Street Food in Brazil - RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

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Street Food in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro! #Brazil #RioDeJaneiro #BrazilianFood #streetfood
Ever since I first learned about the city of Rio de Janeiro when I was a kid growing up, I have wanted to visit. Finally, the time has come. In this Brazilian street food tour in Rio de Janeiro, we’ll go to eat some of the best street food snacks and dishes, some hole in the wall style Brazilian food restaurants, and also visit some of the most unbelievable and gorgeous sights and attractions in Rio de Janeiro. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.
Here’s the Brazilian food and things we did:
Mineiro, Sausage Sandwich - 5 BRL ($1.26) - For Brazilian breakfast we headed to Mineiro for his neighborhood grilled sausage sandwich, topped with his house made aioli dressing, cheese, and lettuce, and his own home-made chili sauce. He’s not only an amazing guy, but his sausage sandwich is outstanding. When you’re in Rio de Janeiro, you don’t want to miss it. Located just outside Siqueira Campos MRT Metro station (Map: goo.gl/maps/EXRj3LPihezUd5EKA), sets up in the morning about 7 am.
Trem do Corcovado - 65 BRL ($16.44) - Christ the Redeemer - I pre-bought tickets online for the tram, so when we arrived we just picked up and printed the tickets. The tram took about 20 minutes and Christ The Redeemer at the top was breathtaking.
Selaron Steps - Another attraction in Rio de Janeiro that I wasn’t going to miss was the Selaron Steps, created by Chilean artist Selaron. They are so cool and so iconic.
Lunch at Bar Rex - For some seriously meaty Brazilian food, Bar Rex is the spot. They serve an major selection of drinks, but they also specialize in food like roasted chicken, sausages, and the oxtail. The food was outstanding, and the owners are just so cool. Location: goo.gl/maps/ZeshTp5D3ggLoGx87
Ipanema Beach - World famous, one of the most well known beaches in the world, and for a good reason - the scenery is spectacular. We had a tea with Marcelo (5 BRL ($1.26) and then tried some of the Brazilian local favorite comfort Biscoito Globo cassava snacks. Finally, another iconic Brazilian drink is the caipirinha (15 BRL ($3.79) made on the beach.
Copacabana Beach - Next up on this Brazilian street food and attractions tour we stopped at the famous Copacabana Beach and had a coconut (6.50 BRL ($1.64) and continued on the Red Beach in Urca to get a good view of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar).
Bar Urca - Also in Urca, you’ll find Bar Urca, an old food and bar establishment that’s famous for serving empada de camarão (6.50 BRL ($1.64), shrimp filled pastries. Many people order and then sit on the edge of the water in the evening. Location: goo.gl/maps/RZAmnMsKWMtvuebFA
Bar Gato de Botas - A Brazilian boteco is a bar and restaurant that serves small plates of food similar to tapas. The owner of Bar Gato de Botas is a legend and his plates of Brazilian food are delicious. Location: goo.gl/maps/efeUxoamaHa77vNR6
Brazilian meat kebabs - Finally to end this incredible street food tour of Rio de Janeiro, we returned back to the same spot where we had breakfast, but in the evening, a different yet equally friendly man sets up selling Brazilian meat kebas and home cooked Brazilian food. When you order a kebab, you can get it stopped with cassava powder and drenched in hot sauce - it was so good. Location: goo.gl/maps/EXRj3LPihezUd5EKA Sets up in the evening about 6 pm.
Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city and this Brazilian street food tour and attraction in Rio was amazing - the food, the people, the scenery.
Huge thank you to Guilherme Camocardi and Rafa Ribs from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ
• Rio4Fun: instagram.com/rio4fun/
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May 12, 2019

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Abeer AH
Abeer AH 2 hours ago
I miss your wife and son in this video
Jin Yong Sim
Jin Yong Sim 5 hours ago
mark can u make gourmia money maker machine?
Alexandre Carlos galdino da silva
Não tem fundo esse estômago kkkk
Veronica Anderson
Veronica Anderson 9 hours ago
I found your channel the other day and have been watching ever since. I just love your channel, your energy and enjoy watching you eat. You have a beautiful wife and child!!! Keep up the good work 🙂🙂🙂
Andretti-Love, Zsazsa
Valeu: whats Good .. we good.. I’m guessing... 😝🤣
Alexandre Carlos galdino da silva
Da água na boca Mano isso vicia mesmo viu
Matheus Dech
Matheus Dech 10 hours ago
O cara da caipirinha poderia trocar esse pote que ele prepara, a borda está toda suja
Manoj Badal
Manoj Badal 23 hours ago
You really can eat, iam big and i can't eat that much, i like it but
Rogério Pontes
Mais de dois anos de inscrito e primeiro comentário rsrsr M.W é foda!
reshelle ellesher
wow..i want that food!!! im hungry!!! hehe
I'm Brasilian you video is very cool! (Me corrijam se estiver errado kkkkk)
bad cow
bad cow 21 hour ago
Coloca ae: "I'm Brazilian and your video is very cool!"
Run The Atlas
I’m going there next week!! So excited. Food looks amazing can’t wait to try it
Run The Atlas
Run The Atlas 8 hours ago
My mouth is watering!! 🇧🇷❤️
Dani Fontes
Dani Fontes 10 hours ago
I hope you enjoy your visit and our Food.
Run The Atlas
I’m going there next week!! So excited. Food looks amazing can’t wait to try it
Run The Atlas
I’m going there next week!! So excited. Food looks amazing can’t wait to try it
Nova 67
Nova 67 Day ago
lucas menezes
900 ML DE 51 =R$ 8.00 ; 200 ML DE CAIPIRINHA = R$15,00
Sosua Dominican Republic
Man you influenced me to go to Brazil. I just uploaded a few video of Rio on my channel. Thanks your the best.
Omar Atcioglu
this man talk like crying
خالد المبارك
نبي الترجمة العربية
Gustavo Barros
O caba mesmo comendo que só a gota continua um sibito
Motivation Man
Has Mark ever taken a bite and NOT like it? I cant imagine an unpleasant facial expression from him when eating
醉清风 2 days ago
巴西人油辣椒吃的真香啊 有点像中国菜
gourmet classic
gourmet classic 2 days ago
Volte logo, já deixou saudadessss!
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BlackCow Games 2 days ago
Pô mano derram espetinho de gato pro cara kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Rassell Mahamud
Rassell Mahamud 2 days ago
Plz try to more focus on food not ur face
Luis Fernandes de Souza Oliveira
A cara dele é muito boa vei dhuasuhdasuhdashdashdasud
Gu XAGA Lopes
Gu XAGA Lopes 2 days ago
Esse canal é the best
Gu XAGA Lopes
Gu XAGA Lopes 2 days ago
Só restam 300 onças na Mata Atlântica essa mata que vocês acabaram de ver aí na subida do Corcovado
Ramon Salazar
Ramon Salazar 3 days ago
I want to go to Brazil
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 days ago
Every time i find a video i would like to watch, it shows your face. By that, i mean i go to another video.
Carlos G
Carlos G 3 days ago
The head tilt is real...
M I 3 days ago
That’s a lot of fat on the oxtails. Mark you seem to like fat on meats and chili on everything.
mark amburgey
mark amburgey 3 days ago
how much was the large meal for everyone at the bar
Special K
Special K 3 days ago
That beach drink with Limes could have lots of bacteria! Just sayin
Stedy Yulius
Stedy Yulius 3 days ago
now i want to visit brazil
Raquel santos santos
Esse gringo tá é chapado com tanta pimenta kkkkkkkk
Cherry 3 days ago
Fico imaginando o cheio do suor e dos puns desses caras comendo tanta pimenta e coisa ácida assim kjkkkjk misericórdia. Mas me deu fome viu
Special K
Special K 3 days ago
Your so thin and you can eat! I watch you every day . You eat like I do and say Emmmm ! What’s better than good food. Your not picky . Your wife is a a More reserved eater. Your family is nice. Cool career choice. Be safe and trust that your viewers wish we smelled the food through our devices! Blessings
Linda Gens
Linda Gens 3 days ago
Love the giant statue of our sweet Jesus
Hawaii Living
Hawaii Living 3 days ago
Can’t handle this guys voice lol
Sandra Jose
Sandra Jose 3 days ago
You look so happy here!
Jassiara Mendes
Jassiara Mendes 3 days ago
Kalaboca ninguem entende kkk
Fish Lover
Fish Lover 3 days ago
I cant get in my mind what is ur life goal how u manage all this trip cost how u will pass ur future old times
John John
John John 3 days ago
this guy gets high on food, look at his face man lol
Tudor Leonte
Tudor Leonte 3 days ago
Mark, you holodeck?
Tripko Cute
Tripko Cute 3 days ago
quang nguyen
quang nguyen 3 days ago
Finding english comment ??😅😅😅😅
Wesley Safadao
Wesley Safadao 4 days ago
A mulher nunca come nada
Telepopmusik 4 days ago
What you do today Maika? "eh I hanged at the beach in Rio De Janeiro" Swear kid has lived life more then any of us commenting lol
Jose Jesus
Jose Jesus 4 days ago
I hope you dont take this as a mean comment but dont you get full
JustSayin 4 days ago
It looked like you ate a lot of greasy food with chili sauce poured all over everything. To me that would change the flavor. I would try eating some of those foods "without the chili sauce". You probably spent the night in the bathroom....I was in Rio 20 or 30 years ago. It's a good thing you have a guide with you, because it is a very dangerous city - especially certain cab drivers who will drive you into the ghetto areas in the hills. Brazil is famous for their bar-b-ques. We went to the Sheraton and they walk around with meat on sticks and cut it for you at your tables. Very good meat and wine.
Moonchild • jinnie
"da uma de wolverine hahaha" "relaxa q eh internacional" eU NAO AGUENTOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Sunshine 4 days ago
I would love to visit one day!❤
ria uddin
ria uddin 4 days ago
wow what a nature of Brazil ,making me fantastic
grace kibaara
grace kibaara 4 days ago
Your stomach is one of a kind.much love from Nairobi Kenya.
Ronaldo Aviadi
Ronaldo Aviadi 4 days ago
Dude you look totally happy in this video .... 😆. This is best video I've seen in your channel 👍
Kal EL
Kal EL 4 days ago
you've made me so Hungry T_T
Ali Sadh
Ali Sadh 4 days ago
I'm from India. I love to travel . You are my inspiration
Kanyarat Murtha
Kanyarat Murtha 5 days ago
I always wanna go there 😢😭
Caio Meireles
Caio Meireles 5 days ago
nem levaram o gringo pra comer batata em marechal e um joelhão no Geléia
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Bianca Ferreira 5 days ago
A série é maravilhosa! Mas eu fiquei chateada que nenhum dos brasileiros que andou com ele ensinou que é "muito BOM", a gente não fala espanhol aqui... :/
Fabio Franklin
Fabio Franklin 5 days ago
PirateKiller 4 days ago
O dinheiro que o gringo ganhou com esse vídeo foi bem superior a 5 reais... No fim das contas os dois saíram ganhando.
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Jocelyn Tran 5 days ago
Wheres ying??
Ronin 5 days ago
That was a dirty AF Tupperware. 23:52 🤣
Ronin 5 days ago
@- Desmonetizaçao- Please, don't demonetize me. Huehuehue
- Desmonetizaçao-
Ronin Hahahaha
nicki fans
nicki fans 5 days ago
your face when you eat food make me to fartttt
5 days ago
I want to go to Rio sooooo bad! That’s the first place I want to go that’s on my travel list! I’m investing!! 👍🏾😉
MRC 5 days ago
A caipirinha deu diarreia
MRC 5 days ago
Cara no 13:00 é na praça da bandeira não é?
Danilo Lopes
Danilo Lopes 5 days ago
Caraca mano ele come pimenta demais como aguenta kkkkkkkkk
Mariana RecFer
Mariana RecFer 5 days ago
hahaha the 1st sandwish is called "podrão" it means "big rotten" haha
Sergio Simey
Sergio Simey 5 days ago
Ele quer comer pimenta? Leva ele no viciados por pimenta kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, vai achar oque quer kkkkkkkkkk
Jly Pech
Jly Pech 5 days ago
Caipirinhas 👌🏻♥️🇲🇽
Болат Ермуханов
я давно смотрю тебя
Болат Ермуханов
Mark write me
Болат Ермуханов
Mark I'll show you what a besbarmak Kazakh cuisine
Болат Ермуханов
Mark come to me in Kazakhstan to visit I'll show you
ROYAL BRASIL Games Coop e solo.
Vou curtir esse gringo só porque ele veio no Brasil e foi muito legal
Gold ́s Play
Gold ́s Play 6 days ago
Tiffany Batista
Tiffany Batista 6 days ago
Ele gosta de tudo que ele come ahahaha sou sua fã, mark 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💓
lLCTlCarlosHenry PB
faltou mt comida de rua boa nesse vídeo ,os famigerados " podrões " kkkk , melhor são os comentarios dos brasileiros kkk
SOCIALMENTE 6 days ago
Eu tô é passada em como esse gringo come e eu que sou carioca não aguento nem metade! Kkkkkkkkk Vídeo incrível, mostrando muito sobre a comida do RJ de forma realista. Faltou o sanduba de Itacoatiara, aquele açaí com leite em pó, mas o vídeo tá incrível!!! ♥️
dnice287 6 days ago
Great tour!! Looks like a fun place with a lot of tasty food! 👍
J -
J - 6 days ago
All that good food ruined by chili😔
Santis '
Santis ' 6 days ago
no Brasil é assim , Mark: Pimenta gostosa Atendente: Leva pra você
Eteuati S
Eteuati S 7 days ago
English comment?
Alex mercer
Alex mercer 7 days ago
His shaking skills though😀😀😀
Rostalow generasi
Rio de jenero
【 Bull Trap 】
Ótimo vídeo, o cara realmente provou muitas comidas típicas sem fazer cara feia, parabéns!
Victoria Magalhaes
Qualquer comidinha: A Gringo: Molho de pimenta
Ω Thiago Walker Ω
Simplicidade por onde vai, além do Brasil, e visita vários outros países subdesenvolvidos pelo mundo, onde conhece a cultura, respeita, e tira proveito da boa humildade de se viver 👏
LB Stih
LB Stih 7 days ago
Wow,wow&wow!!!😇😇😇 Bravooo Mark 👍💞
A.I. Dimmer
A.I. Dimmer 7 days ago
look delicious
Humberto Matias
Humberto Matias 7 days ago
man... you do like pepper!
Mika S
Mika S 7 days ago
feijoada is beans with linguisa wjich is a sausage
yAlbertinii 7 days ago
Tem q leva ele na em Osasco no centro onde vende aqueles dog de 3,50 completo kkkkkkk melhor dog que existe
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 7 days ago
Mark goes to an Brazilian toilet grabs the toilet paper and put some of the chili sauce on it hahaha man wtf u ate everything with this sauce i like it 😂👍
Romalyn Vlogs
Romalyn Vlogs 7 days ago
Your A Legend Mark Wiens.....
Narendan Santana
Narendan Santana 7 days ago
I am a seaman and Brazil Street food is best, healthiest n affordable
Aparecida Sales
Aparecida Sales 7 days ago
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