Street Food in Thailand - NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Mark Wiens
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One of the top things to do in Chiang Mai is walk around and eat through one of the many Chiang Mai night markets - I think Chiang Mai might be the capital of night markets in the world. There’s a night market for every day of the week and some of them stretch longer than you can see.
At night markets in Chiang Mai you’ll find a huge selection of things to buy, from clothes and antiques to even entertainment like music and Thai massage. But for food lovers, the best thing about visiting any Thai night market is the food.
On Sunday night in Chiang Mai the most popular night market is Tha Pae Walking Street (ตลาดท่าแพ) - it really is an entire street that shuts down for a couple of kilometers, and the entire street is filled with things to look at, buy, and eat. Most of the food is set up in designated area, especially in the small courtyards of temples.
In this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai, the plan was just to walk around and see what looked good to eat.
Here’s what we ate:
Sai krok Isaan (ไส้กรอกอีสาน), Sai ua (ไส้อั่ว) - This impressive cart was filled with different varieties of Thai sausage, both Isaan style sausage, and Northern Thai herb sausage.
Total price - 30 THB ($0.91)
Pork meatballs (ลูกชิ้นหมู) - I’m usually not a huge fan, but these 100% pork meatballs were pretty tasty.
Price - 40 THB ($1.21)
Pork ham (หมูยอ) - After meeting up with my friends Tom, Joel, and JJ, they had already been snacking on some moo yaw, a Vietnamese style ham sausage.
Grilled egg (ไข่ป่าม) - This is a unique Northern Thai food, of grilled egg.
Price - 30 THB ($0.91)
Sticky rice (ข้าวหนุกงา) - One of the Thai snacks I had never tried before were sticky rice patties. They were interesting and quite tasty.
Price - 20 THB ($0.61)
Pork ribs (ซี่โครงหมู), Crab egg custard (อ่องปู) - We saw the ribs being grilled and couldn't’t resist. They were alright, but the paddy crab egg custard was more unique.
Price - 180 THB ($5.46)
Durian (ทุเรียน) - Finally, although a little overpriced, and not season, we couldn’t resist a little nugget of durian to end this Chiang Mai night market Thai food tour.
Price - 200 THB ($6.06)
Featuring Tom from Chaseki Tea (facebook.com/chaseki.tea/) and Joel (goo.gl/5AkWm6).
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Jan 6, 2019




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Comments 2 191
Loubiya bayda
Loubiya bayda 2 hours ago
Amazing food
Stah Man
Stah Man 2 hours ago
So good
Genie Tran
Genie Tran Day ago
I hate chilies.
C D Day ago
The guy who smelled the food then ate it 😬🤢
eby mathews
eby mathews 3 days ago
I think people watch you bite a chilly and stand amazed
Robert Mac in Asia
Thanks mark for making me hungry,when you coming back to Thailand or Vietnam
Peter Dyer
Peter Dyer 6 days ago
I love Thai sausage at street vendors. No idea what it is, but always so delicious.
A. K
A. K 9 days ago
1:34...I fell in love 😍 Thai people are so beautiful. And as always Mark, your videos continue to ROCK! Keep up the great work man. Can't wait to see you on NETFLIX! Make it happen.
Mohaan Illusionastic
Are you thai sir?
stu Art
stu Art 12 days ago
Mark you are looking your age. About 21? Lol
Leny Kong
Leny Kong 13 days ago
I love that this is helping the family!
Remo Fernandez
Remo Fernandez 13 days ago
beachboy boobybuilder
The night market in the Grand Bazaar in Marrakech is the best.
OnamaeZenDesu 14 days ago
thanks for love my country
lpokiiim 14 days ago
leave the bees alone
Dorothy Koikai
Dorothy Koikai 15 days ago
mark i love your videos.
george bush
george bush 20 days ago
How come this guy is so skiiny after all the food?
Maria Elennor Apego
jomat4678 16 days ago
Panou Thao
Panou Thao 22 days ago
I was there 6 months ago!!
Khanit Tha
Khanit Tha 23 days ago
Diamondz Wynn
Diamondz Wynn 23 days ago
Durian smells good.
kharen papa
kharen papa 26 days ago
DURIAN:Smells like hell but taste like heaven...
suprecha thatachai
Welcome to amazing Thailand ruvid.net/video/video-qm0gspFW7M4.html
By Thao
By Thao Month ago
Absolutely love your videos!!
Robert Sarno
Robert Sarno Month ago
What kind of meat is in the sausage? Are you afraid of getting worms?
Tok Jiramet
Tok Jiramet 25 days ago
Pork mice and rice. They() are not afraid to eat at all because all the vender have been selling for years. So if you new to it ,you need to look at others before buying
Judy Grubbs
Judy Grubbs Month ago
Mark, just wondered if you've ever eaten a Carolina Deeper chilli?
Bim Bims
Bim Bims Month ago
gw jalan-jalan ke market kayak ginian, babi semua dagingnya, bingung makan apaan, ga babi dikit laba-laba sama kalajengking wkwkw, akhirnya beli nasi goreng india
Christoper Parinas
Mark wiens hello bro! Your video really exciting special in Thailand i really wanted to visit that country, Thailand one of my dreams.. By the way im christoper from Philippines
MelaNova Nugent
MelaNova Nugent Month ago
The more I watch your videos on Thailand the more I’m getting excited about my trip next year 🥰🥰
By Thao
By Thao Month ago
MelaNova Nugent omg absolutely agree
wungu rahayu
wungu rahayu Month ago
Jared Golian
Jared Golian Month ago
I just booked a trip to Thailand and after seeing that Mark has like 20 videos in that country alone I could not be more excited haha
Forrest gump
Forrest gump Month ago
Why is she speaking Thai to them? Do they understand Thai?
Mike Maha-Su
Mike Maha-Su Month ago
It s a steamed ham(pork) similar to pork ball. Yes.
sherese dasilva
sherese dasilva Month ago
Wonderful experience to watch and Joel is awesomeeeee. Thanks for sharing. Blessings from Florida
Demi Month ago
Do you take aderall everyday or sometimes only??
Ladybug Singh
Ladybug Singh Month ago
Norm Santos
Norm Santos Month ago
there's just something so likable about that joel dude.
Jeff Mcneill
Jeff Mcneill Month ago
I'm sorry but the constant use of spicy powder/nam jim is frankly ridiculous. No one eats this way! And durian is disgusting.
DoubleMocca Month ago
Seriously!!?? you got a bar-girl as an escort in your high profile tube??
Josh make
Josh make Month ago
هتهاهاه اعاعاعااععاعاااعخاهعهلخخهعاهاععهااهاهاا
george herbert
george herbert Month ago
What you don’t tell people is how durian is like a toilet, as far as taste goes it’s an acquired thing oh and yes that smell from the durian is very very pungent.
maman mam
maman mam Month ago
omg your veins
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman Month ago
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som bluhm
som bluhm Month ago
Love your videos!! Just rewatched this video and guess who I saw, myself. I was there when you were filming that day. 8:27 I’m in all white with geeky glasses. Super cool!
Indy T
Indy T Month ago
Thailand is very corrupt.... why go there ? Besides that they also eat dogs and cats, first they torture them on most horrific way... not going to support that
alan lee
alan lee 2 months ago
Affcott Dever
Affcott Dever 2 months ago
How does he manage to stay lean despite eating so much.
Davey James
Davey James 2 months ago
Love your videos...and boy do I miss Thai street food!!!
Sa P.
Sa P. 2 months ago
I love durian
Seung A Lee
Seung A Lee 2 months ago
You are seriously in everywhere🤣
C DMix
C DMix 2 months ago
Thanks Mark, I plan to goto Chaing Mai with my family 2020 and we are planning on going to the night market, I cannot wait.
HC houtx
HC houtx 2 months ago
Just curious, why did you say this wasn’t the best food you’ve tasted but had the same facial expressions when eating the food as in other food tours? But loved the video.
Ерлен Тажибаев
What is the girl near you? Very sexy. Хочу её выебать.
Ерлен Тажибаев
@DoubleMocca thank you, in my country Kazakhstan are a lot of sexy asian girls, i just wanted to say that i liked this girl near you in the video
DoubleMocca Month ago
You can find this type of the girls in every lower-class bars everywhere in Thailand. Not requires anything special, and her english is known as bar-girl-english, so dont worry if you english is barely.
M I 2 months ago
Mark your show is best with just you. Maybe showing your wife occasionally. I see she doesn’t try to be on camera. Anyone that wants to be on camera let them get their own show. Mark don’t listen to these people about how to run your show or who should be in it. This is your passion and dream and no one can do it like you. Everyone should find and accomplish their own passion.
TheNew Fan
TheNew Fan 2 months ago
Grilled egg is 15!!! In phillipines only 6 one egg CREATED not cooked but ik the street food on it our grilled egg is black and only 5 pesos
TheNew Fan
TheNew Fan 2 months ago
Did u eat the stick on the meatO-o
75ur15 2 months ago
Any tips for someone who only speaks English trying to make street market purchases of food in bangkok and Phuket? Is it possible to communicate enough without offense? Edit: Continuing to watch, be larvae may be more adventurous than I am
Aven Cast
Aven Cast 2 months ago
IsTha Pae night market open on Thursday night guys?
หนุ่มอีสานแอ่วเหนือ Travel in Thailand
As a Thai, thank you very much for making this video.Thailand has many good things. Ready to welcome everyone.
หนุ่มอีสานแอ่วเหนือ Travel in Thailand
@Ochre Clay Is safe to travel And enjoy traveling to Chiang Mai.
Ochre Clay
Ochre Clay 2 months ago
หนุ่มอีสานแอ่วเหนือ Travel in Thailand I’ll b chaingmai Monday I can’t wait I’m coming from Australia
Beth K
Beth K 2 months ago
Dang look soo good. I too from Thailand but never try it LOL. But Allergic to Coconut :(
boomerhgt 2 months ago
Mark Weener aptly named
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