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Streamers Use NEW Junk Rift and Glitched Consumables! Shadow Stones + Hop Rocks UNVAULTED!
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This video includes:
Streamers React To Junk Rift
Streamers Use New Junk Rift
Junk Rift Gameplay
Glitched Consumables Fortnite
Fortnite Update
Fortnite Moments




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Comments 80
MysticalHoodie 7 months ago
I love your intros bro
Brayan_ok 7 months ago
Ur fucking cringe dawg
Nathan Schwartz
Nathan Schwartz 7 months ago
Man cries when killed mech +2 vs 1, man cries more when junk rift doesn't 1 shot mech even tho mech still gets owned by 2 guys on foot in seconds... Solution lets make 30 ton robot do less dmage than non vaulted combat shotgun. Everyone happy, except the ppl playing other games because mech isnt vaulted yet.... Fortnite comunity grow up... Stop playing with your wood, walls.
ADiehardSavage Gaming
How is the P90 in the game? I thought it was vaulted a while ago. Was it unvaulted and I just didn't see it?
fk .Sizzle
fk .Sizzle 7 months ago
Its just like an airstrike but better. It would be better if they made it so you teleport up and freefall before junk comes out
Uglyl boi jeff
Uglyl boi jeff 7 months ago
Tfue Had bad luck
baz 7 months ago
You will steal every wall Get better wifi to activate lol
Syco SZN
Syco SZN 7 months ago
The intro was way off fish stick skins are way more sweaty than purple skull trooper
Not Flxmezz
Not Flxmezz 7 months ago
Wael Kfoury
Wael Kfoury 7 months ago
It's a junk rift video and no one used it in the video or reacted to, fuck your channel, get some content bitch
Games of Pyro
Games of Pyro 7 months ago
Glad I deleted this bs
Caineco420 7 months ago
Bro what is going on with these intros ???????????
good clorox right here
Yo, the Junk Rift is hella OP, I killed 2 players(one was just damaging and one was a full kill) and I just imagine their rage😂
Rogue Apex
Rogue Apex 7 months ago
I got to use it in playground and it's so broken lol #FazeUp
jeremy V
jeremy V 7 months ago
jeremy V
jeremy V 7 months ago
Tbg snackier
Tbg snackier 7 months ago
Lol that intro made me laugh
Dolan 7 months ago
If you really think about it, The "Junk Rift" is really good for killing the losers who use the robots in Solos and switch to gunner when they see someone because they are still. I also tested in creative if it's possible to quickly switch the driver and escape but the delay is to slow. Your Welcome
Harold 7 months ago
these intros be hella cringy, but they make me laugh my ass off and idk why
Sky 7 months ago
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyythis shit again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
AL4_ GHOST3YE 7 months ago
0:46 the banhammer has spoken
Noah Was Here :D Hi
Noah Was Here :D Hi 7 months ago
Can they just put the rift to go back in ? Lmao better counter to the mechs , easy escape 😂
Jack Wang
Jack Wang 7 months ago
it is a mech counter, it does 1000 to mechs
M Andrew Millward
M Andrew Millward 7 months ago
Have a great one everyone please stay blessed love the videos
Sportz Highlightz
Sportz Highlightz 7 months ago
Best intro on youtube
Jared Willis
Jared Willis 7 months ago
It doesn’t kill the mech it kills the people inside the mech
stxks 7 months ago
can y’all watch my new vid plz
itzz bomba
itzz bomba 7 months ago
Sub to me
xXErickXx 7 months ago
The Intro is so gayyyyuu
Sway Gang
Sway Gang 7 months ago
Love you videos
Switch _ God
Switch _ God 7 months ago
It work it solos
Unaudible 7 months ago
You know what's the sad part Mechs have this thing called.... Jumping and Moving Around
Defaulty Boii
Defaulty Boii 7 months ago
someone shoot it then the other go up close and distract it
Defaulty Boii
Defaulty Boii 7 months ago
The only problem is that it might even be more op than the mech
Ethan Katsikis
Ethan Katsikis 7 months ago
These intros keep getting better 🤣🤣
Defaulty Boii
Defaulty Boii 7 months ago
See bro epic always knows what they’re doing. They get ppl to quit and then bring back something even better to make them come back
Aarav Singh
Aarav Singh 7 months ago
These intros...
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja 7 months ago
Did anyone else notice in the trailer someone was banned
Jayda Goat
Jayda Goat 7 months ago
Bruh fornite is missing greasy no cap
Addiction 7 months ago
So a counter? Bro it moves😂u can’t kill the brute unless u can predict when the brute is gonna go
Austin 7 months ago
Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Lopez 7 months ago
I liked and subscribed to drop that fool
LeBron is the GOAT
LeBron is the GOAT 7 months ago
lmfaooo “this is just great” your intros are mad funny
Slade Sellery
Slade Sellery 7 months ago
Let’s go parrallax
GK 7 months ago
It’s not gonna do anything to the mechs unless some how the mech doesn’t move
SaltyWalty_6s 7 months ago
Every vid in the beginning he just flex’s his og skins
Epikk 7 months ago
What season did you start playing? Comment if season 5-10 Like if season 1-4 I also just dropped a new vid 🔥
Dylan Camp
Dylan Camp 7 months ago
Fortnite is dead
Proviac Detrix
Proviac Detrix 7 months ago
They only added this because of the cash cup I bet
flamr singh
flamr singh 7 months ago
mongrall kid got autism right?
LF-ClOuDYY 7 months ago
Who else subbed because of the into
Clampzz Z
Clampzz Z 7 months ago
Wtf are these intros bruh
GGbutters 7 months ago
these intros man make me laugh so why not like n sub lol
ryhs k
ryhs k 7 months ago
but these intros get funnier and funnier😂...cringy and cancerous but funny lol
Crossear 7 months ago
Keep doing these intros pls
Quincyg417 7 months ago
These intros have me dying
Kid Clash
Kid Clash 7 months ago
Make this blue if u hate the mech I post epic fortnite memes
Sasa Krstic
Sasa Krstic 7 months ago
mech is good fuck u probably default noob
Great Shot
Great Shot 7 months ago
So nobody is talkin about the fuckin parallax clips? Wtf
Qrzxy 7 months ago
I don't need to like because lol beat him anyways
Saven FN
Saven FN 7 months ago
Only Pc Player can like this 👇. I sub to everyone who subs to me❤
1ixanhm14 7 months ago
It looks dope
Nathan Pardy
Nathan Pardy 7 months ago
Does it not appear in arena cause I couldn't find it
Marc Elder
Marc Elder 7 months ago
What song is this
SAF Osiro
SAF Osiro 7 months ago
This what airstrikes where supposed to be
Jayden Playz
Jayden Playz 7 months ago
Hahahaha mongraal stream sniped
Genillĺ9l9 Beyene
Genillĺ9l9 Beyene 7 months ago
As soon as they remove pyramids I'm onto apex
Fireboy123456 50
Fireboy123456 50 7 months ago
I unlike it
Anti Alex
Anti Alex 7 months ago
Anybody knows the song in the background?
Binochook8252 Aka Deuce Vlogz
Only bad part is that you cant counter that junkrift
Pistolz 7 months ago
Well the fortnite pro scene died
Back2Back RJ
Back2Back RJ 7 months ago
Did anyone notice that’s soccer field
Decadeszn 7 months ago
You will drop a 20 bomb Like to activate I'm also a small youtuber trying to get 100 subs
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 7 months ago
I really don’t give a shit
KaW Mental
KaW Mental 7 months ago
Junk rifts come to game Me: we are in the endgame now Mechs: >:|
Bonixxtes 7 months ago
The mech finally has a weakness 🙏🙏
Havoc Cipher *hayden vo*
Vexter no lol u can just dodge it
TaccyTman 7 months ago
Thanks for 13 likes 😮
Nomonyourbrains 7 months ago
Take mechs out. Epic: let’s add junk rifts. 🤨
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 7 months ago
Freakypenguin well at least the mechs can just get 1 shot by the rift
Alecdora 7 months ago
I love ur intros
Cromatic 7 months ago
Make this blue if these are way to overpowered 👇🏼
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 7 months ago
Cromatic no
P3AR 7 months ago
Vid starts on 0:31
Kev Da cube
Kev Da cube 7 months ago
I’m a recon sooo I’ll take my chances
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