Street Food in Malaysia - Laksa HOT TUB + $500 USD Street Noodles in Penang, Malaysia - Worth It?!

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Thanks to Mark from @Simply Enak - Malaysian Food, Culture and Heritage for bringing us to all this INSANE Malaysian Street Food!
Street Food in Malaysia is the BEST in The World!! And today, we're going DEEP for 3 AMAZING Malaysian Street Foods in Penang, Malaysia! And, we're finishing up with a worth it noodle challenge, to see if this $500 street noodle is really worth the price!
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Penang, Malaysia has some of the best street food in the whole world. And today, our friend Mark is bringing us for a FULL ON Street Food tour of Penang, Malaysia! Get ready to eat some of the best food in the world!
Malaysian cuisine consists of a mixture of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. What I love so much about Malaysian food is the way all these cuisines blend together and the flavours compliment each other so well.
In Penang, you can have so many different street foods on each corner. In this street food video, we're visiting some very unique and unseen street foods in Penang.
First up, Mark is bringing us to the #1 oldest and most famous Nasi Kandar shop in Penang. Nasi Kandar is a must eat in Malaysia and consists of rice and what feels like hundreds of curries all mixed together. And here in Penang, the birthplace of Nasi Kandar, we are going to the original restaurant, opened in 1907 to try it out! At Hameediya you can find lobster curry, lamb shank, tons of MASSIVe seafood and curry to mix in with your rice, and all served up super SPEEDY NINJA style!!
► Found at: Hameediyah Restaurant
164, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
And next up, Mark is bringing us to a classic Malay style Laksa full of so many spices in a big HOT TUB!!! We drove deep into the Kampung "village" outside of Penang to find this classic Laksa hot tub full of flavour! It is such a famous Malaysian food you need to try!
►Found at: Laksa Janggus
338 MK, Jalan Bharu, Kampung Perlis, 11000, Penang
And to finish up the night, Mark is bringing us for a $500 EXPENSIVE noodle surprise!! Is it worth it? We will see! It was full of secret ingredients you will find out by watching the whole video, I really hope you enjoy it!
And it was found at his favourite Char Kuay Teow shop in Penang, made with tons of WOK HEI smoky goodness!
► Found at: Tiger Char Kuay Teow, Penang, Malaysia
179, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, 10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang
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I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed worth it, but that's because these videos are what we love making for you!
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Aug 2, 2020




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The Food Ranger
The Food Ranger Month ago
Huge thanks to my buddy Mark from instagram.com/simply.enak for showing us around Penang!! This city has some of the BEST food in the WHOLE WORLD!!! I hope you enjoy the video, especially the insane Street Noodles at the end!! Thanks so much for watching and I hope you're doing safe and healthy during these very unique times! Please leave me a comment below, I would love to know what you thought of the video! Make sure to also follow along behind the scenes instagram.com/thefoodranger
Willow Lg
Willow Lg 9 days ago
@Massimo eng can't agree more. Such a turn off when I see caviar showing up.
ابو فيصل
ابو فيصل 24 days ago
كوكو كوكو كوكو
Intan Zarina
Intan Zarina Month ago
Not asam jawa but asam keping
Jason Reviews TECH
venu gopal
venu gopal Month ago
myUserName 14 hours ago
water virgin
water virgin Day ago
That moment when you put caviar on the street food..
Imran Khan Rustamani
Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Wan Mohammad ali
I hope u go to terengganu
Ajo Aldo
Ajo Aldo 2 days ago
The most indonesian traditional food. ruvid.net/video/video-gu-8W7mvbBk.html
shabuz khan
shabuz khan 4 days ago
_ranjeet 03
_ranjeet 03 4 days ago
Does he ever not go wowwwwww?
Marian Paul Culita
i know now where to go next sumer vacation .....Malaysia here I come !!!!!
MoChavez Dinejad
MoChavez Dinejad 5 days ago
🇲🇾❤🇮🇱 malasia is a beautiful country ,love from israeli
The Watchman
The Watchman 7 days ago
Trevor is unlike most Whites... humble... speaks the language and genuinely appreciates the food
Shafiah Shazan
Shafiah Shazan 7 days ago
sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa arghh laparrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sham Hisan
Sham Hisan 8 days ago
A little correction yea.. Those sour pieces is not tamarind or asam jawa, it is actually Garcinia atroviridis or asam gelugur..a species of fruit related to mangosteen...an important ingredient for asam laksa..😁 A great video, keep up the good work...
Duwi Theresia Lestari Lestari
Ke negara saya dong ..lndonesia...juga banyak ragam masakannya
KAAYU.robiso tv.
KAAYU.robiso tv. 10 days ago
Watching from san jose del monte bulacan ..best food ..enjoy.
sinar amin
sinar amin 11 days ago
I dont like laksa. Laksam my favourite...😘😍😍😍😍
Spacefarer 12 days ago
Wow hold on, caviar on top of char kuey? Guy just made a 2 dollar dish into a 600 dollar one. Jeez
Cankey Packaging Machinery
wow it is wonderful
Leny Widjaja
Leny Widjaja 13 days ago
Caviar and Char kway teow as one ? Wasted ......
kamerarosak 13 days ago
You should also try the Malay version of char koey teow ruvid.net/video/video-gNKAWfaSUBg.html
The One
The One 14 days ago
"I'm just gonna come from behind".
Mac KASEEM SO 14 days ago
Asam Jawa is not tamarind
Sant saran Verma
Sant saran Verma 16 days ago
Why are you shouting ooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooaaahahhhha
amir nawawi
amir nawawi 16 days ago
Only if I can order nasi kandar as you without thinking about the price 😂😂
Chek Enol Channel
Chek Enol Channel 17 days ago
That is not tamarind pieces. That is asam keping / asam gelugor (Garcinia atroviridis). Tamarind is tamarindus indica.
Ankit patel
Ankit patel 17 days ago
Seafood 🤢🤮
Winnie s
Winnie s 17 days ago
too much ghee, oil, 2:52, just my opinion
Essence of Life -
Essence of Life - 18 days ago
The laksa Janggus was overrated. I went to try it yesterday but it wasn't as delicious as being depicted in the video 😅😅😅! Honest opinion here. I wasn't the only one. It was kinda bland and wasn't as aromatic and sour. The taste of the soup is just lacking in terms of taste eventhough I've added lots of prawn paste. The laksa noodle wasn't springy as well, the pieces were broken. 2/5 ⭐
Noah From Total Drama
If I hear someone go ooooooooooh again I'm gonna shoot someone
Tay Tzu Leong
Tay Tzu Leong 19 days ago
I never see the caviar coming, that's for sure!
MOHD LUKMAN 20 days ago
Hi my idola travel james...i hope will visit to borneo sabah...my home town is tawau...there is many food here u can try....
Fuad Tanvir
Fuad Tanvir 20 days ago
6:05 two gentlemen admiring each others schlongs.
jang666 20 days ago
Look at that cardiac arrest on a plate!
Bautista Bautista
"Look at This!"
Studio Zaikobon
Studio Zaikobon 21 day ago
Im still waiting for him to say "Terima Kasih Bossku". HAHAHA
Rabia Iqbal
Rabia Iqbal 22 days ago
The stark contrast between Trevor's reactions and ting's! 😄
I think I am
I think I am 22 days ago
ooooooo aaaaaaahhhh wwoooooooaaawwwww ooooooooooooo oooooooooo x56 times - Full script
Techno gamerz
Techno gamerz 22 days ago
scizorstar 22 days ago
pity myself to have watched this at 1am... anyway i've decided on my breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow!
Makan01 25 days ago
Final happiness plate was my favorite-oh wowww ummmmmmmmm -amazing
Makan01 25 days ago
Curry is not my favorite spice-very strong taste and this can destroy other tastes so you can’t feel all different things they used for cooking foods-I love to taste all at once -I don’t know maybe in Indian be different but other countries Was same for me
Basu Babu and Halder Da
Joy Santos
Joy Santos 25 days ago
How can he stay slim??? Amazing food trip! Greetings from Philippines!
Erektor tvoji mamy
Erektor tvoji mamy 26 days ago
LOL French caviar, it is like Russian wine :D
칼슨블라드 27 days ago
50$ for all that food? that's INSANELY cheap. I can't even imagine how good those curries tasted like.
Mr MulZiq
Mr MulZiq 28 days ago
My fav dish is briyani and onion chicken the best briyani i have ever tasted
Ganda Ko
Ganda Ko 28 days ago
Malaysia is back to business. While Philippines is still under quarantine
Green Cap
Green Cap 29 days ago
What is your secret eat so many foods and not get fat😀
Food Grabber
Food Grabber 29 days ago
This Martabak place is insanely Ameiging..
wan eone
wan eone Month ago
Koh PJ
Koh PJ Month ago
Kuah campur banjir!!! My favourite nasi kandar
kazi jasin
kazi jasin Month ago
I think you should come bangladesh..and make a vlog there...about street food...please
Saroj kanta Behera
There is a mixture of indian cousine and and also spices.
Mas Rashid
Mas Rashid Month ago
I can gain 5kg just by watching those flooded gravy on the rice😂
MYPawTato Month ago
12:10 it's not tamarind, that are slices dried garcinia cambodia (asam keping - buah asam gelugur). asam jawa (tamarind) is totally different fruit. I hope non-malaysia audience not get confuse.
lim guWANG end
lim guWANG end Month ago
Xsedap la laksa pinang...masam jer. Baik makan tomyam..😘😘 laksam lemak lagi best....kaw.
Pitta Kelsey
Pitta Kelsey Month ago
Mouth watering again 😋😋😋 and you speak Malay too now! 👍👍
shamil khan
shamil khan Month ago
Kappam mix turikish dish ruvid.net/video/video-rPG_L0LK85g.html
Travel Rangers
Travel Rangers Month ago
What are you eating man....bbuuuaahhh 😡
AL Month ago
I enjoyed watching all the interesting places and food galore,but honestly,i had to reduce the volume to the minimum for all your videos,due to the irritating oohs and ahhs that can be extremely exaggerating. Keep it moderate guys and it"ll be a continuing joy to keep watching your postings.cheers.no offense !!😊
Philip Corpe
Philip Corpe Month ago
Such love for what you do and you never fail to either entertain or make me so jealous of your awesome life of trying all that food that I will never get chance to eat. Thankyou for your videos dude
Maria Young
Maria Young Month ago
It’s so great that we can see the Captions here.
kepala kentang
kepala kentang Month ago
a 10 for laksa?? thats surprising
Moi 0611
Moi 0611 Month ago
Oh my gosh, u make me craving for it. I need to go to Penang
Prof. M Amir
Prof. M Amir Month ago
Connerikle Group 5
Prof. M Amir
Prof. M Amir Month ago
There Se
Prof. M Amir
Prof. M Amir Month ago
Chille Stautrs
Prof. M Amir
Prof. M Amir Month ago
Porasder Setikle
Prof. M Amir
Prof. M Amir Month ago
Logo Food
Sebastian TanTL
Sebastian TanTL Month ago
It is so amazing! I am from Malaysia too. Very interesting and delicious food. I had view and like the video. Hope you do the same for me. Hope you can do more and more videos for us!
Lilly Gacha
Lilly Gacha Month ago
We're glad you visit Malaysia what about pahang next?
Juliane Kunstler
And that’s how you order nasi kandar like a millionaire
Prem Month ago
Mohd noor Hamzah
When you will tag team with mat salleh carik makan?
kit osman
kit osman Month ago
edithrico82 Month ago
Ooohhhhh mmmmm look! Mmmmm oohhhhh, yesssss!! Mmmmm, yes! Ooohhh
Han Mouse
Han Mouse Month ago
This restaurant food so expensive
Tun dewa Sakti
Tun dewa Sakti Month ago
That's why Malaysian no 1ranking in Asia obesiti tittle...awkwkwk...yummy2#$$;-)
Luqman Haris
Luqman Haris Month ago
U made me hungry buddy. 😭😋
ISTARI Month ago
As if char kway teow isn't already good by itself, they decided to "overkill" with caviar
Pen Basah
Pen Basah Month ago
Fuhhh paduuu bos.
Michael Swärdh
Michael Swärdh Month ago
This made me hungry again!
Kids Channel
Kids Channel Month ago
Hospitality in Malaysia, love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️
Sandeep Azad
Sandeep Azad Month ago
This is a reason of Corona virus come in world 9:19
Village Food Life
theGoliath Month ago
Nasi Kendar with lobster
D Month ago
So who paid for the USD500 Caviar?
Salt Mango
Salt Mango Month ago
Super 💗
R R WASH LASER Month ago
I see all your videos. But never finish you took in your plate!It is very good if you show us start to end with bill pay. You should finish as you took. This corona time. So many people in this world now passing time those have no enough foods .Please .
Kathleen Lim
Kathleen Lim Month ago
Ppl serving food not wearing masks!
Phoenix Month ago
Thank you for including prices ❤️👍🏼
Phoenix Month ago
yuunjac Month ago
When I saw the Nasi Khandar plate... Oh Gosh... this going to make me bankrupt. xD
leyla hersi
leyla hersi Month ago
I sent this to my brother in-law told I want to eat all of that when we go there🤤🤤
Seddz Man
Seddz Man Month ago
Come and enjoy
Адепт 777
Адепт 777 Month ago
Josphat Njenga
Josphat Njenga Month ago
Rodney Crawford
Rodney Crawford Month ago
I love your food happiness, it is the best addiction
Guan Joon Han
Guan Joon Han Month ago
Food of the day: Char Kuay Teow
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