Street Food in Thailand - NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Mark Wiens
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One of the top things to do in Chiang Mai is walk around and eat through one of the many Chiang Mai night markets - I think Chiang Mai might be the capital of night markets in the world. There’s a night market for every day of the week and some of them stretch longer than you can see.
At night markets in Chiang Mai you’ll find a huge selection of things to buy, from clothes and antiques to even entertainment like music and Thai massage. But for food lovers, the best thing about visiting any Thai night market is the food.
On Sunday night in Chiang Mai the most popular night market is Tha Pae Walking Street (ตลาดท่าแพ) - it really is an entire street that shuts down for a couple of kilometers, and the entire street is filled with things to look at, buy, and eat. Most of the food is set up in designated area, especially in the small courtyards of temples.
In this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai, the plan was just to walk around and see what looked good to eat.
Here’s what we ate:
Sai krok Isaan (ไส้กรอกอีสาน), Sai ua (ไส้อั่ว) - This impressive cart was filled with different varieties of Thai sausage, both Isaan style sausage, and Northern Thai herb sausage.
Total price - 30 THB ($0.91)
Pork meatballs (ลูกชิ้นหมู) - I’m usually not a huge fan, but these 100% pork meatballs were pretty tasty.
Price - 40 THB ($1.21)
Pork ham (หมูยอ) - After meeting up with my friends Tom, Joel, and JJ, they had already been snacking on some moo yaw, a Vietnamese style ham sausage.
Grilled egg (ไข่ป่าม) - This is a unique Northern Thai food, of grilled egg.
Price - 30 THB ($0.91)
Sticky rice (ข้าวหนุกงา) - One of the Thai snacks I had never tried before were sticky rice patties. They were interesting and quite tasty.
Price - 20 THB ($0.61)
Pork ribs (ซี่โครงหมู), Crab egg custard (อ่องปู) - We saw the ribs being grilled and couldn't’t resist. They were alright, but the paddy crab egg custard was more unique.
Price - 180 THB ($5.46)
Durian (ทุเรียน) - Finally, although a little overpriced, and not season, we couldn’t resist a little nugget of durian to end this Chiang Mai night market Thai food tour.
Price - 200 THB ($6.06)
Featuring Tom from Chaseki Tea (facebook.com/chaseki.tea/) and Joel (goo.gl/5AkWm6).
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Jan 6, 2019




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Comments 2 236
milky555 2 days ago
Mark, how do you look so fit after all those foods you eat in every blog?
Wawa Ailee
Wawa Ailee 3 days ago
Why I click this vid!!!!!!....now I feel hungry.......... 😟😟😟😟😟😟
ra ra
ra ra 3 days ago
The DURIAN was the best part!!
มงคล เกิดคล้าย
สุดยอด good
Lovella Ramos
Lovella Ramos 5 days ago
@markwiens when was the last time you had blood work done?
Minmin Li
Minmin Li 12 days ago
If you have been following Mark’s videos, you will realise that he is the only one in his videos who has exactly the same taste buds as Mark...
S White
S White 14 days ago
I wasnt impressed with the food markets in thailand, all that meat was sitting out, that's a big no no for me
fonz 2613
fonz 2613 13 days ago
"But did you die?"
Lee Dalisius
Lee Dalisius 21 day ago
The ribs are pretty expensive
triathleteuk 23 days ago
yummy food but all those plastic wrappers ??
Marilyn Grace
Marilyn Grace 23 days ago
Patrycja 24 days ago
Oh man, Joel becomes much more handsome each time I see him
Desiree Faye Saenz
Desiree Faye Saenz 26 days ago
durian was one of the delicacies here in Davao Philippines ☺️
joseph A
joseph A Month ago
Its been awhile, but, my girl and I are going there the first week in Feb 2020. Love that place...
As If Aye Mate
As If Aye Mate Month ago
12:52 When i experienced head for the first time.
Lee and Rattana
Lee and Rattana Month ago
I’ve been to these markets. There’s a lot of great places to eat there. I’ll be back soon. Can’t wait. 😋🥰😊
WMC Month ago
Joel is speaking, absolutely shocking... Haha
Issa B
Issa B Month ago
Man this makes me hungry! Im half thai and i never miss the sausage when i visit thailand.
Eleanor Month ago
Joel is hot af AND hilarious. Get a grip people.
Hava Nana
Hava Nana Month ago
I would like to know what kind of camera do you use to film ?
Barry Cook
Barry Cook Month ago
Durian, yum, 6 US About same price, Brisbane Australia, love it
temaori007 Month ago
The one time I had durian my nose was blocked.
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike Month ago
Looks good!
Rhianne Dale Romina
Rhianne Dale Romina 2 months ago
Them using of banana leaves instead of plastic is great!
Max Larsen
Max Larsen 2 months ago
Everyone looks friendly and good atmosphere, nothing comparing to vile english and London.
Henry 2 months ago
Mark I was actually there that day at night. I wished I saw you :( I rarely go to that place but we went there the same day that's very rare I wished I saw you there and said hi. Never got the chance to see a youtuber in person before.
John Kim
John Kim 2 months ago
14:32 RIP Pikachu balloon :(
Saroun Thoun
Saroun Thoun 2 months ago
bon appétit mes frères! ROIN MAI KHAB ?
gixeff 750
gixeff 750 2 months ago
Am I the only one that finds Lemongrass vile? It's like spraying perfume or washing up liquid into your food, horrible taste!
CheeseSteak17 2 months ago
What is going on with his neck veins at 0:42 might want to get it looked at lol
Bless Pretta
Bless Pretta 2 months ago
Sawadilka means Thankyou?anyone
Jack Tarasar
Jack Tarasar 2 months ago
I have not watched any of his videos for a couple of years. He DROVE me away with his FAKE face ritual where he pretends to have some sexual experience at each bite of food. He SEEMS to have toned it down in this video. Perhaps others called him out on the fake moaning with eyes closed that he did.
CAM KH 2 months ago
I just noticed that Thai people feel strange with camera xD
Real Meekwamsook
Real Meekwamsook 2 months ago
Respect Ying. She is super mom.
Srinidhi ಶ್ರೀ
ನಿಮ್ಮಲ್ಲಿ ಎಷ್ಟು ಮಂದಿ ಭಾರತದಿಂದ ಬಂದವರು
Camille Cruz
Camille Cruz 3 months ago
Thank you for this now i badly want to go on thailand which is my dream country
Darlene Sanders
Darlene Sanders 3 months ago
I love these guys together
zerr vejj
zerr vejj 3 months ago
hey guys check this out, angkel tam release video about thai people, what can you say about This ruvid.net/video/video-aIBdKlyjwGc.html and ruvid.net/video/video-rIIC5AatqS4.html
Robert Gifford
Robert Gifford 3 months ago
Mark who was the beautiful woman in this video good Lord?
Jenny Jean
Jenny Jean 3 months ago
Just a quick question? I really want to eat these foods but how sanitary are they ?
mae Tuzon
mae Tuzon 3 months ago
I think you have to be careful on showing off your chili eating habit. Not all can handle that extreme level as you do. It can be very dangerous and people who are watching your food vlogs might assumed, it is manageable. You have to be responsible as well maybe at least a disclaimer or warning when adding chili or spices on food.
beth granger
beth granger 3 months ago
The smoothie 🤣 Real friends pass a drink with a straw to each other with no problem. People put their lips on it and suck .... 🧛🏼‍♂️🙀 Wouldn’t do that so casually with just anybody.
Valentino Valentines
Most Thai girls will not wear c-true walk around the market.
Ka Yiu Keira Tan
Ka Yiu Keira Tan 3 months ago
I like how he ’mmmmmm’ after he tasted the food
javed khan
javed khan 3 months ago
Donna Faith K-Brooks
He mmmmmmmmm'd, but at the end, stated that the food wasn't the greatest. I am confused...
November Rain
November Rain 3 months ago
ผมมาดูทำไมตอนดึกๆเนี่ย หิวเลย 555
Halu Travel
Halu Travel 4 months ago
Thai Food Is One Of My Favorite Food, If you are a big fan of Vietnamese street food, you can see more in my channel :D
kazu nakagawa
kazu nakagawa 4 months ago
イイネ! 美味そう! そして楽しそう最高!
Jane VanSkike
Jane VanSkike 4 months ago
How much fun is this? Look at that food!
high5compliments 4 months ago
Duuweds,you guys starting also to say hmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm to everything like that stupid guy with the bandana on his head??? Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm.oh please stfu with your hmmmh
MiRöŠŠ hk-ph
MiRöŠŠ hk-ph 4 months ago
I always watch your vlogs bro and i love to go to Thailand...gb
Tha yu Hser
Tha yu Hser 4 months ago
I’m getting hungry with nothing much to eat in the fridge
Sam Viengkone
Sam Viengkone 4 months ago
You always make my mouth watering watching you eat! Thanks for sharing!
Loubiya bayda
Loubiya bayda 4 months ago
Amazing food
Stah Man
Stah Man 4 months ago
So good
Genie Tran
Genie Tran 4 months ago
I hate chilies.
Charlie D
Charlie D 4 months ago
The guy who smelled the food then ate it 😬🤢
eby mathews
eby mathews 4 months ago
I think people watch you bite a chilly and stand amazed
Robert Mac in Asia
Robert Mac in Asia 4 months ago
Thanks mark for making me hungry,when you coming back to Thailand or Vietnam
Peter Dyer
Peter Dyer 4 months ago
I love Thai sausage at street vendors. No idea what it is, but always so delicious.
Akshay Kant
Akshay Kant 4 months ago
1:34...I fell in love 😍 Thai people are so beautiful. And as always Mark, your videos continue to ROCK! Keep up the great work man. Can't wait to see you on NETFLIX! Make it happen.
TravelWithMo 4 months ago
Are you thai sir?
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