Stranger Things' Sadie Sink Gives Break Up Advice | Extremely Relatable | Netflix

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Stranger Things 3 star Sadie Sink reads extremely relatable tweets
about embarrassing middle school breakups.
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Stranger Things' Sadie Sink Gives Break Up Advice | Extremely Relatable | Netflix
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.


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Jul 29, 2019




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Comments 60
Noelia Cubero
Cool video
Cookie Plays
Cookie Plays 8 days ago
Aww I feel so bad fo I those people that you were talking about
It’z Me Grxcie
It’z Me Grxcie 10 days ago
Gloria Stephens
Gloria Stephens 13 days ago
Gloria Stephens
Gloria Stephens 13 days ago
Rachel’s Land
Rachel’s Land 15 days ago
So sorry to everyone who you are talking about but you are amazing you are my most fav character on stranger things my sisters favorite character on stranger things is Millie Bobby brown
1980SKATER 15 days ago
Sadie Sink marathon bc she’s the most adorable person ever
Hermione is Seriously Smart
I love Sadie she's awesome!😃
Red Ball
Red Ball 22 days ago
On the 9th of July I had a dream saidie was in my conservatory playing the keyboard and I give her money for playing it she doesn’t except it and then she goes to my room and scribbles on a photo of her on my desk and she counted that as an autograph But I just felt something having that dream I didn’t feel stressed it was just great
Why don't YOU have bread in YOUR pocket?
"3 weeks. thats impressive for 9th grade" my friends were in eighth when they first got together now we're ninth and theyve been together for like 7 months😂
Finnxwater Wolfhard
When u are late and your name is Ashley but they call u Ash for short and u don’t have a big backpack
Kongsang Buragohain
She is an angel
Santino Porta
Santino Porta Month ago
Santino Porta
Santino Porta Month ago
i`love sidi😘😘
Marianné Núñez
She is amazing!
Daniella Alino
Daniella Alino Month ago
You can't have a middle school breakup is no one likes you in the first place! HAHAHA! Hahaha. haha. ha. ha
Paulette Marks
Paulette Marks Month ago
What’s up yeah
PNM_ALPHA Month ago
LMAO Sadie is laughing so hard at those poor middle school kids .
Rajab K.B
Rajab K.B Month ago
Why does she look like the younger Version of Jessica Chastain
Tia Elgammal
Tia Elgammal Month ago
Omg she is so sweet 💕
yunotastic Month ago
As a soon to be 7th grader i do have to admit 6th grade relationships in my class is so cringy knowing all they do is argue and just make each other jealous instead of loving each other
Phoebe Ahn
Phoebe Ahn Month ago
How are these people getting bfs in 6th and 7th grade??? Bruh, I'm a 12th grader!
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson Month ago
Like this because I’m jack dawson
frickin heckers
frickin heckers Month ago
Had a relation ship in 8th grade, 5 months and rip lol
TheWickedThings 4ever
I love her she is so talented and pretty and she is definitely one of my fav celebs
Livia Faro
Livia Faro Month ago
Her outfit is so pretty💚
Ireland Greedy
Ireland Greedy Month ago
I’m sooo happy 😃 maybe I will be in the next season 4 stranger thing
Nanna Murmann
Nanna Murmann Month ago
Ufff....I wanna be her friend! I don’t have any close friends
Ally Brooke FanBoy
She's so beautiful 😍🔥
Ренат Абдул
Хто русский?
Aman Thakur
Aman Thakur Month ago
I love you Sadie sink
SAM Movies
SAM Movies Month ago
Sadie is cute
Really a Devil
Really a Devil 2 months ago
Im in middle school...im still waiting.
The Wof Wouf
The Wof Wouf 2 months ago
I can't stand how beautiful she is and cute I love her so much! Sadie be my friend!!!!!!!
Stathis Peteinakis
Stathis Peteinakis 2 months ago
Sadie: 3 weeks in 9th grade is pretty good Me: wondering how the f*** I managed to get through 4 months with a girlfriend in 9th grade 😂🤣
Billie Ellish Vevo
Billie Ellish Vevo 2 months ago
Dat mannequin one was 😂
Totally real Max Mayfield
Yep, we stan a queen.
Jeremy F
Jeremy F 2 months ago
My crush :'c
Sophia 2 months ago
The funny fact is that I didn't have a boyfriend, literally no one. And I'm on my first high school year... Hit that
Lilian McAdams
Lilian McAdams 2 months ago
imagine having the most beautiful red hair, freckles, beautiful voice, those acting skills, being PERFECT can't relate 😅
Not_jaythaniel 2 months ago
Omggg I keep having this one same dream over and over again about this person and other people dang I have some weird lucid dreams
Comic Squad
Comic Squad 2 months ago
Mini fairheart.....,,, is her youtube channe???
Mike TM
Mike TM 2 months ago
Io ovviamente ho scelto sadie
Haimwl Yutios
Haimwl Yutios 2 months ago
She is so gorgeous
Python 2 months ago
overacting lol like some 30-35yr old heroine
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 2 months ago
Inan Perez
Inan Perez 2 months ago
Estoy enamorado 😍😍
Romar Villon
Romar Villon 2 months ago
Sadie sinks? I misread it as Sadie stinks. im kidding. im currently posting jokes. hope i didnt offended you.
Lil Foxy Boy
Lil Foxy Boy 2 months ago
I'm all alone, I don't have a girlfriend, but I have my boys, and I'm going to high school
M.V. Shulman
M.V. Shulman 2 months ago
TBI 6 2 months ago
I had one for 7 years in school
WoLfMaN :v
WoLfMaN :v 2 months ago
Like si nada más veniste a ver a side sink
Kat M
Kat M 2 months ago
She's so chill and laid back! She gives off good vibes.
傘と弁当 2 months ago
holyquixote 3 months ago
The way I'm older than her by 2 years but have 0 experience bc I never had a boyfriend 💀
georgia hart
georgia hart 3 months ago
my boyfriend in grade six came to me the day before valentines day and said "hit or miss i guess they never missed huh you got a boyfriend, well now you don't" i made him pay lol.
anonymousStrxnger 3 months ago
in 5th grade i dated someone for 6 months, and i’m honestly impressed.
Space Man
Space Man 3 months ago
i love yooouuu
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