Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 19 883
Paola Perri
Paola Perri 4 hours ago
Please, let them be together
Cedric Herrera
Cedric Herrera 9 hours ago
Who does she look like? Natalie Wood.
Passive Agressive
Passive Agressive 17 hours ago
Winona - do not join social media. It will rob you of all your innocence!
Isabella Crime
Isabella Crime 22 hours ago
All the people: loving alexei Me: BaRb-
GameTroller 23 hours ago
They could make a great couple
EricDoes Day ago
I share birthdays with Winona Rider
pfft i knew he survived
Music AMP
Music AMP Day ago
I love David Harbour even more after this!
S GD Day ago
Don't steal my comment Wynona!
Bailey Green
Bailey Green Day ago
I think the beard is for the new black widow movie
yumihs2 2 days ago
They are so cute together. Adorable.
D4NNY Mc633
D4NNY Mc633 2 days ago
Hate to say it but Winona Ryder looks like eminem. Only much prettier. They could be brother and sister.
American gameplays
5:11 am i the only one who thinks she looks like Danielle pannabaker?
Molly Loucks
Molly Loucks 2 days ago
They would be such a cute couple
Tomáš 2 days ago
i didnt like her in the show, because she was annoying with "i just care about kids, fck off everyone else" :D
Car Weirdo Gamer
Car Weirdo Gamer 2 days ago
I set up a flare... Where are you David??
Darth Batman
Darth Batman 2 days ago
12:42 No, that's not how it works, David. Kevin Bacon is zero degree to Kevin Bacon. Those who have worked with him are one degree to Kevin Bacon.
Daniela Abrego
Daniela Abrego 3 days ago
ok i dont know you but I too know where did David got that "Team Steve" T-shirt cause I want one
Cata Barbieri
Cata Barbieri 3 days ago
6:27 *casually points at david*
Harvey hays
Harvey hays 3 days ago
He looks like he is being held in a Russian prison
breadfan262 3 days ago
This dude is so annoying
Philippe Cote
Philippe Cote 3 days ago
I've also had a crush on Winona Ryder since the 80s. I was born in 1990.
Morgan Paviol
Morgan Paviol 3 days ago
Winona shirt/suit is David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust inspired and I'm shook.
alexcnb 3 days ago
Is that David Bowie in Winona's dress?
Lastkingof33 4 days ago
Is winona still a klepto?
F And
F And 4 days ago
It's so sad seeing her old
Nathalie Mueller
Nathalie Mueller 4 days ago
9:11 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
littletone 4 days ago
Beto Sanchez
Beto Sanchez 4 days ago
My bday is Oct 27
Mandyloves Games
Mandyloves Games 5 days ago
What an iconic duo
Eden SGM
Eden SGM 5 days ago
Is it just me that sees chemistry between these two? Both on and off screen
jolly rancher
jolly rancher 5 days ago
She looks shockingly like Caitlyn snow!!!!!
Camille Rochon
Camille Rochon 4 days ago
jolly rancher honestly yes
fotis fotiou
fotis fotiou 6 days ago
7:21-7:23 why does she sound like millie
Nuclear Explosion
Actually i think Wynona Ryder looks like a Greek actress named Viky Papadopoulou.
Annie Potts
Annie Potts 6 days ago
Honestly, I’m British, WE DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!!!!😂😡😂😡
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 6 days ago
We forgot about Mr Deeds very funny movie also enjoyed the other one Billy Madison.
Hope Show
Hope Show 7 days ago
I am the same height as Winona Ryder
Katya 7 days ago
I don't understand the story she told about her grandfather, what's the context?
Olivia Smolders
Olivia Smolders 7 days ago
Zoe White
Zoe White 7 days ago
Lol the way she asked him question is so adorable
Brody 7 days ago
My birthday is a day after hers oof
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson 7 days ago
I’m guessing WIRED filtered out the shoplifting arrest questions for Winona.
Red Panda
Red Panda 8 days ago
i love how david harbour just kinda took over sometimes but it actually worked
Catherine Colwell
I also love Fat Hopper
Franka Stubes
Franka Stubes 8 days ago
Jared Lankford
Jared Lankford 9 days ago
when you realize that the movie he is not allowed to talk about is black widow
Harmonizer 9 days ago
I reckon the “thing” they were talking about was David being in black widow because it was a comic. Also though, how weird is it that in stranger things 3 Hopper hates a Russian called Alexei. In black widow, HE PLAYS A RUSSIAN CALLED ALEXEI!? Conspiracy’s 🤯
winona,how good does she look......!
Jiddo 10 days ago
I ship them!
OzGuR 10 days ago
Winona likes "Beetlejuice".
sequinx -
sequinx - 11 days ago
you forget a question. *its a tide ad*
Max Model
Max Model 11 days ago
RIP: Bob the builder
Saurani Sumasafu
Saurani Sumasafu 11 days ago
is the thing about back widow?
ed mardones
ed mardones 11 days ago
Winona Ryder plays Lydia deetz in beetlejuice the movie
Mina71 11 days ago
Edward’s scissorhands, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Heathers, Little women, The crucible...Winona played many iconic characters, she is a legend.
Trevor Yellow
Trevor Yellow 11 days ago
Wolf hard county repreasent!😂😂😂
Karah Jacobson
Karah Jacobson 12 days ago
Winona's Ziggy sweater!!!
Daniel Costik
Daniel Costik 12 days ago
I didn't know she was in the Simpsons episode with the Telltale Heart theme. I learn something new all the time. Also still crushing on her since the 80's.
Splorby 12 days ago
I’ll send my dna to Amazon’s and it’ll come back all Nicholson
Alex Felipe Flissak Villa
Wow, i Just found out i love Winona Ryder!...
Cari Miller
Cari Miller 12 days ago
David Harbour is the Grouch
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