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Apr 7, 2019




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Ashraf Khateeb
Ashraf Khateeb 58 minutes ago
The guy with the red pants honestly sucks at fighting..
Daniel Lowry
Daniel Lowry 2 hours ago
That s wasn’t a groin shot, he just hasn’t ran a k in his life 😂
Rng Melo
Rng Melo 9 hours ago
True facts he will show it
Anthony G
Anthony G 10 hours ago
They should have their moms watch
KingBotNison 11 hours ago
Yall set him up😂
James Laspesa
James Laspesa 13 hours ago
Look at all the crazy shit here😂
R Anderson
R Anderson 13 hours ago
Atlas got fucked up.
William Bennett
William Bennett 16 hours ago
That spear in the fight
phillip oliver
phillip oliver 17 hours ago
shout out to the dude that got a text right at the beginning of the match
JerryS 18 hours ago
1 minute into this, and I hit Subscribe!
tdog haston
tdog haston 18 hours ago
Dude in the black is a beast
jason perez
jason perez 18 hours ago
kumquat says he's trained. It's odd to me that he couldn't put this guy away with all the muscle he's carrying, imagine if he fought someone his own size i feel like he would get dismantled, smh you don't get points for winning against someone half your size, acting like he's accomplished something.
He got the dog shit beat out of him shawty play to many video games 🤣🤣🤣
cool and calm vz mouthy and cocky
The Prodigy
The Prodigy Day ago
respect to both guys but that little stumble from atlas at 8:36 says it all. what an ass whooping.... I cant stop skipping from the beginning( prematch atlas) to the ending (postmatch atlas) 😂. atlas goddam bruh. homeboy decided he was going to run clean through you instead
GhostAaron Day ago
“ it was nothing really “ 🤣🤣🤣🔥
AzBboy Day ago
Nice, warriors.
Manukea irvine
Atlas wasn’t bad. Both guys did a fair job.
LIBERTAS 67 Day ago
DarkJusticeX Day ago
1:26 "NOPE"
Twinstar Music Ent
Cumquat lost all his steam rolling around fighting like a rookie. He need to start swimming to get that stamina
Tyler Salomia
These dudes don’t have the proper technique on how to set up a punch or use the jab to create openings for a knock out punch. My grandpa can fight better than these dudes. The announcer needs to work on convincing people that this is worth watching.
No Tard Tactical
Atlas is partially retarded
Marvin Caballero
I thought he had it at first when he seemed confident then I saw the other guy...
How much are they paying these idiots to bludgeon each other? What, NOTHING! Both have awful cardio dexterity.
Atlas should be checked for that brain injury disease that football players get, CTE I think. Suicide without HEAD GEAR!
Gretchen Mann
Dude in the orange didn’t know what he was doing with his kicks and kicked the other dude in the junk. I believe a kick in the junk equals an automatic win.
Daniel Favino
Love you guys! But man when i hear MMA and watch a guy get his nugget rocked i wonder if he lied about his skills. lol
Craig Hodges
Craig Hodges Day ago
Fair play
Trevor Hockey
lmao that Atlas boy is crying between rounds
Happy Dave
Happy Dave Day ago
anyone know the backstory for this one?
Carlos V
Carlos V Day ago
Shut up you punk ass bitches
nandaio Day ago
am i the only one that thinks that ref with the white tshirt and black pants looks like lil pump with black hair if yes like the comment
6iiixteen Day ago
He beat the Durgag off that nigga😂😂😂
Cold Truth
Cold Truth Day ago
Neither one were good natural strikers.. and neither wanted to take it to the ground really either besides one takedown. If this was my weight class, I wouldn’t be worried. Not to mention only 1 minute of wind in them
Armin Islamovic
Guy in black just needs cardio and some work he will be killer
Armin Islamovic
Send this guy to ufc
Arnulfo Lopez
Mark Mayhem
Mark Mayhem Day ago
atlas needs to work on EVERYTHING!!!LOL
Cody. Green
Cody. Green 2 days ago
they burned out in the first round
Eoin m
Eoin m 2 days ago
Good scrap I think that kick to the body was there all day for the guy in the black cardio was the problem for him there otherwise he would have mauled the other guy
Kenneth Sayles
Kenneth Sayles 2 days ago
Cocky dude kept wanting to quit 😂😂
TN. Redneck Association
I want a match
Dylan Langhel
Dylan Langhel 2 days ago
Atlas a beast
seal869 2 days ago
Kumquat is a hard ass street name yall
K. English harry hounslow
First round man in the black top letting off some built up anger shiiitttt
misfit1978 2 days ago
Pretty certain he pinned him at 2 minutes...1...2...3...
Piss 2 days ago
This should be a meme
Stock Investing and Trading 101
Boy got humbled by that. Shows some people just need an ass whoopin
boastfuls 2 days ago
Have to be honest unexpected for muscles come out kicking
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