Streamers *DISGUSTED* after using *NEW* BROKEN "JUNK RIFT" Item! (Competitive RUINED??)

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Streamers *DISGUSTED* after using *NEW* OP "JUNK RIFT" for the First Time! (Competitive RUINED??) Shadow Stones, Free Mats, Competitive Fortnite, Glitch Consumables
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Comments 80
Fortnite King
Fortnite King 7 months ago
This thing is gonna DESTROY people hiding in 1by1's. AND JUST IMAGINE the Final Zones.. Let me know your thoughts below!
Reverse Card
Reverse Card 7 months ago
Fortnite King i think people need to grow up and adapt to the changes. Streamers complain about literally everything “overpowered.” Not even in arena.
Your Trash kid dodo
Your Trash kid dodo 7 months ago
X Net Yo wanna play on minecraft?
X Net
X Net 7 months ago
OTW Bezzy On what minecraft?
X Net
X Net 7 months ago
Hungmyself XD Minecraft is better than shitnite lol
f_m_e_ ig
f_m_e_ ig 7 months ago
Fortnite keaton
Fortnite keaton 7 months ago
I subscribe
Kurt Devera
Kurt Devera 7 months ago
Greedy for sub
They aren’t “disgusted” btw
Nash Scheber
Nash Scheber 7 months ago
Ear rape at 9:22 beware headphone users
Mercedita Bandao
Mercedita Bandao 7 months ago
7:54 that scared the crap out of me
Michael Rector
Michael Rector 7 months ago
FUck u
Cocastic 7 months ago
This is fun with friends tbh
D C 7 months ago
When symphony tries to make a deep voice
tj byrd
tj byrd 7 months ago
I never got. It but i like it
Adrian Suarez
Adrian Suarez 7 months ago
I love the junk rift
Pamela Hunt
Pamela Hunt 7 months ago
I’m creative the mats are increased
BK Ramphele
BK Ramphele 7 months ago
I want it to be in the game to end mechs
KoKwon Chai
KoKwon Chai 7 months ago
Fortnite pls don't vault this weapon pls i haven't even try or play with it yet and i need to kill some people with that.
Cryptic_RJK 7 months ago
7:12 anyone see the guy?
2oon z
2oon z 7 months ago
The junkrift can destroy mechs
BionicleTitan16 Gaming
Wow 5000 Thousand years you can’t live that long
Shadow 7 months ago
Intro:Hey Me:skips 30 seconds
Soumik :D
Soumik :D 7 months ago
I'm glad I stopped playing this shit after season 10 started. I swear they are TRYING to make the game worse smh
raiz 7 months ago
literally any item that breaks through a box pros: *this item is op*
Yaotl Juarez
Yaotl Juarez 7 months ago
Its good to destroy dem mechs doe..
crazygamer49178 7 months ago
Shut up
Undead Bxnd1t
Undead Bxnd1t 7 months ago
It’s not worse that mecha mecha needs to be valted
Sean Diaz
Sean Diaz 7 months ago
I genuinely like this item
Tryqz 7 months ago
Community: vault mechs Epic: did someone say Jurassic park collab
Caze 7 months ago
Why did you newest vid get removed
KillerMerkz 7 months ago
I like at smyfunny says its not his keyboard but he still spams his keyboard lol
Rosales Josue
Rosales Josue 7 months ago
don’t vault bc it could kill mechs like nothing
Jack Brand
Jack Brand 7 months ago
Anyone else experience what happened to symfuhny at 6:00
Brandon Bates
Brandon Bates 7 months ago
U get more mats in creative when u break something that’s why the dinosaur gave u 220 mats LMAO
Michael Vlogs
Michael Vlogs 7 months ago
The laser improves the aim of the mech no joke
LinkM Moss
LinkM Moss 7 months ago
Ninja even confirmed that he liked the junk rift item so this is clickbait
Zach Ramsay
Zach Ramsay 7 months ago
The first time I saw it I killed my self with it
Xurfzz 7 months ago
Is this the guy who made daily dose of internet
Black guy 121
Black guy 121 7 months ago
I want it it claps mechs all streamer
Dezzy 7 months ago
Dellors one pump is fcking clean
Attack titan
Attack titan 7 months ago
Why is it that streamers always complain after epic adds something to the game lol and it usually seems most of the community just wants to enjoy it for a while
Lewieee !
Lewieee ! 7 months ago
If you like basketball subscribe to me!!!!!!🙌🏾
IONZ- BTL 7 months ago
Lets be honest would you rather have the junk rift or the mechs? I feel like the junk rift is much better and they should get rid of the mech. Also, I’m so sick and tired of streamers complaining about the new item that HELPS get rid of the mech faster but then again you can’t box up because of it.
Albert' hot Anime babe
NB Misfitz
NB Misfitz 7 months ago
First they complain about mechs now about this wth I get mechs but not this
Exotic 7 months ago
The junk rifts are easy to evade I would rather have these than mechs
A123abi123 7 months ago
i think that its a great idea because its the counter of the brute
Donovan Perkins Jr
Donovan Perkins Jr 7 months ago
5 year old not 12 year old @dellor u sound dumb
Yeeto Burrito
Yeeto Burrito 7 months ago
These fortnite channels make my brain cells die the amount of ads, like a few seconds after 10 min to get MORE ADS! Fake Gaming glasses Comments made by 2 year olds begging for likes, that shitty thing that if you like in 5seconds something will happen....like Fuck!
The Elder Scrolls
The Elder Scrolls 7 months ago
Pro player: you can’t defeat me Bots: I know but he can Flying dinosaurs cars and toilets
gayboycarti 7 months ago
6:01 bruh he’s so dramatic it’s just a regular solo💀
duarte ferreira
duarte ferreira 7 months ago
what the fuck are gaming glasses that solve all the problems i have and help me with tax evasion
Reese Davis
Reese Davis 7 months ago
Is it just me or does this sound like daily dose of Internet
Jordy Reacts
Jordy Reacts 7 months ago
All of these intros are cringy asf tbh
Nugget clone 2.0
Nugget clone 2.0 7 months ago
Every time a new item comes out: tHis iS Op🤣 tryhards lol
Cronzyy 7 months ago
Why does ninja look like a mole rat in the thumbnail?
Judah Baggerman
Judah Baggerman 7 months ago
Why dont you ask him how are we expose to know?
Farmer Varma
Farmer Varma 7 months ago
He has always looked like that
Kristian 7 months ago
gamecube 7 months ago
Hahahha 😂😂😂😂
Arielle Barquet
Arielle Barquet 7 months ago
StockDragonGamer 7 months ago
Epic games what the Fu** are you doing epic Games you still did not vault mechs and you add another piece of shi* in
Frezzi 7 months ago
Mechs will stay in the game Like to undo
Vasile Bordei
Vasile Bordei 7 months ago
Klaidas Plioplys
Klaidas Plioplys 7 months ago
This new item is suppose to be used to destroy mechs plus it’s in the trailer
Aytherx 7 months ago
No one realize it can counter the mech?
Ezechiel Valenzuela
Ezechiel Valenzuela 7 months ago
There going to get mad becase people keep spaming them with it
Sinful 7 months ago
Just order a pair of glasses and can’t WAIT till they come 😊😁😄😃😀
Alexis Damian
Alexis Damian 7 months ago
Is that the dude from daily dose of internet
Jed Basilio
Jed Basilio 7 months ago
Minecraft is cool
lord mike
lord mike 7 months ago
It drops guns
XI9B 7 months ago
Jose Serpa
Jose Serpa 7 months ago
5:19 wow I feel bad
Israel Medrano
Israel Medrano 7 months ago
Y this guy sound like daily dose of Internet
Quinn 7 months ago
You scumbag
Erkzys 7 months ago
Epic Games: lets be creative lets smack a rift to go on a fish tank Pro Fortnite players: How About we fix the fucking mechs 😂😂
rbxstrobe 7 months ago
but it’s hella rare tho
Finley Stott
Finley Stott 7 months ago
0:34 for no glasses add no need to thank me :)
subscribe to me for no reason
You don't need to like the video
Nikolai S
Nikolai S 7 months ago
That's not op at all
Calix _
Calix _ 7 months ago
it is so broken i threw 1 100 hundred he runs away he 1by1s again i threw another 1and he was dead
toy_fredbear 3038
toy_fredbear 3038 7 months ago
“If THis ISnT BluE YuR IllEgaL”. FOr ThOSe WhO WaNT fRee VB.....CkS, USe coDE wiN1CoDEo. I haVe A toN nOW..... Whoever does this comment should go live in a trashcan, also if the comment below me is a promotion for the code thing, they are trash and deserve to get arrested. Trash code tbh
TSM_ METH 7 months ago
She-_-Thxxty 7 months ago
That dellor clip tho 7:03
Stijn Sentveld
Stijn Sentveld 7 months ago
How do i get 5000 years of bad luck if i only life 100 years max.
Pabloich 7 months ago
The new item is basically a loot Lama that you normally find in save the world but it also drops extra stuff
Luka Ekroth
Luka Ekroth 7 months ago
Wtf worst than mechs hahh yej right what a joke
PetMyEmu 7 months ago
you sound like a ghetto daily dose
cokiemonster 7 months ago
You lowkey sound like the daily dose of internet guy
Spiky 7 months ago
I don’t recommend using WIN1CODEO as it is probably a scam
toy_fredbear 3038
toy_fredbear 3038 7 months ago
Spiky Games true
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