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Stray Kids
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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Chronosaurus" Video
Stray Kids MINI ALBUM "Clé 1 : MIROH"
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Jungkook's Panties
Jungkook's Panties 27 minutes ago
This song makes me cry and I don't know why
Tif R
Tif R 10 hours ago
I really wanna watch they sing this song live.. this is so good, one of my fav skz song
Mia Bang
Mia Bang 19 hours ago
Ns me quita el TICTAC TICTAC GETTIN' CLOSER Los amooo
Brenda A
Brenda A 21 hour ago
y si no estudié ingles y en los subtítulos no me traducen lo que dice en ingles...¿Qué procede?
Nayeli Gomez
Nayeli Gomez 6 hours ago
Eva SW
Eva SW Day ago
One of my fav songs as a multistan
LINO Day ago
I thought chronosaurus is a type of dinosaur what I-
oI feLix comE hEre bRœ
lenai tmp
lenai tmp Day ago
i for some reason read the title song as "CoronaVirus"
Yolanda R
Yolanda R Day ago
0:38 me be like bro is there gonna be a covid nine 😂
Ana Raquel Alemán
try listening this with 10d audio, is majestic
My Hanh Nguyen
My Hanh Nguyen 2 days ago
Tbh this gives me gravity falls vibe for some reason
Roja Stay
Roja Stay 2 days ago
Stray Kids the first! #Chronosaurus #StrayKids #Straykidseverywhereallaroundtheworld #Youmakestraykidsstay
alzana koo
alzana koo 2 days ago
Woooo hanjisung voice
2020 me: Wo0jiN
daphne dab
daphne dab 3 days ago
I love thiss songgg omggg
Prince Hyunjin
Prince Hyunjin 4 days ago
Prince Hyunjin
Prince Hyunjin 4 days ago
taegy 4 days ago
We know why Felix loves Tik Tok so much... 1:08
_lix. love
_lix. love 4 days ago
only changkyun’s
geez this is SO powerful !!
Roja Stay
Roja Stay 4 days ago
I like this song
We all of to talk about lee know Han and Felix voice I mean 💀
Zaneb Hussain
Zaneb Hussain 4 days ago
I wish this was post on the 16th (my birthday) but idc :)
babyminho 4 days ago
este temazo merece más views
Himawari 5 days ago
Omg why is it only now that i'm noticing that it was Jeongin who hit that beautiful high note??? Shdjdndjk
feyza zortuk
feyza zortuk 5 days ago
türkler nerdesiniz çook güzel good job direk abone oldum iki saattir bu şarkıyı dinliyorum sesleriniz muq yaa
晓薇Dorika Time
I thought Chronosaurus was just a joke said by Felix, it's a music video. Shame on me 😂
neknarf1973 6 days ago
Love this song
a r
a r 6 days ago
This song is too underrated!!!!
عاشق توايس - ولد
Grecia Ochoa
Grecia Ochoa 6 days ago
So the clocks say 12:19 the date they got confirmed as nine 1:08 the date Mixtape was released 3:25 the date they debuted 8:01 the date STAYs got their name
Nisa Awalinda
Nisa Awalinda 6 days ago
Chronosaurus = corona virus🔅
Dayna O
Dayna O 6 days ago
I just love how felix is an aggressive background singer really its amazing😭 Fyi I'm being sarcastic- give my boy some lines that are longer please😭
Kaisura 6 days ago
This is easily one of my favourite Stray Kids songs
emie tofu
emie tofu 6 days ago
am I the only one hearing chan saying covid-9? 😪
stan talent stan kpop
Who else got this in their recommendation and havent heard of this skz song before, and thought skz comeback was about coronavirus, yeah me
Camara Rodney Lapratte élève
why is no one talking about the beauty of 1:24
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 7 days ago
this matches my aesthetic so well wth i love them
Shakiba Abik
Shakiba Abik 7 days ago
The meaning 😍😍 I really felt that
Ymir Danzz
Ymir Danzz 7 days ago
I freaking love this song, I made this quarantine dance ruvid.net/video/video-N45rrWo8-tQ.html Maybe Stay would give me love
This song is the reason it is hard picking a bias
hyraa 김
hyraa 김 7 days ago
all visual
but i am a potato WTF
Jaycel Lagrada
Jaycel Lagrada 7 days ago
Niki Clement
Niki Clement 7 days ago
So like I'm having a hard time again. Stray Kids have such outstanding members that I struggled to pick a bias. Finally I settled on Woojin. Well that... Anyway. So I'm trying again and I feel like I did in the beginning. I think I should just stay ot8. It's easier that way.
AlexandraMiller †
3:00 господи, я так влюблена в его голос *плачущий смайлик*
Dinokiki 8 days ago
0:15 1:54 and 2:14 are precious parts u need
Nayeli Gomez
Nayeli Gomez 8 days ago
Tremendo arte
babyminho 8 days ago
Marley Mars
Marley Mars 8 days ago
That was actually a really good song. It's probably the only song I've liked from Stray Kids so far. I tried their other songs, but couldn't get pass their other songs because it all sounds a lot of noise to me. Noise like in it really hurts my ears I'm not joking. But also the other songs I have heard is there's no chorus. The music becomes and overtakes chorus while their voices were just in the background. Allowing the music to carry it rather than them. That's just me and I just don't like it that's all. But this one is probably their best constructed song so far. It's a bit straight forward, but still keeping their style throughout the song. There's a clear distinction from a verse to then the chorus. The bridge comes in nicely and natural and then builds up for the chorus again. Plus this song is catchy. Liked it a lot.
Marley Mars
Marley Mars 3 days ago
@-. popcorn Okay, I'll check those out when I'll have time. You would think you'll have more time in our hands with the whole lock down, but you really don't, lol. Anyway, yea EDM is like having a whistle, a pitch noise, right in your ear. It hurts. Some people don't understand that. But again, thanks for the recommendations.
—. popcorn
—. popcorn 8 days ago
oh, i see you don't like edm choruses, that's fine, i'm a chronosaurus enthusiast too. if you'd like to listen to non edm songs by stray kids i've got a few recommendations: 3rd eye, insomnia, awkward silence, question, my pace, i am you, get cool, 19, tmt, sunshine, mixtape #5, astronaut, levanter, or even mixtape: on track (+close and streetlight, which are solos.) you're not obligated to listen to them ofc, but i hope you find something you like 🥺👉🏼👈🏼.
2seok jinius
2seok jinius 9 days ago
This is honestly my favorite era
jimin my life
jimin my life 9 days ago
The most good looking in this universe: *LEE KNOW* The most deepest voice in the world: *FELIX* World's fastest rapper: *CHANGBIN* World's funniest guy: *JISUNG* World's happiest guy: *I.N* World's best leader: *BANG CHAN* World's sweetest voice: *WOOJIN* World's cutest laugh: *SEUNGMIN* World's greatest dancer: *HYUNJIN* World's biggest STAY: *ME* World's best boy band: *STRAY KIDS HOO*
jimin my life
jimin my life 9 days ago
Only a real stay can get all this...
leave me alone
leave me alone 9 days ago
Am I the only one who now reads this song title as “Coronavirus”
foreverteuk 9 days ago
I really love this song! But it looks so awkward with a group of boys sitting on chairs in a row and being emo.... I wish there is a dance MV.....
Cooky Bunny
Cooky Bunny 9 days ago
I thought this song said corona saurus... One track minded
YingLing 9 days ago
thought it said coronavirus for a second
Itz Kylee
Itz Kylee 9 days ago
This music video is so simple yet so eye catching
Cyber Aratoe
Cyber Aratoe 9 days ago
Alba Q. Bang
Alba Q. Bang 9 days ago
this song is a f* masterpiece
Monsta Reaction
Monsta Reaction 10 days ago
Chronsauras Definitely deserves more attention and recognition because the views are the song should have more views on
_lix. love
_lix. love 10 days ago
if you're here rn you have the greatest taste in music PERIODT.
minhococo 10 days ago
now tell me how does this not have 1m likes tho
Mela kyaa
Mela kyaa 10 days ago
This vocals 1:30 Jeongina that was so impressive, I need I.Nis high notes in every song of SKZ. I 'm so mad, that I haven't listened to Chronosaurus that much as I've did with other B-sides -.- All of them are amazing in that song, but Ini owns that song!
Gemiz Gomizzs
Gemiz Gomizzs 10 days ago
I love han jisung
haos 11 days ago
best skz song, change my mind
Nayeli Sánchez Reyes
Amo su canción xd
Rlawn Sgo
Rlawn Sgo 11 days ago
Tick tock tick tock gettin' closer
abbey rose
abbey rose 11 days ago
i come down to the comment section but i see no one talking about chan’s amazing vocals on this track WHERE ARE YALL AT AND WHY ARENT WE TALKING ABOUT HOW GREAT HE SOUNDS???????
Ursula Valentina
Ursula Valentina 11 days ago
This music video is truly extraordinary 😭😭😭😭
stay -love
stay -love 12 days ago
wow puro talento son ustedes
stay -love
stay -love 12 days ago
wow puro talento son ustedes
Shaadow 12 days ago
it looks like a portal 2
김성희Kim Seong Hui
A petition to be the girl in this music video 🤣🥺
chan's babygirl
chan's babygirl 12 days ago
Cetari W-A
Cetari W-A 12 days ago
This MV is a masterpeice. It's so simple, but it holds power. The emotion in their faces, every movement they make, it all fits like a perfect puzzle. The emotion is so strong, and their visuals are no fucking joke. Like, its so underrated because theres no dancing or crazy sets or moving alot. But it's actually the most gorgeous thing. Ok rant over, I just hate how underrated it is.
Cetari W-A
Cetari W-A 12 days ago
What no one talks about enough 1- Lee Know and Felix's "tik tok tik tok getting closer" literally the power and their growls and yeah 2- The was Seungmin and Woojins voices blend in the bridge. 3- The power of Han's voice, like its so good. 4- The incredible visual of this music video 5- Literally the whole thing, its all so good 2:57 Minhos voice got me dead
peachii yoyo
peachii yoyo 12 days ago
I couldnt breathe cuz I kept smiling at their voices
i'm just a kpop lover
Gravity Falls, that's all I have to say
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