not real
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