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Aug 31, 2019




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Comments 392
I love iu
Gacha._ Bun
Gacha._ Bun 2 days ago
At 4:38 they just threw in that millies "better" than sadie
Lylou la folle
Lylou la folle 2 days ago
Billy est mort ??
birly lol
birly lol 2 days ago
1:34 is the time where jimmy and all the st character surprise fans
Spidercreep 2 days ago
The old dude saying that Millie's skirt lifting up was fun......yikes 0:17
2:04 sadie looks like cheryl blossom from riverdale
KeKe PlAyZ
KeKe PlAyZ 3 days ago
Lol I love how it says Sadie funny moments when everybody in it
Hazel Maniack
Hazel Maniack 4 days ago
-wowwwwwwwwwwwwww- DAMANNNNN
Hazel Maniack
Hazel Maniack 4 days ago
Sadie: Hi! Millie: Hi! -Friends- Show Behind the scences: Millie: My NaMe Is KeTcHuP Sadie: AnD mY nAmE iS mUstArD Millie & Sadie: ToGeThEr We'Re kEtChUp aNd mUsTaRd!!!
Sunlovely Random
Sunlovely Random 5 days ago
No one: Millie: Ana- Anna.. SHIT
squishyotters 222
Bro im 9 im in 2 episodes of stranger things im in 5 other movies i acted as someone in endgame so my life is boring
Doğu Kaya
Doğu Kaya 8 days ago
1:00 🤣🤣🤣
Tori 8 days ago
0:17 uhhh “that was fun” ...ew
Earth 9 days ago
This is friends goals pretty much
CAROLINA LEON 9 days ago
is iinglatera
sofi_ avakin_uwu
sofi_ avakin_uwu 12 days ago
2:13 omgggg!!!Noah,sadie y caleb con remeras de argentinaaaa
Wolfy- San
Wolfy- San 13 days ago
Lol at the end
집이최고얌 14 days ago
Xxaline_gamesxX S2
Xxaline_gamesxX S2 14 days ago
4:45 é this is millie
TheBigPotato 14 days ago
am I the only one that ships Millah or Nollie lol (Noah and Millie)
Leslie Davie
Leslie Davie 15 days ago
I want to meet finn wolfhard
XxLarkey 101xX
XxLarkey 101xX 15 days ago
Nobody: Not even that annoying kid who always puts first: Millie:Anna-SHIT ANNA
Suzie Coffee
Suzie Coffee 15 days ago
oml, sadie has millies back with the skirt its so adorable
tammy Ko-Cr
tammy Ko-Cr 15 days ago
Did anybody else hear Millie say shit
Pig_Mack09 /Pig lover on xbox
0:20 that made my day
Jorge muños
Jorge muños 16 days ago
ohhhhhhhh por dios saludaron a argentinaaaaa
its ya boi clutch
its ya boi clutch 16 days ago
-Do something fun guys, do something fun!! *millie's skirt gets lifted* 50 year old - That was fun
•PRO BRAWLER • 16 days ago
*OMG* 0:18
Pink Cloud
Pink Cloud 16 days ago
Ду ю спик инглиш? 😅😂
K1ks 16 days ago
Im love milie and sadie
Luciana Duarte
Luciana Duarte 16 days ago
Elle Argentina muy
Jacqueline Hernandez
I like 11
Amanda Costa
Amanda Costa 17 days ago
Avaya Hughes
Avaya Hughes 17 days ago
1:54 did they say the n word 💀💀
Avaya Hughes
Avaya Hughes 17 days ago
i love millie n sadie 😭
millie and noha and finn strenger thigs
Cute millie noha and finn ❤️🖤❤️
Sandra Lazarte
Sandra Lazarte 17 days ago
Minuto 4:17 la carita de gaten
Tatiana Martins
Tatiana Martins 18 days ago
I loveeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Emma and my animals
Millie- Anna Sadie-ITS ANNA Millie OH SHIT
Olivia Gaitán
Olivia Gaitán 18 days ago
Stella Levi
Stella Levi 18 days ago
wow Sadie is beautiful
fedefede_ cabj
fedefede_ cabj 19 days ago
1:50 name song???
Mamta Chaudhary
Mamta Chaudhary 19 days ago
What's funny in that
mert 21 day ago
Everyone wonder 1:57
shush Uisjsjj
shush Uisjsjj 21 day ago
C G 22 days ago
2:55 Is the blonde one Carrie?
Eduarda C
Eduarda C 19 days ago
@C G oooh I understand! Stranger Things even does take a lot of inspiration in Stephen King's books so...make sense! 😂
C G 19 days ago
@Eduarda C I see.. But blonde, pink dress, hand forward as if using telekinesis... could've been...
Eduarda C
Eduarda C 19 days ago
Noah was dressed as Eleven in s1! :)
Angharad,Holly,Ffion ,Caitlin and Chloe
It meant to be of sadie and it has millie singing and noah and millie on live
Kiarah Wolfe
Kiarah Wolfe 23 days ago
I wanna know why Noahs mom was mad at him tho
Krishna Pardo Pérez
Qᴜᴇ ʟɪɴᴅᴀ ᴇs
Emberlie Strickland
4:17 his smile 🤗
sophia ‘_’
sophia ‘_’ 24 days ago
케빈Kevin 25 days ago
Priah at the back being OVERLY CUTE 1:49
Sarfnic Productions
dafuq how did I ge there
deysi Gutierrez Santos
En el minuto 2:00 Noah mira la parte de abajo de Millie jajaja
Stylesツ 25 days ago
Azulina_ Pandita ツ
26 days ago
2:48 this isn’t sadie bruh
GEL GAM 26 days ago
She could play Anne of Green Gables.
Watson&Bettylou Young
Frozen... of all goddamn meme songs... they chose Frozen...
Diana Diniz Moura
Diana Diniz Moura 27 days ago
Amo stranger thigs
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