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NASCAR was and will forever remain a dangerous kind of sport. But the Daytona 500 ride this year has shown how much the Nascar race has changed.
Watch our video about Ryan Newman experience on the track and find out surprising facts about racing that helped save his life.
Find out how Nascar safety Rules have changed in our video. We will talk about SAFER barrier innovations and explain how it works.
Find out more about the new HANS device and how it differs from previous helmets. Explore Nascar pit stops rules and find out what time limits they have.
You’ll be shocked to find out what was the fastest pit stop world record. Find out more about NASCAR history through learning how NASCAR safety protocols have been adjusted.
Follow NASCAR updates with us and learn more about sports in our video. Discover NASCAR highlights and catch up on the latest events. Here are some weird NASCAR rules that may surprise you. Get NASCAR rules explained and learn more about NASCAR famous drivers.
Find out what has happened to Dale Earnhardt 19 years ago and how it has affected NASCAR regulations. There are all the things you didn’t know about the competition, gathered in our video.
Learn more great NASCAR details that will amaze you. Keep after NASCAR news with us and find out more about the situation of Ryan Newman now. Find out the difference of Formula 1 vs NASCAR and how their pit road rules differ. Some surprising facts about motorcycling sport right here!
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Feb 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Squidward’s House
Speedracer_22 5 days ago
Who is Rayan Newman
Kylie McInnes
Kylie McInnes 17 days ago
Pit road speed limited were added because Ricky Rudd (IIRC) spun out going down pit road during a caution and struck and killed Mike Rich from Bill Elliott's pit crew at Atlanta in 1990. The steering wheel button is there to kill the throttle, as a stuck throttle was the cause of Adam Petty's and Kenny Irwin, Jr.'s fatal crashes at NHIS in 2000. Dale Earnhardt was one of the only drivers who wasn't using a full-face helmet in 2001, also, Dale's seat belts were looser than they should have been (basically, Dale's hubris is what inevitably killed him). Everything from the fallout of 2000-2001 is why Ryan Newman isn't a greasy spot in Daytona's tri-oval.
Zach E
Zach E 23 days ago
So uhh..... you’re not gonna talk about the roll cage additions like the Newman bar that actually saved him? I feel like you just listed all of the new safety measures in NASCAR ever since Dale Earnhardt’s wreck. Like what did pit stops do with this? At least maybe talk about the actual crash and impact. There are many more flaws in this that I’m not gonna list, and as a NASCAR fan, this just hurt.
Zach E
Zach E 23 days ago
Also lol Ryan not Rayan
Gabe Cayet
Gabe Cayet 24 days ago
The fact the you misspelled Ryan’s name tells me you know absolutely nothing
Anaki Reigns
Anaki Reigns 24 days ago
Jonathan Gerken
Jonathan Gerken 29 days ago
"Which fact shocked you the most?" The fact that you really don't know what you're talking about
Quinton Honeycutt
Rayan.............. Yea im not even going to watch this video and just down vote it since you didnt even do enough research to know the dam drivers name. I could forgive it had be been a rookie. But Newman has been racing for 2 decades!
Luke Bryan Crews 08
Rip Dale Earnhardt 😭😢
chad langfeldt
chad langfeldt Month ago
this guy does not which end is up
The Pychic Collector
Carlos F
Carlos F Month ago
There’s no button on a nascar it is just some lights that match up to pit lane speed Also this is a garbage video Also the fastest pit stop is 1.82 by red Bull at 🇧🇷
Carlos F
Carlos F Month ago
Oh sorry thanks
unionbear417 Month ago
it's 1.82 second btw
Ann Donnely
Ann Donnely Month ago
it is called a hons device
Rick Modderman
Rick Modderman Month ago
No offense but I’m not Diggin the English European accent to explain NASCAR East Coast southern...
Jordan Sleppy
Jordan Sleppy Month ago
None of this had to do with the things that saved Ryan’s life besides the HANs devices, seats, and MAYBE the full face helmet. You forgot to mention the Newman bar, the redesigned cages, etc. Also, nice clickbait.
Stefan Sim
Stefan Sim Month ago
Dude you don’t even know what your talking about. And what fact I was the most shocked about? Is that your talking off topic. :/
Backup Bob.
Backup Bob. Month ago
When younare talking about the helment why are you showing a gt3 helmet?
Golden Life
Golden Life Month ago
Did u just say RAYAN? its RYAN
Ryan Wingeier
Ryan Wingeier Month ago
thats not how you spell Ryan
ADAM PLAYZ9088 Month ago
Why do you say Nazcar when it’s NASCAR
PowerfulDiamond 87
You spelled Ryan wrong
PowerfulDiamond 87
You spelled Ryan wrong
jeffy p
jeffy p 2 months ago
Is this bout the daytona 500 when he flipped at the end?
Warrotron 2 months ago
Hurricane 2 months ago
THERE IS NO SPECIAL BUTTON!!! plus you showed footage of the cars going full speed down pit road... and this has barely anything to do with his life being saved
BiggerMac 2003
BiggerMac 2003 2 months ago
This guy read it like a book report that he had no clue what it was about with no proir knowledge
Andrea Spiro
Andrea Spiro 2 months ago
It’s Ryan not rayan
Outdoors Ahead TV
Outdoors Ahead TV 2 months ago
The reason is the ryan newman bar reinforcing the roof
hard rino dbd
hard rino dbd 2 months ago
Hecate Plays
Hecate Plays 2 months ago
Chrissy McCollum
Chrissy McCollum 2 months ago
I know Ryan Newman not rayan Newman
Mason 2 months ago
This is fake and bull crap
Eskey Month ago
the story ? or this boi
Mason 2 months ago
This Is fake believe me
Gregorio Talavera
Gregorio Talavera 2 months ago
Wee wee
Mr Boo Man
Mr Boo Man 2 months ago
Stay in F1,bud. Not everything is the same in a Motorsports. Oh and 2:03 totally Dales fatal crash and not Clint Bowyer getting on his side at DOVER.
Danny Rocha
Danny Rocha 2 months ago
Neb Trebeh
Neb Trebeh 2 months ago
Err, one BIG mistake. When you Einsteins do a report make sure you spell the person’s name right in the title.
Cald- Nascar
Cald- Nascar 2 months ago
NovaScotiaNewfie 2 months ago
Says the seat is made of carbon fiber versus aluminum. Shows footage of someone showing the seat belt on an aluminum seat.
Hermit Crafter
Hermit Crafter 2 months ago
Hermit Crafter
Hermit Crafter 2 months ago
Real Racing 3 / NASCAR guy
I love how when they talk about the speed limit on pit road they show All Star qualifying footage
Real Racing 3 / NASCAR guy
Also you spelled Ryan wrong
JakeG514_ 2 months ago
Newman’s crash was on Feb 17th not 18th lol
Darren Schmidt
Darren Schmidt 2 months ago
“What helped Ryan Newman to survive that horrible cock rash?”
Ryan Manwell
Ryan Manwell 2 months ago
this is how you spell Ryan that is my name
pokernative76 2 months ago
Umm... brits gets nascar totally wrong. Just stick to f1.. 😂😂
unionbear417 Month ago
he didnt even get the f1 fact right, the pitstop record is 1.82 seconds not 1.91
Snixs_anth0ny07 2 months ago
Ryan did not use the new seat
Eskey Month ago
@Snixs_anth0ny07 cool
Snixs_anth0ny07 Month ago
Eskey ok I got you
Eskey Month ago
@Snixs_anth0ny07 when ya do lemme know
Snixs_anth0ny07 Month ago
Eskey yea but i can’t find it agin there is thousands of reports
Eskey Month ago
@Snixs_anth0ny07 the must of been a link to the report
Lightningdalejr88 fans
So.....this is a F1 fan trying to explain how a driver survived a crash in a sport he knows nothing about.......
Tmaster 77
Tmaster 77 Month ago
He clearly isn’t an f1 fan as he got the f1 facts wrong too the pit record was broken two more times after when he said it was
NCAL Month ago
I’m not sure if you know what this channel even is. It’s a media company just reporting what they can. Not saying that everything in this is completely right, but just because this media company got a ton wrong doesn’t mean they’re F1 fans.
Lightningdalejr88 fans
@NCAL eh, most likely because of the other assumption that nasacr has *"A special button for drivers to keep their pit speed...."*
NCAL Month ago
I don’t know why you’re blindly making an assumption that he’s an F1 fan
DJ Williams
DJ Williams 2 months ago
Its Ryan not Rayan 🤦‍♂️
Brandon Whitesell
Brandon Whitesell 2 months ago
that’s not how you spell his name let alone anyone named Ryan ever
G_B Enderman
G_B Enderman 2 months ago
You spelled Ryan’s name wrong
CyCoCaveira 2 months ago
Several things about this video that's wrong. 1, the fact you said whatever you said about the crew and pit lane stuff, that stuff literally didn't matter in the crash. 2 the pit limiter, that's Formula 1. 3 The title is completely misleading, you're practically saying that all of these rules saved his life but mentioned the crew, and pit lane stuff. Not only that but you should definitely change the title to maybe something like "Strict NASCAR Rules That Saved Ryan Newman's life, And More" instead of leaving it just like that. That's a bit of lazy writing. But I still didn't learn anything. All of this stuff I already knew, and I've only been watching this sport since this year's Daytona 500
Cameron 2 months ago
How about take the video down, fact check yourself, and redo the video.
Strictly Soul Man
Strictly Soul Man 2 months ago
Well that was poorly researched and put together....
CooperGaming 3D
CooperGaming 3D 2 months ago
Hold up... *What does pit road have to do with this?*
imryanbtw 10 days ago
Pit Road go ________🏎⛽️______🏎⛽️________🏎⛽️________
ShredHouse Gaming
ShredHouse Gaming 2 months ago
Definitely had to scroll down for the comments on this incorrect mess of a video. Stick to formula1 dude
Gordon Marshall
Gordon Marshall 2 months ago
Huh, what was that last safety measure, it sounded like you said NASCAR has a rule to only change left tires. Please help me decipher that last rule.
Strictly Soul Man
Strictly Soul Man 2 months ago
Gordon Marshall That’s not a rule.. they totally messed that up. Changing left sides only is a rare occurrence, it’s either right sides or all four tires.
McLean Calnan
McLean Calnan 2 months ago
I meant rayan
McLean Calnan
McLean Calnan 2 months ago
Why is his name Rahman newman
Nicky Overholtzer
Nicky Overholtzer 2 months ago
Lol rayan newman XD how about ryan newman
Kristi Neal
Kristi Neal 2 months ago
Um u said rayan but it’s actually Ryan so that proves u can’t spell
Rick Delaney
Rick Delaney 2 months ago
What facts shocked me the most? The fact that you think you know what you're talking about
Quinton Honeycutt
surfing gnome
surfing gnome Month ago
Ann Donnely *HANS
Ann Donnely
Ann Donnely Month ago
it is called a hons device
Jaiden Watson
Jaiden Watson 2 months ago
Wtf is this. So many wrong facts in this video. AND HIS NAME IS RYAN NOT RAYAN. This upsets me, a racing fan for life
Jaiden Watson
Jaiden Watson 2 months ago
A *special button* yeah right😂
mason dejarnett
mason dejarnett 2 months ago
a few mistakes but great video
Eskey Month ago
everything here was wrong
echothewinner roblox
It Ryan not rayan
DoubleJ 2 months ago
Yo dumbshit, it’s Ryan, not Rayan. You know nothing.
BEYBLADE BEN 2 months ago
The amount of things wrong with this video is insane. And his name is RYAN, not RAYAN.
SPCStarkOhio 1067
Thank you
Terminator -ry
Terminator -ry 2 months ago
BEYBLADE BEN thank you
Tricia Mcconnell
Tricia Mcconnell 2 months ago
BEYBLADE BEN I was just about to coment on that
LANDON VOLKMAN 2 months ago
it is also 5 point harnas
E 1
E 1 2 months ago
That special button that drivers use to keep to the speed between 40 and 60 is called the brake pedal
Gilberto Sanchez
Gilberto Sanchez 2 months ago
Lol but true
rustyowl19 2 months ago
U spelled ryan wrong
Gamingwhit_yazi yazi
Austin Dillon had surved in 2015
Alexis MSP Gaming
Alexis MSP Gaming 2 months ago
Several mistakes, the most glaring, a button on the steering wheel for pit road speed. The button added was a kill switch in case of a stuck throttle. They gauge their pit road speed by RPMs, and will get penalized for speeding.
TopFirefury 24
TopFirefury 24 2 months ago
You are in this for the view. You didn’t even spell his name right in the title. There is no “special button” on the steering wheel. This isn’t formula 1. Dale sr did not die from skull fracture. He died from sadly enough decapitation. And I have been watching nascar sense 2008. So I am a pro. I am sure the pitcrew wore helmets. You have no idea what you are talking about. Talk about your own racing series that you know about.
Michael Free
Michael Free 2 months ago
@TopFirefury 24 Internally. That's what a displaced basal skill fracture does, just not "outside", so internal decapitation is what you'd heard. As far as Russell Philips goes... poor guy never knew what hit him, he went roof-first into the catch fence in a car from an era where there was only a hoop, two a-pillar bars, four rears and a diagonal. The roof peeled off like the top of a tin can, and he was pushed into the fencing... ripped to shreds, literally. He went from being all over the track, to being all over the track.
mason everidge
mason everidge 2 months ago
No problem
TopFirefury 24
TopFirefury 24 2 months ago
I heard that he was decapitated but thank you for fact checking me
mason everidge
mason everidge 2 months ago
I know because I have been watching fatal crashes and what results were made because of it Russell Philips died from decapitation in 1995 in a crash at Charlotte when his car got turned onto its side roof into the wall when the driver he collided with had to turn right to avoid a spin and Russell’s roof collapsed and his head came out of the car onto pit road entry
mason everidge
mason everidge 2 months ago
No Dale did die from a skull fracture
I Itzeevee I
I Itzeevee I 2 months ago
I feel like this is using the crash for vews :/
Chiggy 3 months ago
*I don’t know who Rayan is.*
Brandoman5000 3 months ago
dzlf250 3 months ago
This was a waste of my time. I learned nothing. Old fake news.
Eskey Month ago
all I learned is that its Rayan and NAZCAR lol but in all its crazy how he survived
Gene Martin
Gene Martin 3 months ago
what shocked me the most is your lack of knowledge, several things are not right but the most glaring is the fact that Dale Earnhardt REFUSED to wear a full face helmet because it affected his hearing and as he put it " I can't feel he wind with that thing on"
mason everidge
mason everidge Month ago
Plus he had nothing against the HANS device he just didn’t wear it I know a month late but wanted to point that out
dpm1982 3 months ago
The SAFER barrier was designed by the University of Nebraska and first installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2002.
patrick andersson
patrick andersson 3 months ago
Honestly, i dont think Newman`s crash was as bad as it looked - or at least that he was not injured in the way you would thought after an accident like that. Ryan Newman was probably awake in the no-6 car with some minors back/neck or leg injury when his car came to a rest.
Eskey Month ago
200mph to he head is bad it was as bad as it seemned yet over time we got some good news
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