Stray Kids "Boxer" Special Video

Stray Kids
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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Boxer" Special Video
Stray Kids Digital Single "Mixtape:바보라도 알아"
iTunes & Apple Music: apple.co/2QKNntY
Spotify: spoti.fi/2JedyVD
Stray Kids Official RUvid: ruvid.net/u-StrayKids
Stray Kids Official Facebook: facebook.com/JYPEStrayKids/
Stray Kids Official Twitter: twitter.com/Stray_Kids
Stray Kids Official Fan's: fans.jype.com/StrayKids
#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
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Apr 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Milly b
Milly b Hour ago
Quaint Mine
Quaint Mine 6 hours ago
See?!! How great it is when LeeNho has some lines? He is awesome
Rnu Rnu
Rnu Rnu 8 hours ago
l i S t E n I n G T o S o n g s
Raychel Ndeaa
Raychel Ndeaa 15 hours ago
Ok. The place is the same place by "question" by Bz-Boys
OLga i
OLga i 16 hours ago
Наверное она будет мой второй любимой песней, после god's menu
Айгерим Блялова
Minho 🥺👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Naomi Collins
Naomi Collins 19 hours ago
Let's be honest here Felix's kick is higher than all of our grades
Risda Mulia
Risda Mulia Day ago
After seeing hyunjin with Psycho Red Velvet ... I am here and let see .. They are so talented .. The next king
kpop obsessed
I still get impressed when I see felix’s taekwondo kick
Hi People
Hi People Day ago
Watch chan's right shoelace starting at 0:43 It's fully untied by 2:16 My dude was dancing with an untied shoelace for the last minute of the song 😂
Jessica Day ago
wow Felix, you are in another level my boy
Mia Arya
Mia Arya Day ago
070920, 22:40 - 2,507,713
stay world domination
skz world domination
Awesomeness Squad
Did they rlly keep it out 😂
Mary DC
Mary DC 2 days ago
Hyunjin's move at 0:48 is damn 🔥
Gisela Marroquin
Gisela Marroquin 2 days ago
Awesome!! I love the dance moves
baran \
baran \ 2 days ago
Felix was different !! I liked it :> everyone was different ^~^
simple STAY 0325
simple STAY 0325 2 days ago
Nonton ini buat video selingan striming God's menu uwu~ Tetep aja Felix pamer tendangan tae kwon do (padahal lagunya judulnya BOXER) wkkkk
belén carcámo
belén carcámo 2 days ago
Alguien sabe que cosa decía el letrerito cute ??? Awww los amo skz
헬로안녕 2 days ago
Hyunjiinnn omg 🙃🙃
Jojo Hannah
Jojo Hannah 2 days ago
Grabe si felix maka high kick!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Roshni Jain
Roshni Jain 3 days ago
Chan: *has a double knot on his yeezys Also Chan: 3:01 Me: "Oh, look how the tables have turned"
Giovana Iizuka Neres Da Silva
Fit 3
Fit 3 3 days ago
I can't believe no one talks about Jeongin's hair?? He's beautiful
Zehra Stay
Zehra Stay 3 days ago
Yalnız mekan çok ferah dansa yakışmış bayağı
asasushi 3 days ago
im in love with this choreo
angelicalion 02
angelicalion 02 3 days ago
Did anyone notices that I.N hit himself with a baseball bat at the beginning🤣🤣🤣 oof
kim soojin
kim soojin 3 days ago
민호의 도입부가 너무 유명해서 궁금해서 봄~
o n
o n 3 days ago
Felix 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wulandari Mita
Wulandari Mita 3 days ago
Felix muka lu Deket amat. Bikin jantung deg deg deg
stayday felixjae8
Narchelie Dupre
Narchelie Dupre 4 days ago
Bang chan got some sass damm
Jennica G
Jennica G 4 days ago
BRuh I watched Felix's kick so many Fuckin times😂 does anyone haVe a LInk to a compilation of him doing the kick????
Jennica G
Jennica G 4 days ago
Bruh me fangirling every time Felix does the Kick😍🤗😁😲🤤😂
Greedy Doughnut
Greedy Doughnut 4 days ago
Minho what the fu..??
Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan 4 days ago
One word for the choreo: lit 🔥
Multi Stan
Multi Stan 4 days ago
0:42 I can't explain how much I LOVE this part-
Bang chan best leader
bang chan looking like a baby here he is so small because of his outfit
алина шевякова
1:38 thе bеst.
ZDXZJS 4 days ago
This song was cool, but because this boxer i cant reach 3 star in SuperStar JYP
Oktri Wahyuni
Oktri Wahyuni 4 days ago
Полина Коногорова
what's the name of a guy with a bass voice and man wearing a hat?
준호가 준 호오빵
이 곡에 리노센터 넣은 거 진짜 신의 한수
•송지효_K POP•
Lee know~~~love you forever.
lilinenaira 5 days ago
i still can't believe these are the same boys that kept throwing soccer balls and rubber bats at each other in the very same shooting location
Dian Sari
Dian Sari 5 days ago
Wow..ini lagunya unique...IN..nhe.rap juga ya..berati semua bisa rap..wow..Felix rap..suaranya...beda sendiri..
히로미고 5 days ago
conclusion : 8 vocalists, 8 rappers, 8 producers, 8 visuals and 8 dancers
Cris Lo
Cris Lo 6 days ago
Man I can't stop looking at Lee Know ☺
Diem Ngo
Diem Ngo 6 days ago
I think the camera is small, how did Felix cover his hands with it?!
el mariachijin
el mariachijin 6 days ago
lee minho’s rap at the beginning :’D
ہٰنيٰة مہٰاكہٰرة
archana 6 days ago
I watch this every day religiously
R. Tee
R. Tee 6 days ago
I love Lee Know airtime so much. Love StrayKids.
ہٰنيٰة مہٰاكہٰرة
sophia t
sophia t 6 days ago
Hyunjin 7 days ago
still watching
Roselle Jo Mae Utalia
it's been only a week for me since i started listening to stray kids.. and i don't dislike any song at all... love them all!
Eric Manago
Eric Manago 7 days ago
Felix kick is higher than my grades 🤪😆😆😆
MULTI STAN 8 days ago
Mimi TheManiac
Mimi TheManiac 8 days ago
Okay but minho is hawt🤤
thei intanginanyonglahat
man, this is so enjoyable. hope to see them perform this live more often
sara vakili
sara vakili 9 days ago
Amazing just amazing
Mariel Claudette Saa
lee know
zam 9 days ago
i will never forget those weeks they just drop these video like it's no big deal. they literally be giving out high quality content to stays all the time :((( stray kids is still promoting for god's menu pls do check it too, stay LETS REACH OUR GOAL!! #100MReasontoStay
Brendo Lima Matthew
Nayely 10 days ago
la cartera de bang chan xd
Lydia, Imperial Majesty
Listening to this at x0.75 is WOW
Nayeon's bunny
Nayeon's bunny 10 days ago
Lisa Sant
Lisa Sant 10 days ago
i love the amount of minho in this video
Indi Aernouts
Indi Aernouts 10 days ago
baby Lee Know is centreeeeee :0
Indi Aernouts
Indi Aernouts 10 days ago
the first time the bleep has been heard
ERI 10 days ago
No importa cuántas veces lo vea, me encanta! pero nunca voy a superar la versión original 😢💞
nocloud 11 days ago
NooOo Chan, atate los cordones te podés caer
Virgi Bianchi
Virgi Bianchi 11 days ago
stan skz
sannie markie
sannie markie 11 days ago
Felix's boxer voice slayyyyy
ride 11 days ago
Trop bien j’adore ❤️
Luniita_ElfStay 11 days ago
Te amooo SKZ ♡.♡
RVL Association
RVL Association 12 days ago
KEY 12 days ago
writebymorning 12 days ago
Bro I've always wanted a dance video for Boxer and they answered my prayers. Literally, dont deserve 😭❤ Also Felix literally killed me at 1:23
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