Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 100
Keyser Sozie
Keyser Sozie 2 hours ago
I have a question,,,, Winona,,,, will you go out with me????
Rui Alexandre
Rui Alexandre 3 hours ago
They were so warm to each other that they actually managed to warm my heart
blissxfull 8 hours ago
today is the day i found it that me and winona share the same birthday
rose ellis
rose ellis 9 hours ago
david harbour has such kind eyes and such a loving and gentle personality which makes him a 100 times more lovable
By Way Of Deception
By Way Of Deception 14 hours ago
You can see her face like, "please don't say...shoplifting..."
-NadaV-CoheN- 15 hours ago
7:20 is hfkdndhgopfkf dkdhdbdjski ci osne didbshs qpeoriu
Zoey España
Zoey España 15 hours ago
Me and Winona have the same birthday! I was born on October 29th! I’m a Scorpio!
Fahad Ahmad
Fahad Ahmad 18 hours ago
”I held the trombone, I blew into it sounds came out” - David Harbour
Brinda Gupta
Brinda Gupta 20 hours ago
David: Winona Ryderrrrrrrrrrrr
DTMG Tech Day ago
wino is such a babe
Mintydraws 123
Mintydraws 123 2 days ago
David “ I’m the heather with the red mallet” Me: Heather chandler. Also Me: I need to draw this
Heba Hasnain
Heba Hasnain 2 days ago
The title should be JOPPER IRL.
S. 2 days ago
I don't remember a time in my life my heart wasnt drawn to winona ryder, I must have been very young when I fall in love with her (probably the late 80's) and I'm so happy she is still around I'm curious what she will do in the future
Maddison 2 days ago
Winona Ryder and David Harbour’s questions: normal Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard’s questions: also normal Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Kerry’s questions: Is JoE pReGnAnT? Is GaTeN wOrTh It?
Snapeorita 2 days ago
Wow, Winona's birthday is the day right before mine, which is also one of my friends birthdays! 😀
Daisy Dalton
Daisy Dalton 2 days ago
How the duffer bros created 011: 50% power 20%kind 10000000000000000000000000000000000% eggos
Harper is my favorite character of the show, hes like on of the best for me.
Fish seabass
Fish seabass 2 days ago
Winnie your hair looks so much hotter short.
Anna S
Anna S 3 days ago
its a shame that winona is married because oh boy would these two be so cute together in real life
Liliana And Cindy
Millies birthday is on feb 19th mine is feb 20th so I think I share my birthday with Millie
Cristian Fabián
Cristian Fabián 3 days ago
I love you Winona! you're one of the best actresses ever.
Rob 3 days ago
The only thing that scared me in that series was Winona Ryder's acting.
Ben Bergin
Ben Bergin 3 days ago
These two have an amazing chemistry
Reza Wiradharma
Reza Wiradharma 3 days ago
They should be married in real life
Macy Deckmyn
Macy Deckmyn 4 days ago
the way david immediately knew winona's zodiac sign after she told him her birth date is just really charming...
• i s a a c •
Peachy Ella
Peachy Ella 4 days ago
Winona seems so sweet irl but shes such a baddie in stranger things ( I know it acting )
Jesse and Chase Channel
I have the same birthday as Winona and now im freaking out
j evans
j evans 5 days ago
She has been such a gift to me growing up - her movies - Edward scissors hands - beetlejuice. Love them
Wayne J
Wayne J 2 days ago
Wimona is an amazing actress! Those films you mentioned, plus she showed she has great dramatic abilities in Little Women, Girl Interrupted and The Age of Innocence. I'm glad she's doing this show, but I don't get why her film career stalled. And, that stupid shoplifting nonsense is so long ago. She should be right up there with Kate Winslett, Cate Blanchett. Natalie Portman etc. Imho.
Vishnu Devendrappa
BenBanjo87 5 days ago
Winona Ryder looks like she could be Millie Bobby Brown's mother in real life!
Georgia Gordon
Georgia Gordon 5 days ago
This is how many people ship them irl. ⬇️
mala yali
mala yali 5 days ago
She is chanting !!!😩
MementoX1013 6 days ago
This is my happy place :)
Snoopy Sammy's World
I was shocked at the first question
Illu -ON
Illu -ON 6 days ago
David Harbour would have played a role as Aquamans father
GreenUpFink 6 days ago
The real question is does stranger things ukulele
Ninja Boy0625
Ninja Boy0625 6 days ago
She mentions Flagstaff Arizona and I live in Flagstaff Arizona
Sree Lechu
Sree Lechu 7 days ago
Oct 29..?! Mine too☺☺☺
ChromeKing64 7 days ago
I like David’s middle name
flower_ girl
flower_ girl 7 days ago
Wionana could have gone much bigger, sadly the stigma around mental illness is awful. Our minds r so important but everyone acts like u should take medication cos they treat u like ur insane
Smart Life
Smart Life 7 days ago
If he didn't fck her right after this i would be disappointed
Korpian 3 days ago
He did. He did the handstand position
Rude Potato
Rude Potato 7 days ago
2:02😱 winona predicted quarantine!
6lxssed 7 days ago
I share a birthday wit her :>
Ania M.
Ania M. 7 days ago
Geez they really look like married couple And i love that 😍
Ghost07 8 days ago
What is Winona RydeerrrrrrrRRRRrrrrrrrr
phoenix _plays
phoenix _plays 8 days ago
excuse me my grandma and my daddy and my bro r called Kenneth
Magnetic Mundi
Magnetic Mundi 8 days ago
What does she robbed ?
Magnetic Mundi
Magnetic Mundi 8 days ago
She’s gorgeous btw
Vishal .M
Vishal .M 8 days ago
Just watching helldude
Galexy 9 days ago
Winona Ryder looks a lot like Danielle Panabaker
Top 10 questions that will never be answered: *Is Joe Keery pregnant?*
Abigail Wood
Abigail Wood 9 days ago
I’m so. Happy I have the same star sign a Winona 😆😆😆
Maxine Hall
Maxine Hall 9 days ago
I'm not even gonna front- The whole thing at 10:32 was so wholesome and sweet I teared up, facts-
Emine nalan Kaldırım
6:27 BOB THE BRAIN 🤣🤣🤣
TheSamShow Coolgirl
Hana Pichová
Hana Pichová 10 days ago
TEAM STEVE Where are you?
Duchess DelaRue
Duchess DelaRue 10 days ago
They have so much chemistry together. I ship them so bad.
Crask Pillord
Crask Pillord 10 days ago
I wish Winona would get back with Johnny.
GingerChild22 11 days ago
“On the East Coast, somewhere you’ll find me roaming” David is Sasquatch. Confirmed.
Brotato 11 days ago
David: insults himself Winona: STOP David: *scared*
Squid Squad
Squid Squad 11 days ago
Can Winona Ryder PLEASE just hold the board straight
ALAN BROWN 11 days ago
Real name Winona Horowitz used to be a shoplifter Hahaha!
Hashmita Kandhari
Hashmita Kandhari 11 days ago
Winona is so cute!!!
Informed Choice
Informed Choice 11 days ago
That was nice :)
The Jokebrandt
The Jokebrandt 11 days ago
Winona is nearly 50 years old. Let that sink in.
SONY unicorns
SONY unicorns 11 days ago
What is Winona Ryder like? David:Awesome I SHIP
Yaaaaaaaaayo 11 days ago
8:06. Now we know he's talking about red guardian. Just figured it out.
Kayle garzon garzon
Lol Im Scorpio she didn’t name me 😢
Luke Mcintyre
Luke Mcintyre 12 days ago
Jamal's Library
Jamal's Library 12 days ago
"sToP wItH tHaT¡!"
•• 13 days ago
Isn’t she the cutest
kalpana Salian
kalpana Salian 13 days ago
I was born in Winona, Minnesota
danker Memes
danker Memes 14 days ago
wait me and winona ryder have the same birthdays but not the year nah nah
No You
No You 14 days ago
8:08 black widow
FitVeganGardener 14 days ago
I LOVE the entire cast of this show, but these two might be my favorites hehe. Bahahah "how to contact david harbour - just throw up a flare" lmaoooo - Just love em : )
More With Gaming
More With Gaming 15 days ago
Winona Ryder looks like Danielle Panbaker
Ava Schnapp
Ava Schnapp 15 days ago
David and Winona give off Millie and Finn energy
Geeks•Net 15 days ago
i will never understand why is so complex for the people pronnounce wired autocomplete intreview
Cesar Solis
Cesar Solis 16 days ago
Winona Ryder voice tame souls.
sol ayk
sol ayk 16 days ago
La gente atenta a la entrevista: Yo mirando a ver si la chaqueta de Winona tenia la cara del Rubius: :v
Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant 17 days ago
Winona Ryder cut her hair, for Alien Resurection.
Doya Doya TV
Doya Doya TV 17 days ago
He didn't ask: Is winona ryder singer 🙃
Zaena :D
Zaena :D 17 days ago
Omg wait she looks so different!!
michael carmody
michael carmody 17 days ago
HES DEAD! Lol I Know That That Show Isn't Reality
Ciara Nolan
Ciara Nolan 17 days ago
Represent Westchester
Benjamin H Andersen
Kristel Arenas
Kristel Arenas 17 days ago
Nathan Lujan
Nathan Lujan 18 days ago
Is it weird that I feel like Winona in real life acts a lot like Joyce?
Kian Klopfenstein
Kian Klopfenstein 18 days ago
Winona Ryder was 13 in 1884 like the main kids in stranger things
RAICY BAEZ 18 days ago
ima scorpio nov 17 2011 im 8 almost 9
Max 18 days ago
i am october 22
Sean Midson
Sean Midson 18 days ago
He would've nailed Ben Grimm
NatRomanov Greeves
NatRomanov Greeves 18 days ago
No one, literally no one! David: Winona Rydeeeeerrrrrr
Uganda's Knuckles
Uganda's Knuckles 18 days ago
7:17 his british accent killed me
fauesushii 18 days ago
David Vilanova
David Vilanova 18 days ago
Question: What is Winona Ryder's birthday? David: It was an awesome day, we celebrate de birthday of Winona Ryder. Also David: When is your birthday? 😂😂
Vajolet B.
Vajolet B. 18 days ago
Noni you are not on social media (and you do well, they are often very harmful) but I always wanted to say `` thank you '' for being my friend when I was a sad child, and then a lonely and problematic little girl, and I had no friend.
G’day Mate
G’day Mate 19 days ago
I was literally thinking the other day that Winona looked like Billie eilish’s mum (Maggie Baird)!!!
idie_ot 19 days ago
The fact that David Harbour had a crush on Winona Ryder when he was in high school is insane🤯
~ c a n s ı n ~
~ c a n s ı n ~ 19 days ago
I really didnt like her character in ST but i really love her in real life ❤
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