Stranger Things 3 | Official Final Trailer | Netflix

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It's almost time. Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4. Only on Netflix.
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Stranger Things 3 | Final Trailer | Netflix
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.


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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 43 497
gaspanda 4 minutes ago
I was 11 in 1985 and I do remember begging my parents to take me to see Back to the Future with my friends. (We.also loved huey Lewis and the news so were really excited to see his cameo). What we used to discuss most on the playground was probably the a-team, Knight Rider and airwolf though. I also tried to sneak downstairs to watch Hill Street blues
Gracie Enns
Gracie Enns 14 minutes ago
R.I.P billy R.I.P hopper R.I.P Alexi
BlueFox Animations
BlueFox Animations 28 minutes ago
When is the next chapter coming?
zaid ansari
zaid ansari 33 minutes ago
Ending was fu****g emotional
حوراني پڤلپ حمصي
مافي ولاعربي هون يفهمنا شو عم بصير
Käse Krainer
Käse Krainer 51 minute ago
season 1 was ok, season 2 was not necessary, season 3 is not necessary at all, beware of that series, it could waste your time for nothing!!!
Pranjal Rajkhowa
One of the saddest last part after end game
nailauwu Hour ago
0:32 *me in Walmart* *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
TheMetamir 2 hours ago
Is the final stranger things?
Gabi Craft
Gabi Craft 2 hours ago
Melhor série de todas
Zsombor Kaszab
Zsombor Kaszab 2 hours ago
Only on Netflix And on qTorrent and on the whole internet
Sonic fan 3000
Sonic fan 3000 2 hours ago
Stang thing
mimslil wiseman
mimslil wiseman 2 hours ago
Stranger things is the best series on Netflix 100/100 Thanks for this Season , Keep going .
Boy In Blue
Boy In Blue 2 hours ago
500 subscribers with no videos?
Netflix: releases season 3 1 day later... Me: wheres the god damn season 4
500 subscribers with no videos?
1.5 years of waiting gone in 8 hours
500 subscribers with no videos?
Anyone already seen season 3 but just watch the trailer for fun?
500 subscribers with no videos?
"I closed the gate" You did but this show is popular.
Suhail Y
Suhail Y 3 hours ago
Is this like an Avengers infinity war / End game copy different teams in different places and then assemble ?
Sahabuddeen Ansari
Sahabuddeen Ansari 3 hours ago
Starngar in hindi movies dubbed you
Syed Rukhsana
Syed Rukhsana 4 hours ago
I like eleven
Tim K17
Tim K17 4 hours ago
What an amazing season. I already can't wait for season 4.
chronic youth
chronic youth 5 hours ago
I hate the fact I finish this season in 2 days and come here just to cry
ingrid melina
ingrid melina 5 hours ago
My God It was very good the 3 season now only wait for 4 season"Wait for the premiere of(4 season )
Barrier Breaker
Barrier Breaker 5 hours ago
omg season 3 was bad 1. the characters seemed more like fkn cartoon than a fkn thriller 2. all the kids acted like they was the smartest in the world and knows everything 3. and the story is such a sterotype
Chiracu Geta Larisa
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 5 hours ago
What a refreshing story!
A 6 hours ago
Hopper is still alive, Here r the facts. - We didn’t see Hoppers body, as we did see Bills and Alexeis body. - In the absolute end, the Russians walk through a prison. The Russian is about to open a door when his colleague says, “ No, not the American”. This shows that there is Hope that Hopper is still alive.
Joseph Di Maria
Joseph Di Maria 6 hours ago
Joseph Di Maria
Joseph Di Maria 6 hours ago
Me too😿
Ryuk 7 hours ago
Season 4 ?
QUA'NIYAH BELL 7 hours ago
Am I an loser for not watching season 1 two or 3????
Ashi Stark
Ashi Stark 8 hours ago
kya chutiya panti ho rhi hai ye bhenchod?????
club join
club join 9 hours ago
Hopper rocks
pubg guruji
pubg guruji 9 hours ago
I am think Best acting are 11
pubg guruji
pubg guruji 9 hours ago
I am see the trailer i am decide first we will be see all season and season 3 are very good season and all our acting will be real
Cliff Rhythem Lee Kouk Fung
I havent seen season 3 yet xd yippy!
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 3 hours ago
Cliff Rhythem Lee Kouk Fung the red head girl dies
pubg guruji
pubg guruji 10 hours ago
Very good season 3 and i am waiting for season 4
Arindam Acharya
Arindam Acharya 10 hours ago
Keep the door open 3 inches..!!
Matin gamer
Matin gamer 11 hours ago
Do you make the fourth chapter?
Sora Flame
Sora Flame 12 hours ago
Was absolutely amazing season can't wait for season 4!!!!!
skrill exchanger
skrill exchanger 12 hours ago
Stranger things watch for free without paying video with proof on the channel if you like subscribe
skrill exchanger
skrill exchanger 12 hours ago
Anybody wants to know how watch webseries and movies of Amazon prime for free without paying video is on the channel go watch if you like subscribe
FLdancer00 14 hours ago
Somebody PLEASE get Natalia help. She looks so sick, it's hard to watch her scenes. I can't believe they keep letting her back on set.
Cute Mebi
Cute Mebi 14 hours ago
Wtf, this remember me Toy Story 4 haha 😂. I think that is because of 4th july.
Cute Mebi
Cute Mebi 14 hours ago
Pfff...I'm here again, but this time crying for the end :')
Izaha Koonce
Izaha Koonce 15 hours ago
Stranger Things is one of the best tv series Ive ever seen
A. M.
A. M. 16 hours ago
Season 3, disappointment !!!! It's silly and it's not good like the first and second season so I waited a year for 8 wasted chapters.
Kase with a 3
Kase with a 3 17 hours ago
Rip Hopper F's in chat
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