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Aug 4, 2019




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Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches
@francesco micozzi Who the fuck is asking? You, buckwheat?
francesco micozzi
francesco micozzi 12 days ago
what state of America you are in
fat dork
fat dork 15 days ago
@Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches Why yoo trippin, white boy???
Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches
Excuse me: How do I purchase a "Cobra" sweatshirt? I want to show all the home boys in my hood how gangster I can be.
Taylor McGuire
Taylor McGuire 9 hours ago
Having unpadded steel gating as a ring is beyond stupid. I love fighting as much as the next guy, but if two big guys are trying to take each other down and one of them slams their brain stem into the steel rod, that's game over. Streetbeefs, step up.
Jeremiah foxfield
Jeremiah foxfield 22 hours ago
That's what a fuckin fight should look like boi
Pupman 22j
Pupman 22j Day ago
Thumbnail makes it look like he either got knocked out or he just got a ko
Volaoh 2.0
Volaoh 2.0 Day ago
Big dick energy
Emiliano Grzona
That elbow in the back its fucking ilegal
Christian Cohen
I swear stoker dude had braids before the fight
Christian Cohen
Omg caveman is fucking raw at wrestling
Antavis brazil
Antavis brazil 2 days ago
I thought the black boy was gonna win
Nick Walker
Nick Walker 2 days ago
This is what Jackson Mahomes would look like if he didn't find Tik Tok!
Ajan 2 days ago
These comments make me dying🤣🤣😆
Beth Christofferson
Yall should get mats
JennaTools 3 days ago
Cave man is a pretty good fight but his stamina is letting him down
RB game Playz13
RB game Playz13 3 days ago
Your should put go pros on there heads so we can see the fight even better
Charles Molczyk
Charles Molczyk 4 days ago
Looks like white trunks took a shit in his pants
Anthony Isadore
Anthony Isadore 4 days ago
Whatever happened to the plywood with Chuck Liddels name? Lol
Mirriam  Israel
Mirriam Israel 4 days ago
2:59 crack 3:00 snap
VoyTech Lead
VoyTech Lead 4 days ago
Nobody talking about caveman boner in pants.
Zerotic Harvey
Zerotic Harvey 4 days ago
He has big dick
Chicken Joe
Chicken Joe 4 days ago
Fuckin hell I couldnt do this. I itch like a motherfucker after rolling in grass
bich lazania
bich lazania 4 days ago
I never knew I was going to see two fighters in a sex position
Kenneth 5 days ago
100 Мбит/с
100 Мбит/с 5 days ago
What was the weight of the fighter in white trunks ?
everett Loves
everett Loves 5 days ago
Can anyone tell me how a krav maga expert will deal with this situation any guess ?
Jacob Ruzich
Jacob Ruzich 5 days ago
White boy got a poopy stain
Brendan Kilhenny
Brendan Kilhenny 5 days ago
This channel is a joke. The people fighting don’t no shit.
boom suga
boom suga 5 days ago
Where is this from Alabama?
Robin Morris
Robin Morris 5 days ago
This cool and all but what happen if somebody get really f'd up? I know there's n.d.a.'s but you still gotta have insurance right? What state are you in, maybe they don't require it but some day some lame gonna get a concussion and run right to Saul, "1 call that's all!"
Robin Morris
Robin Morris 5 days ago
Eeeeewwww! Why white boy got a hard-on doh?
Ronin 5 days ago
The bearded wonder thinks he's Mills Lane
TCGX WIKI 5 days ago
Great content keep up the good work!!
Uchiha 6 days ago
Allllllllll that lifting just to use up all your stamina in the first 30 seconds of the first round lol🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 suck where do you find these “amateur” fighters..... where Charlie Z trains at you fucking weirdos this fight sucked ass it wasn’t even a war just 2 weight lifters who never put there foot on a tread mill lol scar face you have 1 fucking job get good before you channel is known for literal Bum fights...
GTAFORME 6 days ago
One of the hardest fought mma fights I ever seen, and that’s including the pro circuit.
bobbyblazes1 6 days ago
Good fight!!! Had it scored the opposite though
mxermatt1 6 days ago
All i can focus on is preying that ref gets hit with a wild out of control strike right in his goofy looking face. Back the fuck up some bro
Josue medrano
Josue medrano 6 days ago
El de la chita parada pelea bien
Xyandre Alberto
Xyandre Alberto 6 days ago
that's a clean fight no cap
Rhys & Becky & Hope Howie
Better than most UFC fights
programr101 6 days ago
That was a good fight
We the Thompsons
We the Thompsons 6 days ago
That was a fantastic fight. Ol boy with the tats just needs a bit of practice on his back; just a few simple things would help him out a lot. Having said this, they both have a lot of game but it sometimes just come down to that old saying “it’s not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.”
Will_ He
Will_ He 6 days ago
Is it just me or is that private internet access shitt played out? Three or four times a video is ridiculous.
BRZA 6 days ago
Bro I hope they sanded that plywood down after painting it or I bet that shit feels like sandpaper on ppls bodies when they slam against it
p.s. 7 days ago
I love those slowmotion cavrmen kicks
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales 7 days ago
Mofu Walkin in the cage like he's in fuckin Walmart
Ghadrack Potato
Ghadrack Potato 7 days ago
Better fight than 90% of the dry humping matches you see on the UFC and Bellator these days. Thanks for posting.
Chris Velasco
Chris Velasco 7 days ago
CVeman shit himself 6:31
Carl Christian Jul Eilersen
04:15 my boy has a boner from fighting
Zak Leadbetter
Zak Leadbetter 7 days ago
That skids penis tho
Alex Mayer
Alex Mayer 7 days ago
Hmm, idk know but this looks illegal.
Austin Spurlock
Austin Spurlock 7 days ago
Illegal to hold the gloves
Jking 0.o
Jking 0.o 7 days ago
How the hell did Caveman not get that Win? He almost ended the fight twice..
Jking 0.o
Jking 0.o 7 days ago
At first glance Caveman didn't look like much. Boy was I wrong. He is exactly why you can't ever judge a book by it's cover. Caveman's one bad ass dude. Fullest respect. Best Street Beef fight I ever saw.
jhonanta jhon
jhonanta jhon 7 days ago
Truthful Robot
Truthful Robot 7 days ago
Dudes are thin but they're out of shape.
Nephilim 7 days ago
Cardio plz
THANOS TUBE 8 days ago
2:14 that dude was horny af lmaooo
Josh Beath
Josh Beath 8 days ago
Thumbnail reminds me of caveman spongebob meme
drv169 8 days ago
CAVEMAN should of used that club he has in his pocket or is that a camel dose that means hes gay
ScAR Dagger
ScAR Dagger 8 days ago
The spinning back fist was fucking nasty😯
Ethan Turkey
Ethan Turkey 8 days ago
You can tell both of these guys wrestled I saw a neck wrench in to a #2 reversal 😂
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