Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

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It's almost time. Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4. Only on Netflix.
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Stranger Things 3 | Final Trailer | Netflix
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.


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Jun 21, 2019




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Comments 45 431
SKG Entertainment
SKG Entertainment 3 hours ago
When will the f*cking gate be permanently closed 😤
SKG Entertainment
SKG Entertainment 3 hours ago
But I prefer strawberry over cherry 😤
SKG Entertainment
SKG Entertainment 3 hours ago
Cop will be not there in upcoming dangers 😞
Mike 5 hours ago
season 3 is so bad it's almost unwatchable
Alex Eddie
Alex Eddie 7 hours ago
No more "rrrrrr" from Dustin?😂😂😂.
Fernando Alonso
Looks crap
Doraemon In हिंदी
*Is Stranger things season 3 Last Ending ??*
Laurine O'Fallon
Low key, the music video for this reminds me of the Welcome home Dustin scene from Stranger Things.
Athaliah Angel
Carla Rivas
Carla Rivas 2 days ago
I hate the mind flayer he killed almost everyone
Sudhanshu Parmar
Sudhanshu Parmar 2 days ago
Im here for 'Yes' memes
Vinz Caberte
Vinz Caberte 3 days ago
I try the game and it’s like a movie
blazerdoom18 3 days ago
Eleven: I can literally fight yall bitches Hopper: more better tan any of us duh
Shah Raj
Shah Raj 4 days ago
The sauna test. Alot of pale hair colour from the adult men I'm getting quite a bit of gary busey vibe in this chapter.
Matilde Rosa
Matilde Rosa 4 days ago
Quem é brasileiro deixa o like
Natalya Zakharian
This gave me next level chills
Samreen Anwar
Samreen Anwar 5 days ago
I've finished 3 seasons in 2 nights😐😍
Roselyn Manlimos
Roselyn Manlimos 5 days ago
But eleven lose her power.
i’m really small btw
billy - you let us in, and now, you are going to have to let us stay. _netflix original series_ eleven - it doesn’t make sense, i closed the gate will - what if he never left? what if we locked him out here with us? _rats go for a run_ will - he would want to attach himself to someone again. lucas - a new host eleven - it’s building something. mike - no matter what happens, we have to stop him. together. _dodododododododododo_ billy - and now it’s time. we are going to end you, we are going to end your friends, and then we are going to end everyone. joyce - our kids are in danger! we need to end this. eleven - i can fight hopper - better than any of us, but I need you safe. steve - w h a t t h e h e l l ? eleven - i need you to trust me dustin - holy mother of god mind flayer - grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrraaawwwrrrr dustin - do you copy? i repeat! this is a code red! mind flayer - rraaawwwrrrrr lmao i bet steve shit himself when joyce was like ‘our kids are in danger!’ he would be like ‘nOt My KiDs, MuMmY iS cOmiNg!’
EarnedSeeker032 7 days ago
The dislike are Likes from the upside down
TheCfShow 7 days ago
Just finished the season last night. So many emotions.. The music, twists, character development, aura, atmosphere and concept were outstanding. Soundtrack is gonna be my new muse
Merkz Clan
Merkz Clan 7 days ago
I love stranger things I can’t wait for season 4
grupo dos amigos amigos
11 você vai para o biratan hoje
grupo dos amigos amigos
On você vai para Ubirata por favor
lsl lsl
lsl lsl 8 days ago
عمتكم ايل اخضعو يالبيتشز 🔥😉
Froja Gtat
Froja Gtat 8 days ago
Overrated series
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 days ago
Froja Gtat if anything, it's extremely under rated. If you feel that way...then why you here?
Kojiero 8 days ago
Therealchris929 Lol
Now THIS is a trailer
chrysa kal
chrysa kal 9 days ago
MY WORLD AND EVERYTHINGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew B
Andrew B 9 days ago
This is how much people watched all the Stranger Things season trailers all over again ⬇️
Aziz Ali
Aziz Ali 9 days ago
There's a few cast look alike famous stars. Just my thought. Hopper = Jack Nicholson Russian Tough Guy = Mixed Arnold & Sylvester (Rambinator lol...)
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown 9 days ago
After watching the season, I've learned that I shouldn't watch any trailers for season 4. More than half of this footage is from the last half of the season
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 6 days ago
Hunter Brown trailers are made like this to generate hype. Especially with a show as popular as as Stranger Things, seeing some footage makes fans write theories and most of the time they are all wrong. It may look Obvious as to what happens by watching the trailer, but there are twists and turns everywhere
bambimoon 10 days ago
Who is whaiting for Season 4? 👇
Stella Schmidt
Stella Schmidt 10 days ago
Please don't Ende Stranger things IT's sooooo good.Please🙏🙏🙏🤧❤❤
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 10 days ago
This trailer is so beautiful
chuck guerin
chuck guerin 10 days ago
Season one was enough for me. and a few highlights from two. Loved it though!
faiha khatri
faiha khatri 11 days ago
Now I know the lines by heart
Mista Fosta
Mista Fosta 11 days ago
Deniz Deniz
Deniz Deniz 12 days ago
This will be happen in real. Trust me
Charles wood
Charles wood 12 days ago
Now I can finally resub to netflix for one month
Ayan Chakraborty
Ayan Chakraborty 12 days ago
dont know why i hate that mike guy so much btw why his lips are red???
Billvxrly 10 days ago
What color are our lips suppose to be? Blue? Make up your mind, fuckhead.
Billvxrly 10 days ago
a stranger
a stranger 12 days ago
For me, Stranger Things only have 2 seasons. I consider seasons 3 and 4 as bad sequels or spin offs of the Masterpieces that were seasons 1 and 2. I wish Netflix could know when to end a show. S2 ending was perfect, another season were never needed and Stranger Things is becoming a show for 12yo kids. sigh
reee reee
reee reee 12 days ago
*damn it’s been 3 months already* 😩😩
4k Gold
4k Gold 12 days ago
Ooii vitória
Joe Snaffer
Joe Snaffer 12 days ago
Is anyone going to acknowledge just how good this trailer was?
Terajah and Carly Knowles
I waited for 2 years
Tracie Lewis
Tracie Lewis 13 days ago
But it not okay
Tracie Lewis
Tracie Lewis 13 days ago
o ok lm just OK his brother look like it going be okay!
Andres Alejandro
Andres Alejandro 13 days ago
Lo veo 3 veces al dia desde que salio...
Chew 13 days ago
I cried at the end of the season*
Archie Hutchinson
Archie Hutchinson 14 days ago
I remember watching season 3 on July 4th and what a amazing season, just got to wait for next thanksgiving next year
jan 14 days ago
i feel like after s4 the duffer brothers are gonna run outta ideas
The Gold Master
The Gold Master 15 days ago
Not salty but why does joyce get the best lines in the trailer
ali Ali
ali Ali 15 days ago
I waiting for season 4 I love you stronger things ❤💋
Sade Reddy
Sade Reddy 15 days ago
The ending of season 3 just got to me. If you didn't cry, you ain't got a heart
finish wow
finish wow 16 days ago
1:42 u can see mind flayers tentacle thing next to mike
The Darth Knight
The Darth Knight 16 days ago
I’m looking back on this to see how it worked out in comparison, and looking forward to something similar in season 4
AssaultOPS 16 days ago
I enjoyed this show even more than endgame to be honest
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