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Comments 80
Best of Anime
Best of Anime Month ago
**Please Read This For More Info** Anime: Junketsu no Maria ; Maria the Virgin Witch Aired: Jan 11, 2015 to Mar 29, 2015 Genres: Comedy, Historical, Magic, Romance, Fantasy, Seinen Buy your favorite Anime merch here to support the channel They have lots of cool stuff: bit.ly/BestofAnimeMerch Outro Song Summer memories & Endless Love by Neal K Sound
Zellarent 28 days ago
Bhutan h
Charles Dolendo
Charles Dolendo Month ago
Dayum its that old but iz epic
RipperRoo92 Month ago
Thank you
バンジch Month ago
Hades2Eros Month ago
Is it really that old? I remember watching it on funimations RUvid channel
John 117
John 117 2 days ago
Kanaye 7 days ago
5:03 bruh you be disrespecting virginity’s power
I NIGHTCORE 7 days ago
When Meliodas and goku had a child
Kineki Shintaro
Kineki Shintaro 10 days ago
What is the title of sound effect in the last part of the video?
Nichollo jay Buselak
What is the title of this please?🙏
fakiirification 13 days ago
this anime was fucking amazing. i binged it in one sitting years ago. everyone should go watch it now if they have never seen it.
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Ramos 15 days ago
I need to watch the show.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 19 days ago
this is one of the best animes i have watched
Jimmy 24 days ago
why is this just *NOW* popping up in my recommended man
718-Icsis 25 days ago
I need to watch this ASAP😍
H.Noknyei Angh
H.Noknyei Angh 25 days ago
I want an app to watch anime currently I'm using animego which provide some limited anime only plz help me around
Tracke 26 days ago
2:10 Windows XP background?
I NIGHTCORE 28 days ago
The more I watch it the more I see the reference to seven deadly sins because of the art style combined with dragon balls
Oscar Chang
Oscar Chang 28 days ago
She getting roasted non stop
R Chan
R Chan 29 days ago
Holding Hands : Lewd + Virginty 50% Kissing Hands : Very Lewd + Virginity 0% Yeah ... ANIME LOGIC
Greed Ramirez
Greed Ramirez Month ago
Guys whats the outro song???
Kirrlaos Blackwind
even to a dog .. Furries: OwO whats dis
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to prepubescent children. If you are sexually attracted to any child, children, or object that resembles children such as photos, statues, drawings, etc you are by deffinition a pedophile. Due to this all lolicons and shotacons (the men and women sexually attracted to lolis or shotas) are pedophiles. It is understandable that you would create excuses, use illogical arguments, and make ridiculous analogies in order to defend yourself. When such is seen through your last resort will be legality, not morality nor denial of your pedophilia.
Andi Rahmat
Andi Rahmat Month ago
T-T pls tell me, song title at the end of the video~
.....But why the jaws though?
Max2ds Month ago
No nipple havin ass bitch
Say urName
Say urName Month ago
Her jaw is killer her(pain ofc) Overused? (what is overused) SUCCubus! HMMMMMMMM
Onin Rao
Onin Rao Month ago
If you haven’t pinned down the title. I would put in the comment section bocu no pico.
Phantomdaze Month ago
This video needed to be 5 min shorter.
LaughswithLuis Month ago
The title gave me a stroke
Otaku hunter
Otaku hunter Month ago
Jeanne D arc approves
Jay jhed Pedria
Jay jhed Pedria Month ago
Title plz
Mushroom Elm
Mushroom Elm Month ago
That title was a rollercoaster of grammar.
Neon Month ago
Interesting they actually drew and fired their long bows like in real life, they've sure did their research
durnted Month ago
People, youtube: recommends animes anime list: NO NOT MORE YOU HAVENT STARTED WATCHING US YET!! me: im sorry.. i have to add another one. anime list: it has been 2 months.. me: .. its watch, take and accomplish. *ofc add teehee* anime list: *:(*
Mr. I Get Girls
Mr. I Get Girls Month ago
0:16 Boi!
日の丸日本 Month ago
純潔のマリア🔴🗾J P
Zero Month ago
3rdMonocle 78
3rdMonocle 78 Month ago
So that's where that line at the end came from.
Nædrin Month ago
Warning, inside joke incoming: 2:15 "get it together, rookie."
Nædrin 26 days ago
Lil PorkChop
Lil PorkChop 28 days ago
@Nædrin >:3 oh i definitely did. glad i met a fellow merc
Nædrin 28 days ago
@Lil PorkChop Yes! 😂 Damn.. didn't think anybody played the game
Lil PorkChop
Lil PorkChop Month ago
Nædrin Month ago
Never have I thought I would hear about jaws being sore and people being addressed as 'children of God' in the same anime....
Demonic 61636 Gaming
Lol! That ending there....
The Chad Cruzaider
Skallagrim brought me here
James White
James White Month ago
d i i i i i i i i i c k s
C.I.A. Month ago
Virgin Maria till the end.
Scarlet Eyes
Scarlet Eyes Month ago
nice anime
Kezevituo Suokhrie
New subscriber loving it👌
Rahul Barman
Rahul Barman Month ago
Wish Moyashimon gets a new adaptation just like this
That Niga Across The Street
2:49 Dark Souls veterans: Just roll and shield boys~...just roll and shield.
MrAsap2000as Month ago
Wasn't this the chick who gave her virginity to a dog?
IsleofMAN Month ago
That’s some beastiality shit
Chuan Liang
Chuan Liang Month ago
Love the historical accuracy of the english man flipping the French with his index and middle finger. Because the French cut off those fingers to stop english man from using the long now. And that is a taunt saying suck it I still got my fingers come and get it.
Germs & Spices
Germs & Spices Month ago
4:16 hey that looks like a d-
It'sNot Me!
It'sNot Me! 19 days ago
d-ragon. It's a dragon. Nothing else amirite? :V
TheHydra016 Month ago
Stop using that background music it's super irritating
Twitchy Badger24Hr
0:15 Boi
Tenma White
Tenma White Month ago
Yo did the church actually stick a finger inside Joan of Arc to see if she was a virgin?
Raion Shishi
Raion Shishi 29 days ago
@pierusofpella This was very informative and helpful to understand somethings, tho i do slightly disagree on the fact that it's safe to have sexual intercourse with a women while she is having her period, i don't consider it as clean as you make it out to be, generally wear a condom and try and clean these parts before and after as to not cause infection and be careful with how you do it, it's not always the best thing to just go in willy nilly and not think things through a little.
pierusofpella Month ago
That “pseudoscience” is called psychiatry. And the vibrator dildo was invented to treat the problem. They used to be key-wound devices that could be ordered through the Sears Catalogue or purchased at any pharmacy, and were routinely prescribed by physicians. The problem was identified as hysteria, or hysterical madness. The words “hysteria” and “hysterical,” have the root “hystera,” Greek for uterus. There was the psychiatric school of thought (medical based), which thought that many women’s neuroses were rooted in a lack of clittoral orgasms and climaxes, and the pure psychology school of thought (non-medical) that thought that clittoral orgasms were a result of developmental immaturity, and that mature women had purely vaginal orgasms (the mythical G-spot), and the solution was endless psychotherapy sessions. The funny part is that the medical approach actually seemed to work. A lot of women’s neuroses, it was assumed by physicians, were caused by sexual frustration. The reality is that, aside from a very tiny minority who could afford the expenses of “sexual freedom,” men were just as sexually frustrated. And in those times, up to the middle of the 20th century, masturbation was considered a horrible sin (castration and penectomy was not an unheard of solution for teenage boys caught in the act, up through the end of the 1800’s). Men’s sexual frustrations seemed to be easier to deal with, as hard physical labor and hobbies that required extremely high levels of concentration seemed to be enough to ward off behavioral problems. Why do you think that organizations like the YMCA and the Boy Scouts were created? It was to “help boys through adolescence in a constructive manner.” One centered on physical exercise, and the other centered on activities requiring high levels of mental concentration. For the girls and women? It was more difficult. And “hysterical madness” wasn’t an uncommon diagnosis. Even what is considered PMS today, was attributed to hysteria. The reason for the vibrating dildos was that it was very difficult to convince husbands to make love to their wives during their menstrual period. A cultural taboo existed. There WERE married couples who ignored such cultural taboos, and were always “frisky” and flirtatious with each other. They seemed to be the families who had the women with the best mental health, which is why the physicians drew the conclusions that they did. And here we are today, still debating the same topic. If men, AND WOMEN, stopped viewing menstrual effluent as filthy, and just looked at the red-dick as a funny side effect, it would solve a lot of problems. It’s been demonstrated that a string of good orgasms can alleviate the symptoms of PMS. And, as women are more emotional during that time (no offense. It’s the effects of the wide swings in hormone levels), it can lead to better marital bonding. Many years ago, a male coworker was complaining about his wife’s PMS, and how disruptive it was. I told him to make love to her, and convinced him that her effluent was NOT filthy, and was, in fact, cleaner than her mouth. He tried it, and three months later were at a ceremony renewing their vows, and going on a second honeymoon. Menstruation is bad enough. It’s so much worse when the girl (woman) is fraught with the emotional vulnerabilities caused by extreme changes in hormone levels, AND feeling particularly isolated. Blame the Jews and their asinine nonsense about niddah. Of course, that same asinine nonsense was continued by Christians and Muslims. Thousands of years of isolation when the poor girls were dealing with emotional upheavals and physical pain. And there’s any wonder that there is such a thing as hysteria. Hell! I would be willing to bet that if such asinine taboos never existed, feminism would never have been born, and marriage would be a much more stable institution.
Pan Samuio
Pan Samuio Month ago
Tenma White they’ve also done it as a pseudoscience to “cure” female mania
DreamerXD Month ago
Can anyone talk about the fighting as well?Dang that was fire animation.
H e k a t
H e k a t Month ago
2:54 lol nice touch to have the English longbow-man wave his index and middle finger at the French, It's said that the french hated English bowmen so much that they cut those two fingers off when ever they caught them, so the the English bowmen started waving their fingers at them to taunt them in battle xD
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 7 days ago
*laughs in left hand*
Bøņę Đąđđý
Bøņę Đąđđý 22 days ago
It's also for the fact that if they released prisoners, these couldn't use a bow anymore.
gustavo argumanis
gustavo argumanis 26 days ago
Basically "come and get them, bitches"
Necracudda 28 days ago
People will always find ways to taunt there enemy in combat, Just as some Jewish soldiers wore the Star on there uniform when fighting the Nazi’s.
iSnowy. 29 days ago
Lol really?? Thats amazing to know
Your Everyday Protagonist
soundtrack at the end?
Poopsiedoodles :P
When an anime about a virgin witch is more historically accurate than every medieval movie in hollywood
Jin Ngee Chia
Jin Ngee Chia 6 days ago
The two finger salute from the English longbow archer. Yep accurate.
No Name
No Name Month ago
I was about to roast but damn you are right even down to small details like arrow bouncing off plate armor is realistic.
Cyryl Month ago
It's also more accurate about medieval Europe, that most anime are about Japans past... so...
I'M LEN Month ago
Just about every detail in that anime is accurate except for maria and the witches that is.
KRU's Den
KRU's Den Month ago
0:25 Wait a minute? Belts? ...just belts?
Raion Shishi
Raion Shishi 29 days ago
She's into some kinky shit, and i like it....
#Bsj# Month ago
HHEEYYY Winchester family is a demon and witch slayer family who is that blonde witch The. Duck
gai tragedy
gai tragedy Month ago
Idk why japanese always use Christian religion for their fuckin anime...people will get wrong idea..stupid...most of Japan people dont trust god..
Reie Tearlear
Reie Tearlear Month ago
Their fighting technique shown is almost accurate just like in the medieval history
FUmarc Month ago
A rondel dagger has ended more knights then any broadsword.
I'M LEN Month ago
thats what Skallagrim said in his videos about this anime too
Hisyam Angah
Hisyam Angah Month ago
Anime title please
PoppinDayZs Month ago
Maria the virgin witch
kess jenner
kess jenner Month ago
Thats the reason why its not good to watch anime to kids
Eidorian Month ago
The title of this video had me like what type of plot is this
Jonathan Jackson
That looks like the most beautifully animated garbage ever.
Irtaza Azam
Irtaza Azam Month ago
Ironically enough, it's probably the most accurate thing when it comes to medieval history (minus the magic of course). Even the way Christian theology is presented in this anime is accurate.
Jonathan Jackson
@Swine Stein I'm sorry, I meant Garbage with tits. ;)
Swine Stein
Swine Stein Month ago
Order of Shadow
Order of Shadow Month ago
She got deflowered though and lost her powers in the end.
Comentario Random
by the redhead dude right?
Order of Shadow
Order of Shadow Month ago
In the ending. Afterall the shenanegans ended.
SHL Month ago
what really ??? is that true??
Girishkumar Peddi
2:12 is that the windows xp background wallpaper?!??!
Zanis EXE
Zanis EXE Month ago
100% Virgin but when got hit its 0% Virgin (its defenceless)
mrcthulhu47 the mad
Its like the one pokemon with 1 hp you had to be super effective to do dmg but if you did it was instant kill
Lastnite Month ago
Geez why too many anime contains op, shy mcs these days! Is there any new anime where mc or anybody is not op or so popular, make peeps who help him/her overcome obstacles! Anime Not all about love, opposite sex. Sweet candyass anime sucks
Joseph Toomey
Joseph Toomey Month ago
Maybe I live under a rock.... what’s with this ‘thicc’ bullshit? Is it even a word? Or is it GenY/Millennial made-up? Used to be ‘thick’ meant ‘chunky’, or ‘plus-sized’.
SaviourV Month ago
4:54 is the look of horror (presumably) on that dragon's face, after the witch's admission ( 4:41 - 4:53 ). I think that having fingers stuck in any orifice, followed by being set on fire, would be a horrifying experience for anyone. 😅
Raion Shishi
Raion Shishi 29 days ago
@redwitch12 Honestly, even as a human i am still shocked by the shit we do....
redwitch12 Month ago
I'm going with the idea that the dragon's shocked and horrified by human behavior. "Wait, humans DO that to each other? WTF?!"
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero Month ago
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Month ago
Stop putting that stupid music at the end of the videos!
The Chad Cruzaider
It's to avoid copyright 🗿
Miraii Chan
Miraii Chan Month ago
This is so amazing! Only 13 episodes but the best! OMNIA VINCIT AMOR!!
Eons Infinity
Eons Infinity Month ago
Whoa.... this aired in 2015? What the hell? Why am i just learning about this....
Reicher Unseelie
They're hot
NENO SPACE. Month ago
Lol..Did she just said she will even offer her virginity to a dog. How sick minded is the writers are.
Steven Month ago
Why is it every time you have a decent mc, everyone other character is plain af?
Shedrick Lillard
At 5:04 , did anybody get that Whitney Wisconsin the dog f**ker vibe after she said she would give to a dog?
FLCLIST Month ago
( 0:15 ) BOI!!!
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen Month ago
Why is this in my recommended?
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