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SATANS BACKYARD: shopstreetbeefs.com/


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Aug 4, 2019




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Aiden Ashworth
Aiden Ashworth 2 minutes ago
Caveman got a boner. ~o__o~
Nik Gnashers
Nik Gnashers Hour ago
Caveman had the much better skills but gassed.
Tobi The Viking
Tobi The Viking 3 hours ago
Caveman absolutely owned first round but wasnt even awake during the third.
TheLazerDicks 5 hours ago
Gassed after the first round...work on conditioning so much more important
Zion Toledo
Zion Toledo 7 hours ago
aied alqurni
aied alqurni 11 hours ago
the white guy he needs ore training he will be a monster
Iskra Enduro
Iskra Enduro 11 hours ago
Good fight fellas!
Ceabron Thomas
Ceabron Thomas 15 hours ago
Where is this At ? I would like to be Apart of this
M P 16 hours ago
Respect to both
Jessie Bodah
Jessie Bodah 17 hours ago
great edit. not sure about the decision though . could have gone either way.
I was not expecting this level of skill or entertainment. Great fight guys!
Pin 8
Pin 8 Day ago
Blue Greenish
This was a nice fight 👌
Vince Wentworth
Finally a decent fight, great job both fighters. Caveman work on your cardio.
2:37..."Ohh, so we're throwing spinning shit now?!"
funkyflights Day ago
We got a backyard UFC going on here ... It’s cool they have the refs and gloves and timer, way better than just watching street fights, safer and more entertaining ... good fight ....
Billy Williams
Good fight. Never underestimate endurance. One dude needs to start running up hill a lot and he'll be alright
eric brown
eric brown Day ago
great fight by both of them.
Jon King
Jon King 2 days ago
Gator hunter 212121
This is how I watch mma since I’m to cheap to pay the pay-per-veiws.
Mike escalante
Mike escalante 18 hours ago
for pay-per views you will find tons of online webistes that stream UFC live, you obviously dont pay for it.
Michael Quintana
Michael Quintana 2 days ago
Wow man that was a war!!
Josh Stepp
Josh Stepp 2 days ago
This was actually a really good fight. Street beefs has come a long way.
afg3233 2 days ago
Haven’t watched these in a minute.. but damm they got cage now!
Reo White
Reo White 2 days ago
Caveman should havr won he threatened to finish the other guy way more times
Jay Mathis
Jay Mathis 2 days ago
Frfr how do I get into the action here!!!!
Nevermind 2 days ago
Great fight from both guys. Just remember, kids. Cardio is King.
PVDPMC8 Day ago
too funny!
Adam Mee
Adam Mee 2 days ago
00.57....the fuck was that kick?! Everyone thinks they are on a UFC main card .
Luke Motto
Luke Motto 2 days ago
High quality MMA talent for street fighters super impressive stuff
Jay Motzer
Jay Motzer 2 days ago
Striker had a SOLID corner-man.
Vansh Oza
Vansh Oza 2 days ago
am I the only person here that sees that that was a completely wrong decision
Michael Staeheli
Michael Staeheli 2 days ago
It must have been alot of blind ppl watching this fight and commenting. Caveman so good, he has technique, he has experience, blah blah blah. No he really doesn't, those legs kicks were slow and he was throwing alot of stuff out of desperation not skill. Nothing he was trying was working
mohaimen khan
mohaimen khan 2 days ago
I just found out about this event, shit never came in my recommendations
b.cage 2 days ago
If the caveman dude had better cardio he prob would have won tbh.
tie oneon
tie oneon 2 days ago
really good match up
nice little blood smear
Should have knocked him out when he did that beyblade spin at 5:51
Young Petey385
Young Petey385 3 days ago
CaveMan got good ground game but no stand up. Also those body shots were killing him. I thought he was going to pull it off.
youronlycow 3 days ago
Good fight!
dayzahvoo 3 days ago
that spinning backfist was nasty all around a great fight tbr
Tubo TTG
Tubo TTG 3 days ago
I feel like the white dude won
Mike Gregorich
Mike Gregorich 3 days ago
Street beefs is a good cause honestly cute down the murders and shit
N8 Detroit
N8 Detroit 3 days ago
Absolutely amongst the best of the Underground/BBA/MMA/BBW/SF officiating/competition. well done. Look forward to booking a card in the future. @@
Coincast1107 3 days ago
White boy went to work
Inner Vigilance
Inner Vigilance 3 days ago
That was awesome. That young man is a powerful fighter. The camera shots were so immersive. Great video. 10/10.
Gasss Dasss
Gasss Dasss 3 days ago
I love this
Cecilia Rivera
Cecilia Rivera 3 days ago
nice spinning backhand for the guy in white trunks
paul rogers
paul rogers 3 days ago
Good battle guys
stilt 3 days ago
Draw surely
David Gordon
David Gordon 3 days ago
1 had more Skill. 1 had more fight.. turned out to be good lol
SketchySkipps Um
SketchySkipps Um 3 days ago
Do y’all let anyone fight hmmmm????
Matapapa 3 days ago
5:26 I would’ve kicked
Betsy Ross 2a
Betsy Ross 2a 3 days ago
Those were some tough body shots.
Marko Anthonio
Marko Anthonio 3 days ago
I'm enjoying this
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes 3 days ago
Good fight.
Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward 3 days ago
Caveman just needs to do some cardio. He is the better fighter.
Robert5185 8 hours ago
Agree....His technique and ground game was solid, he just needs to work on submission holds and endurance. The other guy was just a spazz.
yeah he threw all haymakers
Irwin R. Schyster
terrible bjj tho
Ricky Granada
Ricky Granada 3 days ago
Not bad for amateurs. There were a few moments where you could see how green these guys are with their grappling. I have to say though, their cardio is shit. It was a close fight... if caveman didn’t gas out after 1 round then I think he could’ve controlled the fight.
Nova 4 days ago
Cave man just needs better cardio and I think he would have won this fight
Kobies Boxing
Kobies Boxing 4 days ago
Striker was the striker in this fight.
Kobies Boxing
Kobies Boxing 4 days ago
Street Beef on a whole really has elevated in quality of fights, and quality of the ring structure.
The Iyrosthenes
The Iyrosthenes 4 days ago
Striker grunts like a monster it’s so badass
reeelord 4 days ago
Lmfao striker was giving caveman an arm bar when he was hugging while caveman was in mount
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