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Stray Kids
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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Chronosaurus" Video
Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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Apr 15, 2019

Stray Kids스트레이 키즈SKZ스키즈방찬BANG CHANCHAN우진김우진WOOJINKIMWOOJIN리노이민호LEE KNOWMINHOLEEMINHO창빈서창빈CHANGBINSEOCHANGBIN현진황현진HYUNJINHWANGHYUNJIN지성한지성HANJISUNGHANJISUNG필릭스FELIX승민김승민SEUNGMINKIMSEUNGMIN아이엔양정인정인I.NYANGJEONGINJEONGIN스트레이 키즈 미로SKZ MIROHClé 1 : MIROHCle 1 : MIROHStray Kids Chronosaurus스트레이 키즈 Chronosaurus스키즈 ChronosaurusSKZ ChronosaurusSKZ Chronosaurus MV스트레이 키즈 뮤직비디오Stray Kids Music Video스키즈 뮤비




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Comments 10 920
Park Junghyun
Park Junghyun 44 minutes ago
so, does anyone else not notice Bangchan doing sorta bg vocals for Jeongin in 1:23-1:27? is it just me who noticed it?
Sierra Danni
Sierra Danni 7 hours ago
I have literally watched this 12 times in a row... And it still is amazing!
Kanyawee Chusakul
Kanyawee Chusakul 8 hours ago
Didn’t expect that this group is rookie,feel like straykids is the best group I ever seen.
Hyunjin Hwang
Hyunjin Hwang 9 hours ago
Hwang Hyunjin 💜😄
I need like a video of Jisung and Felix' s parts on repeat for literally forever, I'm sick of having to constantly rewind all day everyday (I love all of them in this video, it's just that Han is completely wrecking me with his visual. Like literally look at him. Imagine having that much freaking power, I mean come on. When the members do this stuff I literally can't pick a bias, I'm so sorry to Felix and hyunjin I thought I had finally sorted it out but just, I mean jisung. Idk sorry it's late and I've been watching this video on repeat all day again and I just ugh. Also like Felix's voice in this song? Uggghhh.)
Brianna Mccartin
Brianna Mccartin 12 hours ago
coming back to this bc Yellow Wood snatched my wig and I love to suffer
Krl 23
Krl 23 14 hours ago
Esto es hermoso♡♡
Bri _
Bri _ 14 hours ago
so nobody wants to talk about 2:59 ?
Angela Regalado
Angela Regalado 15 hours ago
still shivering over bang chan's parts
Jei Sánchez
Jei Sánchez 18 hours ago
the experience i get when i hear this song is UNREAL.
thats my sun
thats my sun 23 hours ago
I’m so happy about Changbins cheeks😆 i remember when I was watching the survival show, he look like he wasn’t eating well😞
karma life
karma life Day ago
0:46 Pour ceux qui parle français 《Sous mes tétons》 Vous aller entendre que ça mtn
Miftahul Anwar
Kim Dahyun Is a amazing Tofu
still watching this video and yeah im dead
Coco mirai
Coco mirai Day ago
Y'all really need to stop sleeping on this.
Hwang Hyunjin lover
Minho's raspy tick tock tick tock getting closer will forever be the most iconic things stays hear
Okay but Changbinnie looks so frick fracking pretty
Kpop Softie
Kpop Softie Day ago
Is just me that loves when Minho says TikTok TikTok getting closer at the end 😍🥵🤤
Jessie V
Jessie V Day ago
01:55 "like a tunnel with no light, there's no end I'm scared" This line really get me *_S H O O K_*
Potterheads UNITE
am i the only one getting like bendy and the ink machine / fnaf vibes? yeah? oh okay...
Florencia Nancuante
bReDd GeNieE
bReDd GeNieE 2 days ago
bruh chans vocals 🥺
a l i c i a ¡! pattas
imagine dragons - natural
MOONLIAH 2 days ago
when jisung sings the chorus i can feel my soul leaving my body and ascending into heaven
Choi Hyobyung
Choi Hyobyung 2 days ago
So... Nobody is going to say this song sounds like natural by imagine dragons?
b34utiful th0ughts
This song has me so wHiPpEd
Sofia Borja
Sofia Borja 3 days ago
Kill me. I am here just trying to contain my screams and screeches cause I am beside my sister's but BOI!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF THEM BABIES AND MINHO AND FELIX ARE KILLIN' ME!!!!!!!
*~h e a r t a t t a c k~*
jafar asad
jafar asad 3 days ago
bewer you very skilled ilove you very much and the all
Marinez Santos
Marinez Santos 3 days ago
Very cooler😍
Marinez Santos
Marinez Santos 3 days ago
Shirley Li
Shirley Li 4 days ago
I'm being attacked by Han Jisung omg. My heart can't take this
kimberly kost
kimberly kost 4 days ago
my friends's reaction when i try and sing this part 1:55 before my coffee: where is the duck? (he legit said that...... i don't blame him) his reaction after i have my coffee: WTF? then he gave me some of his fruit role-up. i know when your in 7th grade that's a lame trade but..... i'm with Chan. i'm a five year old at heart. lmao. not a bad age to be. don't gatta do nothing.... but walk the dogs... i love my pups
Prismuart 4 days ago
Ruby Purple
Ruby Purple 4 days ago
I love this slow and vibe🥵🌏🌏
Ruby Purple
Ruby Purple 4 days ago
The flow of this song bumps hard 😄😄😆😆💜🖤
The Elijah Vlogs
The Elijah Vlogs 4 days ago
despite being a simple video, it gives me chills and i love all of them
brenda pereyra12
brenda pereyra12 4 days ago
Hyunjin and his open mouth sexy as hell God!
uma taeokooka qualquer
Каріна Цюпа
Bang Chan 😍😍😍
Chan Da
Chan Da 5 days ago
1:52 Chan voice kill me in this part 😍😍
armyonce staytxtstan
fave 😭
luna lordez
luna lordez 5 days ago
I love it
Saiká 5 days ago
Chan's ethereal voice gets me every time 😭😭
Florencia Nancuante
Alyssa Ram
Alyssa Ram 5 days ago
Wtf I feel like I need to rewatch this a million times omg it’s so good wow that tic toc part really got me. Did y’all see I.N omllll
Анастасия Анишина
Очень красивая по вокалу песня👍👍👍👍 мальчики супер😍❤
BTS FAN 3432
BTS FAN 3432 6 days ago
news reporter #1:"2 girls found dead watching a video of a Korean group called 'Stray Kids' " news reporter #2:"they apparently died from someone called 'HaN jIsUnG'" (true story ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ) )
Michael Chenson
Michael Chenson 6 days ago
Such a talented group, have to say this is one my favourites songs from them uwu
Amateur Author
Amateur Author 6 days ago
Stray Kids in a nutshell: 9 powerful vocalists 9 visuals 9 great dancers 9 TWICE fans 9 crackheads
Giulia Lamejo
Giulia Lamejo 6 days ago
Han GETS me
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