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Next-up: Tokyo. Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo take in the sights and sounds of Tokyo, Japan on the 3rd leg of the Stranger Things 3 World Tour.
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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 60
Dazed Space
Dazed Space 2 days ago
2:44 Are they filipino? Grr
Victoria Nicole sIARTSEV
Dustin : has a dinosaur on his finger and he’s trying to brake the world record Noah: runs and grabs it like it’s nothing
Carmela Estacio
Carmela Estacio 3 days ago
OMG!!! there are like Filipino things there
Agata Highstein
Agata Highstein 3 days ago
Literally from the moment the video started i was rolling with laughter cuz of Sadie
Yesmin Agridag
Yesmin Agridag 6 days ago
Where is Millie?🥺
Arianator uwu
Arianator uwu 6 days ago
Sadie te amo mi vida eres hermosaaa
Primitived 6 days ago
Now that I think about it, I think Sadie would've been a good actor for Ginny Weasly in Harry Potter. She's perfect for the role!
Linder Forstna
Linder Forstna 8 days ago
sadie looks so georgeos with and without makeup
afea razan
afea razan 8 days ago
Where is millie
Hadas Yohannes Kafela
Gabriela Plesa
Gabriela Plesa 15 days ago
NotMeAndy0304 _
NotMeAndy0304 _ 16 days ago
Bruh where’s Finn and Millie!?!
blissxfull 18 days ago
i’m lowkey jealous that they get to do this, it looks so fun i’m gonna cry now lmao
Lueezation Lueezaming
0:48 why does nobody see this
redmarcus1333 20 days ago
i only watch season 1 cuz when i finished season 1 in that day my netflix month ended
Hayat Bahar ss
Hayat Bahar ss 21 day ago
On Chen
On Chen 22 days ago
raine elise
raine elise 22 days ago
How about go to Philippines
SlayerNinaFriki 23 days ago
I was in Tokyo last year. The funny thing is that melon surely is fucking expensive... So yes, it is a sacred melon XD
victor smith
victor smith 24 days ago
Maren McGillivray-Stubbs
I will never forget the melon thing. Never.
{Melxdiq }
{Melxdiq } 26 days ago
Where’s Finn and Millie????? 👁👄👁
Jennifer Guzman
Jennifer Guzman 28 days ago
Ugh I love Sadie and Noah 🥰
clules_s hamad
clules_s hamad 28 days ago
sadie ate the god melon
bailey 29 days ago
Sadie should start her own RUvid channel :”)
Kiki De kip
Kiki De kip Month ago
3:52 i can’t 😂😂😂
Logan Marie
Logan Marie Month ago
awe where’s finn and millie ? :(
Merpleene Month ago
Son Yuurim
Son Yuurim Month ago
Grace Busen
Grace Busen Month ago
The wink from gaten HES SO HANDSOME 🥺🥺🥺
Adrianna Sernowski
where’s millie and finn??
Evelyn Souza
Evelyn Souza Month ago
Oi genti kaakka
Lnannini12 Month ago
please como to argentina on the next world tour :)
Mia quiambao
Mia quiambao Month ago
That was so mean 3:52 NOAH!!!!
Diamond _king 408
Where’s Millie?
Sarah Tobias
Sarah Tobias Month ago
Sadie is always beautiful❣️
Tomris Kökkus
Tomris Kökkus Month ago
Please come Turkey
Yui Cha
Yui Cha Month ago
日本に来てくれてありがとう!! またおいでね〜〜♡♡
Aysha Ali
Aysha Ali Month ago
Sadie is worried about the watermelon that she ate it 😂😂😂😂
M.V. Shulman
M.V. Shulman Month ago
Areawin Lux
Areawin Lux Month ago
Why gaten are so cute 😊😊
HAXMAX 64 Month ago
I love Tokyo!
3:52 I'm not gonna talk about how many times I kept replaying that scene cuz I was laughing so hard😂
Jimins jimjams
Jimins jimjams Month ago
I wish Noah was in here and the other ones more.
Emmanuel Sanchez marzan
Me encanta la serie de stranger things
liza marri
liza marri Month ago
gaten and the bird holy shit im cryinf
tryme 006
tryme 006 2 months ago
1:53 Sega😂🤣😂 only Italian can check it🇮🇹
Alyssa Tadeo
Alyssa Tadeo 2 months ago
Koki Matsuda
Koki Matsuda 2 months ago
Do you like Tokyo!?
r r
r r 2 months ago
welcome japan 💃💃💃💃
Eleven hopper
Eleven hopper 2 months ago
The unlikes are from The upside down
HANNAH 2 months ago
dead account dislikes*
Roblox player tik toker
We're is eleven
Megan McLeod
Megan McLeod 2 months ago
sadie's whole segment at the beginning of the video is a fat mood haha
unagiwanebaneba 2 months ago
イェアイェアイェアイェア テンキューメン
람 사
람 사 2 months ago
Dokdo is Korea
garcia delphine
garcia delphine 2 months ago
Oooh i love 😉💖💖💖
Georgie Bradshaw
Georgie Bradshaw 2 months ago
Sadie is better than Millie. PERIODT
ゆたか 2 months ago
Thanks for coming to Japan!!
DEMİR GENÇ 2 months ago
11 and mike ?
Adrienne Hollon
Adrienne Hollon 2 months ago
look how pretty sadie looks in the white dress! gosh i love her (i’m not talking bout the robe thingys im talking bout before that)
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